2021 Top trends for wedding dresses.

Each year comes in with new trends for brides; sometimes, it is a specific colour, a fabric, or even accessories. At the end of the day, each woman should wear whatever makes her feel like a bride, but there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of inspiration and knowing what is trending. We gathered some of the most popular trends for 2021 bridal styles.


Sleeves had become a focal point of wedding dresses, with anything from an oversized and fluffy sleeve to intricate lace long sleeves. There is a unique sleeve for every style. If you are looking for a romantic wedding dress, you can go for a long-laced sleeve. For the modern bride, a structural wedding dress with a statement sleeve is ideal.

Having a sleeved dress also provides the opportunity of showing some back. Styles that look conservative on the front and have a wow factor on the back are trending right now. Puffy sleeves that remind us of the eighties are coming back; they work perfectly with princess style dresses and modern approaches.


What better way to replace the traditional veil than a modern and stylish cape? They come in all sizes and fabrics. The best part is how they work with almost every silhouette and neckline. One of our favourites is the modern look. A simple and plain white dress, with a boat or square neck, along with a cape made from the same fabric.

A mermaid or trumpet silhouette can be accentuated by wearing a cape. Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for, it could be made from lace or even feature details like embroidery or beads. For a romantic look, you can prefer an A-line figure with a sheer cape delicately covering your shoulders.

And just as veils, they come in multiple lengths. You can have a short cape, one that equals the length of your dress, and even a dramatic cathedral length. Capes also work with nontraditional options like jumpsuits or simple dresses. They add a touch of sophistication and glamour and make you look like a queen.


For couples choosing to host an intimate wedding or those who are only having a civil ceremony buying a wedding gown does not seem right. A bride might feel overdress if they plan to host a small dinner at home or perhaps attend a local restaurant.

The best option for those scenarios is to pick a simple dress. Nothing to fancy, dramatic, or fluffy. Simple lines that wrap the body and make you feel like a bride. There are many options out of the bridal boutiques that could fit perfectly for your wedding.

A long slip dress with spaghetti straps in a cream or white tone will look flawless and classic. A sheath dress looks beautiful in any body type, and if you combine it with a round neckline or lace details, you have a winner.

Smart buying

As we all become more conscious about our fashion choices, brides are now looking for new options to avoid buying a dress that will only be worn for a couple of hours and then end up stored for years.

One of the biggest trends is to give a dress a second life. You can find many local and online stores that buy dresses for former brides for soon to be brides to give them life. Another option is to borrow your mother or best friend wedding dress. You can always update a vintage dress by adding new accessories or changing a bit of the original dress.

And if wedding dresses are not for you, the alternative is to buy a dress that can suit your wedding and then repurpose it for other events, or even for your daily life. When you buy a simple and classic dress in a cocktail or tea-length, the chances are that you can wear it many more times with the right accessories.

Two pieces

A trend that has been coming strong since a couple of years ago, choosing separate pieces to make your wedding outfit. A beautiful plain satin skirt combined with a lace crop top, or for a winter wedding, you can choose a cashmere sweater and a long white skirt.

The idea of putting together your outfit gives you the freedom to create the look you want, and it also makes your wedding attire unique. A plus of conventional pieces purposed for a wedding is that you can reuse them many times.

Bridal boutiques also offer many wedding dresses that come in two pieces. So if you are thinking about a more traditional approach but with the idea of two pieces, that is also a possibility. Long-sleeved tops with lace details work wonderfully with A-line skirts. You can choose an off the shoulder style or fluffy long sleeves along with a lace skirt for a bohemian look.


The times of an obligated white dress are long gone. From subtle blush tones to bold and bright colours, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding dress. Pastels are some of the most popular tones for this year. Shades of purple, blue, and pink are just some examples of them.

Floral inspiration is also a big trend. Blush tones with flower details within the skirt and the veil are very popular. And if you are a fan of bold colours, why not having a hot pink wedding dress, or orange, perhaps even a dark shade of green.


Who says you must get married wearing a dress? Let us accept that wedding dresses look astonishing in pictures, but they are a pain to wear. All those layers of heavy fabric that you must carry around all day and figure how to dance, sit, and even go to the bathroom.

A jumpsuit is an ideal alternative to have a feminine touch with all the comfort. They look glamorous, modern, and elegant. You can choose your favourite fabric, neckline, and even the shape of the leg.

A wide-leg jumpsuit along with a lace top gives the impression of a traditional dress without wearing one. For a modern approach, choose a straight leg jumpsuit and complement it with a halter or round neckline. Add a veil or cape to finish the look.

We hope you have gathered enough inspiration to choose the right wedding dress for your big day. Remember that a wedding dress is not supposed to be a certain way. You should wear whatever makes you feel like a bride.