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We review the best party themes for your event in 2021

We review the best party themes for your event in 2021

2021 has brought us hope and the possibility of celebrating as we used to do. With restrictions easing around the world, we are all preparing to have the time of our lives. And if you are looking for inspiration, we have the best themes for your event.

Whether you are organizing a wedding, an anniversary party, or a birthday, you must always give your event a theme. Once you have a theme, it will be easier to pick your invitations and event décor. Keep in mind that a theme can also help you provide your event with an overall aesthetic.

Statement lighting.

Lighting has the power to create the atmosphere you need for your event. You can change the formality, the colour, and light up the spaces you want to improve. And there are many options to light up your party, from giant LED light up letters to pretty fairy lights. Rustic events can include festoon or market lights.

Hanging chandeliers are pieces of decoration that suit well formal and elegant events, such as weddings. And they come in many different styles, from classic or vintage to modern. And you can complement a beautiful with a light-up dance floor.


Choosing one of the many popular cities of the world is another great idea for celebrations like anniversaries or birthday parties. You can incorporate decoration that reminds you of the city you choose, typical food, and drinks. Some of the most popular cities are Paris, London, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, and Spain.

When you choose a city, you must think about the whole experience for your guests. For example, if you are hosting a Las Vegas party, you can include casino tables, buffets, and plenty of cocktails. Your decoration can also include the typical colours of a luxurious casino and the proper lighting.

Since travel restrictions have left us without the opportunity to visit many places of the world, we can try and compensate and create a unique atmosphere for your guests to feel like they just stepped out to a different city.

Old Hollywood.

A classic theme that never gets old, who does not love to dress up and have formal attire to attend a party. You can choose colours like gold, black, burgundy, and white. Take inspiration from the 1950s and ask your attendants to dress accordingly.

Your decoration will help you set the tone for the celebration. Still, the music will be your best ally when it comes to entertaining your guests. Hire the right DJ, one that knows exactly what hits to play and keep the party going. And if you want a classic but unique entertainment choice, you can rent a Digital Jukebox. A vintage look combined with technology, the perfect item to keep your guests entertained and engaged.


We have seen how decoration and fashion take inspiration from past decades. You can choose one as your event theme to surprise everyone and host a nostalgic celebration. For an anniversary celebration, you can choose the decade in which you got married, everyone will remember what they dressed like and the music they danced to, it will be like reliving your big day.

Birthday parties are also great celebrations to have a decade as inspiration; you can choose your favourite decade or one that reminds you of your fun and young days. For example, if you enjoyed dancing to the eighties music or you were a hippy during the sixties, why not bring back those outfits and listen to your favourite tunes.

Corporate events that you organize for your partners or coworkers are ideal for adding a decade as a theme. An anniversary of your corporation, the end of the year event, or even a fundraiser or gala can feature a theme like the 1920s. You can offer cocktails and food according to the date and ask your attendants to dress according to the decade.

Treasure hunt.

Interactive themes are ideal for corporate and social events. No matter the age, everyone loves to have a competitive activity and win a prize. The best setting for a treasure hunt is always the outdoors. You can rent a tipi tent and give your celebration a complete theme.

Tipi tents are ideal because they can link to one another and create large spaces, or you can use each for different purposes. One can serve as a preparation spot where you handle each team their instructions. Once the game ends, you can use another to set your tables and chairs for lunch or dinner.

Beach theme.

If you live far from the beach or you cannot visit it due to restrictions, you can bring the beach to your event. A beach party usually involves taking the sun and enjoying refreshing drinks, more than dipping in the water. And all you need to create the atmosphere is to add the right elements and colours; for example, you can place some towels over the grass, set parasols on your tables, and tiny parasols to your cocktails or beverages. Big beach balls and colourful decorations inspired by pineapples, palm trees, sand, and starfishes.

You can offer fresh snacks or appetizers, including fruit and veggies. And think about light and fresh food options that are easy to make and eat, like dips, sandwiches, and pasta. Drinks like iced tea and fruit juices are the best options.

Your guests can attend wearing beach attire and sunglasses. If you are organizing a kids party, you can include small inflatable pools for them to have a fresh dip in the water. There are plenty of other options for kids to have fun. You can hire an inflatable outdoor cinema and make the beach party a sleepover with popcorn and a movie.

As you can see, party themes for 2021 are all about having fun and giving your guests a unique experience. Since we have been on lockdown for over a year, we all need to have a great time and enjoy a party. We are more than sure that you will find the right theme for your event, and your guests will enjoy it. And if you need help with your decoration or entertainment, please contact us. We at Trez Entertainment are more than happy to be part of your event.

Apton Hall Wedding

Wedding at Apton Hall, Essex

Wedding at Apton Hall, Essex

A magnificent wedding venue located in the beautiful countryside of Essex. This exclusive wedding and events venue dates to 1086, and it is a charming spot for couples that search for a rustic yet comfortable atmosphere. In addition to the outstanding surroundings and the venue itself, you will find a historic building with accommodation for you and your close guests.

Apton Hall property features six different spaces that you can rent individually or all together. The general aesthetic of this venue is a mix between rustic and modern. You will find many wood elements and brick along with modern decoration, colours, and lighting. It is a versatile venue with both outdoor and indoor options for your event.

You can host a wedding in Apton Hall for up to 200 guests, and you will have exclusive use of the property for your big day. The surroundings include green rolling hills, nature, and a perfectly trimmed garden right in front of a private lake.

This historic property has been transformed and updated to create a comfortable atmosphere for the couples that choose to tie the knot here. The countryside invites you to hold an outdoor ceremony. That is ideal if you choose to get married here because they have the most beautiful gazebo for it.

Now let us get into the details of this idyllic location and the many spaces you can choose for your ceremony and reception. First, we will talk about the locations where you can celebrate your ceremony, then the reception, and finally the amazing accommodation along with the services they include if you book your wedding here.


For an indoor ceremony, the Apton Hall has the Stables; their original stables had been fully renewed and magnificently transformed into a room with original brickwork all over the walls, exposed wooden beams, and unique chandeliers. The room can accommodate up to 115 seated guests, and it is the perfect option for a rain season wedding or as a plan B.

The stables feature a PA system, and music can be easily played from your phone, so there is nothing you should worry about if you are not planning on hiring live music to play as you walk down the aisle.

Summer weddings can have a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by a unique brick building and covered by the gazebo. You will find this spot particularly versatile as it blends with the countryside rustic style but holds at the same time a modern look. And you can fit over 100 seated guests.


The New Barn is where your reception will take place, and it is the newest addition to the courtyard buildings at Apton Hills. A rustic but modern space with plenty of natural light comes in through the bi-fold doors that open up to cool the space during the hot summer days. You can add an extension and host a gathering for up to 200 guests. The space has white walls, wooden frames on the doors, and exposed wooden beams, along with brick columns.

And when it is time to hit the dancefloor, the Cow Sheed is the place to go. A space with a capacity for up to 180 guests, equipped with air-conditioned, a large main bar, and space to accommodate your music band or DJ. Your guests will enjoy the music and dance the night away without having to step out for a drink.

Additional spaces.

This venue offers a Snug Bar, which is a space with a chilled atmosphere where your guests can enjoy a quiet conversation over a cocktail or simply relax for a moment. The place opens before your ceremony and closes when the music stops, making it a perfect place to enjoy a drink before heading to the ceremony and to take a moment before making the grand entrance to your reception. It is also an ideal spot for your older guests that might enjoy a moment near the log burner in a comfy chair or your guests with children that could need some quiet time to take a nap.

The Granary is another additional space with a beautiful rustic feel; with wooden floors and exposed beams, it can hold up to 40 seated guests making it the perfect place for your next morning breakfast reunion. The venue offers a full English menu including cereal, yoghurt, pastries, and toast for your guests to help themselves.


The Apton Hall offers you a beautiful space for your ceremony, reception, and morning after breakfast. Still, they also have other services such as in-house catering, alcohol license, wedding license, exclusive use of the property, bridal changing facilities, sound system, and on-site parking.

Their head chef is available to offer a customized menu for your celebration. They have facilities to make your dreams come true, and you can even stay in for breakfast. Their experienced team has top of the notch service and plenty of knowledge of other cuisines.


This amazing venue has it all, and you can not miss their great accommodation. Offering 8 luxurious guest rooms, each with a unique and contemporary style. They all have a king-sized bed, a writing desk, and beautiful bathrooms.

The Dovecot is the biggest room on site, with a design that enhances the beauty of the exposed oak beams and vaulted ceiling. It also includes a roll-top bath, a large bathroom with a walk-in shower, and a comfortable sitting room, all spreading across two floors. You will enjoy your stay with the neutral and relaxing design that this room offers for a romantic night after having the night of your life. The best part of all is that you do not even have to leave the property because your room will be only a short walking distance away.

The Apton Hall farm is a unique and incredible wedding and event venue. It has versatile spaces and a rustic but modern decoration that can fit many themes. If you are looking for an indoor space that also has the beauty of the outdoors, this is the perfect place for you no matter the season you have to choose for your wedding.

traditional weddings

Why are brides looking at more traditional weddings in 2021?

Why are brides looking at more traditional weddings in 2021?

Weddings change over time, as some trends arrive and others disappear. But traditional weddings have always been here, and when you celebrate traditionally, there is no way to go wrong. You are in for a timeless and precious moment. Brides are looking more into traditional weddings for many reasons, and we are here to talk about them.

Classic, timeless style.

The main reason why brides love a traditional wedding is due to the classic and timeless look they have. Have you ever seen a trendy wedding survive the test of time? No, they do not; they eventually look like a costume party with a cheesy theme.

When your décor has classic elements like neutral colours or timeless combinations such as black and white, white and gold, or white and green, your wedding will remain forever up to date. And it will make your life easier because trying to come up with a unique and unconventional idea for decoration can easily overwhelm you.

Traditional timeline.

The timeline of a traditional wedding is almost always the same, and it gives you and your guests a sense of structure. It all starts with your ceremony; when you plan a traditional wedding, there is no first look before the ceremony. You will see each other only as you walk down the aisle.

Once it is over, everyone heads to the reception. While your attendants are enjoying cocktail hour, you take your wedding photos with family and the bridal party. Then it is time for your grand entrance, followed by a welcome toast and dinner; after dinner comes the bridal party toasts and first dances. After you will carry on to cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter toss. Once all the formalities are over, it is time to hit the dance floor and enjoy the entire night.

Traditional ceremony venue.

Traditions often include religious ceremonies instead of symbolic ones. The most traditional wedding ceremony venue would be a church of your faith. The beauty of churches is that many are historic sites and hold more than history. They offer a large space for guests to find a seat easily and magnificent architecture to complement your classic wedding look.

Long guest list.

For couples that come from a traditional background and heritage, family is important, and when your wedding day arrives, everyone expects an invitation. Hosting an intimate and unconventional wedding does not fit this type of families. On the contrary, a traditional wedding will allow you to have a large list of guests and include all of your relatives, distant and close.

Traditional entertainment.

Entertainment is crucial to every party, and when you host a wedding, your guests expect to have fun. The most traditional way to entertain your wedding guests is by hiring a DJ that knows exactly how to make everyone leave their seats and head to the dance floor.

A traditional wedding is all about the experience, and you need to find a professional DJ, one that knows how to read the crowds, when to bring out the all-time hits and when to play a mellow song. Your DJ will also lead the timeline of your event and will encourage your guests to have the time of their lives.

Classic florals.

Another perk of selecting a traditional theme for your wedding is that you can easily find what you need for your decoration. For example, classic blooms include garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, tulips, calla lilies, among others, and they all are easy to source and include within your centerpieces or your bridal bouquet, no matter the season.

Traditional photography and videography.

Wedding photography and videography has now many different approaches and styles. You can find cinematographic style, journalistic style, and so on. But traditional wedding photos are those that never lose their magic. If you are unsure about what we are talking about, just think about the large portrait your grandparents have of their wedding hanging in their living room. A classic portrait with a beautiful pose that makes them look like movie stars.

If you plan a classic and traditional wedding, you should think about having that style for your wedding photos. Plus, you will be thankful as time goes by and your wedding pictures remain beautiful and timeless.

Classic dress code.

Many brides want to avoid the awkwardness of having guests arrive with informal attires that completely ruin the beauty of their thoughtfully designed wedding. And the best way to achieve it is by settling a formal dress code or a black-tie dress code. When you do it so, your guests will understand they are attending a formal celebration, and they must dress to the level.

A black-tie event means your female guests will arrive wearing a formal and elegant cocktail dress or an evening gown with floor-length. At the same time, the gentlemen should wear a tuxedo along with a white shirt and formal shoes.

There is no need to complicate.

Whenever you attend a traditional wedding, you know exactly what to expect. There is no need for unconventional entertainment, over the top sweet table, or fireworks. You know you will enjoy a delicious dinner, great music, and a sweet piece of cake. Cocktails are also traditional; you know the name of every cocktail and what is in it. Brides that are practical and enjoy a life without complications are into traditional weddings.

Now you know why having a traditional wedding is a classic and popular option for many brides. You get to plan a celebration that will forever look timeless, and there is no need to look for an out of the box idea. If you are convinced about having a traditional wedding, we can help you with the right entertainment, lighting, and decoration for your big day.

anniversary celebration at home

How to plan an anniversary celebration at home

How to plan an anniversary celebration at home

Celebrations at home are unique, and anniversaries are a major milestone that should not be passed without a party, even if it is just the two of you. When you celebrate your anniversary, you remember the moment you decided to join your life with your loved one and how far you have come ever since. There are many ways to pay tribute to your relationship and your love, and we have the best ideas for you.

First, you must develop a plan and determine if you want to celebrate solo or with your nearest and dearest. Intimate celebrations can include your nuclear family and closer friends, depending on the space you can count on at home. Once you know the type of celebration you are hosting, it is time to pick a theme.

Plan a themed night for the anniversary celebration. 

Themed nights are fun and out of the ordinary. You can pick your favourite movie or place in the world as a theme. For example, you could do a casino night with a real casino experience by hiring game tables and staff to provide all you need. Complement it with appetizers and cocktails, and you have a complete themed celebration.

Another great option is to incorporate the symbol that represents the year you are celebrating. The most common are:

  • 5th-year wood.
  • 10th-year aluminium.
  • 15th-year crystal.
  • 20th-year china.
  • 25th-year silver.
  • 30th-year pearl.
  • 40th-year ruby.
  • 50th-year gold.
  • 60th-year diamond.

Cinema at home. 

Who does not love to watch a movie in the cosy atmosphere of home? And to make it extra special, you can hire an inflatable cinema, set it up indoors or outdoors, have an incredible experience watching your favourite movie or even a complete saga. You can complete the experience by adding special touches like pillows and blankets, a table with popcorn, sweets, and your favourite beverages, just like when you visit the cinema.

Backyard glamping. 

If you are in the mood for a laid back and relaxed celebration with your loved ones and not much formality, you can set up a tipi tend on your patio, light it up with festoon lights or fairy lights, and enjoy an evening with some music, order food or cook a yummy meal, and bring your favourite snacks.

For a cold night celebration, you can bring out the firepit and have a s'more station, some hot chocolate, and simply enjoy the night watching the stars and remembering how cool your wedding was and all the things you have accomplished as a couple ever since.

And if you are organizing a summer gathering, what could be best than staying the night out and camping with your loved one? It will be a super special experience without even leaving your home.

Cocktail night. 

For couples that enjoy cocktails and music, a cocktail night at home is more than ideal, if you are planning on celebrating only the two of you, you can buy a cocktail kit and have fun watching a tutorial on how to prepare your favourite cocktail, add some appetizers or your favourite dinner and you have a complete celebration plan.

For larger gatherings that include other attendants, you can hire a mobile bar so that you do not have to worry about keeping everyone's glass full. A mobile bar hire comes with all you need to prepare your favourite cocktails, including staff and a license. You can customize the menu and add your favourite liquor and personalized cocktails.

And to top, the experience add a digital jukebox so that everyone can choose their favourite tune over the night. There is no better entertainment than the one that involves your guests. And you have all at once a vintage look and concept combined with technology. The perfect alternative for your celebration at home.

Watch your wedding video and photos. 

If a party is not what you have in mind, there is no need to do it. You can celebrate by ordering your favourite meal and spend the afternoon watching your wedding photos and video with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. It is a meaningful way to commemorate such an important date in your life; you get to appreciate how beautiful your wedding was, remember fun stories, and watch how all your guests had the time of their lives.

And if you want to take a moment to appreciate and recognize your other half, you can do a symbolic vow renewal. Listen or read your original vows and get inspired to write some new ones. Include all those details you are grateful for and acknowledge your growth as a couple.

Decorate your home. 

Sometimes all it takes to feel festive is a little bit of decoration, and you can achieve a flawless result by hiring some statement elements. For example, you can decorate with a floral backdrop, a neon sign, a LED backdrop, or some unique LED light-up letters. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique space.

You can dress up and take some pictures to keep beautiful memories of your wedding anniversary. Cook a delicious dinner together or bake your favourite dessert, it is all about creating experiences that will last a lifetime, and you do not need to spend much or throw a gigantic party to achieve it.

If you have some guests, you can add a photo booth to take amazing pictures, and you can keep them as a memory. It is a great way to entertain everyone, and you can choose from a variety of designs and styles, from the classic photo booth to a sophisticated magic mirror.

As you can see, celebrating an anniversary at home does not have to be simple and boring. You can have your own party, including music and drinks, or spend a quiet evening just treasuring the moment together, whichever you choose. Trez Entertainment can help you along the way.