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2022 Evening Entertainment Idea’s that will make your night one to remember!

2022 Evening Entertainment Idea’s that will make your night one to remember!

Wedding receptions are all about celebrating your love as a couple, having fun with your guests and family, eating good food, drinking, and dancing. We all know how weddings go, but there are only so many things you can do during a reception until you run out of things to do, and at that point, the party can start to die out.

If you want to keep the party alive and running, you must get creative, and sometimes this means hiring wedding entertainment. Wedding entertainment can be anything that keeps your guests engaged in the party or activity that breaks the ice for your guests, allowing them to have the night of their lives.

Here are some of the best ideas for wedding entertainment that will make your guests have the time of their life!


Jukeboxes are a vintage staple item that allows you and your guests to play whatever music you can think of, especially if it’s a digital one. This is a great alternative to a wedding DJ package for smaller events or if your guests have good taste in music. Having a jukebox will also make people gather around it and start conversations, which is always a good thing for a great reception where everyone is having fun.

Magic live show

Magic artists are always fun to watch; whether it’s on the street, at shows or on the internet, these people will keep you on the edge of the seat and make your jaw drop at every turn. Incorporating a live magic show into your wedding package will make your guests talk to one another and starting the fun with some laughter.

Giant Jenga

Games are just great for weddings, they’re the ice breakers by excellence, and there’s a vast amount of them to get into your wedding package. One of these games is Jenga, especially a big one with giant pieces and a tower the size of a person. If you’ve ever played a game of Jenga, you know just how fun and exciting it can get to pull out and stack the wooden pieces as you prevent the tower from falling.

Wedding DJ

One of the most important things to have fun at a wedding reception is the music, and some people opt for a band, but these bands regularly can’t cover the entire time your reception lasts, sometimes taking breaks or leaving early. This means you need someone to cover that time with music or maybe have someone play music throughout the entirety of your reception.

A DJ can cover all those concerns regarding the music, have a deep understanding of the transition between songs, genres, and beats, have a seamless transition from track to track and keep all your guests on the dance floor. So, consider incorporating one of ours DJ packages into your wedding, especially if you’re located in Essex; you can check out our wedding DJ packages for Essex on our website.


These traditionally Mexican crafts are hollow cardboard sculptures designed to be hit with a stick by guests until it breaks, and whatever treats or items are hidden inside fall for your guests to catch. Pinatas are easy to make if there’s no place to buy them, and they’re just so fun to have in your wedding as your guests will have the time of their lives trying to access whatever surprise is inside. It’s also a great stress reliever, and we know how stressful weddings can get.

Mobile bar

Bars are an essential element to any event with many guests, and this applies to your wedding, where guests will need refreshments, a couple of drinks and a focal point to gather around and talk. Nowadays, many venues don’t provide you with a fully functioning bar that can make drinks for your guests, which can become troublesome for your reception.

Consider hiring a service that provides you with a mobile bar at your venue, as well as a bartender that can cater to your audience and even have their drink-making abilities showcased in front of your guests as they wait for their drink.


Of course, it’s great to listen to music sung by the artist and dancing to it, but one way to make it much more fun and interactive is to get some karaoke going in your wedding package. Karaoke is fun regardless of how good your guests are at singing; from funny performances to hidden talents and duets with great chemistry, karaoke will surely make your wedding an unforgettable event for your guests.

Casino tables

Games are always an amazing ice breaker: they get people involved and competitive, there’s no need for things in common between your guests to interact, and you can get a few laughs out of them. Incorporating games into your wedding can be the difference between an awkward and boring reception and one that will have your guests constantly interacting with everyone and having fun.

An exciting yet elegant way to incorporate games into your wedding package is by hiring a casino table’s service with your favourite games to be played by your guests, making for a really fun atmosphere at your wedding. You can even get customized poker chips with your names on them and the date of your wedding as a fun and cute prop.

Fun photobooth

Sometimes photography can also be wedding entertainment, and as proof of that, there are photo booths. Photobooths have been a trend for years now, and it’s not a surprise considering how fun they can be with all the funny and silly props and signs, making people act silly for a moment and have a laugh while preparing to get their pictures taken and printed out as a great memory maker.


Maybe your guests aren’t big fans of cameras but still want to have a souvenir from your special day to preserve memories. An alternative can be a caricaturist that will capture the essence of your guests in an art piece that can be readily available and fun to look at and share with others. The quiet space where your caricaturist will be can also serve as a break room from all the fun and thrilling interactions happening on the dance floor of your reception.

Don’t be afraid to have fun.

So now you have some ideas of how to make your reception an unforgettable party. Still, the main thing to keep in mind while planning the entertainment in your wedding package is that you shouldn’t be afraid to have a fun time during your wedding and that things that can seem cheesy or silly will make your guests never forget this event and have the night of their life with you.


Photo Booth

15 Must-have wedding photographs for your 2022 wedding!

15 Must-have wedding photographs for your 2022 wedding!

Weddings are full of moments of joy, fun, romance, and bonding; moments that you wish would last forever and be able to return to them whenever you wanted, but of course, this can’t be. One thing we do to remember and relive those special moments in our lives is to capture them in photographs, which is why there are so many wedding photographers out there offering their services to capture the amazing moments of your special day.

Of course, you know you need a photographer, it’s a standard service for weddings. Still, you probably wonder how to make the most out of the pictures your photographer takes, some ideas for treasurable photos and how to have fun in front of the camera.

Having a good idea of the pictures you’re 100% sure you want for your wedding is useful, and you’ll be able to give it to your photographer, who will then make sure to get all the shots you wanted. So here are 15 photographs you must get taken during your 2022 wedding!

  1. Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready Together

One of the first and most important moments for a bride is when she’s getting ready with all her best friends and female relatives, it’s a time with the girls of your life that precedes one of the most important and precious moments of your life, and you will want to get that captured by your photographer.

  1. Father and Son Moment

Emotional moments are also a thing for fathers and their to-be-wed son, and a great way to capture the moment of emotion between a father and son is to take a picture while the father helps his son tying his tie.

  1. The First Look

After getting ready, many couples opt not to see each other until they’re both fully suited up and ready to get married, which makes for a sudden realization of the fact that you’re getting married to the person you love. This is a very emotional moment that goes by in an instant, and the look on both of your faces will be lost in memory unless your photographer takes a picture of this magical instant.

  1. Walking to The Altar

The moments before saying “I do” are undoubtedly tense and exciting, and one thing that contributes to this buildup of emotion is the walk a bride takes with his father to the altar, where he delivers her to her soon to be husband. Capturing these moments is a great way to preserve this feeling unique to a wedding, whether it is a photo of the walk or the moment the father delivers his daughter to the altar.

  1. The Veil

One of the most magical parts of a bride’s outfit is the veil, which hides her face until the husband lifts it to reveal the bride’s smile and finally have their first kiss as a married couple. This moment is unique and great for a perfectly timed picture during the lifting of the veil.

  1. Car Ride

Most couples decide to have a religious ceremony for their wedding, mainly in a church of some sort, so the reception location where their party will take place is elsewhere. This is a great opportunity to rent out a beautiful vintage car that makes for amazing pictures, too, whether it is getting into the car, out of it or driving away as the guests cheer on.

  1. The Family 

A wedding is a moment you want to celebrate with your family, and what other way to never forget who spent this important day with you than with some pictures of you guys together.

  1. Arriving at The Reception

Now that the moments of romance and ceremonies are over and the party is about to start, this is a great opportunity to photograph you as a couple arriving at the venue of your reception.

  1. First Dance

This is also a big moment for couples, where they dance to the song of their choice after being wed, a great and intimate moment made possible by your wedding DJ that your wedding photographer can capture.

  1. Greeting the Guests

In a wedding, there are many guests that, as a couple, you will want to exchange some words with, and your photographer can capture these candid moments perfectly for you.

  1. Dancing the Night Away

Music is a big part of weddings; it sets the mood, brings people to the dance floor, and breaks the ice, which is why you should make sure you hire a great wedding DJ that knows how to set the tone for a great night of dancing, which your photographer will then photograph and collect all those fun moments.

If you want a DJ that perfectly sets the mood in your wedding, you can check out the Essex DJ packages available on our website, so you don’t have to worry about the music and entertaining your guests.

  1. Life of The Party

At every wedding reception, there’s always someone who takes the spotlight during the partying. This person makes sure everyone is having fun and really cheers up everyone to have a great night; taking pictures of these fun moments will make for some future laughs when looking through them.

  1. Fun Props

Having fun props to take pictures with during your wedding is great as a tool for wedding entertainment and making things more fun. Having pictures taken while wearing silly hats or accessories is also a form of entertainment for your guests, and they won’t get enough of it. This can be achieved with one of our packages, including a DJ package for your Essex wedding.

  1. The Decoration

Taking pictures of your wedding is also about the entire aesthetic style of your wedding, and taking pictures of the tables, flowers, lights, the venue, or the wedding DJ stage and dance floor is a great way to create a collage of images that channel the atmosphere of your wedding.

  1. Post Wedding Day Photoshoot

Of course, the wedding day is important, and there are many opportunities to take pictures. Still, a big part of your wedding day is spent on wedding entertainment during the reception, so you might want to take a day after your wedding to go to a great spot for pictures, you can even do it before the wedding day if you have time.

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How to lower COVID Risks on your wedding day

How to lower COVID Risks on your wedding day

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 and its restrictions changed the wedding plans many couples had in mind. If you are amongst the thousands of couples who were waiting for the right moment to say I do, the wait has come to an end. Weddings in England have returned to normality, and social distancing is a thing of the past.

However, the fact that weddings are free from restrictions does not mean the risk of catching COVID has lowered to the point we should carry on without caution. To maintain weddings free from restrictions, couples and vendors must work hand in hand and establish clear protocols to keep everyone safe.

Although vaccines help lower the cases of hospitalisation and death, the number of mild cases is rising. And we all need to understand the pandemic is far from over, but we need to continue with our lives, always following the guidelines from authorities.

A wedding involves many meetings, pre-wedding events, and even post-wedding gatherings. If you wish to lower the risk of catching COVID during the whole process, we recommend reading the following guide.

Avoid the 3 c’s. 

During the whole process of your wedding planning and every event related to your big day, you need to always keep in mind the 3 c’s and avoid them.

Closed. Closed spaces with poor ventilation can be a risk factor; if you meet your potential vendors, try to set your appointments in an outdoor setting. The same goes when you start visiting wedding venues, you prefer an outdoor venue or one with sources of ventilation such as large windows or doors.

Crowded. Even if you are celebrating outdoors, you need to ensure enough space for your guests to take some distance from each other and avoid crowds. Set a large space for your dancefloor and hire waiters to avoid lines and crowds at the bar.

Close contact. Celebrating a wedding without having close contact with others might feel off, but it is necessary if you want to keep your guests safe. Encourage distance between guests; try to keep your music at a lower volume, so your guests do not have to scream at each other while having a conversation.

Practice safe behaviours during your pre-wedding events. 

Stag and hen dos are free of restrictions too, but they can be the perfect opportunity for contagions since you all will be so happy to meet to celebrate finally. The key here is to organise a party where everyone stays safe.

Plan your party well ahead; this is especially important if you want to be extra careful. Because if someone gets sick, there will be plenty of time for them to recover before your wedding day. The last thing you want is to postpone your big day again because a hen or stag party has gone wrong.

You can consider having your party outdoors and maintaining good ventilation if you spend time indoors with people you do not live with. Minimise the time you spend with others, especially indoors. Keep a good distance from other guests, wash your hands constantly with soap and water, or use a hand sanitiser. And if you want to be extra careful, you can encourage your guests to get tested before your event, even if they do not show symptoms.

Outdoors is better. 

If you have no option but to celebrate your wedding indoors, you need to have a plan to renew the air within the venue constantly. Maintain doors and windows open and, if possible, install a couple of fans to make the air circulate. Letting fresh air into your closed wedding venue will reduce the concentration of aerosols spread by someone sick.

Try to host an outdoor ceremony to reduce the time your guests are under the same roof. You can also have an outdoor cocktail and, if possible, your whole event outside. If you are worried about rain or cold, you can set up a tent without sidewalls to let air flow freely.

Common use areas. 

Perhaps you are hosting an outdoor ceremony and reception, but bathrooms are located indoors, or if your event takes place indoors, you might need to take some steps to ensure your guests are not too close for much time.

Talk about those areas with your wedding venue staff; perhaps you can arrange to have someone control the bathroom entrance so that only a couple of guests are indoors simultaneously. You can ask them to leave enough space between tables and chairs for indoor receptions and even sit fewer guests per table.


Perhaps you have it all figured out for your big day; you ensured proper ventilation, the distance between guests, and all your vendors will use a face covering while at your wedding venue, but what about attendees who share transport and do not live together? The recommendation is for them to wear face coverings while sharing a car and crack open a window if possible.

During your wedding day, you might want to encourage safe behaviours, and your Wedding DJ could be your best ally. You can request him to announce that your guest wears face coverings whenever they are indoors or in a crowded space. Your DJ can also remind them to wash their hands properly every hour or so.

We are happy to know you can now plan your wedding without restrictions, and we want to make sure your event is as safe as it can be. Remember that we at Trez Entertainment have the best options for your Wedding DJ packages and Entertainment Packages, and we will work with you to make your wedding unforgettable.

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Gaynes Park Barn Wedding Venue

Gaynes Park Wedding Venue

Epping, Essex

The grounds of a historic estate in Epping, Essex, are now home to an incredible and stylish wedding barn. Over 1000 acres of rural setting will make you feel like you are far from the city, but you will only be ten minutes away from M11 and M25 and the end of Central Line. No matter the season, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings.

A romantic drive will welcome you to Gaynes Park, with a rustic setting, contrasting countryside views, and a London skyline. The farmland and woodland are stunningly beautiful and will sweep your feet from the ground. Tall trees and green lawns are all you can see around.

The Gaynes Park wedding venue has the right amount of rustic and stylish touches for your big day. It offers many spaces for you and your family to get ready and take pictures. The outdoors is beautiful, and indoors, you can host your ceremony at a magically decorated barn. Now let us explore each of the gems this amazing venue offers.

The Apple Loft Cottage. 

Your big day will begin at the Apple Loft Cottage, secluded a few meters away from the Orangery and Mill Barn. A charming cottage where you can get ready to say I do surround by your family and close friends while you enjoy the beauty of this estate during the morning.

The Apple Loft Cottage has plenty of natural light, making it the ideal place to welcome your hair and makeup artists. Your wedding photographer will enjoy taking pictures of you as you get into your wedding dress. Once you are ready to step out, you can wander around the heart rate and the carefully trimmed gardens with your bridesmaids.

The long walk. 

A peaceful and calm walk that starts at the Heart Gate and leads you through the walled garden with a countryside view of herbaceous borders, it will give you the right amount of time to compose yourself and gather some air because, at the end of your walk, you will reach the Orangery, one of the favourite spots for couples to celebrate their ceremony.

It is a beautiful space for your wedding procession to walk with you and for your wedding photographer to take amazing photos; this is a walk you will never forget. And the nature around the path changes each season, giving you different colours as a backdrop.

The walled garden. 

This Essex wedding venue has a unique feature, an old walled garden with year-round beauty due to its herbaceous borders, classic English roses, daffodils, and surrounding shrubs. A central path leads you through the garden into The Orangery; here, you will find many seating areas, such as a rustic bench perfect for your photos.

The Orangery. 

At the end of the beautiful Victorian walled garden, you can find the Orangery, the perfect place for your civil ceremony, reception drinks, and formal photos. The Orangery is licensed to host Civil Wedding Ceremonies and Civil Partnership Ceremonies. You can fit up to 150 guests, and it has many different layouts for you to choose from and set the chairs to fit your vision.

This space has a rustic and romantic feel, with exposed wooden beams, plenty of natural light coming in from the large windows and amazing views of the surrounding gardens. It also features a couple of chandeliers in a mint tone.

Gather Barn. 

Another amazing space to host your ceremony outdoors with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. It is the perfect place for a ceremony during the rainy season or snap some unique photos and have nature as your landscape. The wooden structure has high ceilings and rustic pieces of wood and, at night, is illuminated by fairy lights.

Mill Barn. 

Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens and letting plenty of sunlight in, large white barn doors mark the entrance, four large tree trunks support the venue, it has wooden oak floors, and its exposed bricks provide just the right amount of personality to this space.

The Mill Barn is also licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and civil partnership ceremonies; However, the space is much preferred to celebrate receptions; here, you can have up to 150 guests comfortably seated. The simplicity of the barn makes it ideal for hosting any wedding style since it is a blank canvas.

The mezzanine and gallery are a couple of spaces you can use to have a quiet moment, set up a seating area, and even have a string quartet to entertain your guests. You can also set up more tables for your guests in the second-floor area.


Gaynes Park offers exclusive use of the property during your event, which means you do not have to worry about other couples tying the knot the same day as you. The staff will work with you through the planning process, and their team will also support you with flexible options in case of any adjustment you need to make.

The Coach House is available for accommodation with stylish decorations and ten bedrooms ready to welcome your guests. it is the ideal place for family and friends to spend the night and enjoy the next morning together to talk about the amazing wedding you planned and celebrated.

Catering is also available on-site, offering high-quality seasonal ingredients and a full experience instead of just a meal. You can customize the whole menu and adjust it to your wishes, so your wedding day is exactly as you envisioned it.

We hope you have fallen in love with this incredible Essex wedding venue. If you are looking for wedding entertainment packages, we at Trez Entertainment have all you need to create a unique experience. We can help you with DJ hire, photobooth, LED light-up letters, light up dancefloors, and many more services. Contact us to start planning the entertainment of your dreams.


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