2022 Evening Entertainment Idea’s that will make your night one to remember!

Wedding receptions are all about celebrating your love as a couple, having fun with your guests and family, eating good food, drinking, and dancing. We all know how weddings go, but there are only so many things you can do during a reception until you run out of things to do, and at that point, the party can start to die out.

If you want to keep the party alive and running, you must get creative, and sometimes this means hiring wedding entertainment. Wedding entertainment can be anything that keeps your guests engaged in the party or activity that breaks the ice for your guests, allowing them to have the night of their lives.

Here are some of the best ideas for wedding entertainment that will make your guests have the time of their life!


Jukeboxes are a vintage staple item that allows you and your guests to play whatever music you can think of, especially if it’s a digital one. This is a great alternative to a wedding DJ package for smaller events or if your guests have good taste in music. Having a jukebox will also make people gather around it and start conversations, which is always a good thing for a great reception where everyone is having fun.

Magic live show

Magic artists are always fun to watch; whether it’s on the street, at shows or on the internet, these people will keep you on the edge of the seat and make your jaw drop at every turn. Incorporating a live magic show into your wedding package will make your guests talk to one another and starting the fun with some laughter.

Giant Jenga

Games are just great for weddings, they’re the ice breakers by excellence, and there’s a vast amount of them to get into your wedding package. One of these games is Jenga, especially a big one with giant pieces and a tower the size of a person. If you’ve ever played a game of Jenga, you know just how fun and exciting it can get to pull out and stack the wooden pieces as you prevent the tower from falling.

Wedding DJ

One of the most important things to have fun at a wedding reception is the music, and some people opt for a band, but these bands regularly can’t cover the entire time your reception lasts, sometimes taking breaks or leaving early. This means you need someone to cover that time with music or maybe have someone play music throughout the entirety of your reception.

A DJ can cover all those concerns regarding the music, have a deep understanding of the transition between songs, genres, and beats, have a seamless transition from track to track and keep all your guests on the dance floor. So, consider incorporating one of ours DJ packages into your wedding, especially if you’re located in Essex; you can check out our wedding DJ packages for Essex on our website.


These traditionally Mexican crafts are hollow cardboard sculptures designed to be hit with a stick by guests until it breaks, and whatever treats or items are hidden inside fall for your guests to catch. Pinatas are easy to make if there’s no place to buy them, and they’re just so fun to have in your wedding as your guests will have the time of their lives trying to access whatever surprise is inside. It’s also a great stress reliever, and we know how stressful weddings can get.

Mobile bar

Bars are an essential element to any event with many guests, and this applies to your wedding, where guests will need refreshments, a couple of drinks and a focal point to gather around and talk. Nowadays, many venues don’t provide you with a fully functioning bar that can make drinks for your guests, which can become troublesome for your reception.

Consider hiring a service that provides you with a mobile bar at your venue, as well as a bartender that can cater to your audience and even have their drink-making abilities showcased in front of your guests as they wait for their drink.


Of course, it’s great to listen to music sung by the artist and dancing to it, but one way to make it much more fun and interactive is to get some karaoke going in your wedding package. Karaoke is fun regardless of how good your guests are at singing; from funny performances to hidden talents and duets with great chemistry, karaoke will surely make your wedding an unforgettable event for your guests.

Casino tables

Games are always an amazing ice breaker: they get people involved and competitive, there’s no need for things in common between your guests to interact, and you can get a few laughs out of them. Incorporating games into your wedding can be the difference between an awkward and boring reception and one that will have your guests constantly interacting with everyone and having fun.

An exciting yet elegant way to incorporate games into your wedding package is by hiring a casino table’s service with your favourite games to be played by your guests, making for a really fun atmosphere at your wedding. You can even get customized poker chips with your names on them and the date of your wedding as a fun and cute prop.

Fun photobooth

Sometimes photography can also be wedding entertainment, and as proof of that, there are photo booths. Photobooths have been a trend for years now, and it’s not a surprise considering how fun they can be with all the funny and silly props and signs, making people act silly for a moment and have a laugh while preparing to get their pictures taken and printed out as a great memory maker.


Maybe your guests aren’t big fans of cameras but still want to have a souvenir from your special day to preserve memories. An alternative can be a caricaturist that will capture the essence of your guests in an art piece that can be readily available and fun to look at and share with others. The quiet space where your caricaturist will be can also serve as a break room from all the fun and thrilling interactions happening on the dance floor of your reception.

Don’t be afraid to have fun.

So now you have some ideas of how to make your reception an unforgettable party. Still, the main thing to keep in mind while planning the entertainment in your wedding package is that you shouldn’t be afraid to have a fun time during your wedding and that things that can seem cheesy or silly will make your guests never forget this event and have the night of their life with you.