Spice Up Your Wedding By Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

Spice Up Your Wedding By Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

Weddings are unique events, they have different special moments such as a meaningful ceremony, a cocktail hour to break the ice, a delicious dinner, and a fun moment spent with your guests on the dance floor. But to make each of those moments special, you must plan them carefully. Since most of your reception will take place on the dance floor, we advise you to hire a professional wedding DJ to ensure the experience is perfect and flawless. 

We understand how simple it might sound to add music to your wedding. You might even ask yourself why to hire a professional wedding DJ when you know exactly what you want to play and dance to the whole night. Well, the main reason is you want to enjoy the night and not worry about changing the song and keeping up with the mood of your guests. 

Another reason to consider spicing things up with a professional DJ hire is you might not have the proper equipment because a wedding is not the same as you do at home birthday parties where you take your wireless speaker and provide entertainment for the guests without a problem. In addition to music, you could need a mic to announce the toast and give them so that everyone hears properly. 

How to find the right DJ for your wedding

Now that you are convinced about hiring a professional DJ for your upcoming celebration, how can you tell if you found the one? Here are a couple of tips to hire a DJ that entertains your wedding guests and makes your evening unforgettable. 

- Define what you need for your wedding

Having a clear idea about the type of entertainment you want for your wedding will be helpful to start looking for your wedding DJ. Perhaps you want an electronic music approach, or you have many different age groups and need someone who can work with this type of crowd. When you know what you are looking for is easier to find it. 

- Meet with your potential wedding DJ

Meeting your potential wedding vendors is always a good idea; the reason is you get to know them and see if the energy is right, plus you can ask a couple of crucial questions. You can ask them if they take requests from guests, how many weddings they have serviced if they can make announcements, and even ask them about what they do when the wedding guests are not cooperating and seam reluctant to enjoy the party. 

- Ask about wedding DJ packages

Many wedding DJs offer packages that include all you need to offer the best experience to your wedding attendants, so it might be good to know if your potential vendor offers them. A package might include the DJ service, equipment, a DJ booth, lighting, dancefloor, and even MC services. Your budget might also benefit from hiring a wedding DJ package because you get discounts when you hire more than one service from the same vendor. 

- Hear some samples of their previous work

If you haven’t heard before your potential DJ, it would be ideal to request some samples of their work so you can have an idea of the service their offer. A video of a live performance or a previous wedding could be helpful to decide. In addition to hearing a sample, you can also look for online reviews and read about their performance and customer service. 

Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

- Talk about your contract

A crucial part of hiring a wedding entertainment is finding one with the right skills, equipment, and fair terms of service. Read the contract before signing and make sure you understand every line; you should also see all you have previously discussed on paper, such as hours of service, insurance, cancellation fees, and rescheduling policies. If something is to be corrected, don’t sign the contract and wait for the revised version. And please don’t hire a DJ who does not offer a service contract. 

- Book soon

To find the right fit in every way, from budget to personality and service, you need to start looking early on the planning process. The reason is wedding vendors get booked with years of anticipation, and the longer you wait, the fewer your options. Since entertainment is the core of your wedding, you need to find and book your DJ as soon as possible. 

- Go for experience rather than price

This is a tricky one, but when you find a middle point, your chances of success are high because a wedding DJ who has a high price but zero experience in weddings might be awesome at other events but lacks the expertise and knowledge you need for such an important moment in your life. So if you find a wedding DJ with a price within your budget and who has wedding experience, you should highly consider it. 

- Share your do’s and don’ts

Since you are planning this event, the music your wedding DJ plays should be exactly what you envision. One way to make sure this happens is to talk to your wedding DJ and communicate the songs you don’t want under any circumstance to play at your event. Also, a list of your favourites so he can get an idea about similar songs or genres you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind you need to be a bit flexible about this topic because your wedding DJ is there not only for you but to put your guests on their feet all night long, and at some moments of the night, a couple of all-time hits could save the day. 

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We understand you want it to be as perfect as humanly possible, so our biggest advice to achieve this purpose is by hiring a professional wedding DJ who understands your needs and will give in more than 100% to ensure every single attendant hits the dance floor and creates unforgettable moments while enjoying the night. We hope our tips help you find the one and your wedding is more than what you have dreamed about. 

Finally, if you are still looking for entertainment for your wedding day, Trez Entertainment can help you out because we offer wedding packages with all you need to entertain your guests. From experience in weddings to personalised playlists and amazing DJ booths, you can have it all and leave such an important part of your celebration in the hands of professionals. 

Top 7 Tips for Hiring An Awesome Dance floor for your Wedding

Top 7 Tips for Hiring An Awesome Dance floor for your Wedding

You are dreaming about your big day, and as the date comes closer, you can’t wait to be on the dancefloor dancing for the first time as a married couple to your favourite song and sharing hours of fun with friends and family as your favourite tunes are played. But before we get to that, you have actually to hire a dancefloor for your wedding, but what do you need to know to hire an awesome dance floor? 

Well, luckily for you, we have all the insight in this topic, from how to choose the right size, to budgeting, and of course, finding the most amazing one to fit the style of your upcoming celebration. Let’s face it, a dancefloor is the soul of your wedding, and it should look as astonishing as the rest of your reception. We will explore all there is to know about wedding dancefloors so you can pick the right one and be on your way to enjoy your big day. 

Check the space

Once you have your wedding venue resolved and signed the contract, it is time to think about where you plan to place the dancefloor. Many wedding venues offer different layouts depending on the style of event you wish to host and the number of guests. Your wedding layout must match the style of the event you are trying to host. For some couples, the main thing is entertainment, and the dance floor is where everything happens, so it should be a focal point and centrally placed. 

After picking the ideal place for your awesome dance floor, it is a good moment to measure the space and have that information handy. Also, ask your venue manager if they have any type of restrictions or needs for your dance floor installation. Many times they request for your vendors to place a cover and protect the grass, marble floor, or wooden floor, so have those details cleared before hiring your dance floor. 

Set a budget

A wedding budget is one of the main tasks you need to take care of because you need to know your possibilities and limits when asking for pricing and choosing your vendors. Dance floors have a wide range of prices, and you will definitely find one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that if your entertainment provider offers a dance floor, hire pricing could have a discount since you are hiring more than one service with the same vendor, so ask your DJ, photo booth, and another entertainment vendor if they offer a wedding dance floor hire. 

Determine the size

A wedding dance floor is versatile and comes in a variety of sizes depending on the number of guests your list has. Every wedding is unique, but generally, you can expect 50% of your guests to be at the dancefloor, so this can give you a clear idea regarding how big your wedding dance floor should be. They are usually available in 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16 ft, and 20ft layouts with sturdy construction material and a water-resistant and non-slip surface to keep everyone safe.

wedding dance floor

Choose the right style

The days of wooden dance floors as your only option are long gone now. There are endless possibilities for your wedding, and your dance floor can match the style you envision for your big day. LED light up wedding dance floors is some of the most popular options for modern, romantic, vintage, and rustic wedding themes. A LED dance floor hire will catch everyone attention and add a magical touch to your celebration. 

Some other dance floor options are the classic wooden style, and vinyl monogrammed dance floors that you can customise with your initials. They can suit your wedding style if you are looking for a traditional style. But if you wish to surprise your guests and make your dance floor the centre of attention while your family and friends dance the night away, a LED dance floor hire is the best option for you. 

Add complementary decor

Over the last years, wedding dance floors are not only a designated space for guests to enjoy music and dance, but they have also become a central piece and even a statement element of décor. This is especially important when you give your dance floor the central space of your wedding venue because it is the space all your guests will be looking at during the entire night. Some complementary décors you can incorporate is hanging installations with natural or artificial blooms, statement chandeliers or other lighting elements, and you can even add a central piece such as a tree or giant flameless candles. 

Think about your first dance

First dances are not only an emotional moment you share with your partner and guests, but it is also the perfect opportunity to create a magical moment. And your dance floor could help you achieve it. Imagine having a regular dancefloor until the climax of your first dance arrives, and all of a sudden, it lights up to help you increase the magic of the moment. 

Hire the best DJ in town

Finally, even the dreamiest dance floor on earth will not be enough to create a wonderful memory with your nearest and dearest if you don’t have the best DJ in town because there is no use for a dance floor without great tunes to dance the entire night. So, after you find the perfect dance floor hire, it is the moment to hire your DJ and start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Now you have all the details about wedding dance floors, and you know exactly what to look for to have a successful event and create the most memorable moments with your partner and your loved ones. And if you are looking for a one-stop entertainment option, Trez Entertainment has options for your wedding dance floor hire, DJ hire, mobile bar hire, and many other services.

Get a Great Festival Atmosphere By Hiring the best Mobile bar Company

Get a Great Festival Atmosphere By Hiring the best Mobile bar Company

What comes to your mind when you hear the word festival? Does it ring a bell as an outdoor space with chill music in the background, perhaps your close friends around you, and a sense of warmth? Or is it more about experiencing any event with many stands and walking through discovering what everyone offers? Regardless of the definition, you have in mind for a festival, there is no denial about the particular atmosphere you find in them. 

The atmosphere of an event is hard to describe because even if it does have to do with physical items, energy, and other intangible elements come into the equation. If you are organising an event and you wish to add a great festival atmosphere, here are a couple of tips to achieve it and host a memorable event not only for you but for your guests too. 

Set the theme 

Festivals have many things in common, but they also differ in key elements. Think about music festivals, they offer you a variety of artists, but the setup of the venue and the related amenities are always different. Some offer experiences as unique as a huge bonfire, artistic performances, and even world-renown street food. Our advice to create the proper festival atmosphere is to think about a specific theme for your event, other than a festival. 

Find a perfect venue

Festivals usually happen in natural settings where the outdoors allows you to feel the fresh air, admire nature, and unwind your creativity. So, for your festival-inspired event, you need to pay extra attention to the venue you choose. This does not mean you should avoid regular indoor venues because you can always transform them with the right elements, but it would be ideal if you had the opportunity to hire an outdoor venue. 

In addition to the location and overall feel of the venue you choose, you need to think about the distribution of the space. Festivals usually have different stations and a common space to share with everyone. You can set up a scenario or a screen with a projector to set the main area, and a dancefloor could also work well, then on the sides a couple of stations with food, drinks, and other related activities. The idea of festivals is to offer the attendants valuable experiences and not only the usual entertainment. 

Hire the best mobile bar company

Setting a traditional bar for your festival-inspired event could be a total disappointment; instead, you need to get creative and add unique ways to offer your guests a refreshing drink. The easiest way to achieve it is by hiring the best mobile bar company. Mobile bar service includes professional and friendly staff, a fully functioning and licensed bar, and a tailored menu to fit your needs. Plus, you can add alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy everyone's needs. 

The main advantage of hiring a mobile bar is how appealing the idea is. It will look attractive and unique because you can customise it with messages and decoration. The service includes delivery, setup, removal, and all the equipment necessary like glassware, refrigeration, and staff. When you hire a bar, you don’t have to worry about anything related to your event drinks. 

Include customised drinks

Once you have a theme set up and a date, you can surprise the attendants with unique drinks. Work alongside your mobile bar hires and create seasonal or personal combinations. For example, if you plan a summer event, you can add fresh flavours like lemon, watermelon, cucumber, and mint. For an autumn event, think about cosy and seasonal flavours like those from cinnamon, clove, pumpkin, and hazelnuts. 

You can play with the names of the drinks to make them more personal or add them a bit of your personality to spice things up. Perhaps your favourite place in the world combined with your favourite colour or the liquor name, something like Caribbean red lemonade, or pink gin, try to be playful and incorporate your drink selection to the festival vibe. 

Pick your music wisely

Finally, what is a festival without music? One of the main elements of your festival-inspired celebration should be music, and our best advice is for you to find the best DJ hire in town. A professional DJ plays the music you request, reads crowds, and adjusts the music to the moment of the event. There is an art behind knowing what to play to welcome your guests while they mingle, during dinner or cocktails, and when everyone starts hitting the dancefloor. Hiring a DJ is the best investment you can make for a successful festival-inspired event. 

If your event is smaller or a DJ is not what you had in mind, you can always add a fun and interactive digital jukebox. This option is ideal for events where you know attendants have an exquisite taste in music and will have everyone on their feet for the entire night. Sometimes a digital jukebox helps the guests break the ice and enjoy the moment. 

Regardless of the type of event you are organising inspired by the ambience of festivals, there are key elements each of them has. By hiring the best mobile bar company, you guarantee the event will be a total success. Don’t forget about other details like lighting or theatrical fog that help you create the right setting for such a unique event. And of course, don’t forget to have fun while planning this amazing celebration. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event, we are certain you can find many useful and professional services at Trez Entertainment. 

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring Stretch Tent

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring Stretch Tent

We all know what a tipi tent and marquee are and how they help us organise an outdoor event without worrying about the weather. Still, lately, we have seen some beautiful and aesthetical stretch tents being used for all types of events, and the wonders of this new type of tent will make you fall in love. So, if you have already seen them and need to know a bit more about how stretch tents work or if they fit your needs, we have a couple of tips for you. 


Stretch tent hire is ideal for any surface and location, in comparison with traditional marquees, a stretch tent can be easily set up near a building without leaving a gap. You can also maximise outdoor covered space. Since they don’t have a specific configuration, you can play with the shape and even avoid obstacles in the location. 

The biggest advantage of a stretch tent hire is you can install it regardless of the surface, and it could be concrete, dirt, or grass. And since the sides attach using ropes to stretch the canopy, you can change the shape because it is not a rigid structure. So, if you have a tricky location for your upcoming event and wish to protect your guests from the weather, a stretch tent marquee is your best option. 


Have you ever attended an event where the large white plastic marquee stood out more than the beautiful décor inside? It happens all the time, but when you organise an outdoor event, you cannot rely on good weather because from one moment to the next, rain, wind, or the harsh sun might ruin your plans, decoration, and the comfort of your loved ones. 

The alternative to a traditional marquee is a stretch tent. The tent itself is appealing to the eye because it doesn’t look like an old and dated structure. You can find it in a variety of colours to suit your event colour palette, and if you wish to have the sides open, it could almost blend with the background. You can set it up for a pool party, to create an event space on an open field, or for your wedding day on a magnificent lawn. 


One of the first things to consider when you organise a wedding or event outdoors is the space where you plan to set up the tent. Marquee tents are rigid, and measurements must be carefully taken for a tent to fit right in place. On the bright side, a stretch tent adapts to any space, even if there are obstacles like three branches. Dynamic stretch tents have poles set up in different positions, making them perfect for uneven surfaces or surroundings. 

Inside your stretch tent hire, the space might vary as well. If you wish to keep the cold wind or sunlight out, the tent could be stretched to a lower position and create a cosy small area. The height is also variable and can easily fit your venue space. They are perfect for continuing an already existing outdoor space since they attach to buildings avoiding uncomfortable gaps between both structures. 


Just like a marquee tent, they come in different sizes. Small stretch tent hire is available to set up tiny stations or for different purposes. Imagine having a main stretch tent marquee for your wedding reception and a smaller one to set up your photo booth, perhaps a second one as a quiet sitting area for those who want to take a break from the loud dancing inside the main stretch tent wedding.  


Keep in mind you need to add a couple of elements to your stretch tent hire to make it wedding or event ready. One of them is lighting because tents are amazing for daytime and evening events. Picture your big celebration, and you start the celebration around sunset with your heartfelt ceremony outdoors as the sun kisses your glowing face reading your vows. Some daylight will accompany your guests into the reception, but soon darkness will come. 

tipi tent hire essex

Lighting can be part of the mood-setting for your event, and if you are hosting a romantic wedding, you can add a couple of fairy lights hanging from the tent or even fill the entire ceiling with them. For bohemian or rustic weddings, you can incorporate festoon lights or natural thread chandeliers. Elegant and classic weddings are perfect for adding your initials in large LED light up letters and marking the entrance.  


A stretch tent is not complete without some décor; even with a minimalistic approach, you need to consider the elements you want to add to your wedding or event. Since a stretch tent does not have the same structure like a marquee tent, you need to be wise regarding the décor. For example, if you love draping and structure, a stretch tent would not be the ideal choice. 

But if organic movement and natural look is your thing, a dynamic stretch tent fit right in. Since the shape has such as flowy feel, there is no need to drape and cover the ceiling or sides of the tent. You can focus the décor on your centrepieces, perhaps a couple of lounge areas or even personalised monogrammed lighting dancing through the ceiling of your tent.

Now you know all the details about stretch tent hire and how you can make your next event unique and charming without sacrificing space or having to move to a different location. The versatility of stretch tents is only one of its many benefits, and we are certain your next corporate event or wedding will be perfect while covering everyone from the weather.