Top 7 rustic photo booth ideas for your wedding/events

Top 7 Rustic Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding/Events

Photo booths are a key element of weddings and events like graduations, birthday parties and themed parties. They are a great way to keep your guests entertained while they take a break from the dancefloor or to give them a cute memory from your celebration. They also give you the chance to go through the moments you missed while having fun with everyone else because you get to keep a copy of every photo taken, and that is a priceless gift. 

But how can you incorporate a photo booth into your rustic event? Perhaps you are planning your wedding, and you imagine many natural elements like wooden tables and chairs, a farmhouse style, or you even have a rustic venue such as a barn in the beautiful countryside. And you don't see how a modern photo booth fits that idea. 

Well, don't worry about it because we brought you the top 7 rustic photo booth ideas for your wedding or event, and we are certainly one of them that will fit right into your dreamed aesthetic. All you need to do is choose the right one and enjoy the many memories you will create with your loved ones while you tie the knot. 

  • Use the outdoors as your backdrop

There is nothing more rustic than nature, and if you say I do in a beautiful setting surrounded by trees, green rolling hills, and even some countryside landscapes, you need to take advantage of them and set up your rustic photo booth right next to them. If the weather is a concern, you can place a small tent to keep your guest and the equipment safe. And if you are lucky enough to celebrate on a sunny day, you should also consider hiring a tent, so your photos have just enough natural light. 

  • Add a couple of vintage frames

You can search for beautiful frames and remove the glass or image from the centre, so your guests place the frames in their faces as if they were a still photo. This idea also looks amazing as a backdrop; all you need is a place from where you can hang the frames with clear thread, so they appear to be floating in the background. You can even add some flowers to the corners to make them more interesting. A large statement one could also work, ask your décor team if they have one; they are often used as décor elements. 

  • Set up some wooden chairs or straw bales

If you want to add some personality to the set, you can always use elements for guests to play with and seating areas so they can fit better in large group photos. They can serve as décor and pretty space to place your phone or drink. This option works wonderfully to incorporate the photo booth are into the overall design of your celebration.

rustic photo booth ideas

  • Place a wooden backdrop and florals

If you want to keep it simple and pretty, you can not go wrong with a wooden backdrop and matching florals. It is an all-time classic that looks amazing both as a décor element for your reception venue and as a backdrop for your photo booth. You can even add your initials in the middle of the wall or some fabrics to soften the look if you have a rustic but romantic style. 

  • Keep it simple with fairy or string lights

You will continue to have a rustic style but with a hint of romance. A plain wall can change its appearance when adding drapery and some string or fairy lights to the mix. Plus, your photo booth will have a presence along with your wedding venue because guests often don't even know there is a photo booth until it is too late. 

String lights help you set up a cosy and romantic mood while keeping it rustic, and if the rest of your décor includes them, it can help you blend the photo booth into your wedding seamlessly. This works too for rustic boho outdoor weddings because lighting up a tented wedding with string lights is the perfect way to keep a rustic style. 

  • Use old wooden doors as a backdrop

Wooden items are ideal to set up a rustic ambience and other natural elements like textiles, glass, and greenery. If you wish to impress your guests, you can add a couple of wooden doors with a whitewashed effect and floral or greenery décor to match the rest of your reception venue. They look amazing outdoors and indoors and pair perfectly with the rustic photo booth. 

  • Upcycle wine barrels and bottles

A rustic style can be achieved with a mix of vintage and natural elements. And if you want to add some great décor to the photo booth set and your tables as well, you can incorporate wine barrels to the sides with abundant greenery and some wine bottles with taper candles. The effect these simple items can have on your wedding reception is incomparable, and the best part is you don't have to spend much. 

Some wedding venues with a farmhouse style already own those elements and are an important part of the overall décor. You can also incorporate a couple of large block candles to the sides to make it a bit more dramatic. And wine bottles are suitable for your tables, too; they look amazing with a single stem, candles, or tiny led lights. 

Hiring a rustic photo booth is an amazing idea for your wedding or event because it helps you add a fun, entertaining activity for your guests while keeping the rustic style of your celebration. And you will have a great number of alternatives to add décor for the photo booth backdrop. We hope the ideas above inspire you to create a unique space for memories to be made alongside your friends and family.

Top 5 Reasons to Add a Neon Sign and Brighten Up Your Wedding/Events

Top 5 Reasons to Add a Neon Sign and Brighten Up Your Wedding/Events

When you start planning a wedding or any other important event, you always want to make it as fresh and unique as possible. You want your guests to remember the little details and the big ones, but you especially want them to witness an unforgettable celebration. Nowadays, we have plenty of options to achieve that purpose, but one that has caught out attention is neon signs. 

We are certain you have seen them all over, and you feel the need to add them to your celebration. They come in all sizes, colours, and clever phrases to fit your vibe. You can incorporate them in many ways to enhance some areas of your wedding or event venue, but if you are still hesitant regarding adding one to your event, here are the top five reasons to brighten up your event with a neon sign. 

  • They are fun

You probably have seen many neon signs in coffees, bars, and events. They are usually hanging at the entrance or enhancing greenery or floral wall with unique phrases that set up the mood for your day. Having them around is fun, especially when you choose a phrase that means something for you as a couple. 

The best part is how neon signs adapt to many different styles; they can look modern, vintage, and romantic depending on the font and colour you choose. And if you add some colour like a pink neon sign or even a design to it, you will wow your guests and own some incredible photos as memories. Imagine entering your wedding venue and your eyes being drawn to a beautiful sign hanging in front of a floral arch with the phrase you + me or forever starts today; what a magical moment. 

  • They light up the room in a unique way

Neon light has a unique way of lighting up a room, and they create a cosy but also partying atmosphere when they are around. So, if you are thinking of setting up a lounging area or a club-like vibe, a neon sign in a cool colour like green or red will be the perfect element. They also look amazing in photos behind the head table or as a cute décor item for your ceremony arch. 

And if you plan to have a spot for guests to take photos, including props and perhaps some seating spaces, don't doubt to add a neon sign with a cool phrase in a colour that suits the backdrop. Try to make it a contrasting one, so it stands out in your photos; it will be a treasurable memory not only for you but also for every attendant. 

  • You will add a touch of personality to your event 

Regardless of the type of event you are organizing, it could be a wedding or a birthday party, perhaps a corporate gathering. You always want to add elements that communicate your personality and give your event a unique vibe. A neon sign can help you achieve this purpose and set the mood for your guests. 

If you are known to be a romantic couple, you can add a Better Together, Happily Ever After, or All You Need Is Love sign. You can also include your new family name or a classic Mr and Mrs. For birthdays, you can have fun with the age you are turning and have a Getting Better with Time or a simple Happy Birthday. Possibilities are endless, and your guests will see how you reflect in the perfect line you choose. 

  • They are a personalized element

Weddings and events have become unique; those old days of attending weddings that looked exactly alike are long gone. Today, couples look for uniqueness and personalization in every celebration aspect. You can see it in the name of the drinks and their ingredients, the menu, the carefully picked décor, and even the venue. 

But one way you can personalize your wedding and set it off from the rest is by incorporating a neon sign. Think about a clever way to add it; it could be the backdrop for your ceremony, a sign for the cool bar you hire, or a photo backdrop, so everyone has a memory with the beautiful sign you both picked. Keep in mind that you can have it custom-made so that you can choose the phrase, font, and colour. 

  • You can repurpose the sign for your new home

What can be cooler than having a neon sign for your wedding reception or ceremony? Have one in your home, of course! Just picture that big empty wall at your new home and how cool it would look if you added a neon sign with your initials or your family name. If you choose a funny or romantic quote, you could hang it in the games room or at your patio to light up your friends' gatherings and be the backdrop of memories to come. 

Neon signs are beautiful pieces that fit into every wedding style, their versatility and uniqueness make them an incomparable piece of décor, and you can let your imagination run to achieve amazing results. Now you know why neon signs are so popular right now and many ways to add them to each corner of your wedding venue because you can have them as a statement piece or as a whole mood for your reception. 

If you don't know what to do with a neon sign after your celebration ends, remember you can hire a neon sign with Trez Entertainment and make your evening special without having to take the sign home later. It is a great way to wow your guests while staying within your budget.

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring a Stretch Tent

Tented weddings are trending right now, and we expect them to be a total success for summer and winter weddings. When you start looking for tents, there are several alternatives, from the classic white ones to beautiful clear ones that allow you to see the blue skies through them. But one has stolen couples' hearts with its beauty and aesthetically pleasing look; the stretch tent is both beautiful and functional because you can easily set it up against buildings or stretch it to cover your guests from natural elements such as the sun and wind. 

But before you sign the dotted line and hire a stretch tent for your upcoming event, it is advisable to read on a couple of things to be considered before making your decision. We hope you can make an informed decision after reading the following advice and finding the right option for your wedding or corporate event. 

  • Size of the event

The size of your event is a big deal when choosing the perfect type of tent to fit everyone. When we talk about the size of the event, we need to include the number of guests and all the other spaces you need to have under the tent. For example, a wedding has guests tables, a dancefloor, cocktail hour space, ceremony space, lounging areas, and many others, depending on your needs. 

Keep in mind all the above when determining the size you will need for your stretch tent. One of the perks of hiring a stretch tent is how versatile it is because, as the name says, you can stretch the edges to cover your needs perfectly. Consider you can also have more than one stretch tent; for example, if you wish to keep your catering service separate from the main tent, you can install a smaller one at a different location. 

  • Configuration of your event

The flow of your celebration will help you know if a stretch tent is ideal for you. You can host several events inside a stretch tent, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, and the list goes on. But each one has a different timeline and configuration, and you must be aware of it when setting up a tent. 

A wedding starts with a ceremony, then cocktails or photos, and the reception includes a dancefloor, a live band or wedding DJ, perhaps a photo booth, a seating area for your guests, and space for kitchen and bar. In comparison, a birthday party is simpler, because you only need the tables for guests or lounge areas and perhaps some space for entertainment. 

  • Style of your event

Each event has a unique atmosphere and décor items. Based on your vision for your wedding or any other event, you need to ensure a stretch tent fits into the picture. The good news is that stretch tents are versatile, and the structure is not stiff as a traditional marquee, meaning you can move the poles around as desired to leave enough space for large décor items or floral arrangements. 

The overall aesthetic and style are also important, stretch tents tend to be more like a blank canvas, and they easily fit into any style. You can find them in different colours, but they tend to look quite the same. If you envision a clear top tend, this might not be the best option, but a stretch tent is perfect for organizing a bohemian, classic, rustic, and even luxurious themed party. 

Top 6 things to be considered before hiring a Stretch Tent

  • Event space

Uneven surfaces or surroundings are often a concern when hiring a tent, but that is not the case with stretch tents since they can adapt to many unconventional spaces. The surface can be grass, concrete, gravel, and even dirt. If you want to add a bit of space to a building or cover a piece of land right across from a ditch, the sturdy stretch tent is your best alternative. 

Stretch tents are suitable for awkward spaces like corners, different levels, and obstacles like posts, tree branches, or any other overhead obstruction element. And they work like magic for large spaces and large events like festivals or weddings. 

  • Installation time

Marquees take time to set up because the person needs to unload all the posts and pieces needed to build the structure, line them up, and have enough individuals to do the whole job. While a stretch tent could be less of a hassle since all the team needs to do is secure the sides and stretch the tent. The tent's time depends on the size and specific surface. It might take a bit longer if the tent needs to be attached to a building or if the terrain is complex. 

  • Date of your event

This is a common misconception for stretch tents, and people often believe they are only suitable for summer days to cover guests from the sunny days. Still, they are made from resistant materials that can protect your event from wind, rain, and sun. So, all you need to consider is how much protection your space needs. You might need to ask for the sides to be a bit lower if you expect some cool wind since stretch tents don't have traditional walls. 

As you now know, stretch tents are beautiful and versatile. They adapt to any time of the year and any surface. And most importantly, they adapt to any style, so you can hire a stretch tent for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any other celebration that requires protection from natural elements. Remember that Trez Entertainment takes care of installing everything for you to sit back and enjoy, and we also offer a great number of services to complement your event.