3 benefits of planning a small wedding

Save money or invest it where you want. 

Perhaps you want to save for your dreamed house deposit, or you want to invest or take a long vacation. Whatever reason you must cut the expenses on your wedding is valid. Some couples have no trouble setting aside a large budget, but they want to splurge their attendants with a high-quality dinner, top of the notch cocktails, and five stars service.

Organizing a small wedding does not mean you leave out services like decoration, entertainment, or catering. You can have the wedding of your dreams but on a smaller scale. Many vendors adapted to this type of weddings, and they are even specializing in small weddings.

Control the guest list. 

If you start making a guest list for a traditional sized wedding, you soon find yourself counting over a hundred attendants. And as the list goes up, everything sums; you must find a venue to fit them all, one that has enough parking, catering, decoration, table settings, and so on.

The best part of an intimate wedding is that you can leave out those you might invite out of compromise. For example, coworkers, distant relatives, and unknown plus ones. And it gives you the perfect argument to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Most people will understand why they are not being invited if it is an intimate wedding.

Share your wedding day with those who love you. 

Have you noticed that most of the time spent at a wedding goes between greeting everyone and taking pictures? All those months of planning, stressing, and money invested, to spend one-hour having fun with your friends and family.

When you only invite your nearest and dearest, there is no need for great formalities. From the beginning of your ceremony to the end of the night, your get to talk, dance, and share with people you appreciate.

As you can see, an intimate wedding is much more than saving money. It is about making meaningful decisions to have the celebration you want. Sharing one of the most important moments of your life with the people you appreciate has no comparison. We hope you are ready to start planning your intimate wedding and contact us to provide the best entertainment to create unique memories.