Chocolate fountains are often portrayed as a luxurious element of exclusive events, something not everyone can have. But in reality, chocolate fountains are a possibility for anyone organizing an event, so if you have always dreamed of dipping fruits and snacks in chocolate for hours, then now is your time to shine and find your chocolate fountain hire Essex

But before you start browsing and hiring the first service you find online, there are a couple of things you need to know because chocolate fountains come in all sizes and shapes, and if you want to have a successful event you need to make sure you are hiring the right service. That’s why we have gathered all your need to know before hiring a chocolate fountain. 

Size of the event. 

Before hiring your chocolate fountain, you must know the size of your event because the fountain should be large or small enough for your needs. You don’t want half of your guests to be left out of the fun of dipping goodies into chocolate, right? So, ensure you know the number of guests before heading to your chocolate fountain rental in Essex.

Chocolate fountain characteristics. 

Knowing the type of chocolate that the fountain uses, as some may use lower-quality chocolate or chocolate substitutes, is crucial. Each chocolate fountain is different, and each vendor too. While some include staff to operate the fountain, others might only rent it, and you oversee setting it up. Ensure you know the specifications before operating the fountain.

What does the rental include? 

Speaking of setting it up, you need to know what the cost of the rental includes. Does the fee covers staff, setup and breakdown, all the materials and supplies, how many hours does the service include, and the list goes on? Two important details are insurance and if the rental includes the table where the fountain will be placed, so don’t forget to ask your potential chocolate fountain rental Essex

Vendor details. 

The company’s reputation and experience in providing chocolate fountain services are crucial to have a successful chocolate fountain experience, do your research and ensure your potential vendor complies with sanitation and cleanliness of the fountain, as well as the company’s policies on food safety. The availability and flexibility of the company ensure the fountain will be available for the date and time of your event.


Based on the above, you can find the best fit for your upcoming event, and you will probably find every price, but not everyone includes crucial elements like staff to help your guests, insurance, and high-quality chocolate. If you wish to provide the best experience, you must consider the characteristics of the service offered and the cost to make the best decision. 

Season and location. 

Chocolate sounds like a great idea every time, regardless of the season, but when you organize a large or important event, you must ensure a chocolate fountain hire is a good option for you. Consider if the season of the year you plan to choose is suitable for setting up a chocolate fountain. Let’s say it is a hot summer day. The chances of people craving a refreshing snack are high, so they might want to skip the chocolate fountain. 

Location is also important; for example, an outdoor celebration during the summer or at a windy place could make it hard to enjoy a chocolate fountain. Dust, insects, and even leaves might get in contact with the flowing chocolate and dipping elements, spoiling the magic of having a chocolate fountain. 

Type of event. 

Although there is no event where a chocolate fountain could fit if you are looking for an excuse to incorporate a chocolate fountain into your next celebration, here are some ideas.

  • Weddings: A chocolate fountain can add a touch of elegance to a wedding reception and serve as a unique dessert option for guests.
  • Corporate events: A chocolate fountain can add a fun and interactive element to corporate events, such as trade shows, product launches, and office parties.
  • Birthday parties: A chocolate fountain can be a fun and memorable addition to a birthday party, especially for children.
  • Graduation parties: A chocolate fountain can be a great way to celebrate a graduation and provide a sweet treat for guests.
  • Anniversaries: A chocolate fountain can add a romantic touch to an anniversary celebration.
  • Holiday parties: A chocolate fountain can be a festive addition to holiday parties, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  • Reunions: A chocolate fountain can be a fun way to bring people together for reunions, such as class reunions and family reunions.
  • Bridal or baby shower: A chocolate fountain can be a delicious way to celebrate a bridal or baby shower.
  • Proms and school events: A chocolate fountain can be a fun addition to proms and school dances.
  • Charity events: A chocolate fountain can be a great way to raise money for charity events while offering the guests an amazing treat.

It is time to start planning your next event, and by adding a chocolate fountain hire in Essex, you will be on your way to success. Make sure to consider all of the things you need to know before hiring the services of a professional, and if you are still looking for one, give us a call. We are happy to plan your event with the top entertainment available in town.