After you step down from your cloud of being a newly engaged couple, you will soon realise the mountain of work you have ahead to plan the wedding of your dreams. But not everyone can turn themselves into professional wedding planners overnight, right? Especially when your wedding is the first large event you organise in your life. Luckily for you nowadays, there are plenty of options to avoid the hassle of planning a wedding from scratch; you can hire a wedding planner or find the perfect wedding packages. 

If you are ready to kick off the plans for your wedding and want to avoid the hard work, we can assure you a destination wedding or an all-inclusive wedding package are the best options. You must consider even your neighbours in your guest list when you throw a hometown wedding, right? But when your wedding has a different location, you are free to cut down the guest count and find someone to take care of the whole planning. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

Destination weddings have been popular for years now, but lately, we see many couples jumping into a plane, train, or car to say I do in a unique location. And although we all instantly think about long trips for destination weddings, you can have one locally, even within your own country. Destination weddings are an experience for you as a couple and your guests, sometimes heading to the countryside is more than enough to take everyone out of the routine and into a vacation mode.

Now it is time to get into the brilliant ideas that will help you choose the finest wedding packages for your upcoming celebration. These ideas will make the whole process easier, and you will surely be on the right track to having the fairytale wedding of your dreams. 

Find all-inclusive wedding packages

Organising a destination wedding is not the easiest task, first because you are not physically in the location where you intend to celebrate your wedding. Second, the language barrier might make things complicated. Due to those reasons, you might find an all-inclusive wedding package very attractive because there is no need to find different vendors for each need. Resorts and hotels are some of the locations that offer these packages, including accommodation, catering, a bar, a venue for your ceremony and reception, and even décor. 

Make sure your wedding package includes entertainment 

When you hire a wedding package, you must pay special attention to what is included; for example, some decoration vendors will offer you a package including rentals, décor, floral design, a dancefloor, LED letters, and numbers, photo booths, and even lighting. But they don’t always include catering, a mobile bar, DJ hire, or a wedding backdrop. So keep in mind those details when hiring a wedding package because they turn a regular party into the most magical event of the season. 

Keep your budget in mind

Once you start looking into your potential vendors and their wedding packages, you will soon fall in love with many of them, and the urge to sign the dotted line will take over you, but before you do it, think about your numbers. Your wedding budget must be enough to cover all aspects of your celebration. If you spend the majority on a wedding package that does not include catering services or need to budget your wedding attire, invitations, and so on, well, chances are you are going to be short. 

Ask about what is included

Wedding vendors will provide a proposal including all their services, but you often need to pay for extras that are not contemplated in the original quotation. That is why you must ask about hidden fees or extra charges. A clear example is a setup and tear-down fee many venues charge, as well as cleaning. For your florals, you might encounter a fee for delivery, and don’t forget about gratuity for your vendors. 

Find a wedding package that aligns with your vision

Although many wedding packages are very tempting due to their price or because they are all-inclusive, you must always think about the vision and priorities of your celebration and ensure they both go in the same direction. If you pay special attention to detail, or you expect top-of-the-notch service, you must find a vendor that focuses its service that way. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

And your vision becomes important in terms of style and decoration as well, because all vendors have a style, and perhaps what you dream for your wedding is not what they have in mind or offer. Before contacting a wedding package vendor, check their previous work and have pictures of the aesthetic you aim for, so it is easier to understand what you need.

As you see, there are many things you should consider before hiring a wedding package for your special day; you need to find professionals who are capable of meeting your expectations and helping you succeed. This is especially important while planning a destination wedding because you are not physically there to overlook their work, so ask all the questions you need and have it all written in your contract. 

We hope our ideas gave you a path to follow, and you are now certain about the details you should be paying attention to. At the end of the day, vendors make your wedding possible, and if they are professionals, they will not only do their job but make an extra effort to create pure magic. Weddings are already a magical event; you only need to find the right wedding package for you and sit to enjoy the happiest day of your life.