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Top 5 Wedding Dance Floor Ideas Before Hiring

One of the most important things at a wedding reception is the dance floor, and it’s no wonder why that is, the dance floor is the main attraction during the reception, and it’s usually located at the centre of the action. Every guest gathers around it or steps into it to dance the night away. But before you go into the trials and tribulations of hiring a dance floor for your wedding, here are five ideas from experts in wedding floor hire in Essex.

These ideas are great for those who want to up their game a little when it comes to their dance floor, so this will be of tremendous help to make your wedding a dream come true, especially if you know you and your guests are avid dancers.

1. LED dance floor

Traditional dance floors are usually just a platform or surface of special materials designed for people to dance on top of them, in square or rectangular shapes, so they can easily become boring or uninteresting. But if you want to stand out and take your dance floor to the next level, you can bring some light to this simple element.

LED-lit dance floors have been around for a while now, but many couples still aren’t aware of their existence, so they don’t even picture this as an alternative to a regular dance floor. With this kind of dance floor, you get the traditional surface, but with a twist, since this floor will be having LED lights that will be lighting up the entirety of the dancing area with fun patterns, amazing colours and all sorts of gorgeous lighting.

This idea is a simple one, but as experts in LED dance floor hire in Essex, we can tell you that guests and couples alike love these dance floors, and they really give the venue an extra wow factor to it.

2. Flowers

Flowers have been a staple piece of decoration in weddings for centuries, both for the ceremony and the reception, but why should we only keep flowers as centerpieces for tables or bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids? Floral arrangements can be incorporated in many ways that we don’t usually see at every wedding, so bringing these flowers to the dance floor is a great idea.
One way to do this is by hanging a floral arrangement from the ceiling or a chandelier on top of the dance floor, which will create a beautiful scene for your dance floor area and elevate the look of your venue.

Now, suppose you cannot hang stuff from the ceiling or chandeliers because of your venue’s policies. In that case, you can also use flowers to create a boundary between the dancing area and the rest of the venue, and you can do this by spacing out some centrepieces on small tables or creating a path toward your dance floor.

3. Strung lights

Lighting is always a great way to set the atmosphere of space since you can go many different ways with the lights you decide to put up, from warm lighting to dim lanterns and all sorts of lighting you can imagine. And if you know how to work with the lighting, you can create a beautiful and magical tone for your dance floor.

Strung lights in a vintage style are an amazing way to incorporate a sense of nostalgia and warmth into your dance floor. All you have to do is find a way to hang these strung lights to allow them to shine and bring out the most of them truly. These kinds of lights make for amazing wedding photographs, but they also make the dance floor feel more welcoming, cosy and inviting, which is just what you want from a dance floor: something that brings people in.

4. Canopy dance floor

Drapes and structures can be a great asset for making the most out of your wedding venue since they can take a simple and stripped-down space to a whole new and unexpected level. These decorations allow you to transform a space like the dance floor into something completely different.

A great example of this is canopies, these beautiful structures that have been all the rage for quite some time now in the wedding industry. It’s no wonder why since they are a simple concept that can be easily executed, but they’re also incredibly versatile. They can be incorporated into any style your wedding might be going for.

Canopies can come in a variety of colours and sizes, as well as proportions and materials. Because of this, they’re also incredibly customizable and personalized since you can decorate them and bring the style of the rest of your wedding to this beautiful addition to your dance floor.

5. Hanging decorations

The dance floor is not only the surface you will be dancing on but also the surroundings and especially what is on top of you while you’re dancing all night long. Because of this, it’s important to complement a beautiful dance floor with some amazing surroundings and hanging decorations that will bring a cohesive look to your dancing area and allow you to give your guests an amazing view while they’re dancing at your wedding.

When thinking about hanging decorations on top of your dance floor, it’s an open field for your creativity to run wild. You can orient yourself to think about your wedding style and look and the colour palette you’re going for. Maybe you’re going for a glamorous and elegant style, so you’d want to bring in some gold and crystals, or perhaps you’re more laid back and want to hang some paper decorations in colourful styles.

Many couples also go for the classic disco balls that work amazing with all kinds of colourful lighting. They also use a lot of chandeliers, lanterns, balloons, and even drapery. It’s just a matter of what style you want to go for and how to execute it.

Now you know how to make your upcoming event memorable for your loved ones with an incredible dance floor. Hiring a dance floor is a key moment of your wedding planning because while dancing with your partner, family, and friends, you will make some of the most amazing memories that will forever last in your mind.

Top 7 Things to be Considered Before Photo Booth Hire

Nowadays, everyone is taking pictures and videos at weddings with their smartphones. Still, there’s no denying that having a photo booth with all sorts of props is a fun experience for guests at a wedding reception. And although you might be looking forward to having a photo booth at your wedding, there are a few things you should be thinking about when getting this kind of equipment incorporated into your wedding entertainment. So here are some tips from experts in photo booth rental in Essex and Suffolk.

1. Plan the location

Photo Location

The location of your photo booth is an extremely important aspect to take into account since this is the best way to maximize its use by your guests and make sure it gets all the attention it deserves. When thinking about where you’re going to set up your photo booth, you must make sure that it’s a high-traffic area. Great examples of high traffic areas at a wedding reception are near the bar or the dance floor.

Many venue coordinators will try to put your photo booth somewhere hidden, like a backroom or even a separate lounge, but you should insist on high-traffic areas of the venue. You want your photo booth to be used by your guests.

2. Be mindful of the backdrop

A huge part of photo booth pictures is what the background looks like since this will be what sets the tone for each and every picture your guests get taken at the booth. Sometimes, when hiring a photo booth, you might get a backdrop included, but you can also just choose a nice spot for your photo booth, like a place with a nice curtain, some plants or just a clear wall.

You can also choose to go with a rustic photo booth rental or the DIY way and make a custom backdrop yourself, and you can get creative with it and create a beautiful and fun background for your photo booth pictures that will get your guests excited about it.

3. Photos as wedding favours

Weddings usually will have small gifts called favours that are supposed to be souvenirs for your guests, so they can remember being part of this amazing day you’ve decided to live with them by your side. Favours can easily become cliché, and many guests don’t keep them around or remember them after a few days of attending your wedding. This can be easily changed with a photo booth so your guests take home beautiful favours that will remind them of your wedding for years to come.

Whether the pictures taken by the photo booth are digital or physical, photographs are a great way to remember such a special day as your wedding. Your guests will be able to take these physical pictures home or even save the digital version forever and post them on social media and treasure them for years to come. So if you were planning on giving favours to your guests, you could get ahead of it with a photo booth that will materialize beautiful moments at your wedding.

4. Troubleshooting

Many things can go wrong at a wedding, and sometimes we’re not in control of it, so we always have to be on the lookout for any and all kinds of problems that can arise during the big day. Photo booths are machines at the end of the day, and something can go wrong with them, so in order to prevent this, you want to take a few precautions.

First, you should be completely aware of the requirements the photo booth you’ve hired has, such as how much electricity it requires, connection to WIFI or the space it needs to function properly. These are things that can be anticipated and prevented. Still, sometimes these machines can suddenly fail, so it’s also advisable to have someone from the rental company staff be ready to attend to any malfunction in the photo booth.

5. Encouraging your guests

Guest in wedding
Photo booths are only good when your guests are using them, and sometimes it can be the case that your guests just don’t approach them, which can truly be a problem. Maybe guests are a bit camera shy, or they aren’t familiar with photo booths or don’t know if they can use them yet.

So if you want your guests to be making the most out of this photo booth, you should be planning how to encourage your friends and family to use it. A good way of doing this is by leading the way, being the first to use the photo booth and showcase just how fun it can be, and then you can tell your bridesmaids or family to go ahead and give it a try.

6. Make sure everyone can share

Nowadays, we’re all sharing everything we do by taking pictures and posting them on every social media platform. Knowing this, it’s only natural to allow your guests to share the pictures they get taken by your photo booth on social media.

To make the best use of these kinds of features, you just have to let your guests know how to share these photos on their social media and let the fun go on. You can set up a sign with instructions to let them know how to do it.

7. Open and closed hours

Time is crucial during a wedding, from when your ceremony will last to when the toast finishes and when you’re dancing with your partner for all your guests to see. Because of this, it is advisable to set up open and closed hours for your photo booth. You don’t want your guests to be using the photo booth while the toast is happening.

So, to distribute time fairly and make sure everyone is present at the most important moments of your wedding, you should keep the photo booth closed during these important events, just so you make sure nobody misses a thing.

Corporate Management Service for wedding

Top 7 Corporate Management Services for Weddings/Events

Corporate events are a big part of every industry of the economy. Many companies use these large gatherings of their corporate workforce to create a sense of community, offer a social interaction between all their members, and join efforts towards achieving a company's growth goals and productivity.

These events are amazing in the eyes of companies for many reasons. They can only be made possible with the help of event management services that provide companies with the tools necessary to set up such a large gathering as these kinds of events are. They take care of the logistics, venues, and vendors required to have corporate events take place, but they also provide you with all their experience in these events and can work through the different obstacles you could face.

If you're planning your next corporate event, you must be aware of the top corporate management services for events, and if you're not familiar with them yet, then here you're going to know all about them. Coming from experts in corporate entertainment hire in Essex, here are some of the top services.

1. Venue scouting

Venue for wedding

Finding the right space to host a corporate event is no easy task. You need to think about the size of your event, the flow, the stations, and the overall concept to find one that suits your needs. And in addition to that, it should also be located near your potential attendants, hotels, and transportation. Finally, you must think about parking space, accessibility, and other services like food and beverages.

When you hire someone who has plenty of experience organizing corporate events, they will know exactly what to offer and look for in a venue to fulfil all your expectations. They will also take care of contracts and insurance and negotiate the best deal for your company if you are lucky enough. Consider hiring a professional for this task to rest knowing you got the best venue for your needs.

2. Fun activities

What is a corporate event without fun activities to engage with the attendants and ensure you achieve your goals? Regardless of the specific purpose, which might be meeting new leads, bringing your team together, or launching a new product, you need to plan activities that help you keep the event interesting while hitting the goals.

You will find a fun activity to suit your audience, from a team rally to augmented reality rooms. The point is to give your attendants an escape from the corporate environment and a moment to enjoy with their coworkers or peers. Other activities like magic, fun corporate event entertainment, a live performer or artist, and even a karaoke station could do some magic.

3. Entertainment

360 photo booth

And talking about entertainment, what is an event without music? Or some other type of fun entertainment. This is without a doubt the key to success, having the right entertainment and engaging with the audience. Look for the best corporate entertainment hire, Essex, one that knows how to keep things formal and fun at the same time. And most importantly, someone who cares about the goal of your corporate event and helps you achieve it while entertaining your guests.

4. Event coordination

Any event involves lots of planning, and when the time comes, it takes plenty more time because there are activities and a program to keep up with. But if you are organizing and meeting, and greeting everyone at your upcoming corporate event, how can you have your hands on keeping the program on time?

Well, you need to hire an event coordinator, someone who takes care of vendors coming in on time and, most importantly, any inconvenience that could come up. Having a professional who makes sure timing is controlled is crucial for your corporate event to succeed.

5. Event design

Let's face it, organizing a corporate event requires plenty of skills, and if you intend to have your human resources department handle the whole thing, you might be asking a bit much from them. When you hire event management services, you can leave the planning and designing of your event in the hands of professionals who know exactly how to put your ideas into reality.

Currently, we are amused by aesthetical spaces and events with amazing themes that transport us to a different place or time, so event design is a big deal in catching your audience's attention and planning an unforgettable corporate event. Remember that corporate events are no longer those huge convention centres with tables and chairs as the only décor element. Make sure you add a special design to engage with your attendants, and if possible, make it social media-friendly.

6. Promotional products

Event management services not only include all that is related to the space itself or the organization of the event. It is also about giving your event a personality and taking care of details like branding elements with your attendants, such as promotional products. An event management expert can help you choose those products, so they are branded and useful and stick to your attendants for years to come.

7. Lighting and audiovisual

Although entertainment usually comes with some audiovisuals and lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of a regular venue by incorporating a high number of mood lights and spotlights and making it look more like your company. Screens and projectors are also great for your corporate event if you intend to feature a product or host a talk.

Adding technology to your upcoming corporate event will help you communicate the purpose of your event and create the right environment. Other cool elements are augmented reality and multimedia rooms where your attendants can fully understand your vision.

If you are on the first steps of organizing a corporate event, don't hesitate to contact corporate event management services and, of course, us to help you set up the best corporate event entertainment for an unforgettable celebration.

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Top 6 Things to be Considered Before Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can involve many services, vendors, and things to be arranged, which can easily become an overwhelming experience. For that reason, many venues and wedding planning services are now providing couples with a practical alternative: wedding packages. These wedding packages in Essex and all around the world usually include many services you would want to have at your wedding, and although they might sound appealing, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before going through with them.

1. What does the package include?

This might sound like a very logical thing to consider before hiring for a wedding package. Still, many couples hire "all-included" packages without actually knowing what the vendor means when they say all-included.

What a wedding package might include depends on who's offering it. If it's the venue that offers a package, it'll usually only include things like decoration, tables, chairs, cutlery, and some other basic amenities. And while this is helpful for your wedding planning journey, you'll have to be mindful about hiring wedding entertainment, catering services, and music, as well as any other extras.

To complement any wedding package that doesn't include entertainment, you should start looking for wedding entertainment services in Essex or wherever you're planning to take your special day.

Venues usually also offer different packages; sometimes, the most basic packages won't include everything the venue offers, so it can be tricky. Maybe your venue has a suite for the bridal prep session, but this is only included in a premium package, so be sure to inquire about what things are included in each package.

Suppose a wedding planner provides the wedding package you're considering hiring. In that case, this package could consider a more comprehensive set of services and vendors but making sure that what they offer is all you need at your wedding is also necessary, just so there are no misunderstandings. You can have the wedding you've always dreamed of.

2. What is your budget?

Add your budget

This is also a no-brainer when looking for wedding packages. Still, you will be surprised to find out that there are many packages that fit into any small or large budget, depending on your financial capabilities and the kind of wedding you're going for.
Don't be afraid to explore many options at different price ranges. See the quality of what they offer, the vendors, and how many of the services you'd like to have been included. You should also make sure you get a detailed breakdown of the price of everything you're hiring so you don't have to deal with hidden charges or not get the services you want.

3. Is it a wedding package for me?

Although wedding packages can be a very practical and convenient option for man couples, they can sometimes be more expensive than looking for vendors yourself, or maybe the packages only work with certain vendors, and you might already have someone in mind for your floral arrangements, catering services or wedding entertainment. In these cases, a wedding package could become a very rigid alternative, and you'd want to go instead and look for vendors that will fit into what you want for your special day.

4. Guest count

Wedding packages usually will be priced by a fixed rental fee which isn't affected by the number of guests, but there are also extra charges per guest that can vary depending on the package. This is because some wedding packages will include catering services, cutlery, and other services that depend on the guest count, so if your guest list is large, this will rack up the price of your package considerably.

Sometimes you can cut down the price of a wedding package by reducing the number of guests you'll have at your wedding reception. Because of this, it's advisable not to commit to your guest list before you explore wedding packages and figure out your wedding budget. You don't want to send out many invitations to your guests and then realize that you have to reduce your guest list because your wedding package per person fee is too elevated.

5. What about flexibility?

While wedding packages are undoubtedly easier for couples and pretty much stress-free if you're going through this wedding planning process on your own, they can also be very inflexible at times. You can ask your wedding package provider if they offer special requests if they accept outside vendors, and what kind of flexibility they offer in their packages.

Often, venues that offer wedding packages only accept their trusted vendors to work on the venue, which can be a huge obstacle if you're hiring outside vendors, even if they provide a service that the venue does not offer. These things should be discussed upfront when getting information about your wedding package. Find out your venue's policies regarding outside vendors and the flexibilities they're willing to provide and read the fine print in each and every contract you're about to sign.

6. Destination wedding packages

Destination Wedding

While we've been discussing the many benefits and things you must consider when hiring a wedding package, there are special things to consider if you're looking for wedding packages for a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are almost impossible to plan without hiring a wedding package, mainly because if you're coming from abroad, you'd have difficulty finding and contacting different vendors. Because of that, it is much easier to get yourself a wedding planner from where you live or from your destination that knows what vendors offer quality service and will handle all you need to arrange for your wedding day.

Wedding packages

Overall, wedding packages offer many advantages to those couples who are just starting to plan their wedding, and with a bit of caution, knowledge, and common sense, you can make sure you get the most out of these packages.

wedding decoration

Tips for Decorating an Ideal Wedding Backdrop

Weddings gather your loved ones like no other event, and it helps you bring your friends and family into one place for a couple of hours to witness your loving union with your partner. That is the main reason why couples want to capture many photos of such moments, but how can you frame those pictures and make them extra special without a backdrop. Wedding backdrops have been popular over the past years because they provide a special place for your guests to take beautiful photos.

But a wedding backdrop can also serve as a beautiful piece for the back of your sweetheart table, for your ceremony, or to frame any other space you wish to embellish during your wedding ceremony or reception. Depending on the style of your celebration, you can incorporate many elements to make it perfect. If you want to grab some ideas and read our tips for decorating an ideal wedding backdrop, please keep reading.

Set a theme or style

In general, setting a theme, colour palette, or style for your wedding is necessary. The reason is you need to have a clear idea of the style you prefer to pick the right venue, decoration, and event floral design. Imagine a romantic wedding with plenty of blush and gold details, so you probably should skip that ultramodern venue with industrial finishes because it doesn’t match your vision. Instead, it would help to focus on romantic architecture and finishes that fully match the aesthetic you desire.

Now that you know why having a theme or style is crucial, you can pick one and keep it on your mind while selecting your wedding backdrop to look within the same line of style as the rest of your wedding. If we continue with the romantic style, you should add some drapery to cover the space, a LED backdrop to add some light and perhaps a few blooms on the edges.

Vintage or classic weddings are great opportunities to incorporate a flower wall as your backdrop for photos or welcome your guests. Imagine a wall filled with beautiful florals within the colour palette you choose for your wedding and a magical neon sign or giant LED letters as a compliment. Always keep your theme in mind when choosing your wedding backdrop.

Find the right space.

Backdrops are mainly used to take photos; they look wonderful and provide your guests with the opportunity of taking pretty photos with a unique backdrop. Keeping that in our minds, we must be mindful of the space, we choose to place the backdrop; you want it to be ideal for people to gather and take a selfie or a large portrait.

Keep your backdrop away from main hallways, small entrances, or spaces where a crowd might affect the natural flow of guests. You can pick a corner or a large open space so everyone has enough room to wait for their turn to snap an amazing photo. If you are considering the wedding backdrop for your head table, then it would be best if the table also has enough room for photos to be captured.

Add unique details

Wow factors include unique details in your backdrop, such as lighting, perhaps a balloon garland, or some fresh florals and greenery decorating the edges to make it stand out. But if you want to go big, you should add complements like a giant LED letters on the sides for guests to take pictures. A simple drapery and lights backdrop can easily change into a unique one when you incorporate details like colourful letters, butterflies, giant paper flowers, or anything related to your event or the décor you plan to install for the reception.

If your backdrop serves as a ceremony décor, you can add a decorated arch, some columns with lush floral arrangements, a circular structure for fresh florals and plenty of lighting. Fairy lights look amazing regardless of your theme because they add a hint of light into any space, consider them for your wedding backdrop or include some spotlights to brighten up the sides and the flowers.

Personalize the backdrop

wedding backdrop
Weddings are the perfect events to showcase your personality. When decorating the multiple spaces of your wedding ceremony and reception, you can never go wrong adding personalized details. One trend couples love around the globe is personalized neon signs with phrases or their family name on them. They come in multiple colours and sizes to fit the idea you have on your mind. Plus, they can be used to decorate your new house and keep it as a beautiful memory of your wedding day. \

Personalize your backdrop with wooden signs and add some greenery for a beautiful result. You can choose from many options like Mr. & Mrs., and we said yes, your family last name, etc. Another amazing idea is to add a chalkboard backdrop that serves at the same time as a guest book, and you can let your guests write a message or draw something and take a photo at the end of the night to keep the memory. Rustic and vintage weddings are great for a three backdrop where they hang good wishes for the couple as if they were leaves. The three are filled with leaves by the end of the night, and your photos will look unique.

Now you have some awesome ideas for your upcoming wedding and your backdrop; there are so many options to fit your vision regardless of the theme you pick. We offer entertainment and décor solutions for your celebration with an experienced team to solve any issue. From DJ hire to wedding backdrops that wow your guests, we have it all. Follow our advice to create a magnificent wedding backdrop and contact us to help you enhance any space of your wedding.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that deserves all the attention to detail. When you plan your wedding, you need to have a professional and experienced team on your side to make sure every detail is taken care of. Give us a call to start planning the wedding you dream of and help you create the perfect backdrop for your wedding. We offer many wedding packages to fulfil your needs, and we are the right vendors for your wedding backdrop hire.

Top 5 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Casino Themed Party.

Imagine attending a party without any decoration, just the plain old simple appetizers and drinks and some random music in the background. You wouldn't be happy to attend such a gathering. Still, how about a casino themed party with bright and vibrant colours, casino tables with friendly staff waiting for you to play your favourite games, and unique drinks served by professional bartenders. However, you must go with the top 5 tips for planning the ultimate casino themed party. It will make lifetime memories for you and your squad as well. I know you want to be at that second party, don't you?

If you are currently organizing a party and have no idea about the theme that would suit you best, this is the right place to know things. The casino night theme can be ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and even proms. You can adapt it to the occasion by adding certain colours, drinks, and food.

1. Consider the age group.

Themed parties are not only for kids or teenagers. They are super fun for adults too, but to plan the perfect casino themed party, you must consider the age group of your guests to offer the right casino table hire and entertainment. For a sweet sixteen or a teenager birthday party, you should include fun and easy games for the casino tables, along with another experience for those who skip the casino games, like a photo booth.

Suppose you are planning a wedding or a birthday party for adults. In that case, it is better to include many casino tables and don't forget about the drinks and waiters to provide the complete casino experience. The decoration is a big deal, too. You can turn a tent into a real casino, adding drapery, a red carpet, and the right lighting. Also, don't forget about music. A great DJ who knows how to keep everyone dancing is crucial, or some live music perhaps.

2. Match the drinks and food.

Drinks and Food

Regardless of the age group, a themed party should include good drinks and food to match the atmosphere of the celebration. Some great ideas for food are appetizers so your guests can enjoy food while playing at the casino table. You can include fries, wings, deep-fried fish, and chicken with some sides of veggies. If you prefer to offer a full dinner, you can opt for a buffet-style serving, so your guests are free to come and pick what they prefer.

Drinks are a major part of a themed casino party; offering alcohol-free cocktails for young attendants will be a total success. You can add some fun glasses or toppings like fruits and colourful soft drinks. A bar service hire is a great idea for adults because you can rely on their expertise and enjoy your party without worries while including some awesome drinks.

3. Add it to your wedding.

The casino themed party is perfect for weddings, too. You can go full-on casino theme or only incorporate the casino tables as a part of your reception as an entertainment option for those who want to take a break from the dance floor. If the whole theme of your wedding will be the casino, then you can add deep red tablecloths, black, gold, and white details to enhance the spaces and your table décor.

Your bridal party could be part of the theme by wearing beautiful burgundy, black, or red attires. And don't forget about the lush florals or feathers that could make your wedding even more astonishing. Lighting will make a huge difference if you do it right. A warm amber colour or a colourful option like red can set up the casino mood.

4. Include more entertainment.

Your casino table hire will definitely keep guests entertained, but there won't be room for every single one of them, so you need to include another option for guests to have a good time even if they aren't playing on a table. Music is essential, consider a DJ hire with plenty of experience in your type of event. If you are not planning on hiring a dancefloor, you can simply add a jukebox for guests to pick their favourite tunes and enjoy background music.

A photo booth hire could add entertainment and fun and help you keep amazing memories of your party. There are plenty of options in terms of style and space, and you can find the classic booth or open-air alternatives to fit more guests into each photo. The elegant and classy magic mirror fits perfectly into a casino themed party with a red carpet and shiny mirror where you can take amazing selfies with your loved ones.

5. Establish a dress code.

Dress Code

Themed parties are even better when you set some rules. Imagine a cowboy-themed party with everyone dressed as they usually do. Not that amusing. The same goes for your casino themed party. You need to have some general rules for guests to follow and look amazing in every photo. Depending on the type of event, you can go for a costume dress code or a black-tie one.

For a casino themed wedding, you should prefer the black-tie etiquette, so guests show up looking flawless and extra dressy. If you are throwing a birthday party, it could be more like a dress-up party where your guests can play with more costume like elements. The sky is the limit, and you are the one who writes the rules, so get creative and let your guests know what they should wear to complete the themed party vibe.

There you have our top 5 tips for you to make the most out of a themed casino party. We hope you are now on your way to planning the party of the year with our advice, and don't forget to contact us for your casino hire Essex or any other entertainment-related service such as DJ hire, live magic, photo booth, or even your light-up dance floor. We offer many packages for your celebrations, and our professional team will make sure your party is one to remember.

Types Of Dance Floor

Top 7 Types of Dance Floor for Lavish Events

You want to organise the most popular year's event, and you want it to be magnificent, lavish, and over the top, but how can you achieve it? There are plenty of options available for such purpose, but if you think about it deeply, when you throw an event, your guests spend most of their time on the dance floor instead of eating or appreciating the table setting. That is why choosing the right dance floor is crucial.

Did you know there are many different dance floors available for you? In case you didn't, we have breaking news for you, because nowadays the options are many, and we have gathered the top 7 types of dance floor ideal for a lavish event. So, you don't have to settle for a plain and simple dance floor.

To choose the right dance floor for your upcoming event, you must start by defining the overall style of your celebration or the theme. That information will determine the entire course of your décor and the style of your dance floor too. Imagine a modern venue with plenty of neutral tones or perhaps an industrial vibe with exposed light fixtures and a wooden dance floor, and it just doesn't add up, right? A white light-up dance floor or personalised vinyl one would fit best.

Once you have figured out the style of your event, it is time to determine the guest list number so you can hire a dance floor accordingly, and every guest has space to dance in. You can use a general rule for that instance. Consider only 50% of your guests will be on the dance floor at the same time if they are hardcore dancers. If not, it will be around 30% of them. That will give you an idea, and the best part of it is dance floors come in many different sizes.

Disco LED

For an event that is being organised around dancing, you can consider a disco LED dance floor with many colours to choose from and lighting up combinations to match the energy of your event. It is an amazing way to use it as a focal point of décor or to complement the rest of your event design. Plus, your wedding entertainment will feel complete with this fun dance floor. This option is made from sturdy materials that will keep everyone safe while dancing the night away and resists the dance moves of every guest. It also comes in a variety of sizes from 10 ft to 20 ft, perfect no matter the size of your event.


Events with a classic or glamorous theme could use a bit of spark on their dance floor, and we have just what you need. A starlit effect is perfect for bringing all the attention to your wedding dance floor, it has a classic feel, but once the lights are out, you will see it shine. Don't worry about slippery surfaces or bouncing to your favourite songs because the construction of these dance floors is safe and water-resistant.


Rustic events can turn into lavish ones if you make the right choices in terms of décor. For example, picking a barn as your venue would be ideal and adding lots of greenery and blooms to the high ceilings or the barn door to make it stand out. A wooden dance floor is the one that better suits a rustic party, but you can always add a starlit one too because it has a neutral tone and a warm feel with the twinkling lights.


For those who want to literally organise an event outside the box, a unique and circular dance floor might be the way to go. Although they are less common since most venues have a traditional square space designed to fit a regular dance floor, you can install a circular dance floor and break with those old ideas.


Since some venues already offer a determined space or built-in dance floor and you are not able to hire your own, you can turn it into a personalised space by adding a custom hologram to light up the space and make it look luxurious and unique. Holograms are great to transform spaces without changing them physically. You can add them to the draped sides or even the ceiling and choose the colour that better suits your event. This is a great idea for corporate events and wedding dance floors as well.

Black and white

Perhaps you are organising a black and white themed event, or you love how this combination looks and want to incorporate it for your wedding dance floor. Regardless of the reason, we know how stylish and classic this look is and having a dance floor in a black and white design will be the best way to bring your event to the next level.

All white

Do you want to skip the lights and the wooden materials and keep it extra modern or minimalistic? An all-white dance floor is a right choice for you. Luckily many wedding packages include this option that suits perfectly for classic and modern weddings or events. It is also a great idea for corporate events because you can personalise it by adding a custom monogram with your logo or company colours.

Wedding packages are not complete without wedding entertainment and a wedding dance floor, so make sure you find a service that offers you the best option for your vision and needs. If you are still looking for a dance floor, hire Essex. We are here to help; at Trez Entertainment, we offer wedding packages including all you need to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

Top 5 Reasons to Add a Neon Sign and Brighten Up Your Wedding/Events

Top 5 Reasons to Add a Neon Sign and Brighten Up Your Wedding/Events

When you start planning a wedding or any other important event, you always want to make it as fresh and unique as possible. You want your guests to remember the little details and the big ones, but you especially want them to witness an unforgettable celebration. Nowadays, we have plenty of options to achieve that purpose, but one that has caught out attention is neon signs. 

We are certain you have seen them all over, and you feel the need to add them to your celebration. They come in all sizes, colours, and clever phrases to fit your vibe. You can incorporate them in many ways to enhance some areas of your wedding or event venue, but if you are still hesitant regarding adding one to your event, here are the top five reasons to brighten up your event with a neon sign. 

  • They are fun

You probably have seen many neon signs in coffees, bars, and events. They are usually hanging at the entrance or enhancing greenery or floral wall with unique phrases that set up the mood for your day. Having them around is fun, especially when you choose a phrase that means something for you as a couple. 

The best part is how neon signs adapt to many different styles; they can look modern, vintage, and romantic depending on the font and colour you choose. And if you add some colour like a pink neon sign or even a design to it, you will wow your guests and own some incredible photos as memories. Imagine entering your wedding venue and your eyes being drawn to a beautiful sign hanging in front of a floral arch with the phrase you + me or forever starts today; what a magical moment. 

  • They light up the room in a unique way

Neon light has a unique way of lighting up a room, and they create a cosy but also partying atmosphere when they are around. So, if you are thinking of setting up a lounging area or a club-like vibe, a neon sign in a cool colour like green or red will be the perfect element. They also look amazing in photos behind the head table or as a cute décor item for your ceremony arch. 

And if you plan to have a spot for guests to take photos, including props and perhaps some seating spaces, don't doubt to add a neon sign with a cool phrase in a colour that suits the backdrop. Try to make it a contrasting one, so it stands out in your photos; it will be a treasurable memory not only for you but also for every attendant. 

  • You will add a touch of personality to your event 

Regardless of the type of event you are organizing, it could be a wedding or a birthday party, perhaps a corporate gathering. You always want to add elements that communicate your personality and give your event a unique vibe. A neon sign can help you achieve this purpose and set the mood for your guests. 

If you are known to be a romantic couple, you can add a Better Together, Happily Ever After, or All You Need Is Love sign. You can also include your new family name or a classic Mr and Mrs. For birthdays, you can have fun with the age you are turning and have a Getting Better with Time or a simple Happy Birthday. Possibilities are endless, and your guests will see how you reflect in the perfect line you choose. 

  • They are a personalized element

Weddings and events have become unique; those old days of attending weddings that looked exactly alike are long gone. Today, couples look for uniqueness and personalization in every celebration aspect. You can see it in the name of the drinks and their ingredients, the menu, the carefully picked décor, and even the venue. 

But one way you can personalize your wedding and set it off from the rest is by incorporating a neon sign. Think about a clever way to add it; it could be the backdrop for your ceremony, a sign for the cool bar you hire, or a photo backdrop, so everyone has a memory with the beautiful sign you both picked. Keep in mind that you can have it custom-made so that you can choose the phrase, font, and colour. 

  • You can repurpose the sign for your new home

What can be cooler than having a neon sign for your wedding reception or ceremony? Have one in your home, of course! Just picture that big empty wall at your new home and how cool it would look if you added a neon sign with your initials or your family name. If you choose a funny or romantic quote, you could hang it in the games room or at your patio to light up your friends' gatherings and be the backdrop of memories to come. 

Neon signs are beautiful pieces that fit into every wedding style, their versatility and uniqueness make them an incomparable piece of décor, and you can let your imagination run to achieve amazing results. Now you know why neon signs are so popular right now and many ways to add them to each corner of your wedding venue because you can have them as a statement piece or as a whole mood for your reception. 

If you don't know what to do with a neon sign after your celebration ends, remember you can hire a neon sign with Trez Entertainment and make your evening special without having to take the sign home later. It is a great way to wow your guests while staying within your budget.

Birthday Party Ideas

2022 Evening Entertainment Idea’s that will make your night one to remember!

2022 Evening Entertainment Idea’s that will make your night one to remember!

Wedding receptions are all about celebrating your love as a couple, having fun with your guests and family, eating good food, drinking, and dancing. We all know how weddings go, but there are only so many things you can do during a reception until you run out of things to do, and at that point, the party can start to die out.

If you want to keep the party alive and running, you must get creative, and sometimes this means hiring wedding entertainment. Wedding entertainment can be anything that keeps your guests engaged in the party or activity that breaks the ice for your guests, allowing them to have the night of their lives.

Here are some of the best ideas for wedding entertainment that will make your guests have the time of their life!


Jukeboxes are a vintage staple item that allows you and your guests to play whatever music you can think of, especially if it’s a digital one. This is a great alternative to a wedding DJ package for smaller events or if your guests have good taste in music. Having a jukebox will also make people gather around it and start conversations, which is always a good thing for a great reception where everyone is having fun.

Magic live show

Magic artists are always fun to watch; whether it’s on the street, at shows or on the internet, these people will keep you on the edge of the seat and make your jaw drop at every turn. Incorporating a live magic show into your wedding package will make your guests talk to one another and starting the fun with some laughter.

Giant Jenga

Games are just great for weddings, they’re the ice breakers by excellence, and there’s a vast amount of them to get into your wedding package. One of these games is Jenga, especially a big one with giant pieces and a tower the size of a person. If you’ve ever played a game of Jenga, you know just how fun and exciting it can get to pull out and stack the wooden pieces as you prevent the tower from falling.

Wedding DJ

One of the most important things to have fun at a wedding reception is the music, and some people opt for a band, but these bands regularly can’t cover the entire time your reception lasts, sometimes taking breaks or leaving early. This means you need someone to cover that time with music or maybe have someone play music throughout the entirety of your reception.

A DJ can cover all those concerns regarding the music, have a deep understanding of the transition between songs, genres, and beats, have a seamless transition from track to track and keep all your guests on the dance floor. So, consider incorporating one of ours DJ packages into your wedding, especially if you’re located in Essex; you can check out our wedding DJ packages for Essex on our website.


These traditionally Mexican crafts are hollow cardboard sculptures designed to be hit with a stick by guests until it breaks, and whatever treats or items are hidden inside fall for your guests to catch. Pinatas are easy to make if there’s no place to buy them, and they’re just so fun to have in your wedding as your guests will have the time of their lives trying to access whatever surprise is inside. It’s also a great stress reliever, and we know how stressful weddings can get.

Mobile bar

Bars are an essential element to any event with many guests, and this applies to your wedding, where guests will need refreshments, a couple of drinks and a focal point to gather around and talk. Nowadays, many venues don’t provide you with a fully functioning bar that can make drinks for your guests, which can become troublesome for your reception.

Consider hiring a service that provides you with a mobile bar at your venue, as well as a bartender that can cater to your audience and even have their drink-making abilities showcased in front of your guests as they wait for their drink.


Of course, it’s great to listen to music sung by the artist and dancing to it, but one way to make it much more fun and interactive is to get some karaoke going in your wedding package. Karaoke is fun regardless of how good your guests are at singing; from funny performances to hidden talents and duets with great chemistry, karaoke will surely make your wedding an unforgettable event for your guests.

Casino tables

Games are always an amazing ice breaker: they get people involved and competitive, there’s no need for things in common between your guests to interact, and you can get a few laughs out of them. Incorporating games into your wedding can be the difference between an awkward and boring reception and one that will have your guests constantly interacting with everyone and having fun.

An exciting yet elegant way to incorporate games into your wedding package is by hiring a casino table’s service with your favourite games to be played by your guests, making for a really fun atmosphere at your wedding. You can even get customized poker chips with your names on them and the date of your wedding as a fun and cute prop.

Fun photobooth

Sometimes photography can also be wedding entertainment, and as proof of that, there are photo booths. Photobooths have been a trend for years now, and it’s not a surprise considering how fun they can be with all the funny and silly props and signs, making people act silly for a moment and have a laugh while preparing to get their pictures taken and printed out as a great memory maker.


Maybe your guests aren’t big fans of cameras but still want to have a souvenir from your special day to preserve memories. An alternative can be a caricaturist that will capture the essence of your guests in an art piece that can be readily available and fun to look at and share with others. The quiet space where your caricaturist will be can also serve as a break room from all the fun and thrilling interactions happening on the dance floor of your reception.

Don’t be afraid to have fun.

So now you have some ideas of how to make your reception an unforgettable party. Still, the main thing to keep in mind while planning the entertainment in your wedding package is that you shouldn’t be afraid to have a fun time during your wedding and that things that can seem cheesy or silly will make your guests never forget this event and have the night of their life with you.


Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas to keep your guests entertained.

Birthday Party Ideas to keep your guests entertained.

Birthday parties are great opportunities to celebrate life and bring our friends and family together. Whether it is an adult or kids party, a small or big gathering, we always want to keep our guests entertained. But that is easier said than done. After a couple of birthdays, we start to run out of ideas, and good old birthday playlists and lawn games get boring for everyone.

But there are always creative ideas to keep your birthday parties fun and make them memorable for your guests. And the best part is you do not have to spend much or do much. We have come up with a couple of ideas for you to put into practice.

Backyard movie night. 

A theme suitable for any age, setting up a movie theatre in your backyard is simple, and there are plenty of sizes and styles to fit every need. So no matter if your party has 30 or 150 guests, you can have fun with them all. Please choose your favourite movie or saga and make it a themed or customs celebration.

Set up a cosy atmosphere with pillows, blankets, and chairs. Some fairy lights to make it comfortable and romantic. A table with popcorn, candies, and even a chocolate fountain to surprise all your guests with a sweet treat.

Disco night. Birthday parties

Dancing the night away is what you dream of for your birthday party? Well, you can do it in the most fun and unique way by hiring a light up dancefloor, from a funky LED to a romantic and luxurious white starlit. And it does not matter if your guest list is long or short. You will find a dancefloor to fit all sizes, from 10ft to 20ft.

But what is a dancefloor without music? You need to make sure your guests have the right tunes to keep the body moving. And you have two options, a professional DJ or a digital jukebox. Each alternative has its perks. A DJ can read the crowds; you can trust your DJ will know when to play soft melodies and when to kick the all-time classics.

On the other hand, a digital jukebox can be interactive entertainment. Your guests will be actively involved in playing their favourite songs and dancing to them all night. Plus, if you are planning a birthday for a younger generation, they will be pleasantly surprised by the vintage look and the technological features.

Spa day. 

A relaxing day at the spa is what any adult needs to recharge batteries and keep up with adulthood. But if visiting an actual spa is off-limits due to budget limitations or logistics, you can always have it at home. Yes, all you need is a hot tub hire, some comfy bathrobes, and a glass of your favourite cocktail. The best of all is that hot tub hire includes set up, so you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying your birthday celebration.

Although spa sounds like an activity for adults, young ones also enjoy being pampered, especially when a hot tub is involved. You can set up a little table with masks, nail polish, scrubs, magazines, and some refreshments. They will love to feel like they are grown ups and will have fun being in the water.

Casino Night. 

Imagine putting on a glamorous outfit to welcome your guests into a fancy and luxurious casino night. Casino tables are set up with professional croupiers ready, a mobile bar with a tailored cocktail menu, and a red, white, and black décor to set up the atmosphere. You and your guest will be instantly transported to one of the most exclusive casinos in the world, all in your venue or home.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it could be a dream come true if you hire a casino table and mobile bar with Trez Entertainment. You can choose from various tables and setups, so it does not matter if your guest is an amateur or a professional. You can be sure everyone will have fun.

Camp at home. 

Camping is a fun activity for kids and adults, but preparing for camping, getting to the camping location, and setting everything up can be a hassle. If you want to organise a fun camp night, you can do it at home; all you need to do is hire a tipi tent, place some blankets, pillows, and mood lighting.

For a kids camp out, you can arrange a smore bar or, better yet, a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows. Some of their favourite beverages and, of course, music or a projector with their favourite movie. And if the party involves adults, you can add some cocktails or hot beverages if it is a chilly night.

Tipi tents are flexible and easy to set up, they can be used for a small or large party, and you can even connect them to create a larger space. You can have one tent for entertainment, one for food, and another one to sleep in.

Birthdays are memorable celebrations we treasure for life. If you manage to impress and entertain your guest uniquely and uncommonly, we are certain your next birthday celebration will be a total success. Make sure you contact us to hire all you need for entertainment; we can make your Essex birthday party a one-of-a-kind celebration.