Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas to keep your guests entertained.

Birthday parties are great opportunities to celebrate life and bring our friends and family together. Whether it is an adult or kids party, a small or big gathering, we always want to keep our guests entertained. But that is easier said than done. After a couple of birthdays, we start to run out of ideas, and good old birthday playlists and lawn games get boring for everyone.

But there are always creative ideas to keep your birthday parties fun and make them memorable for your guests. And the best part is you do not have to spend much or do much. We have come up with a couple of ideas for you to put into practice.

Backyard movie night. 

A theme suitable for any age, setting up a movie theatre in your backyard is simple, and there are plenty of sizes and styles to fit every need. So no matter if your party has 30 or 150 guests, you can have fun with them all. Please choose your favourite movie or saga and make it a themed or customs celebration.

Set up a cosy atmosphere with pillows, blankets, and chairs. Some fairy lights to make it comfortable and romantic. A table with popcorn, candies, and even a chocolate fountain to surprise all your guests with a sweet treat.

Disco night. Birthday parties

Dancing the night away is what you dream of for your birthday party? Well, you can do it in the most fun and unique way by hiring a light up dancefloor, from a funky LED to a romantic and luxurious white starlit. And it does not matter if your guest list is long or short. You will find a dancefloor to fit all sizes, from 10ft to 20ft.

But what is a dancefloor without music? You need to make sure your guests have the right tunes to keep the body moving. And you have two options, a professional DJ or a digital jukebox. Each alternative has its perks. A DJ can read the crowds; you can trust your DJ will know when to play soft melodies and when to kick the all-time classics.

On the other hand, a digital jukebox can be interactive entertainment. Your guests will be actively involved in playing their favourite songs and dancing to them all night. Plus, if you are planning a birthday for a younger generation, they will be pleasantly surprised by the vintage look and the technological features.

Spa day. 

A relaxing day at the spa is what any adult needs to recharge batteries and keep up with adulthood. But if visiting an actual spa is off-limits due to budget limitations or logistics, you can always have it at home. Yes, all you need is a hot tub hire, some comfy bathrobes, and a glass of your favourite cocktail. The best of all is that hot tub hire includes set up, so you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying your birthday celebration.

Although spa sounds like an activity for adults, young ones also enjoy being pampered, especially when a hot tub is involved. You can set up a little table with masks, nail polish, scrubs, magazines, and some refreshments. They will love to feel like they are grown ups and will have fun being in the water.

Casino Night. 

Imagine putting on a glamorous outfit to welcome your guests into a fancy and luxurious casino night. Casino tables are set up with professional croupiers ready, a mobile bar with a tailored cocktail menu, and a red, white, and black décor to set up the atmosphere. You and your guest will be instantly transported to one of the most exclusive casinos in the world, all in your venue or home.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it could be a dream come true if you hire a casino table and mobile bar with Trez Entertainment. You can choose from various tables and setups, so it does not matter if your guest is an amateur or a professional. You can be sure everyone will have fun.

Camp at home. 

Camping is a fun activity for kids and adults, but preparing for camping, getting to the camping location, and setting everything up can be a hassle. If you want to organise a fun camp night, you can do it at home; all you need to do is hire a tipi tent, place some blankets, pillows, and mood lighting.

For a kids camp out, you can arrange a smore bar or, better yet, a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows. Some of their favourite beverages and, of course, music or a projector with their favourite movie. And if the party involves adults, you can add some cocktails or hot beverages if it is a chilly night.

Tipi tents are flexible and easy to set up, they can be used for a small or large party, and you can even connect them to create a larger space. You can have one tent for entertainment, one for food, and another one to sleep in.

Birthdays are memorable celebrations we treasure for life. If you manage to impress and entertain your guest uniquely and uncommonly, we are certain your next birthday celebration will be a total success. Make sure you contact us to hire all you need for entertainment; we can make your Essex birthday party a one-of-a-kind celebration.


2021 Complete Guide: Top Tips for Organising your event.

After the cancellation and postponement of many events during 2020, the world is excited to attend any social event. But how can you plan a successful event during a year where normality has not made a comeback? We have a complete guide for you with tips and hacks to organise the most memorable 2021 event.

Define the purpose of the event. 

Social events have different purposes; for example, a wedding is meant to celebrate the union of two individuals and gather their loved ones to witness. On the other hand, a networking event will have the purpose of connecting people. For each type of event, you need different venues, entertainment, and even food.

Organising your eventKnowing the purpose of your event, or why are you organising the event? I will send you on the right path. If you are planning a wedding, you need a ceremony venue, a dance floor, a DJ, a catering service for a full dinner, chairs and tables, décor, and a wedding cake. On the other hand, a corporate social event will require some cocktail tables, a soft background music, perhaps a stage, and instead of dinner appetisers and cocktails.

Have a clear idea regarding the type of socialisation you want to encourage; if you want people to mingle, focus on gathering everyone in the same room. If you want them to talk about business, avoid having distractors such as loud music and an open bar. The purpose of your event will let you know which vendors you need.

Create a budget.

Now it is time to get serious and set a realistic budget for your event. Even if you are organising a birthday party, you need to know your possibilities and limits. Social events easily add up to the bill, and when you least expect it, you are paying a sum you did not imagine could be possible.

Before visiting venues and scrolling through apps to find inspiration, you need to know what size and type of event you can afford. If you want to be responsible, your budget will determine the number of guests, not the other way around.

Plan your guest list.

Once you know the size of the event you need to organise, you can begin to write your guest list. Before the pandemic, you could expect a turnout of 70 to 80 per cent; for 2021, you must know over 90% of guests are attending events. Still, some of your guests might not feel comfortable around others or attending social events; always let them know you understand and respect their decision.

Choose a theme. 

From weddings to birthday parties, every event needs a theme. Your theme will dictate the formality of the event, the decoration, and even the food. You should also take into consideration your venue; for example, if you are organising an event at home, you can choose a theme that suits the style of your patio or indoor décor.


Organise food and drinks or hire catering. 

Food and drinks are crucial for any event; your guests will expect anything from appetisers to a full meal. And as we told you before, you can incorporate your theme into these elements for a Hawaiian themed party, add many tropical flavours and even some personalised drinks. If you do not want to be busy serving drinks and food, your best option is to hire a catering service and a bar.

Mobile bars are a great option because they come ready to serve and fully licensed. You can request a custom menu to match your theme; the bar service will include an experienced mixologist, friendly and professional staff, and even nonalcoholic beverages.

Book entertainment. 

Entertainment is the soul of any social event, you can have all your family and friends, a beautiful venue, perfect decoration, food, and drinks non-stopping, but after a couple of hours, your guests will start wondering if they should go home. To prevent your event from turning into a nightmare, you need to be prepared with the best entertainment; here are some unique ideas.

  • One of the classic and most reliable entertainment you can find out there, a professional DJ can suit many types of events like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and even Christmas parties. The magic of hiring a DJ is knowing exactly how to entertain based on the event and age group.
  • Digital Jukebox. If you look for an interactive entertainment look no more, a digital jukebox will not only add music to your party but hours of fun for your guests who will remember the good old days or get to know a jukebox with all the comfort of digital controls.
  • Casino table. A unique complement for your Las Vegas or Casino themed party, or even for any other theme, who does not love to play? A casino table service will include all you need to play and even trained professional croupiers. The easiest option is to surprise your guests and keep them entertained without moving a finger.
  • Outdoor cinema. Can you imagine setting a giant inflatable cinema, having a table with popcorn and your favourite snacks to watch your favourite movie? Well, you can make it a reality; hiring an outdoor cinema is ideal for a birthday sleepover, a Halloween party, and any other special occasion. You can organise a themed night and play your favourite saga; the possibilities are endless.

Make it safe.

Although many restrictions are easing, you should still listen to local guidelines and follow authorities' recommendations. Try to provide your guests with a safe and comfortable environment, and if you are throwing a large party, perhaps an outdoor venue would suit you best. You can hire a tipi tent to keep everyone cover while being outside.

Now you know all there is to know about organising your 2021 event, all we are left to say is we hope you have fun while doing it, and if you need help with entertainment or decoration, contact us. At Trez Entertainment, you will find the best service; we commit to making your event unforgettable.

Hot tub

Why do you need Hot tub Hire for your next gathering?

Hot tubs are the most pampering and relaxing thing in the world. Imagine yourself immersed in hot water, having a moment to focus on yourself after a long week of duties, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a cocktail. Now imagine that in the comfort of your patio. It is possible with a hot tub hire and easier than you can imagine.

But you might be asking yourself which events could be appropriate or how can you organise a party with a hot tub? We have some ideas for you and reasons to hire a hot tub for your next celebration.

Why a hot tub is a good idea? 

  • Hot water has relaxed humans for ages. Romans used to take relaxing baths in natural hot springs and the Japanese as early as 552 AD.
  • A hot tub can help your skin, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • They are the perfect way to enjoy the water during cold seasons.
  • A regular celebration can turn into the most memorable and luxurious one just by adding a hot tub.

When should I hire a hot tub? Hot tub Hire

When not? A hot tub needs no reason to be enjoyed, but if you are looking to incorporate it into a celebration, here are some fun and interesting ideas.

  1. Anniversary.

A romantic night with your other half could not be complete without a hot tub. You can decorate to set the atmosphere, place some candles outside or string lights. Cook dinner or order from your favourite restaurant, open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Flowers always look pretty when you are having a romantic evening.

You can also have a specific theme or recreate some of the decorations from your wedding day. Perhaps a romantic red decoration with balloons, rose petals, and a pretty tablecloth. The idea is to transform your home into a romantic environment so you can forget about everything and enjoy the moment.

  1. Birthday party.

What better way to celebrate another year of life than by gathering your best friends and throwing a hot tub party? You can choose a theme like a beach party with giant beach balls, inflatable palm trees, and colourful decorations. Fresh cocktails would suit nicely.

For a tropical themed party, you can add some floral necklaces, pineapples, flamingos, and of course, mini umbrellas to top your delicious cocktails inspired by tropical flavours like coconut, mango, and pineapple.

A luxurious birthday party can also be your theme with champagne, fine appetisers, and elegant décor such as candles, metallic tones, and of course, luxurious robes for your guests to get comfortable and enjoy the evening.

  1. Hen do.

Hen parties are the best opportunity to have fun with your friends before you tie the knot. But going from pub to pub or staying at a hotel might be too much for you. Especially when you can have all the fun in a comfortable environment and with a hot tub included.

All you need to do is choose the theme for your decoration, and of course, find the best entertainment and cocktails. If you want to enjoy the evening without worrying about a thing, Trez Entertainment has the solution. With a DJ hire, mobile bar hire, and hot tub hire. All you need to do is find a catering service, and you are good to go.

Your guests will enjoy the night dancing to their favourite songs; a professional DJ will know what everyone loves. Plus, you can tailor the cocktail menu and include a personalised one to make the party unique or match the drinks with your party theme. All while you relax in a hot tub and enjoy your last single days and have fun with your friends.

  1. Housewarming Party.

Housewarming parties are usually the same; you bring something to congratulate the new homeowner, share a drink, appetisers, do a tour of the house and politely leave. But if you are inviting your close friends and you wish for a real party to enjoy and celebrate the achievement of moving to a new home, you can do it with a hot tub hire.

Hot tubs are a space to be close with your friends, the warm water is relaxing, and if you mix it with some cool music, great food, and your favourite beverage, you got yourself a real party and a memorable gathering for everyone.

  1. Graduation party.

Achievements like graduations are more than enough reason to celebrate. You spend hours, days, and years committed to succeeding in your career, and when you finally graduate, all you want to do is celebrate big time. But dinner parties tend to be always the same; if you rather celebrate with your soon to be colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, a hot tub hire is for you.

So put out the graduation decorations, balloons and graduation gowns. Prepare a playlist with the most popular songs, organise food, and have some beverages for everyone. You are starting a new stage of life, and as you end your days of study, you should have a moment to have fun and carry on with the rest of your life.

A hot tub can be the perfect reason to gather with friends and family; there is no need to have an event to hire one. Everyone will want to come and join the fun and come to your house. The best part is you do not need to move a thing; if you hire your hot tub with Trez Entertainment, we take care of setting it up.

Wedding at Stock Brook Country Club, Essex

The village of Stock in central Essex has more than picturesque architecture and long history to offer, especially if you are looking for a wedding venue. Nested in over 250 acres of the intact English countryside, you will find a hidden gem, Stock Brook Country Club. With a magnificent Manor House as the main building.

The Stock Brook Country Club manages to capture the essence of the English countryside. From the flawlessly built main building, you can admire the surrounding acres of perfect nature. Plus, their staff has over 25 years of experience hosting weddings, so you can rest knowing they will know how important your wedding day is.

This venue offers a luxurious interior with flexible spaces to accommodate any wedding. You will have stunning views from every corner of the main building, and the perfectly trimmed gardens are ideal for hosting your ceremony during sunny days. Welcome to Weddings at Stock Brook Country Club

Stock Brook can host a wedding of any culture and faith. From a traditional ceremony to a cultural or civil wedding. Their staff knows well how to accommodate any request. And their catering service is also flexible in that matter.

And the magic keeps on going since, at Stock Brook, you can also hire only space and bring your vendors. They offer this service to allow couples to customise their wedding from a to z, it is a service not many offers, but since they are fully committed to celebrating love, they will let you have your day your way.

Now let us get into the property's details and the spaces they offer for your dreamed wedding. Regardless of the style or size of your celebration, we are certain you will find a space to fit your needs.

The Banqueting Suite. 

The perfect space for a large wedding, the luxurious and romantic functioning room accommodates up to 250 dining guests. The banqueting suite has all you need for your elegant celebration. A soft colour scheme decorates the walls to fit any colour palette and decoration for your wedding day.

Oak coloured ceiling and a large glass central piece decorate the room and allow natural light to enter the entire room. The beautiful piece also sparkles at night, attracting all the looks to the dancefloor, where your guests will enjoy the evening and dance the night away.

The banqueting suite also features a tasteful light effect behind the top table, with a curtain of twinkly lights sparking around the couple. Rolling lawns and perfectly trimmed gardens can be appreciated from the large windows of the room. It also has access to the patio and gardens, which allows the couple and guests to have amazing settings for pictures.

The Rosewood Suite. 

If you are organising a luxurious and elegant wedding with up to 100 guests for dinner, the rosewood suite has all you need. It has a romantic and soft atmosphere with a soft colour palette that makes the perfect background for any wedding theme.

This wedding function room is popular with couples who wish to add a hint of their personalities by choosing unique décor items or colours. The surroundings will not impose any style or theme, which makes it more appealing.

The room has floor to ceiling arched windows with views of the gardens and lawns. It also has private access to a secret garden where a giant chessboard is located. Every couple loves this feature, and it is a beautiful space for guests to take a moment or enjoy the surroundings.

Mood lighting sets the atmosphere in this room, wooden panels decorate the ceiling, and the romantic and fresh atmosphere can easily turn into an entertaining night. This room is versatile and offers endless possibilities.

Great Blunts House. 

Stock Brook offers more than just your regular wedding venue; at the Great Blunts Manor and Stables, you can stay the night and accommodate your family for an extended experience in this lovely English Village.

Here, elegance and rustic blend to create a unique experience that fits perfectly into the countryside. Luxurious décor blends in with rustic wood all over the place, and the carefully trimmed gardens give it a plus.

The Stables accommodation offers fourteen rooms with great attention to the details and a luxurious experience awaiting not only for the bridal couple but for their friends and family after they enjoy a night to remember.

The Garden Room. 

Situated on ground level, the garden room can accommodate up to 140 seated guests. it is a popular choice amongst couples looking for an intimate space for their civil wedding ceremony. This room can be accessed by large French doors that overlook the gardens. A unique Victorian style fireplace sets the warm environment and high-class interior design and opulent curtains covering the beautifully shaped windows.

The garden room features a partition that can split the room in two. You can accommodate your guests and set up the ceremony in one part, and the other can be used to accommodate the musicians to play as you walk down the aisle.

Although the room is usually preferred for ceremonies, if you wish to celebrate your reception in the garden room, the room behind the partition offers a sophisticated suite for the bridal reception. This space is a magical choice to host your ceremony with a romantic feel, offering an intimate atmosphere for such a meaningful celebration.


Besides the amazing rooms you can encounter at Stock Brook, they will have a wedding coordinator available to listen and understand your needs. Their only goal is to help you create and plan the wedding of your dreams.

Their planners will work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. Whether you have a vision for a lavish or cultural wedding, they will find a way to accommodate your every need regardless of your faith.

And if you choose to hire the Stock Brook catering service, you are in for a treat. Their Head Chef can create a menu to fit your needs, and here are some of the options you can choose from.

- Wedding Breakfast.

- Banquets.

- Fork Buffet.

- Evening barbeque.

Additionally, they can cater to every dietary requirement, and they even offer a children menu.

We hope you had fallen in love with this countryside wedding venue as much as we did; the majestic and impressive architecture, as well as their friendly staff and flexible policies, are some of the many perks this location has to offer.

And if you are still looking for a vendor to provide you with all your entertainment related needs, give us a call at Trez Entertainment. We can help with DJ hire, dance-floor, photo booth hire, and many other unique options to keep your guests happy and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Silent Disco

Switch up your party with a silent disco

Technology has evolved over the last decades, and every day we found new applications to technologic devices that had been around for years. A silent disco is a great example. You can organize a party and forget about loud music and angry neighbours.

The benefits of this popular trend are many, from not having to worry about finding a venue with the proper permits for amplified music to hosting a versatile event with multiple music choices. You will soon find out all there is to know about silent parties and how you can organize your own.

What is a silent disco party?

It is a party where music is broadcast and listened thru wireless headphones instead of having a sound system. Each attendant will receive a pair of headphones upon arrival, and the fun part about these parties is that your guests can choose between multiple types of music.

Silent parties began in the 1900s when activists tried to reduce noise pollution by listening to music thru their headphones. Later on, in 1994, the Glastonbury festival transmitted a late-night World Cup game and music videos on a giant screen linking the sound to their on-site radio station. Attendants were able to listen passed the sound curfew with their headphones.

By the 2000s, many events followed the trend and soon, renowned museums and DJs partnered to offer unique experiences. By 2005 the term silent disco appeared and gave a proper name to this new concept. Technology soon allowed to broadcast multiple transmissions simultaneously, and wireless technology upgraded the experience.

Why is it a great idea?

First, it takes many worries off your mind; you can rent any venue or host a party at home without worrying about noise restrictions or curfews. Another great thing about them is that you can have a party that includes guests of different ages and music styles and keep them dancing all night long.

Silent disco makes socializing easier. You do not need to be yelling or act like you understand what the other person says while you listen to loud music. You can take off your headphones and have a calmed conversation while every attendant keeps partying and dancing to their favourite music.

It is a unique option for entertainment, and you switch the music and adjust the volume as you wish. Have you ever been to a party where the music is way too loud you can not even hear your thoughts? Or do you prefer loud music and no small talk? Silent disco is for you.

Silent Disco

What type of events can have a silent disco?

Silent disco is ideal for any event that involves dancing and listening to music. From a large wedding to an intimate teenage birthday party, here are a couple of ideas where silent disco can save the day and make your event memorable.

Any party hosted at home or an apartment is a great opportunity for a silent disco. You will entertain everyone and avoid having the neighbours or the police knocking on your door due to the loud music.

Kids and teenager's birthday parties are also ideal for this type of entertainment. They often feel embarrassed around adults, and they want to have privacy. Silent disco allows them to play their favourite tunes without feeling judged. And they will also impress their friends with a unique way of listening to music.

Weddings can benefit from this technology. Sometimes weddings have to stop due to venue sound restrictions. Imagine having an alternative for those that want to keep celebrating with you on your big day!

Outdoor events of any type are some of the most popular; noise restrictions usually apply to this type of venues. You need to apply for a permit to have amplified music or stop at a certain hour to avoid bothering the neighbours. The fun will have no end with a silent disco hire.

How to organize a silent disco party?

  1. Choose your favourite venue; it can be large or small, depending on the type of event you are planning and the guests' number. Remember that you do not have to worry about the noise limit.
  2. Select the perfect headphones. Prefer those with multichannel options so your attendants can switch between different genres and check the sound quality to provide the best experience to your guests.
  3. Create the right atmosphere with lighting, some screens, and even a photobooth. A party is more than just music, and you must think about every detail to throw a successful celebration.
  4. Decide if you are hiring one or two DJs or if you plan to transmit music thru your device. Having two DJs is highly entertaining because they offer different experiences simultaneously and compete for the crowd attention. And if you are hosting an intimate reunion, you can connect your preferred music device.
  5. Enjoy having a noise-free gathering, have a great and clear conversation with your friends or meet new people, look at the colour of their headphones, and if you share the colour, you can start a conversation with them.

Details to keep in mind.

  • Quality

Always make sure you rent quality equipment with all the necessary features. Ask how many channels they have access to and how long the battery lasts. Renting with the right vendor will ensure hours of fun.

  • Quantity

From a couple of headphones to a couple of hundreds, make sure your vendor has enough devices to cover your entire party.

  • Charging stations

Make sure you set up a couple of charging stations just if anyone needs to charge its device.

  • Crowd control

If you are hosting a large silent disco party, consider having controlled access and exit so that every device returns safely to your hands.

  • Service

Hire a professional that takes care of all the logistics and provides everything you need to set up the headphones.

Now you know, silent disco parties are more than a futuristic concept. They are here and available for your next Essex party or casual gathering. No matter the size of your event, we have you covered with plenty of available devices and top service to provide a great experience to you and your guests. Ideas for your outdoor wedding.



Wedding Reception Entertainment Tips

What is a wedding without entertainment? It’s one reason why people show up in the first place. They come for a chance to celebrate your love and party with your other friends. They also come for the food and the drinks.

Who wouldn’t want this after the kind of months we’ve had? For the longest time, people couldn’t even meet up with their loved ones physically. Social gatherings were banned, and the government shut pubs down. Your wedding would probably be the first breather your guests would have in months.

If you want to have a memorable and fun wedding here in the UK (and you should), your wedding entertainment must be unique. It should be geared towards giving your guests the best experience. You all deserve to have the time of your lives.

As an experienced wedding entertainment company, we would say we have a bit of experience with memorable weddings here in the Essex area. At Trez Entertainment, we’ve been helping couples reach and surpass their wedding entertainment goals for quite a while. Here are some tips that if applied, will help you do the same.

Outstanding Décor

Let your guests walk into your wedding reception and be captivated by its beauty. This is a brilliant start for your wedding reception and will put your guests in a good mood. Guests who are in a good mood will have more fun and be ready to party at your event. A wedding with those kinds of guests is bound to be memorable.

Some details to concentrate on to achieve this are your wedding flowers. Flowers add a touch of romance and beauty to your event that no other décor can bring. Your wedding flower arrangement has to be superb if you want to create the right effect.

You can also incorporate flower walls into your design. They create great backdrops for places like your altar, cake table, and your sweetheart table. A flower wall would also be a brilliant spot for your guests to take beautiful selfies at your wedding.

Your Wedding Lighting

Your wedding lighting has the power to uplift or dampen the mood of your wedding guests. If you look around your everyday life, you’ll notice how light is used to affect emotions subtly. For example, there’s a reason why club lights are different.

You can apply the same concept to your wedding. The right use of lights in your wedding décor will provide some impressive changes. From LED light-up Letters to LED backdrops and neon signs, your wedding mood would be at an all-time high. You can even have a light show to signify the end of special moments, like your first dance. It would be memorable.

Serve Great Wedding Food and Drinks

One study conducted on weddings showed that most of the guests come for the food. If you want to have a memorable wedding, you should serve exceptionally delicious wedding food. Drinks are also a part of why weddings are fun, so you should treat your guests to some of the best. We offer a mobile bar that is well suited for weddings here at Trez entertainment. We also create chocolate fountains. With these, your guests are sure to have a great time.

Unique Music Ideas

If you want your guests to have a great time at your event, you’re going to have to do more than just regular music. Rather than going for either a DJ or Live Music, how about a combination of both? We’ve seen some really great collaborations between wedding DJs and live musicians for weddings.

While at it, please give your guests a safe and fun space to dance their hearts away. So, make sure your dancefloor is of the best quality. It’ll improve your wedding atmosphere too. The right kind of dancefloor is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding. You don’t want your Aunt Marge’s heels sinking into the grass while she tries to do the Harlem shake.

Use Ice Breakers

Having guests from both sides of the family who do not know each other can be interesting. If there is no opportunity for them to bond, you’ll notice them form little packs who are only speaking to themselves. How is that fun? You can’t have a memorable wedding that way!

People attend weddings for the chance to meet and make new friends. So, give your guests a chance to meet one another and talk. You can do this by planning activities that are sure to get lively conversations going.

For example, you can have a table dance-off. At a table dance-off, once your DJ plays a particular song, a table who has been informed prior has to get up and dance. That’s their song, you can even use that song as a unique table name. Providing things like Photobooths will also do the same. Instead of a regular guest book, your guests can take fun Polaroid pictures with each other and send you lovely messages at the back.

Trez Entertainment offers you over one kind of photo booth to revolutionise your wedding entertainment. We have the classic photo booth, which is sure to jog back some lovely memories of fun childhood times for your guests. We also have a much more modern classic magic mirror photo booth. Your guests will have a great time with these at your event.

The key to having an amazing time at your wedding is to be prepared to have fun. You’ve spent all this time planning and everyone who is there is celebrating with you. Once you apply the tips above, you're bound to make your wedding entertainment a success. So, what are you waiting for?

Here at Trez Entertainment, we’ve made exceptional weddings in Essex our passion. Your wedding entertainment can be an unforgettable experience if you work with us. So, why not contact us today, and let’s make some splendid plans where that is concerned? We would love to hear from you.

5 Finishing Touches to Make Your Party Outstanding

When you throw a party, of any kind of event for you and your friends and family, you always want to add that extra ”Wow” factor. You still want some type of feature or finishing touch that has them talking about your went for years to come.

 For some people, however, it can be quite challenging to work out how they can tweak their event to make it livelier than ever, and make sure that it stays in the mind of all guests.

 So to help with that, we have compiled five finishing touches, to make your next event outstanding


5. Fancy Dress

They are countless reasons why adding a little Fancy Dress can make your party outstanding. There is a whole range of themes for you to choose from, and you can choose whichever one matches your event best.

You could choose a specific film, TV show, or perhaps you may encourage a couple of guests to come in matching outfits.  

Themes like this also allow the chance for guests to break the ice with each other through their costume choices.


4. Digital Jukebox

Perhaps you're having some kind of themed party or event; in such case, a digital jukebox is a fantastic alternative to a regular DJ or band.

Further yet, should you hire a band, the Jukebox can take the place of the group while they have a break, meaning your guests can continue dancing to their favourite music.  

What’s more is, without your digital jukebox services, you’ll never run out of tunes to entertain your guests with. Over 28,000 tracks are available, all that you need to do is create a playlist, and you’re ready to go!


3. Photobooth

 When you have a special day or event, it’s obvious how much everybody loves to take snaps to share on social media.

But these photo booths are so much more for just capturing photos; they are for capturing memories. Our Photobooths offer free printouts, meaning unlike with your smartphone, you have a physical hard copy of all the beautiful snaps you can take. 

What’s more, is, it is highly entertaining for all of your guests. The photo booth offers fun and excitement for everybody at your event, from young children to grandparents.


2. Custom Invitations  

Customising your event invitations are the perfect way to personalise your event. By having the chance to design the colour layout and font, you have the opportunity to show guests just how much the event means to you.  

It also gives them the chance to keep the invitation just for keepsake. If it were an event for your son or daughter, wouldn’t you want the same thing? 

What’s me is, it is much quicker to simply print off a batch of custom made and beautifully designed invitations, compared to the time it takes to


1. Easy Party Access

This one may seem rather obvious, but we don’t believe that it’s talked about enough, so we are mentioning it here.

When you plan your event, you may spend all the time you need to touch up all the details, ensuring that you have the finishing touches mentioned above included and that everything is running smoothly.

However, if people end up having to go through hassle and stress to get to the event, that’s how they’re going to remember the night, unfortunately.

By contacting taxi cab companies before your event, you can organise transport for all of your guests when the party is over.  

If it’s a really big event, you may even arrange private cars to wait outside for when the event is finished. 

Other than that, even making sure your event is nearby a train station could make your event much more straightforward for your guests.


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Top 5 Things To Have At Your Wedding

So, it's your big day.

Big White wedding dress? Check!
Handsome Groom? Check!
Drinks for Guests? Check!

Entertainment to make your night unforgettable? ...

We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to make sure that the entertainment is enough to satisfy your guests. You want entertainment that will keep them talking about your event for years to come.

Here at Trez Entertainment, we understand that. That's why we have compiled this list of the Top 5 Things to Have At Your Wedding, to truly add the ”Wow” factor to the experience of your guests.

5. DJ

DJ’s are perfect for creating the exact ambience that you want at your reception. They can adjust their music to the moods (or wants) of the audience, thanks to the wide selection available right at their fingertips.

The DJs job is to keep the crowd dancing. They have years of experience in doing this and can seamlessly move through the gears when your crowd needs it.

They have no issue in troubleshooting technical issues and are experts in adjusting the volume levels between speakers, microphones and the music (for ceremonies and toasts, etc.).

4. Photo Booth

In the digital age nowadays, with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are always looking for ways to share fun photos of our friends and us on nights out. Wedding days are no different.

That's why Photo booths make for fantastic entertainment on your wedding day. The best thing about them? They are suitable for people of all ages. You will see everybody from young children to grandparents enjoy a photo booth.

Photo booths are genuinely a fantastic way to provide entertainment on your wedding day, right the way through the night!

3. Dance Floor

Nothing quite makes a wedding experience a night I remember like a giant dancefloor.

Not only is the dancefloor the place for the romantic first and to take place, but later in the night, it will also become the soul of the party for you and your guests.

Isn't dancing the very best part of any wedding reception? Of course, it is! If you're searching for a dance floor for your wedding, you could fabulously light up the room in style, win our stunning LED dance floor, to create a magical scene that you will never forget.

2. Flower Wall

Nothing quite makes wedding photos look so dreamily romantic, a flower wall. A luxurious flower wall installation is a great way to create a floral point at your wedding.

And the best bit about flower walls is that they can work anywhere. You could have one at the ceremony entrance, the backdrop of the vow exchange or at the reception to create the top table effect, or anywhere else to draw attention.

Flowers are also a beautiful way for you to bring the outdoors indoors if you and your partner love mother nature but are Boston an indoor ceremony or reception.

1. Light Up Letters

Nothing says ”Happy Ever After” better than big giant light up letters, right? That's why, for your special day, Light Up Letters can genuinely make the difference in setting the scene.

Even adding your initials in LED Light Up Letters, can be a stylish statement of displaying your affection for one another, not to mention that it looks fantastic in photographs!

And you don't have to worry about your guests' safety with the lights either because most LED letters (like ours at Trez Entertainment) don't heat up, meaning you can have peace of mind while your glowing letters light up the room.


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