All You Need To Know Before Hiring A Chocolate Fountain

All You Need To Know Before Hiring A Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are often portrayed as a luxurious element of exclusive events, something not everyone can have. But in reality, chocolate fountains are a possibility for anyone organizing an event, so if you have always dreamed of dipping fruits and snacks in chocolate for hours, then now is your time to shine and find your chocolate fountain hire Essex

But before you start browsing and hiring the first service you find online, there are a couple of things you need to know because chocolate fountains come in all sizes and shapes, and if you want to have a successful event you need to make sure you are hiring the right service. That's why we have gathered all your need to know before hiring a chocolate fountain. 

Size of the event. 

Before hiring your chocolate fountain, you must know the size of your event because the fountain should be large or small enough for your needs. You don't want half of your guests to be left out of the fun of dipping goodies into chocolate, right? So, ensure you know the number of guests before heading to your chocolate fountain rental in Essex.

Chocolate fountain characteristics. 

Knowing the type of chocolate that the fountain uses, as some may use lower-quality chocolate or chocolate substitutes, is crucial. Each chocolate fountain is different, and each vendor too. While some include staff to operate the fountain, others might only rent it, and you oversee setting it up. Ensure you know the specifications before operating the fountain.

What does the rental include? 

Speaking of setting it up, you need to know what the cost of the rental includes. Does the fee covers staff, setup and breakdown, all the materials and supplies, how many hours does the service include, and the list goes on? Two important details are insurance and if the rental includes the table where the fountain will be placed, so don't forget to ask your potential chocolate fountain rental Essex

Vendor details. 

The company's reputation and experience in providing chocolate fountain services are crucial to have a successful chocolate fountain experience, do your research and ensure your potential vendor complies with sanitation and cleanliness of the fountain, as well as the company's policies on food safety. The availability and flexibility of the company ensure the fountain will be available for the date and time of your event.


Based on the above, you can find the best fit for your upcoming event, and you will probably find every price, but not everyone includes crucial elements like staff to help your guests, insurance, and high-quality chocolate. If you wish to provide the best experience, you must consider the characteristics of the service offered and the cost to make the best decision. 

Season and location. 

Chocolate sounds like a great idea every time, regardless of the season, but when you organize a large or important event, you must ensure a chocolate fountain hire is a good option for you. Consider if the season of the year you plan to choose is suitable for setting up a chocolate fountain. Let's say it is a hot summer day. The chances of people craving a refreshing snack are high, so they might want to skip the chocolate fountain. 

Location is also important; for example, an outdoor celebration during the summer or at a windy place could make it hard to enjoy a chocolate fountain. Dust, insects, and even leaves might get in contact with the flowing chocolate and dipping elements, spoiling the magic of having a chocolate fountain. 

Type of event. 

Although there is no event where a chocolate fountain could fit if you are looking for an excuse to incorporate a chocolate fountain into your next celebration, here are some ideas.

  • Weddings: A chocolate fountain can add a touch of elegance to a wedding reception and serve as a unique dessert option for guests.
  • Corporate events: A chocolate fountain can add a fun and interactive element to corporate events, such as trade shows, product launches, and office parties.
  • Birthday parties: A chocolate fountain can be a fun and memorable addition to a birthday party, especially for children.
  • Graduation parties: A chocolate fountain can be a great way to celebrate a graduation and provide a sweet treat for guests.
  • Anniversaries: A chocolate fountain can add a romantic touch to an anniversary celebration.
  • Holiday parties: A chocolate fountain can be a festive addition to holiday parties, such as Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.
  • Reunions: A chocolate fountain can be a fun way to bring people together for reunions, such as class reunions and family reunions.
  • Bridal or baby shower: A chocolate fountain can be a delicious way to celebrate a bridal or baby shower.
  • Proms and school events: A chocolate fountain can be a fun addition to proms and school dances.
  • Charity events: A chocolate fountain can be a great way to raise money for charity events while offering the guests an amazing treat.

It is time to start planning your next event, and by adding a chocolate fountain hire in Essex, you will be on your way to success. Make sure to consider all of the things you need to know before hiring the services of a professional, and if you are still looking for one, give us a call. We are happy to plan your event with the top entertainment available in town.

Choose Online The Best Wedding Entertainment Services

Choose Online The Best Wedding Entertainment Services

One of the biggest advantages of having access to the internet is you can find basically everything you need there. Browsing thousands of different vendors online can be helpful but also overwhelming because that many options make it harder to pick one. And when it comes to finding wedding entertainment or wedding packages, this becomes quite an issue. 

So how can you know you are choosing the best wedding entertainment services online? Nothing to worry about because we know a thing or two about it, and we are ready to tell you everything so you can pick the best wedding entertainment. After all, what is a wedding without some next-level entertainment, right?

Tips for choosing online the best wedding entertainment. 

- Research. 

Searching for wedding entertainment services online can be a hassle when you need to know if a professional vendor or scammer is behind the website you are visiting. That’s why you need to do good research; start by asking your friends and family about vendors they have hired before and know for sure about the results they provide. 

Then you can browse the top results online, typing keywords like top wedding entertainment services, professional wedding entertainers, and even wedding entertainment packages. Those words will give you two results, those who pay to appear as the first option and those who own a reputable website and offer top-quality services. 

Finally, you should contact those vendors referenced by your friends and family and the ones you found online. If possible, try to set up a meeting so you can interview your potential vendor and meet the team and their office or have more clues about how professional they are. Don’t forget to ask key questions, like how many weddings they have attended, if weddings are their specialty, and everything included within their wedding packages. 

- Find professionals.

Your wedding day is more than just an event; it is the day family, and friends gather to celebrate love and union. But such a beautiful moment can drastically change when your wedding entertainment vendors aren’t ready to shine, and due to their unprofessionalism, your wedding is memorable for the wrong reasons. Things like not having the right equipment, arriving late, or overbooking is common among those lacking professional wedding experience. 

To ensure you are dealing with professionals, you can request proof of their previous work, read the service contract carefully, and make sure everything they say they will do is written there. You can also ask for certifications, see if they comply with local requirements, and even ask about their liability insurance. An unprofessional vendor will not have all those elements in order. 

- Look for reviews. 

One of the best ways to find wedding entertainment services online is by reading their reviews on the website or social media. A good service will always have good reviews; that’s proof that customers are happy with the result of their work. In addition to good reviews, you can see also how the wedding entertainment vendor communicates with their followers online, and that can give you a great idea about their professionalism and customer service. 

- Find a vendor who offers packages. 

Planning a wedding requires not days but months, and since each day has only so many hours, you want to make sure you are making the most out of your time and money. That’s why we advise you to find vendors who offer wedding packages, yes! Because If you find someone who offers the best wedding entertainment services Essex has to offer, then you need to hire as many services as possible from them. 

Wedding entertainment packages might include a professional wedding DJ hire, a photo booth, a 360 video booth, a jukebox, and even decorations. If you have a great wedding vendor, then make the most out of them and hire multiple services so you can save yourself the hassle of signing contract after contract and keep in touch with one vendor instead of multiple vendors. The time and money you will save by hiring wedding packages are unbelievable.

Impress your guests with top service and unexpected entertainment.

We all expect the same from a wedding as guests, a tearful ceremony, photos, welcome toast, dinner, and dance. Weddings are predictable, but yours doesn’t have to be the same old story. If you wish to cause a unique impression on your attendants, then focus on amazing and unexpected entertainment, skip the classic photo booth and add a 360-video booth. 

Welcome your guests with a fun magic show, perhaps a casino-themed cocktail hour, so they can enjoy a drink while playing some cool games. And how about starting the evening with dessert? Sometimes doing unexpected things can make a wedding memorable for the right reasons, and you can hire a chocolate fountain and treat your guests before they even enter the reception. No one will say no to such beautiful detail. 

Beautiful and unique spaces for photos are also a unique way to entertain your loved ones. We all love to have many photos with friends and family, especially when you are suited up or wearing a beautiful gown, right? With a flower wall, LED backdrop, or LED light-up letters, you can make any space a unique place for photos. 

And if you are into live music, you must have a saxophone player to entertain during cocktail hour or dinner. It is a lovely way to set up a romantic atmosphere and entertain your guests. You can request specific songs with a meaning or your favorite hit of the moment to prepare your friends and family for what’s about to start. 

Now you have a couple of tips to find the best wedding entertainment services online and even some ideas to make it unique and special. If you are still looking for a vendor who offers wedding entertainment packages, don’t hesitate to contact us; we are more than happy to be part of your big celebration.

Top 5 Reason For Hiring The 360 Video Booth

Top 5 Reason For Hiring The 360 Video Booth

Over the last months, we all have seen a friend post an awesome 360 video holding all sorts of props and showing their outfit from every angle at a fancy or important event, right? It is a lovely way to capture the moment of fun and joy your guests are having and a unique way to keep the memories. 360 video booth is everything you need for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, and even your corporate event. 

And before you start looking for 360 booths near me for hire on your phone, we have the top 5 reasons why you should be hiring a 360-video booth. Just in case you haven't already fallen in love with this idea and are super ready to hire it, we can help you out with these five reasons to bring a unique entertainment element to your upcoming event. 

360 video booth suits every event. 

The magic of a 360 video booth is you can incorporate it into any event; imagine it to promote the launch of a new product at your company or the opening of a new store. We have seen it shine through weddings, birthday parties, christenings, graduations, and even gender reveals. The sky is the limit because it fits all types of décors and even all ages. 

Having a 360 spinner at your next corporate Christmas dinner or wedding will take all the looks; everyone will have a second and even a third try. Since it is so popular, we all want our cool video holding a prop or just dancing the night away. Don't hesitate to hire a 360 photo & video booth Essex

Your guests will be entertained. 

Finding the right entertainment while you organise an event is never an easy task; you must consider the space, the context, the type of event, and even the age group of your attendants, so you don't bring inappropriate entertainment to the table. And that is why we love them so much 360 video booths; they fit right in and keep your guests entertained for hours. 

And we are not talking about entertainment that lasts only a couple of minutes; you will see everyone laughing at the silly poses your uncle is showing off, and your work friends will instantly get off their seats and get in line to get that awesome video. Everyone will be excited to share it with the world. 

You will have an interactive guestbook. 

Forget about finding the perfect guestbook with your initials printed and your guests in line thinking about what they will write, so it's meaningful and sweet or even funny. Take that pressure off your and their shoulders and think outside the box by hiring a 360-photo boot and bring technology to your celebration. 

What can be more awesome than seeing your parents, friends, and extended family having the time of their lives while they dance and pose in the 360-video booth? You won't miss a thing because you can save every moment and watch it as many times as you wish. Although words are important, we know nothing compares to a moving image of such an important moment in your life. 

Share it everywhere. 

360 videos are super easy to share; your guests will be thrilled to start sharing them on every social media platform. You will have the video right on your smartphone, ready to share it with friends and family when you step down. The slow-motion feature is perfect for catching your glam for the night or a sweet kiss. 

You can have a glamorous moment showing off your entire outfit or squeeze in your group of friends and make a super fun dancing video. The possibilities are endless, and you can share the result with everyone. Plus, if you organise a corporate event, you can always set up a branded backdrop, so your company name and logo are part of every video. Many social media users get to see you through the video your attendants share with their followers. 

It is easy to use and looks pretty. 

Forget about those big boxes you needed to find space for to set up a christmas photo booth, 360 video booth is easy to set up, taking a little space from your venue. Plus, it is super easy to use, and everyone will know exactly what to do. And if you are looking for an aesthetical detail for your event, look no more because the 360-photo booth looks amazing. 

You can choose where to set it up, and it has amazing light for your videos to look professional and flawless. If you hire a floral backdrop or your venue has an accent wall with greenery, a beautiful colour, or texture, you can have your 360-video booth set up there and enjoy the beautiful backdrop along with the amazing moments your guests have. 

Our five reasons to hire a 360 video booth for your upcoming event should be more than enough to make the decision. There won't be another type of entertainment your guest will love more than the 360 photo booth because they get to showcase their outfits, makeup, hair, and overall style, along with some dance moves and fun moments. If you are looking for a 360 video booth Essex we got you covered; find out about the availability and book it today so your guests and you enjoy the magic of the 360 video booth. 

Top 5 Things For Event Management Services In Essex

Top 5 Things For Event Management Services In Essex

Event Management involves many speciality fields to bring to life a successful celebration. Regardless of the type of event you have in mind, you must know event management services are crucial if you wish to enjoy the planning process. Wedding packages are some of the most useful for couples to rest in, knowing their wedding entertainment and overall experience will be on point. 

But how can you choose the right event management service if you don't know what's needed to plan a wedding, corporate event, product launch, or other celebration? We are experts in entertainment wedding packages Essex, so we are here to help and let you know all there is to know about hiring event management services in Essex. Our top 5 things to know are lifesavers in event organisation. 

Know your needs 

Before you even start typing event management services or wedding packages Essex on your computer, you must know exactly why you are looking to hire an event management service in the first place. This part of the process is particularly important to find the right company for your celebration. Not every event or customer has the same needs. For couples planning a wedding, the main need could be to have someone who knows about weddings and takes care of every part of the planning process. Since couples aren't usually event planners, they have zero knowledge regarding timing, budget, etc. 

On the other hand, when you have a corporate event on your hands, the main need could be to have a team who takes care of bringing your vision into reality. Perhaps you need to hire an event management service, including coordination, entertainment, planning, and design. Corporate events are often larger than a wedding with up to a couple of thousands of guests, and the logistics of a such event must incorporate the knowledge of professional event management services. 

Our advice is to write down the reasons why you need to hire an event management service or wedding packages. Is it to save time, to stay on budget, to keep it simple, or to have the experience and expertise of a professional event manager? Once your needs are identified, it is time to look for the right fit.  

Look for the right fit. 

Event management is a broad concept, you can find experts in many different types and styles of events which are professional and trustworthy, but if their approach or area of experience isn't what you need, then you might feel like they didn't deliver. That's one of the reasons why you should look for event management services and wedding packages offered by vendors who understand your needs and vision. 

If you need to organise a destination wedding, you must focus on vendors with experience in the field. The same goes for wedding entertainment. When a couple has their focus on throwing a party with top-notch service and entertainment, they must find a vendor who offers those services as their speciality. To help you know what type of event management service you need, you can write a list of priorities from one to five in order of importance and have it alongside your list of reasons why you need to hire the services. 

Ask the right questions

Once you start talking and interviewing your potential event management services, it is important to have a couple of questions ready for them to answer. Those answers could help you determine which service is right for you. Here are a couple of questions you might ask. 

-         How many (weddings, corporate events, conventions) have you organised? 

-         What is your speciality? 

-         Are you familiar with our venue? 

-         What is the most important moment of a wedding/convention for you? 

-         How do you differentiate your services from other event management services?

-         What event technologies or tools do you incorporate into events to make them extra special?

Experience is everything 

As tempting as hiring a new management service with zero references but an incredibly low price, we encourage you to stick with those event management services that offer their experience as part of their services. This is especially important when we talk about weddings because they are a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and you don't want your wedding day to be ruined by the lack of experience of your event management service provider. 

The experience of being part of hundreds of weddings teaches what many courses and schools cannot. An event management service with years of experience has tested their times; they know when to start mounting the entire event, when to tear down, how to deal with stress, with other vendors, and even with the couple and their family. Don't compromise your wedding or event to save some money. 

Understand your contract  

Finally, before you hire a wedding package, wedding entertainment, or event management services, you must understand word by word your contract. When a service provider is getting to know you and trying to sell their services, they might say they can bring you down the starts and the moon just for you to sign the dotted line. But then you get to read the tiny letters, and those services weren't included. 

Our advice is for you to carefully read each line of your contract, take a copy and read it at home, and highlight any word, sentence or clause you don't fully understand. Make sure they include every detail you have discussed so far, don't go by the word because in case you need to claim something, your written contract should have your back. It doesn't matter if you must modify it a hundred times; you should not sign until you are happy with the result.There you have the top 5 things you need to know before hiring an event management service Essex. The same goes for your wedding entertainment and wedding packages. Make sure you ask questions, interview a couple of potential services, and hire someone who has the experience and makes you feel comfortable. Having a vendor who understands your vision is crucial for your event to be successful.

Top 5 ideas for wedding bar before Party

Top 5 ideas for wedding bar before Party

Planning a wedding takes months, and you want to enjoy every moment of the day as much as possible. That is why we always recommend planning a full wedding day, where you start early, get ready, have your pictures taken before or after the ceremony and promptly head to the cocktail hour before the reception starts. Why is it important to have a cocktail hour? Well, to start with, you want to meet and greet everyone before the party, so you don't lose time when the music starts, and you get to have a relaxed moment after the ceremony and before making your grand entrance.

Guests also appreciate cocktail hour and must start their day early to arrive at the ceremony on time. Guests often don't even have lunch, so it's a great moment to offer them snacks or add a grazing table for them to enjoy while having a refreshing or comforting drink. If you are still hesitating about adding a bar before the party or looking for inspiration, we have the top 5 ideas for a wedding bar before the party.

Mobile bar 

Installing a mobile bar hire at your wedding venue is a practical idea because you don't have to figure out how to serve drinks to your guests, where to put everything, who will serve the drinks, and so on. Mobile bar hires Essex includes everything you need because it is a fully licensed and equipped bar. Your guests can enjoy a personalised drink before the party, and you can choose a signature drink and even name it as you wish or keep it classic with all-time favourite options. 

Garden bar 

When you host an outdoor wedding with amazing views of the countryside or waterfront views, you don't want to miss the opportunity of installing a garden bar to offer your guests a cocktail while they wait for the party to start. It is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and break the ice before dinner. 

When you do an outdoor cocktail and add a garden bar, hire Essex, you can also include giant lawn games for guests to spend the golden hour having an awesome time. It is also the perfect setting for your photographer to capture great images of everyone having fun in the sun. 

Vintage details 

Perhaps you will have a vintage inspiration for your wedding décor or theme. If that is the case, we advise adding unique statement pieces that wow your guests, such as a vintage jukebox hire. We highly recommend it for your cocktail hour since it allows your guests to play the music they want to hear and interact with each other. Then you can proceed to have your favourite beats alongside your DJ. 

And when we say vintage jukebox hire, we don't mean a slow-functioning jukebox. We offer you digital and up-to-date technology with the charm of a vintage jukebox. Each jukebox has an easy-to-use touchscreen with high-quality software that runs smoothly through the event. In addition to being easy to use, you will save money since you are not being charged by the hour. You can play some beats before the party and even after your DJ says goodbye. 

Saxophone player

For couples who are not into the typical cocktail hour entertainment and wish to offer their guests a unique and artistic experience, we offer the option of hiring a professional Saxophone player to create a festive and classy atmosphere. And don't think that a saxophonist can only play classical music, one of the many perks of the saxophone is how versatile it can be. You can ask for modern and hip songs to make them more interesting. 

And if you want to extend the background saxophone music, you can also have it during dinner to keep the festive but calm ambience. Remember that a saxophone player can go solo, have a band as a company, or even a track. 

Photobooth hire 

Finally, who doesn't love a photo booth at weddings! It is interactive and entertaining with all the different backgrounds and props available, and you can take the photos as a memory of an amazing event. The best part is you can hire one that fits your theme and vision since we offer so many options, and here are some of them. 

360 video booth

If you want a unique experience while your guests enjoy a drink before the party, a 360-video booth is a way to go. The moment is ideal because your guests are still fresh and full of glamour, and they are excited to start the night. And the format of the 360 video booth is unique because you don't get just one angle of your guest's fun. You get a full 360 view in a video format. 

Classic photo booth 

For traditional weddings and even vintage ones, you can choose a classic photo booth for everyone to remember the old days when you used to get inside a booth, make silly faces at the camera, and collect the photos outside. Although the classic photo booth looks like those you see in fairs and carnivals, ours come in various colours to fit your theme and wedding décor. 

Magic mirror

An amazing feature of this photo booth is your guests will have full-length portraits to showcase all their glamour. For glamorous and luxurious weddings, you can hire a magic mirror. This option includes a red carpet, rope barriers, props, and a 72-inch reflective touchscreen with easy-to-use prompts and interactive animations to make each photo unique. 

Rustic pod 

Finally, you can choose our rustic pod for weddings with a rustic vibe, perfect for guests to take a cute photo while sipping a drink before the party. This charming-looking photo booth is easy to use and fully automated, with options for different backgrounds and styles, in colour or black and white. 

At Trez Entertainment, we know how important it is for you to have unforgettable moments with your guests on your wedding day. That is why we offer many options for you to have a bar before the part and add unique and entertaining experiences for everyone. 

Wedding package

Top 5 Things to be Considered Before your Wedding Packages

There are many paths you can take with wedding planning, from hiring a wedding planner to taking things into your hands. Either way, you will need to invest some time in planning the event. But if you are looking to save some money and time, we recommend you find a wedding package including as much as you need for your event, but not every package is ideal for every wedding. Here are a few things to consider before hiring your wedding package.

1. Find a package right for your wedding size.

Weddings come in all sizes and styles. Regardless of the number of guests, you should find a wedding package that fills your needs and dreams. Although most of the wedding packages are targeted for large gatherings, you might also find small wedding packages in Essex. Ideally, a wedding package should include everything you need and adapt to the size of your event.

When you hire a wedding package, you save time and money because you are only communicating with one vendor and get many services from them. And since you are hiring multiple services, this lowers the cost of transportation, meetings, and pickup for the vendor resulting in a better price than hiring each service individually.

2. Think about your wedding budget.

Wedding budget

The first step every couple should take when planning their wedding is to talk about money because there is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a wedding package in not being able to afford it. So as your wedding plans begin, make time to sit and talk about the expectations you both have and your bank account balance.

Make sure you consider your income for the months remaining until your big celebration since they can help you add more to the budget. You can also talk about your plans with your close family and find out if they will contribute with money, don't make the mistake of assuming your relatives will pay for something without consulting with them.

As you start looking for wedding packages, ensure they fit into your budget while including all the services you need. For some couples, the most important is wedding entertainment, while others might focus on event management services; either way, try to find a vendor who adapts to your needs. Wedding packages are wonderful because they allow you to have all the amazing details you dream of while keeping a low cost.

3. Prefer an all-inclusive package.

Packages can adjust to the needs of your event, but how amazing is it to find all-inclusive wedding packages to save you from having to visit a dozen individual vendors, signing a dozen contracts, and keeping in touch with each of them for wedding details and questions. Never underestimate how practical it is as an all-inclusive package.

Some of the most common all-inclusive wedding packages are offered by wedding venues and hotels or resorts. They have it all, from the venue to the catering and decorations. Still, if you want a tailored experience, you can find vendors who specialise in a couple of services, and you still have the perks of all-inclusive packages. For example, you could hire a wedding venue, including catering and bar. And hire another vendor who takes care of wedding entertainment, event management services, and even offers decorations, including wedding backdrop hire.

4. Ask important questions.

You will find many wedding packages in Essex. Still, not every package is worth hiring, and to ensure you are dealing with a professional; we encourage you to ask the right questions to your potential vendor. But what should I ask, you might be thinking? We have years of experience in the wedding and event industry, so here are some crucial questions your wedding package provider should answer.

  • What does my wedding package include?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • What happens if you cannot attend my event?
  • Do you have other weddings booked for the same weekend?
  • Are there other fees not included in the cost?
  • What is the last possible date for changes?
  • When should I provide the final headcount?
  • Do you have insurance covered, or is it something I should hire?

You might add some more questions depending on the service provider offering the wedding package. For example, if you are hiring an entertainment vendor for your wedding, here are some questions you can ask.

  • What is your arrival hour?
  • How much space do you need for set up?
  • Can I provide a list of songs for the DJ to play?
  • Does the DJ also offer MC services?
  • Do you offer event management services?

Finally, if you feel like your wedding package vendor is not giving you clear answers to your questions, it would be best to find a new vendor. Professional wedding vendors have enough experience to have an answer to common questions, and if they don't, they will get back to you later with the answer.

5. Find vendors who align with your vision.

When you start looking for potential vendors, it is important to have a clear vision regarding the style you prefer for your wedding so that you can find vendors with experience. This is a crucial matter because each wedding is as unique as the couple saying I do. If you want a chic and modern wedding, you can't hire a vendor specialising in classic or vintage celebrations.

Each vendor has its style and way of work, so try to be clear about what you are looking for. If possible, make an album including photos to be more specific because what you describe as rustic might be more romantic when they see the photos. After meeting a couple of vendors, you can make an informed decision.

We hope you now have all the information you need to hire the best wedding package for your upcoming celebration. Wedding packages Essex offers all you need to keep the stress level as low as possible during g your big day. We wish you happy wedding planning, and if you are still looking for an all-inclusive or entertainment wedding package, don't hesitate and contact us.

At Trez Entertainment, we can work with you to build the wedding package you need, including multiple entertainment services such as DJ hire, multiple options for photo booth hire, LED dance floor, decoration, tipi tent hire, mobile bar, and the list goes on. We service Essex and the surrounding areas for your comfort.

wedding dance floor

Top 5 Wedding Dance Floor Ideas Before Hiring

One of the most important things at a wedding reception is the dance floor, and it’s no wonder why that is, the dance floor is the main attraction during the reception, and it’s usually located at the centre of the action. Every guest gathers around it or steps into it to dance the night away. But before you go into the trials and tribulations of hiring a dance floor for your wedding, here are five ideas from experts in wedding floor hire in Essex.

These ideas are great for those who want to up their game a little when it comes to their dance floor, so this will be of tremendous help to make your wedding a dream come true, especially if you know you and your guests are avid dancers.

1. LED dance floor

Traditional dance floors are usually just a platform or surface of special materials designed for people to dance on top of them, in square or rectangular shapes, so they can easily become boring or uninteresting. But if you want to stand out and take your dance floor to the next level, you can bring some light to this simple element.

LED-lit dance floors have been around for a while now, but many couples still aren’t aware of their existence, so they don’t even picture this as an alternative to a regular dance floor. With this kind of dance floor, you get the traditional surface, but with a twist, since this floor will be having LED lights that will be lighting up the entirety of the dancing area with fun patterns, amazing colours and all sorts of gorgeous lighting.

This idea is a simple one, but as experts in LED dance floor hire in Essex, we can tell you that guests and couples alike love these dance floors, and they really give the venue an extra wow factor to it.

2. Flowers

Flowers have been a staple piece of decoration in weddings for centuries, both for the ceremony and the reception, but why should we only keep flowers as centerpieces for tables or bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids? Floral arrangements can be incorporated in many ways that we don’t usually see at every wedding, so bringing these flowers to the dance floor is a great idea.
One way to do this is by hanging a floral arrangement from the ceiling or a chandelier on top of the dance floor, which will create a beautiful scene for your dance floor area and elevate the look of your venue.

Now, suppose you cannot hang stuff from the ceiling or chandeliers because of your venue’s policies. In that case, you can also use flowers to create a boundary between the dancing area and the rest of the venue, and you can do this by spacing out some centrepieces on small tables or creating a path toward your dance floor.

3. Strung lights

Lighting is always a great way to set the atmosphere of space since you can go many different ways with the lights you decide to put up, from warm lighting to dim lanterns and all sorts of lighting you can imagine. And if you know how to work with the lighting, you can create a beautiful and magical tone for your dance floor.

Strung lights in a vintage style are an amazing way to incorporate a sense of nostalgia and warmth into your dance floor. All you have to do is find a way to hang these strung lights to allow them to shine and bring out the most of them truly. These kinds of lights make for amazing wedding photographs, but they also make the dance floor feel more welcoming, cosy and inviting, which is just what you want from a dance floor: something that brings people in.

4. Canopy dance floor

Drapes and structures can be a great asset for making the most out of your wedding venue since they can take a simple and stripped-down space to a whole new and unexpected level. These decorations allow you to transform a space like the dance floor into something completely different.

A great example of this is canopies, these beautiful structures that have been all the rage for quite some time now in the wedding industry. It’s no wonder why since they are a simple concept that can be easily executed, but they’re also incredibly versatile. They can be incorporated into any style your wedding might be going for.

Canopies can come in a variety of colours and sizes, as well as proportions and materials. Because of this, they’re also incredibly customizable and personalized since you can decorate them and bring the style of the rest of your wedding to this beautiful addition to your dance floor.

5. Hanging decorations

The dance floor is not only the surface you will be dancing on but also the surroundings and especially what is on top of you while you’re dancing all night long. Because of this, it’s important to complement a beautiful dance floor with some amazing surroundings and hanging decorations that will bring a cohesive look to your dancing area and allow you to give your guests an amazing view while they’re dancing at your wedding.

When thinking about hanging decorations on top of your dance floor, it’s an open field for your creativity to run wild. You can orient yourself to think about your wedding style and look and the colour palette you’re going for. Maybe you’re going for a glamorous and elegant style, so you’d want to bring in some gold and crystals, or perhaps you’re more laid back and want to hang some paper decorations in colourful styles.

Many couples also go for the classic disco balls that work amazing with all kinds of colourful lighting. They also use a lot of chandeliers, lanterns, balloons, and even drapery. It’s just a matter of what style you want to go for and how to execute it.

Now you know how to make your upcoming event memorable for your loved ones with an incredible dance floor. Hiring a dance floor is a key moment of your wedding planning because while dancing with your partner, family, and friends, you will make some of the most amazing memories that will forever last in your mind.

Top 7 Things to be Considered Before Photo Booth Hire

Nowadays, everyone is taking pictures and videos at weddings with their smartphones. Still, there’s no denying that having a photo booth with all sorts of props is a fun experience for guests at a wedding reception. And although you might be looking forward to having a photo booth at your wedding, there are a few things you should be thinking about when getting this kind of equipment incorporated into your wedding entertainment. So here are some tips from experts in photo booth rental in Essex and Suffolk.

1. Plan the location

Photo Location

The location of your photo booth is an extremely important aspect to take into account since this is the best way to maximize its use by your guests and make sure it gets all the attention it deserves. When thinking about where you’re going to set up your photo booth, you must make sure that it’s a high-traffic area. Great examples of high traffic areas at a wedding reception are near the bar or the dance floor.

Many venue coordinators will try to put your photo booth somewhere hidden, like a backroom or even a separate lounge, but you should insist on high-traffic areas of the venue. You want your photo booth to be used by your guests.

2. Be mindful of the backdrop

A huge part of photo booth pictures is what the background looks like since this will be what sets the tone for each and every picture your guests get taken at the booth. Sometimes, when hiring a photo booth, you might get a backdrop included, but you can also just choose a nice spot for your photo booth, like a place with a nice curtain, some plants or just a clear wall.

You can also choose to go with a rustic photo booth rental or the DIY way and make a custom backdrop yourself, and you can get creative with it and create a beautiful and fun background for your photo booth pictures that will get your guests excited about it.

3. Photos as wedding favours

Weddings usually will have small gifts called favours that are supposed to be souvenirs for your guests, so they can remember being part of this amazing day you’ve decided to live with them by your side. Favours can easily become cliché, and many guests don’t keep them around or remember them after a few days of attending your wedding. This can be easily changed with a photo booth so your guests take home beautiful favours that will remind them of your wedding for years to come.

Whether the pictures taken by the photo booth are digital or physical, photographs are a great way to remember such a special day as your wedding. Your guests will be able to take these physical pictures home or even save the digital version forever and post them on social media and treasure them for years to come. So if you were planning on giving favours to your guests, you could get ahead of it with a photo booth that will materialize beautiful moments at your wedding.

4. Troubleshooting

Many things can go wrong at a wedding, and sometimes we’re not in control of it, so we always have to be on the lookout for any and all kinds of problems that can arise during the big day. Photo booths are machines at the end of the day, and something can go wrong with them, so in order to prevent this, you want to take a few precautions.

First, you should be completely aware of the requirements the photo booth you’ve hired has, such as how much electricity it requires, connection to WIFI or the space it needs to function properly. These are things that can be anticipated and prevented. Still, sometimes these machines can suddenly fail, so it’s also advisable to have someone from the rental company staff be ready to attend to any malfunction in the photo booth.

5. Encouraging your guests

Guest in wedding
Photo booths are only good when your guests are using them, and sometimes it can be the case that your guests just don’t approach them, which can truly be a problem. Maybe guests are a bit camera shy, or they aren’t familiar with photo booths or don’t know if they can use them yet.

So if you want your guests to be making the most out of this photo booth, you should be planning how to encourage your friends and family to use it. A good way of doing this is by leading the way, being the first to use the photo booth and showcase just how fun it can be, and then you can tell your bridesmaids or family to go ahead and give it a try.

6. Make sure everyone can share

Nowadays, we’re all sharing everything we do by taking pictures and posting them on every social media platform. Knowing this, it’s only natural to allow your guests to share the pictures they get taken by your photo booth on social media.

To make the best use of these kinds of features, you just have to let your guests know how to share these photos on their social media and let the fun go on. You can set up a sign with instructions to let them know how to do it.

7. Open and closed hours

Time is crucial during a wedding, from when your ceremony will last to when the toast finishes and when you’re dancing with your partner for all your guests to see. Because of this, it is advisable to set up open and closed hours for your photo booth. You don’t want your guests to be using the photo booth while the toast is happening.

So, to distribute time fairly and make sure everyone is present at the most important moments of your wedding, you should keep the photo booth closed during these important events, just so you make sure nobody misses a thing.

Corporate Management Service for wedding

Top 7 Corporate Management Services for Weddings/Events

Corporate events are a big part of every industry of the economy. Many companies use these large gatherings of their corporate workforce to create a sense of community, offer a social interaction between all their members, and join efforts towards achieving a company's growth goals and productivity.

These events are amazing in the eyes of companies for many reasons. They can only be made possible with the help of event management services that provide companies with the tools necessary to set up such a large gathering as these kinds of events are. They take care of the logistics, venues, and vendors required to have corporate events take place, but they also provide you with all their experience in these events and can work through the different obstacles you could face.

If you're planning your next corporate event, you must be aware of the top corporate management services for events, and if you're not familiar with them yet, then here you're going to know all about them. Coming from experts in corporate entertainment hire in Essex, here are some of the top services.

1. Venue scouting

Venue for wedding

Finding the right space to host a corporate event is no easy task. You need to think about the size of your event, the flow, the stations, and the overall concept to find one that suits your needs. And in addition to that, it should also be located near your potential attendants, hotels, and transportation. Finally, you must think about parking space, accessibility, and other services like food and beverages.

When you hire someone who has plenty of experience organizing corporate events, they will know exactly what to offer and look for in a venue to fulfil all your expectations. They will also take care of contracts and insurance and negotiate the best deal for your company if you are lucky enough. Consider hiring a professional for this task to rest knowing you got the best venue for your needs.

2. Fun activities

What is a corporate event without fun activities to engage with the attendants and ensure you achieve your goals? Regardless of the specific purpose, which might be meeting new leads, bringing your team together, or launching a new product, you need to plan activities that help you keep the event interesting while hitting the goals.

You will find a fun activity to suit your audience, from a team rally to augmented reality rooms. The point is to give your attendants an escape from the corporate environment and a moment to enjoy with their coworkers or peers. Other activities like magic, fun corporate event entertainment, a live performer or artist, and even a karaoke station could do some magic.

3. Entertainment

360 photo booth

And talking about entertainment, what is an event without music? Or some other type of fun entertainment. This is without a doubt the key to success, having the right entertainment and engaging with the audience. Look for the best corporate entertainment hire, Essex, one that knows how to keep things formal and fun at the same time. And most importantly, someone who cares about the goal of your corporate event and helps you achieve it while entertaining your guests.

4. Event coordination

Any event involves lots of planning, and when the time comes, it takes plenty more time because there are activities and a program to keep up with. But if you are organizing and meeting, and greeting everyone at your upcoming corporate event, how can you have your hands on keeping the program on time?

Well, you need to hire an event coordinator, someone who takes care of vendors coming in on time and, most importantly, any inconvenience that could come up. Having a professional who makes sure timing is controlled is crucial for your corporate event to succeed.

5. Event design

Let's face it, organizing a corporate event requires plenty of skills, and if you intend to have your human resources department handle the whole thing, you might be asking a bit much from them. When you hire event management services, you can leave the planning and designing of your event in the hands of professionals who know exactly how to put your ideas into reality.

Currently, we are amused by aesthetical spaces and events with amazing themes that transport us to a different place or time, so event design is a big deal in catching your audience's attention and planning an unforgettable corporate event. Remember that corporate events are no longer those huge convention centres with tables and chairs as the only décor element. Make sure you add a special design to engage with your attendants, and if possible, make it social media-friendly.

6. Promotional products

Event management services not only include all that is related to the space itself or the organization of the event. It is also about giving your event a personality and taking care of details like branding elements with your attendants, such as promotional products. An event management expert can help you choose those products, so they are branded and useful and stick to your attendants for years to come.

7. Lighting and audiovisual

Although entertainment usually comes with some audiovisuals and lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of a regular venue by incorporating a high number of mood lights and spotlights and making it look more like your company. Screens and projectors are also great for your corporate event if you intend to feature a product or host a talk.

Adding technology to your upcoming corporate event will help you communicate the purpose of your event and create the right environment. Other cool elements are augmented reality and multimedia rooms where your attendants can fully understand your vision.

If you are on the first steps of organizing a corporate event, don't hesitate to contact corporate event management services and, of course, us to help you set up the best corporate event entertainment for an unforgettable celebration.

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Top 6 Things to be Considered Before Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can involve many services, vendors, and things to be arranged, which can easily become an overwhelming experience. For that reason, many venues and wedding planning services are now providing couples with a practical alternative: wedding packages. These wedding packages in Essex and all around the world usually include many services you would want to have at your wedding, and although they might sound appealing, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before going through with them.

1. What does the package include?

This might sound like a very logical thing to consider before hiring for a wedding package. Still, many couples hire "all-included" packages without actually knowing what the vendor means when they say all-included.

What a wedding package might include depends on who's offering it. If it's the venue that offers a package, it'll usually only include things like decoration, tables, chairs, cutlery, and some other basic amenities. And while this is helpful for your wedding planning journey, you'll have to be mindful about hiring wedding entertainment, catering services, and music, as well as any other extras.

To complement any wedding package that doesn't include entertainment, you should start looking for wedding entertainment services in Essex or wherever you're planning to take your special day.

Venues usually also offer different packages; sometimes, the most basic packages won't include everything the venue offers, so it can be tricky. Maybe your venue has a suite for the bridal prep session, but this is only included in a premium package, so be sure to inquire about what things are included in each package.

Suppose a wedding planner provides the wedding package you're considering hiring. In that case, this package could consider a more comprehensive set of services and vendors but making sure that what they offer is all you need at your wedding is also necessary, just so there are no misunderstandings. You can have the wedding you've always dreamed of.

2. What is your budget?

Add your budget

This is also a no-brainer when looking for wedding packages. Still, you will be surprised to find out that there are many packages that fit into any small or large budget, depending on your financial capabilities and the kind of wedding you're going for.
Don't be afraid to explore many options at different price ranges. See the quality of what they offer, the vendors, and how many of the services you'd like to have been included. You should also make sure you get a detailed breakdown of the price of everything you're hiring so you don't have to deal with hidden charges or not get the services you want.

3. Is it a wedding package for me?

Although wedding packages can be a very practical and convenient option for man couples, they can sometimes be more expensive than looking for vendors yourself, or maybe the packages only work with certain vendors, and you might already have someone in mind for your floral arrangements, catering services or wedding entertainment. In these cases, a wedding package could become a very rigid alternative, and you'd want to go instead and look for vendors that will fit into what you want for your special day.

4. Guest count

Wedding packages usually will be priced by a fixed rental fee which isn't affected by the number of guests, but there are also extra charges per guest that can vary depending on the package. This is because some wedding packages will include catering services, cutlery, and other services that depend on the guest count, so if your guest list is large, this will rack up the price of your package considerably.

Sometimes you can cut down the price of a wedding package by reducing the number of guests you'll have at your wedding reception. Because of this, it's advisable not to commit to your guest list before you explore wedding packages and figure out your wedding budget. You don't want to send out many invitations to your guests and then realize that you have to reduce your guest list because your wedding package per person fee is too elevated.

5. What about flexibility?

While wedding packages are undoubtedly easier for couples and pretty much stress-free if you're going through this wedding planning process on your own, they can also be very inflexible at times. You can ask your wedding package provider if they offer special requests if they accept outside vendors, and what kind of flexibility they offer in their packages.

Often, venues that offer wedding packages only accept their trusted vendors to work on the venue, which can be a huge obstacle if you're hiring outside vendors, even if they provide a service that the venue does not offer. These things should be discussed upfront when getting information about your wedding package. Find out your venue's policies regarding outside vendors and the flexibilities they're willing to provide and read the fine print in each and every contract you're about to sign.

6. Destination wedding packages

Destination Wedding

While we've been discussing the many benefits and things you must consider when hiring a wedding package, there are special things to consider if you're looking for wedding packages for a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are almost impossible to plan without hiring a wedding package, mainly because if you're coming from abroad, you'd have difficulty finding and contacting different vendors. Because of that, it is much easier to get yourself a wedding planner from where you live or from your destination that knows what vendors offer quality service and will handle all you need to arrange for your wedding day.

Wedding packages

Overall, wedding packages offer many advantages to those couples who are just starting to plan their wedding, and with a bit of caution, knowledge, and common sense, you can make sure you get the most out of these packages.