Top 7 rustic photo booth ideas for your wedding/events

Top 7 Rustic Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding/Events

Photo booths are a key element of weddings and events like graduations, birthday parties and themed parties. They are a great way to keep your guests entertained while they take a break from the dancefloor or to give them a cute memory from your celebration. They also give you the chance to go through the moments you missed while having fun with everyone else because you get to keep a copy of every photo taken, and that is a priceless gift. 

But how can you incorporate a photo booth into your rustic event? Perhaps you are planning your wedding, and you imagine many natural elements like wooden tables and chairs, a farmhouse style, or you even have a rustic venue such as a barn in the beautiful countryside. And you don't see how a modern photo booth fits that idea. 

Well, don't worry about it because we brought you the top 7 rustic photo booth ideas for your wedding or event, and we are certainly one of them that will fit right into your dreamed aesthetic. All you need to do is choose the right one and enjoy the many memories you will create with your loved ones while you tie the knot. 

  • Use the outdoors as your backdrop

There is nothing more rustic than nature, and if you say I do in a beautiful setting surrounded by trees, green rolling hills, and even some countryside landscapes, you need to take advantage of them and set up your rustic photo booth right next to them. If the weather is a concern, you can place a small tent to keep your guest and the equipment safe. And if you are lucky enough to celebrate on a sunny day, you should also consider hiring a tent, so your photos have just enough natural light. 

  • Add a couple of vintage frames

You can search for beautiful frames and remove the glass or image from the centre, so your guests place the frames in their faces as if they were a still photo. This idea also looks amazing as a backdrop; all you need is a place from where you can hang the frames with clear thread, so they appear to be floating in the background. You can even add some flowers to the corners to make them more interesting. A large statement one could also work, ask your décor team if they have one; they are often used as décor elements. 

  • Set up some wooden chairs or straw bales

If you want to add some personality to the set, you can always use elements for guests to play with and seating areas so they can fit better in large group photos. They can serve as décor and pretty space to place your phone or drink. This option works wonderfully to incorporate the photo booth are into the overall design of your celebration.

rustic photo booth ideas

  • Place a wooden backdrop and florals

If you want to keep it simple and pretty, you can not go wrong with a wooden backdrop and matching florals. It is an all-time classic that looks amazing both as a décor element for your reception venue and as a backdrop for your photo booth. You can even add your initials in the middle of the wall or some fabrics to soften the look if you have a rustic but romantic style. 

  • Keep it simple with fairy or string lights

You will continue to have a rustic style but with a hint of romance. A plain wall can change its appearance when adding drapery and some string or fairy lights to the mix. Plus, your photo booth will have a presence along with your wedding venue because guests often don't even know there is a photo booth until it is too late. 

String lights help you set up a cosy and romantic mood while keeping it rustic, and if the rest of your décor includes them, it can help you blend the photo booth into your wedding seamlessly. This works too for rustic boho outdoor weddings because lighting up a tented wedding with string lights is the perfect way to keep a rustic style. 

  • Use old wooden doors as a backdrop

Wooden items are ideal to set up a rustic ambience and other natural elements like textiles, glass, and greenery. If you wish to impress your guests, you can add a couple of wooden doors with a whitewashed effect and floral or greenery décor to match the rest of your reception venue. They look amazing outdoors and indoors and pair perfectly with the rustic photo booth. 

  • Upcycle wine barrels and bottles

A rustic style can be achieved with a mix of vintage and natural elements. And if you want to add some great décor to the photo booth set and your tables as well, you can incorporate wine barrels to the sides with abundant greenery and some wine bottles with taper candles. The effect these simple items can have on your wedding reception is incomparable, and the best part is you don't have to spend much. 

Some wedding venues with a farmhouse style already own those elements and are an important part of the overall décor. You can also incorporate a couple of large block candles to the sides to make it a bit more dramatic. And wine bottles are suitable for your tables, too; they look amazing with a single stem, candles, or tiny led lights. 

Hiring a rustic photo booth is an amazing idea for your wedding or event because it helps you add a fun, entertaining activity for your guests while keeping the rustic style of your celebration. And you will have a great number of alternatives to add décor for the photo booth backdrop. We hope the ideas above inspire you to create a unique space for memories to be made alongside your friends and family.

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring a Stretch Tent

Tented weddings are trending right now, and we expect them to be a total success for summer and winter weddings. When you start looking for tents, there are several alternatives, from the classic white ones to beautiful clear ones that allow you to see the blue skies through them. But one has stolen couples' hearts with its beauty and aesthetically pleasing look; the stretch tent is both beautiful and functional because you can easily set it up against buildings or stretch it to cover your guests from natural elements such as the sun and wind. 

But before you sign the dotted line and hire a stretch tent for your upcoming event, it is advisable to read on a couple of things to be considered before making your decision. We hope you can make an informed decision after reading the following advice and finding the right option for your wedding or corporate event. 

  • Size of the event

The size of your event is a big deal when choosing the perfect type of tent to fit everyone. When we talk about the size of the event, we need to include the number of guests and all the other spaces you need to have under the tent. For example, a wedding has guests tables, a dancefloor, cocktail hour space, ceremony space, lounging areas, and many others, depending on your needs. 

Keep in mind all the above when determining the size you will need for your stretch tent. One of the perks of hiring a stretch tent is how versatile it is because, as the name says, you can stretch the edges to cover your needs perfectly. Consider you can also have more than one stretch tent; for example, if you wish to keep your catering service separate from the main tent, you can install a smaller one at a different location. 

  • Configuration of your event

The flow of your celebration will help you know if a stretch tent is ideal for you. You can host several events inside a stretch tent, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, and the list goes on. But each one has a different timeline and configuration, and you must be aware of it when setting up a tent. 

A wedding starts with a ceremony, then cocktails or photos, and the reception includes a dancefloor, a live band or wedding DJ, perhaps a photo booth, a seating area for your guests, and space for kitchen and bar. In comparison, a birthday party is simpler, because you only need the tables for guests or lounge areas and perhaps some space for entertainment. 

  • Style of your event

Each event has a unique atmosphere and décor items. Based on your vision for your wedding or any other event, you need to ensure a stretch tent fits into the picture. The good news is that stretch tents are versatile, and the structure is not stiff as a traditional marquee, meaning you can move the poles around as desired to leave enough space for large décor items or floral arrangements. 

The overall aesthetic and style are also important, stretch tents tend to be more like a blank canvas, and they easily fit into any style. You can find them in different colours, but they tend to look quite the same. If you envision a clear top tend, this might not be the best option, but a stretch tent is perfect for organizing a bohemian, classic, rustic, and even luxurious themed party. 

Top 6 things to be considered before hiring a Stretch Tent

  • Event space

Uneven surfaces or surroundings are often a concern when hiring a tent, but that is not the case with stretch tents since they can adapt to many unconventional spaces. The surface can be grass, concrete, gravel, and even dirt. If you want to add a bit of space to a building or cover a piece of land right across from a ditch, the sturdy stretch tent is your best alternative. 

Stretch tents are suitable for awkward spaces like corners, different levels, and obstacles like posts, tree branches, or any other overhead obstruction element. And they work like magic for large spaces and large events like festivals or weddings. 

  • Installation time

Marquees take time to set up because the person needs to unload all the posts and pieces needed to build the structure, line them up, and have enough individuals to do the whole job. While a stretch tent could be less of a hassle since all the team needs to do is secure the sides and stretch the tent. The tent's time depends on the size and specific surface. It might take a bit longer if the tent needs to be attached to a building or if the terrain is complex. 

  • Date of your event

This is a common misconception for stretch tents, and people often believe they are only suitable for summer days to cover guests from the sunny days. Still, they are made from resistant materials that can protect your event from wind, rain, and sun. So, all you need to consider is how much protection your space needs. You might need to ask for the sides to be a bit lower if you expect some cool wind since stretch tents don't have traditional walls. 

As you now know, stretch tents are beautiful and versatile. They adapt to any time of the year and any surface. And most importantly, they adapt to any style, so you can hire a stretch tent for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any other celebration that requires protection from natural elements. Remember that Trez Entertainment takes care of installing everything for you to sit back and enjoy, and we also offer a great number of services to complement your event.

Top 7 Tips for Hiring An Awesome Dance floor for your Wedding

Top 7 Tips for Hiring An Awesome Dance floor for your Wedding

You are dreaming about your big day, and as the date comes closer, you can’t wait to be on the dancefloor dancing for the first time as a married couple to your favourite song and sharing hours of fun with friends and family as your favourite tunes are played. But before we get to that, you have actually to hire a dancefloor for your wedding, but what do you need to know to hire an awesome dance floor? 

Well, luckily for you, we have all the insight in this topic, from how to choose the right size, to budgeting, and of course, finding the most amazing one to fit the style of your upcoming celebration. Let’s face it, a dancefloor is the soul of your wedding, and it should look as astonishing as the rest of your reception. We will explore all there is to know about wedding dancefloors so you can pick the right one and be on your way to enjoy your big day. 

Check the space

Once you have your wedding venue resolved and signed the contract, it is time to think about where you plan to place the dancefloor. Many wedding venues offer different layouts depending on the style of event you wish to host and the number of guests. Your wedding layout must match the style of the event you are trying to host. For some couples, the main thing is entertainment, and the dance floor is where everything happens, so it should be a focal point and centrally placed. 

After picking the ideal place for your awesome dance floor, it is a good moment to measure the space and have that information handy. Also, ask your venue manager if they have any type of restrictions or needs for your dance floor installation. Many times they request for your vendors to place a cover and protect the grass, marble floor, or wooden floor, so have those details cleared before hiring your dance floor. 

Set a budget

A wedding budget is one of the main tasks you need to take care of because you need to know your possibilities and limits when asking for pricing and choosing your vendors. Dance floors have a wide range of prices, and you will definitely find one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that if your entertainment provider offers a dance floor, hire pricing could have a discount since you are hiring more than one service with the same vendor, so ask your DJ, photo booth, and another entertainment vendor if they offer a wedding dance floor hire. 

Determine the size

A wedding dance floor is versatile and comes in a variety of sizes depending on the number of guests your list has. Every wedding is unique, but generally, you can expect 50% of your guests to be at the dancefloor, so this can give you a clear idea regarding how big your wedding dance floor should be. They are usually available in 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16 ft, and 20ft layouts with sturdy construction material and a water-resistant and non-slip surface to keep everyone safe.

wedding dance floor

Choose the right style

The days of wooden dance floors as your only option are long gone now. There are endless possibilities for your wedding, and your dance floor can match the style you envision for your big day. LED light up wedding dance floors is some of the most popular options for modern, romantic, vintage, and rustic wedding themes. A LED dance floor hire will catch everyone attention and add a magical touch to your celebration. 

Some other dance floor options are the classic wooden style, and vinyl monogrammed dance floors that you can customise with your initials. They can suit your wedding style if you are looking for a traditional style. But if you wish to surprise your guests and make your dance floor the centre of attention while your family and friends dance the night away, a LED dance floor hire is the best option for you. 

Add complementary decor

Over the last years, wedding dance floors are not only a designated space for guests to enjoy music and dance, but they have also become a central piece and even a statement element of décor. This is especially important when you give your dance floor the central space of your wedding venue because it is the space all your guests will be looking at during the entire night. Some complementary décors you can incorporate is hanging installations with natural or artificial blooms, statement chandeliers or other lighting elements, and you can even add a central piece such as a tree or giant flameless candles. 

Think about your first dance

First dances are not only an emotional moment you share with your partner and guests, but it is also the perfect opportunity to create a magical moment. And your dance floor could help you achieve it. Imagine having a regular dancefloor until the climax of your first dance arrives, and all of a sudden, it lights up to help you increase the magic of the moment. 

Hire the best DJ in town

Finally, even the dreamiest dance floor on earth will not be enough to create a wonderful memory with your nearest and dearest if you don’t have the best DJ in town because there is no use for a dance floor without great tunes to dance the entire night. So, after you find the perfect dance floor hire, it is the moment to hire your DJ and start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Now you have all the details about wedding dance floors, and you know exactly what to look for to have a successful event and create the most memorable moments with your partner and your loved ones. And if you are looking for a one-stop entertainment option, Trez Entertainment has options for your wedding dance floor hire, DJ hire, mobile bar hire, and many other services.

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring Stretch Tent

Top 6 Things To Be Considered Before Hiring Stretch Tent

We all know what a tipi tent and marquee are and how they help us organise an outdoor event without worrying about the weather. Still, lately, we have seen some beautiful and aesthetical stretch tents being used for all types of events, and the wonders of this new type of tent will make you fall in love. So, if you have already seen them and need to know a bit more about how stretch tents work or if they fit your needs, we have a couple of tips for you. 


Stretch tent hire is ideal for any surface and location, in comparison with traditional marquees, a stretch tent can be easily set up near a building without leaving a gap. You can also maximise outdoor covered space. Since they don’t have a specific configuration, you can play with the shape and even avoid obstacles in the location. 

The biggest advantage of a stretch tent hire is you can install it regardless of the surface, and it could be concrete, dirt, or grass. And since the sides attach using ropes to stretch the canopy, you can change the shape because it is not a rigid structure. So, if you have a tricky location for your upcoming event and wish to protect your guests from the weather, a stretch tent marquee is your best option. 


Have you ever attended an event where the large white plastic marquee stood out more than the beautiful décor inside? It happens all the time, but when you organise an outdoor event, you cannot rely on good weather because from one moment to the next, rain, wind, or the harsh sun might ruin your plans, decoration, and the comfort of your loved ones. 

The alternative to a traditional marquee is a stretch tent. The tent itself is appealing to the eye because it doesn’t look like an old and dated structure. You can find it in a variety of colours to suit your event colour palette, and if you wish to have the sides open, it could almost blend with the background. You can set it up for a pool party, to create an event space on an open field, or for your wedding day on a magnificent lawn. 


One of the first things to consider when you organise a wedding or event outdoors is the space where you plan to set up the tent. Marquee tents are rigid, and measurements must be carefully taken for a tent to fit right in place. On the bright side, a stretch tent adapts to any space, even if there are obstacles like three branches. Dynamic stretch tents have poles set up in different positions, making them perfect for uneven surfaces or surroundings. 

Inside your stretch tent hire, the space might vary as well. If you wish to keep the cold wind or sunlight out, the tent could be stretched to a lower position and create a cosy small area. The height is also variable and can easily fit your venue space. They are perfect for continuing an already existing outdoor space since they attach to buildings avoiding uncomfortable gaps between both structures. 


Just like a marquee tent, they come in different sizes. Small stretch tent hire is available to set up tiny stations or for different purposes. Imagine having a main stretch tent marquee for your wedding reception and a smaller one to set up your photo booth, perhaps a second one as a quiet sitting area for those who want to take a break from the loud dancing inside the main stretch tent wedding.  


Keep in mind you need to add a couple of elements to your stretch tent hire to make it wedding or event ready. One of them is lighting because tents are amazing for daytime and evening events. Picture your big celebration, and you start the celebration around sunset with your heartfelt ceremony outdoors as the sun kisses your glowing face reading your vows. Some daylight will accompany your guests into the reception, but soon darkness will come. 

tipi tent hire essex

Lighting can be part of the mood-setting for your event, and if you are hosting a romantic wedding, you can add a couple of fairy lights hanging from the tent or even fill the entire ceiling with them. For bohemian or rustic weddings, you can incorporate festoon lights or natural thread chandeliers. Elegant and classic weddings are perfect for adding your initials in large LED light up letters and marking the entrance.  


A stretch tent is not complete without some décor; even with a minimalistic approach, you need to consider the elements you want to add to your wedding or event. Since a stretch tent does not have the same structure like a marquee tent, you need to be wise regarding the décor. For example, if you love draping and structure, a stretch tent would not be the ideal choice. 

But if organic movement and natural look is your thing, a dynamic stretch tent fit right in. Since the shape has such as flowy feel, there is no need to drape and cover the ceiling or sides of the tent. You can focus the décor on your centrepieces, perhaps a couple of lounge areas or even personalised monogrammed lighting dancing through the ceiling of your tent.

Now you know all the details about stretch tent hire and how you can make your next event unique and charming without sacrificing space or having to move to a different location. The versatility of stretch tents is only one of its many benefits, and we are certain your next corporate event or wedding will be perfect while covering everyone from the weather.  

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

After you step down from your cloud of being a newly engaged couple, you will soon realise the mountain of work you have ahead to plan the wedding of your dreams. But not everyone can turn themselves into professional wedding planners overnight, right? Especially when your wedding is the first large event you organise in your life. Luckily for you nowadays, there are plenty of options to avoid the hassle of planning a wedding from scratch; you can hire a wedding planner or find the perfect wedding packages. 

If you are ready to kick off the plans for your wedding and want to avoid the hard work, we can assure you a destination wedding or an all-inclusive wedding package are the best options. You must consider even your neighbours in your guest list when you throw a hometown wedding, right? But when your wedding has a different location, you are free to cut down the guest count and find someone to take care of the whole planning. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

Destination weddings have been popular for years now, but lately, we see many couples jumping into a plane, train, or car to say I do in a unique location. And although we all instantly think about long trips for destination weddings, you can have one locally, even within your own country. Destination weddings are an experience for you as a couple and your guests, sometimes heading to the countryside is more than enough to take everyone out of the routine and into a vacation mode.

Now it is time to get into the brilliant ideas that will help you choose the finest wedding packages for your upcoming celebration. These ideas will make the whole process easier, and you will surely be on the right track to having the fairytale wedding of your dreams. 

Find all-inclusive wedding packages

Organising a destination wedding is not the easiest task, first because you are not physically in the location where you intend to celebrate your wedding. Second, the language barrier might make things complicated. Due to those reasons, you might find an all-inclusive wedding package very attractive because there is no need to find different vendors for each need. Resorts and hotels are some of the locations that offer these packages, including accommodation, catering, a bar, a venue for your ceremony and reception, and even décor. 

Make sure your wedding package includes entertainment 

When you hire a wedding package, you must pay special attention to what is included; for example, some decoration vendors will offer you a package including rentals, décor, floral design, a dancefloor, LED letters, and numbers, photo booths, and even lighting. But they don't always include catering, a mobile bar, DJ hire, or a wedding backdrop. So keep in mind those details when hiring a wedding package because they turn a regular party into the most magical event of the season. 

Keep your budget in mind

Once you start looking into your potential vendors and their wedding packages, you will soon fall in love with many of them, and the urge to sign the dotted line will take over you, but before you do it, think about your numbers. Your wedding budget must be enough to cover all aspects of your celebration. If you spend the majority on a wedding package that does not include catering services or need to budget your wedding attire, invitations, and so on, well, chances are you are going to be short. 

Ask about what is included

Wedding vendors will provide a proposal including all their services, but you often need to pay for extras that are not contemplated in the original quotation. That is why you must ask about hidden fees or extra charges. A clear example is a setup and tear-down fee many venues charge, as well as cleaning. For your florals, you might encounter a fee for delivery, and don't forget about gratuity for your vendors. 

Find a wedding package that aligns with your vision

Although many wedding packages are very tempting due to their price or because they are all-inclusive, you must always think about the vision and priorities of your celebration and ensure they both go in the same direction. If you pay special attention to detail, or you expect top-of-the-notch service, you must find a vendor that focuses its service that way. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

And your vision becomes important in terms of style and decoration as well, because all vendors have a style, and perhaps what you dream for your wedding is not what they have in mind or offer. Before contacting a wedding package vendor, check their previous work and have pictures of the aesthetic you aim for, so it is easier to understand what you need.

As you see, there are many things you should consider before hiring a wedding package for your special day; you need to find professionals who are capable of meeting your expectations and helping you succeed. This is especially important while planning a destination wedding because you are not physically there to overlook their work, so ask all the questions you need and have it all written in your contract. 

We hope our ideas gave you a path to follow, and you are now certain about the details you should be paying attention to. At the end of the day, vendors make your wedding possible, and if they are professionals, they will not only do their job but make an extra effort to create pure magic. Weddings are already a magical event; you only need to find the right wedding package for you and sit to enjoy the happiest day of your life. 

Useful Hiring Tips For Top Corporate Entertainment

Useful Hiring Tips For Top Corporate Entertainment

Organising a social event involves many skills, but when the event is not intended for family and friends, the difficulty level raises a bit. Corporate events must communicate the values and image of an organisation. In many ways, this could be difficult, particularly when the time to choose entertainment comes because a corporate event is not the same as a where the main goal is to keep your guests dancing. 

If you are looking for corporate event ideas and have no clue about where to start, we have a couple of tips you can follow to nail it. We are certain your corporate event will be a total success. All you need is a little guide and the right corporate entertainment agency to successfully organise the year's event.

Type of event

Most corporate events are similar, but the particular purpose can change from one to another. For example, if you are organising the launching of a new product, you must pay special attention to the product's visibility and make sure everyone knows it. On the other hand, you could be planning the company's anniversary party, which calls for festive entertainment. Before hiring your corporate event entertainment, it is crucial to identify the event's purpose.


Now on to the money talk, you should have a clear idea of the budget you are working with, so you have a realistic list of potential entertainment vendors. Work with your team to find out how much you can invest in each part of the event, and keep in mind how important entertainment is depending on the type of corporate event you have on your hands. You might want to level up the entertainment for a fundraiser dinner, and for a convention, perhaps you can have a DJ hire.

Find the perfect fit

Every corporation is unique, and so are its needs. You need to hire entertainment that works with your company and their ideals, but always considering the attendants. When you hire the right entertainment, you can increase the number of customers or potential partners. If you don't choose wisely, you could make your guests uncomfortable and even lose some important contacts. 

Large corporate event entertainment ideas

When you host a large corporate event that takes place in a convention centre with the purpose of meeting new partners, making sales contacts, or perhaps with an educational purpose, you need to think about the entertainment that helps your attendants to relax and break the tension of a working environment. Some relaxing background music, a fun activity led by your DJ hire, perhaps even a photo booth, or some letter neon lights as backdrops for team photos. 

Intimate corporate event entertainment ideas

Although when we hear the words corporate event, we instantly think about a sales convention or a large meeting, corporate events come in many different sizes, and intimate corporate events are very common. But how can you choose the right entertainment for a small gathering in a corporate environment? Small corporate events are usually held to celebrate an anniversary, a holiday, or even company awards, so you must think about a festive option. 

Music is always welcomed; an experienced DJ hire guarantees success for your corporate event. Since you are dealing with a smaller crowd, you can also include a comedian, a magician, or other fun activities like photo booths and even a mobile bar. Think about creating the opportunity for your attendants to have a good time and build memories.

Corporate Parties

Corporate party entertainment ideas

Corporate celebrations are all about making your coworkers or partners feel valued for their hard work and providing some fun moments for a change. Corporate party entertainment should focus on being fun and refreshing for everyone. Start the evening with some cocktails and light music, perhaps even a grazing table or snacks. To start the party, hire the best DJ in Essex and make sure you offer a delicious dinner and cocktails. A rustic or classic photo booth is ideal, with a dance floor and some LED letters and numbers to mark the occasion.

Ask about your entertainer needs

Corporate events often take place in convention centers where you have all that is needed for an entertainer, such as a DJ or live band to set up. Still, if you are hosting the event at your company facilities, such as a warehouse or perhaps outdoors, you might need to find out about the setup needs of your entertainer. From power outlets and capacity to stage and lighting needed space.

Reviews and experience

Corporate events are a serious matter, and we know how important it is for you to successfully organise an event. Hence, our advice is for you to find experienced entertainers and check their customers' reviews online. When a vendor has the experience and good reviews, the chances of failure are close to zero. So, in addition to personal recommendations, always ask about how many corporate events they have serviced before, their years of experience, and read many reviews.

Keep your theme in mind

Events, in general, have the main theme, a colour palette, or something similar, so make sure your entertainment matches the idea of your upcoming corporate event. Imagine you are organising a gala inspired in the 1920s. You should expect an elegant decoration along with instrumental music. Not a live band singing today hits or music from the 1980s. If you are thinking about a DJ hire, you should always share the details of the theme and style so he can entertain accordingly.

Have fun 

We know corporate events can be hard to manage, and if you have little experience organising events, it could be a scary task. Always consider hiring a corporate entertainment agency if things get out of your control or you feel like the event is too much for you. But most importantly, make sure you have fun along the process of interviewing potential vendors and choose one that truly fits your needs. 

We hope our useful hiring tips for top corporate entertainment are the perfect guide for you to get on the right track and succeed. Remember that entertainment can be your biggest ally to connect with people and make the most out of your upcoming corporate event. 

Tips for Organising your Event

2021 Complete Guide: Top Tips for Organising your event.

2021 Complete Guide: Top Tips for Organising your event.

After the cancellation and postponement of many events during 2020, the world is excited to attend any social event. But how can you plan a successful event during a year where normality has not made a comeback? We have a complete guide for you with tips and hacks to organise the most memorable 2021 event.

Define the purpose of the event. 

Social events have different purposes; for example, a wedding is meant to celebrate the union of two individuals and gather their loved ones to witness. On the other hand, a networking event will have the purpose of connecting people. For each type of event, you need different venues, entertainment, and even food.

Organising your eventKnowing the purpose of your event, or why are you organising the event? I will send you on the right path. If you are planning a wedding, you need a ceremony venue, a dance floor, a DJ, a catering service for a full dinner, chairs and tables, décor, and a wedding cake. On the other hand, a corporate social event will require some cocktail tables, a soft background music, perhaps a stage, and instead of dinner appetisers and cocktails.

Have a clear idea regarding the type of socialisation you want to encourage; if you want people to mingle, focus on gathering everyone in the same room. If you want them to talk about business, avoid having distractors such as loud music and an open bar. The purpose of your event will let you know which vendors you need.

Create a budget.

Now it is time to get serious and set a realistic budget for your event. Even if you are organising a birthday party, you need to know your possibilities and limits. Social events easily add up to the bill, and when you least expect it, you are paying a sum you did not imagine could be possible.

Before visiting venues and scrolling through apps to find inspiration, you need to know what size and type of event you can afford. If you want to be responsible, your budget will determine the number of guests, not the other way around.

Plan your guest list.

Once you know the size of the event you need to organise, you can begin to write your guest list. Before the pandemic, you could expect a turnout of 70 to 80 per cent; for 2021, you must know over 90% of guests are attending events. Still, some of your guests might not feel comfortable around others or attending social events; always let them know you understand and respect their decision.

Choose a theme. 

From weddings to birthday parties, every event needs a theme. Your theme will dictate the formality of the event, the decoration, and even the food. You should also take into consideration your venue; for example, if you are organising an event at home, you can choose a theme that suits the style of your patio or indoor décor.

Organise food and drinks or hire catering. 

Food and drinks are crucial for any event; your guests will expect anything from appetisers to a full meal. And as we told you before, you can incorporate your theme into these elements for a Hawaiian themed party, add many tropical flavours and even some personalised drinks. If you do not want to be busy serving drinks and food, your best option is to hire a catering service and a bar.

Mobile bars are a great option because they come ready to serve and fully licensed. You can request a custom menu to match your theme; the bar service will include an experienced mixologist, friendly and professional staff, and even nonalcoholic beverages.

Book entertainment. 

Entertainment is the soul of any social event, you can have all your family and friends, a beautiful venue, perfect decoration, food, and drinks non-stopping, but after a couple of hours, your guests will start wondering if they should go home. To prevent your event from turning into a nightmare, you need to be prepared with the best entertainment; here are some unique ideas.

  • One of the classic and most reliable entertainment you can find out there, a professional DJ can suit many types of events like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and even Christmas parties. The magic of hiring a DJ is knowing exactly how to entertain based on the event and age group.
  • Digital Jukebox. If you look for an interactive entertainment look no more, a digital jukebox will not only add music to your party but hours of fun for your guests who will remember the good old days or get to know a jukebox with all the comfort of digital controls.
  • Casino table. A unique complement for your Las Vegas or Casino themed party, or even for any other theme, who does not love to play? A casino table service will include all you need to play and even trained professional croupiers. The easiest option is to surprise your guests and keep them entertained without moving a finger.
  • Outdoor cinema. Can you imagine setting a giant inflatable cinema, having a table with popcorn and your favourite snacks to watch your favourite movie? Well, you can make it a reality; hiring an outdoor cinema is ideal for a birthday sleepover, a Halloween party, and any other special occasion. You can organise a themed night and play your favourite saga; the possibilities are endless.

Make it safe.

Although many restrictions are easing, you should still listen to local guidelines and follow authorities' recommendations. Try to provide your guests with a safe and comfortable environment, and if you are throwing a large party, perhaps an outdoor venue would suit you best. You can hire a tipi tent to keep everyone cover while being outside.

Now you know all there is to know about organising your 2021 event, all we are left to say is we hope you have fun while doing it, and if you need help with entertainment or decoration, contact us. At Trez Entertainment, you will find the best service; we commit to making your event unforgettable.