Braxted Park Essex Wedding Venue

Braxted Park Essex Wedding Venue

Braxted Park is the largest walled private estate in the county, originally from the estates of the Countess of Pembroke. A magnificent country house built in the Queen Anne style during the beginning of the 12th century and beautifully nestled in 500 acres of carefully landscaped lawns and natural settings. By the 1950s, the large Queen Anne house was restored by Sir Allen Clark and now has all the modern commodities you need to celebrate a wedding. 

The property appears after a majestic treelined driveway; it sits in a secluded location and offers many beautiful spaces for your celebration regardless of how grand or intimate your plans are. You can find a walled garden, an orangery, a magical pavilion, and many other hidden gems around the historic walls of this estate. 

The brick walls hide secluded spaces full of life and natural wonders. During spring and summer, you can enjoy the blooming flowers, the fresh fountains attracting butterflies, and all sorts of animals. When the sun goes down, you get to witness a starlit sky and the calm of this property. Regardless of the season you choose, you will have a unique setting for a loving celebration. 

You are probably picturing your wedding in this perfect setting by now. We have all the details regarding capacity available areas for your ceremony and reception along with the services and every other amenity this wonderful wedding venue offers to make your union an unforgettable celebration. 

- Ceremony 

No matter the time of the year you choose to tie the knot, there is a perfect spot to exchange vows with your soulmate in this venue. The Orangery works perfectly for indoor civil ceremonies with a capacity for up to 150 guests; you will have plenty of natural light coming in from the surrounding floor-to-ceiling arched windows. And a wall covered with magnificent hand-painted frescos is perfectly balanced and tastefully decorated. 

For couples who wish to have a ceremony outdoors during the dry season, the walled knot garden has everything you need for an intimate or large ceremony of up to 150 guests. An orange brick wall surrounds the space where you can set up a ceremony arch, a chuppah, or any other décor item to embellish the already beautiful surroundings. There is also an option for a religious ceremony since the property features a parish church. 

- Reception

A reception at the Braxted park wedding venue guarantees all the elegance of this Georgian property and its many hidden gems like secluded gardens and magnificent architecture. The contemporary Pavilion is a blank canvas to make your wedding vision a reality for your reception. With enough space to host a 350 guests party, this space can adapt to the most romantic or modern vision. 

The Pavilion is conveniently located next to the walled garden and has easy access. When you hire the venue, you get exclusive use, a full working bar, audiovisual equipment, stage, dancefloor, an experienced front-of-the-house staff, and multiple catering options. Round tables and chairs are also included when hiring this magnificent wedding venue. 

- Services 

1. Catering 

What is a wedding without food and drinks? When you choose to celebrate your wedding at Braxted Park, you get the beauty of the property and the delicious options their chef offers to treat your guests. From welcoming cocktails and canapes served in the walled garden after the ceremony to a personalized dinner made with locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. An experienced chef will provide a unique experience for your special celebration. 

Having an in-house catering service will save you lots of trouble since they know exactly how to provide top-of-the-notch service. Catering service includes all tables linen, crockery, glassware, napkins, cutlery, serving staff, cake table, stand, and knife. So, you don't have to worry about rentals, and you can focus on other areas of your wedding. 

2. Accommodation

If having a ceremony, reception, and garden area all in the same location wasn't enough, Braxted Park also offers accommodation for you and your loved ones along with perfect spots to get ready. The bridal changing room is perfectly secluded and offers all you need to get ready alongside your bridesmaids and family. For the groom, an equally secluded room awaits in the Garden Cottage. 

After a short stroll from the Pavilion, you will find the Garden Cottage and the honeymoon suite. Twelve beautifully decorated rooms accommodate up to 24 family members or friends in the heart of the property. A Prosecco-filled fridge, relaxing room, private garden, and valley views are some of the perks of staying overnight and starting your dreamy honeymoon. Continental breakfast is included with your stay. 

3. Dry Hire

Braxted Park is a wedding venue suitable for any faith and wedding style; that is why they offer a dry-hire option. Suppose you wish to celebrate a multicultural wedding. In that case, you can choose this option which gives you exclusive use of the facilities such as The Orangery, the Walled Knott Garden, The Pavilion, landscaped gardens, and the bridal changing room. You will also have parking access, round tables, 350 chairs, trestle tables for caterers, catering kitchen, dance floor, stage, lighting, bar area, front house staff, and cloakroom facilities. 

The versatility of this historic wedding venue offers the opportunity for couples to turn the space into anything they can imagine. You can have any type of ceremony you wish, both indoor and outdoor. The venue offers full service or dry hire for your comfort, and the venue is fully equipped to host intimate or grand celebrations. With plenty of spaces for your photos in the walled gardens or inside the main house, your wedding will be magical and one of a kind. 

Braxted Park is the perfect option for couples who want a peaceful and secluded experience. Since you have all in one place, there won't be any stress related to transportation times from one place to the next. The big plus of accommodation is another characteristic to consider because when the lights go down, you and your close ones will be only a walk away from your rooms. 

We hope you are as excited as we are about this wedding venue, and it has made it to your top list for that upcoming celebration. If you are looking for privacy, professional service, and an all-inclusive or dry hire option, look no further, Braxted Park offers all you need and much more.

Spice Up Your Wedding By Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

Spice Up Your Wedding By Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

Weddings are unique events, they have different special moments such as a meaningful ceremony, a cocktail hour to break the ice, a delicious dinner, and a fun moment spent with your guests on the dance floor. But to make each of those moments special, you must plan them carefully. Since most of your reception will take place on the dance floor, we advise you to hire a professional wedding DJ to ensure the experience is perfect and flawless. 

We understand how simple it might sound to add music to your wedding. You might even ask yourself why to hire a professional wedding DJ when you know exactly what you want to play and dance to the whole night. Well, the main reason is you want to enjoy the night and not worry about changing the song and keeping up with the mood of your guests. 

Another reason to consider spicing things up with a professional DJ hire is you might not have the proper equipment because a wedding is not the same as you do at home birthday parties where you take your wireless speaker and provide entertainment for the guests without a problem. In addition to music, you could need a mic to announce the toast and give them so that everyone hears properly. 

How to find the right DJ for your wedding

Now that you are convinced about hiring a professional DJ for your upcoming celebration, how can you tell if you found the one? Here are a couple of tips to hire a DJ that entertains your wedding guests and makes your evening unforgettable. 

- Define what you need for your wedding

Having a clear idea about the type of entertainment you want for your wedding will be helpful to start looking for your wedding DJ. Perhaps you want an electronic music approach, or you have many different age groups and need someone who can work with this type of crowd. When you know what you are looking for is easier to find it. 

- Meet with your potential wedding DJ

Meeting your potential wedding vendors is always a good idea; the reason is you get to know them and see if the energy is right, plus you can ask a couple of crucial questions. You can ask them if they take requests from guests, how many weddings they have serviced if they can make announcements, and even ask them about what they do when the wedding guests are not cooperating and seam reluctant to enjoy the party. 

- Ask about wedding DJ packages

Many wedding DJs offer packages that include all you need to offer the best experience to your wedding attendants, so it might be good to know if your potential vendor offers them. A package might include the DJ service, equipment, a DJ booth, lighting, dancefloor, and even MC services. Your budget might also benefit from hiring a wedding DJ package because you get discounts when you hire more than one service from the same vendor. 

- Hear some samples of their previous work

If you haven’t heard before your potential DJ, it would be ideal to request some samples of their work so you can have an idea of the service their offer. A video of a live performance or a previous wedding could be helpful to decide. In addition to hearing a sample, you can also look for online reviews and read about their performance and customer service. 

Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

- Talk about your contract

A crucial part of hiring a wedding entertainment is finding one with the right skills, equipment, and fair terms of service. Read the contract before signing and make sure you understand every line; you should also see all you have previously discussed on paper, such as hours of service, insurance, cancellation fees, and rescheduling policies. If something is to be corrected, don’t sign the contract and wait for the revised version. And please don’t hire a DJ who does not offer a service contract. 

- Book soon

To find the right fit in every way, from budget to personality and service, you need to start looking early on the planning process. The reason is wedding vendors get booked with years of anticipation, and the longer you wait, the fewer your options. Since entertainment is the core of your wedding, you need to find and book your DJ as soon as possible. 

- Go for experience rather than price

This is a tricky one, but when you find a middle point, your chances of success are high because a wedding DJ who has a high price but zero experience in weddings might be awesome at other events but lacks the expertise and knowledge you need for such an important moment in your life. So if you find a wedding DJ with a price within your budget and who has wedding experience, you should highly consider it. 

- Share your do’s and don’ts

Since you are planning this event, the music your wedding DJ plays should be exactly what you envision. One way to make sure this happens is to talk to your wedding DJ and communicate the songs you don’t want under any circumstance to play at your event. Also, a list of your favourites so he can get an idea about similar songs or genres you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind you need to be a bit flexible about this topic because your wedding DJ is there not only for you but to put your guests on their feet all night long, and at some moments of the night, a couple of all-time hits could save the day. 

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We understand you want it to be as perfect as humanly possible, so our biggest advice to achieve this purpose is by hiring a professional wedding DJ who understands your needs and will give in more than 100% to ensure every single attendant hits the dance floor and creates unforgettable moments while enjoying the night. We hope our tips help you find the one and your wedding is more than what you have dreamed about. 

Finally, if you are still looking for entertainment for your wedding day, Trez Entertainment can help you out because we offer wedding packages with all you need to entertain your guests. From experience in weddings to personalised playlists and amazing DJ booths, you can have it all and leave such an important part of your celebration in the hands of professionals. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

After you step down from your cloud of being a newly engaged couple, you will soon realise the mountain of work you have ahead to plan the wedding of your dreams. But not everyone can turn themselves into professional wedding planners overnight, right? Especially when your wedding is the first large event you organise in your life. Luckily for you nowadays, there are plenty of options to avoid the hassle of planning a wedding from scratch; you can hire a wedding planner or find the perfect wedding packages. 

If you are ready to kick off the plans for your wedding and want to avoid the hard work, we can assure you a destination wedding or an all-inclusive wedding package are the best options. You must consider even your neighbours in your guest list when you throw a hometown wedding, right? But when your wedding has a different location, you are free to cut down the guest count and find someone to take care of the whole planning. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

Destination weddings have been popular for years now, but lately, we see many couples jumping into a plane, train, or car to say I do in a unique location. And although we all instantly think about long trips for destination weddings, you can have one locally, even within your own country. Destination weddings are an experience for you as a couple and your guests, sometimes heading to the countryside is more than enough to take everyone out of the routine and into a vacation mode.

Now it is time to get into the brilliant ideas that will help you choose the finest wedding packages for your upcoming celebration. These ideas will make the whole process easier, and you will surely be on the right track to having the fairytale wedding of your dreams. 

Find all-inclusive wedding packages

Organising a destination wedding is not the easiest task, first because you are not physically in the location where you intend to celebrate your wedding. Second, the language barrier might make things complicated. Due to those reasons, you might find an all-inclusive wedding package very attractive because there is no need to find different vendors for each need. Resorts and hotels are some of the locations that offer these packages, including accommodation, catering, a bar, a venue for your ceremony and reception, and even décor. 

Make sure your wedding package includes entertainment 

When you hire a wedding package, you must pay special attention to what is included; for example, some decoration vendors will offer you a package including rentals, décor, floral design, a dancefloor, LED letters, and numbers, photo booths, and even lighting. But they don't always include catering, a mobile bar, DJ hire, or a wedding backdrop. So keep in mind those details when hiring a wedding package because they turn a regular party into the most magical event of the season. 

Keep your budget in mind

Once you start looking into your potential vendors and their wedding packages, you will soon fall in love with many of them, and the urge to sign the dotted line will take over you, but before you do it, think about your numbers. Your wedding budget must be enough to cover all aspects of your celebration. If you spend the majority on a wedding package that does not include catering services or need to budget your wedding attire, invitations, and so on, well, chances are you are going to be short. 

Ask about what is included

Wedding vendors will provide a proposal including all their services, but you often need to pay for extras that are not contemplated in the original quotation. That is why you must ask about hidden fees or extra charges. A clear example is a setup and tear-down fee many venues charge, as well as cleaning. For your florals, you might encounter a fee for delivery, and don't forget about gratuity for your vendors. 

Find a wedding package that aligns with your vision

Although many wedding packages are very tempting due to their price or because they are all-inclusive, you must always think about the vision and priorities of your celebration and ensure they both go in the same direction. If you pay special attention to detail, or you expect top-of-the-notch service, you must find a vendor that focuses its service that way. 

Brilliant Ideas to Choose Finest Wedding Packages

And your vision becomes important in terms of style and decoration as well, because all vendors have a style, and perhaps what you dream for your wedding is not what they have in mind or offer. Before contacting a wedding package vendor, check their previous work and have pictures of the aesthetic you aim for, so it is easier to understand what you need.

As you see, there are many things you should consider before hiring a wedding package for your special day; you need to find professionals who are capable of meeting your expectations and helping you succeed. This is especially important while planning a destination wedding because you are not physically there to overlook their work, so ask all the questions you need and have it all written in your contract. 

We hope our ideas gave you a path to follow, and you are now certain about the details you should be paying attention to. At the end of the day, vendors make your wedding possible, and if they are professionals, they will not only do their job but make an extra effort to create pure magic. Weddings are already a magical event; you only need to find the right wedding package for you and sit to enjoy the happiest day of your life. 

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Close your eyes and start imagining your wedding day. How do you envision the moment you step into your wedding reception? Is it an outdoor location with astonishing views and the wind softly blowing through your hair? Or are you walking into a romantic and historic building with magnificent architecture while your guests lovingly look at your wedding dress? 

Regardless of the theme, style, or location of your wedding entertainment, we are certain there was music on the background as you imagined the whole thing, perhaps a classic song while you walk down the aisle or your favourite song as a couple while you dance for the first time as a married couple. But how can you choose the right type of entertainment for such an important day in your life? 

And most importantly, how can you make your wedding unforgettable by offering the most unique wedding entertainment for your guests? Because you know entertainment is not only about hiring a DJ or a live band, but there are also many other ways you can keep your wedding attendants happy and entertained. 

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

If you are still looking for entertainment ideas for your wedding reception, look no further, we have you covered with many ideas and tips, so you have fun wedding entertainment. Because when the party is over, your guests will not remember the colour of the tablecloth, how big the centerpiece was, or the font of your invitations, they will remember how much fun they had on the dancefloor, and they will keep the memories of the photos they took on the photo booth you hired

Think about your guests

Every wedding is unique, and the guest list will be different depending on the type of celebration you are organising. For example, there are traditional weddings with mainly older families or plenty of young relatives and children. Other weddings include young adults and no kids, which makes the wedding reception needs different. So, before choosing your wedding entertainment, you need to look into your wedding guest list. Here are some ideas of entertainment depending on the main age group. 

All ages, including children

When you are hosting a wedding reception with many families and kids, it is important to have different options, so everyone enjoys it. You can designate a space for the little ones with small tables and chairs along with colouring books, painting, crayons, glow sticks, stickers, and even some board games. 

Lights and sound are always welcomed, especially when kids are included, so don't hesitate, and hire LED letters & numbers, a dance floor, and without a doubt, a DJ hires that knows how to please not only adults but also the young guests. Photo booths are a brilliant idea, especially when they include props and fun items to wear for the photos. 

Mainly adults, no children

When children are not in the picture of your wedding reception, your wedding entertainment can be focused on unique experiences for the grown-ups. Anything from a live band, DJ hire, a party jukebox, and of course, a mobile bar is perfect. Some non-conventional experiences can include bouncy castles, casino tables, tarot tables, and even live magic. But classic elements like a rustic photo booth or DJ lighting can make the difference and help your guest create unforgettable memories. 

Light it up

Lately, weddings are taking a new approach to décor and style; those days of abundant florals and candlelit dinners are being refreshed with letter neon lights, DJ lighting, LED letters & numbers, and mood lighting all around the wedding reception venue. The right lighting can always make the difference, and you can create many photo opportunities for your guests so they share them on social media with the world. 

Lighting can be the theme of your wedding if you want to, with sparkly chandeliers or industrial lights hanging from the ceiling. LED letters with phrases like LOVE, MR. & MRS. or your initials can welcome your guests and be the perfect background for their photos. Neon lights are a perfect way to enhance your greenery or floral wall. 

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Offer options

When you organise a wedding, you need to always keep in mind your guests, we understand it is your wedding day, and you want to celebrate your way, but your loved ones want to be part of that day, and the best you can do is offer a great and unforgettable experience. Remember that many guests are not likely to spend the whole night on the dancefloor; perhaps some of them are not into dancing at all, so you need to offer alternatives to spend the 6 to 8 hours of your reception. 

Focus on experiences

When you think about the best wedding you have attended so far, we are certain you don't even remember the favours or the menu. What makes a moment an unforgettable memory is how we felt and what we experienced. The best parties are those when you lose track of time because you have so much fun dancing, laughing, and simply spending time with those you love. So, make sure you invest enough in those aspects of your wedding DJ packages instead of hiring expensive rentals. 

Interview your potential wedding live band or DJ hire, ask about the experience they have in weddings, have a list of your favourite genres, and hear what they have to say. It is important to feel like they fully understand what you love and expect for your big celebration. You should feel completely comfortable and certain that your entertainment will amaze your guests. 

Some other fun wedding entertainment ideas are lawn games, treasure hunts, fairground rides, and even a petting zoo. Your wedding does not need to stay within the traditional lines when you want to organise an unforgettable wedding; there are no written rules, so make a list of your favourite activities and make sure they are part of your wedding day. 

Organize Your Events Successfully by Hiring an Event Management Services (1)

Organise Your Events Successfully by Hiring an Event Management Services

Events are amazing celebrations, whether it is a family gathering, a wedding, or perhaps a corporate event. But the hard work behind each of them is often underestimated, and if you are not into event planning, you will find it overwhelming. Luckily your event can be successful if you hire event management services to take care of all the big and little things that make an event unforgettable. 

But you might be asking yourself if it is worth it, because how much work might take to organise an event, right? Well, we are here to tell you all about the tasks you won't have to do when you hire a professional in event management solutions. After this information, you will be able to make the right decision.  

All in one place

The main advantage of hiring event management services is you don't have to find vendors for each aspect of your upcoming event. A professional in organising events offer many services and will put you in contact with the right vendors if necessary. They will most likely offer wedding DJ packages with all necessary to make your wedding incredible and fit your budget. 

Amongst the vendors you need for any event, there is a venue, a catering service, a bar service, decoration, rentals, lighting, entertainment, and the list might go on depending on the specifics of your event. For example, a wedding also needs a ceremony venue and an officiant; for corporate parties, you might need a spacious venue to allow the flow of guests, along with the main entrance to welcome everyone. 

And suppose you didn't know about other tiny details such as hiring music for the ceremony, hiring wedding entertainment, organising and broadcasting a virtual event, or even making a timeline for your event. In that case, they will guide you through the process to make sure your event is not only fun and beautiful but also timely executed. 

Entertainment solutions

Regardless of the type of event you are organising, there is one thing you can never forget: entertainment for your guests. Imagine arriving at a corporate party without music in the background or fun activity such as a photo booth?

It would be not only strange but also uncomfortable, right? And how about a wedding without a grand entrance with the right song, or a DJ who can read the crowd and choose the right song to get everyone into the dancefloor for the entire night?

We cannot imagine such a scenario or your guests having fun during the entire night if there is not a party jukebox, photo booths, or DJ hire. 

The right décor

It is only natural to think that we have the best ideas regarding decoration, but the reality is we don't own all the information a professional might do. Ideas like lighting up the whole room with candles could not be possible if the venue we choose doesn't allow the fire to be lit up indoors. And how about those massive hanging decorations with preserved flowers or natural ones? They surely look amazing, but they must be placed by professionals who use the right tools, so it all stays in place during the entire event. 

Organize Your Events Successfully by Hiring an Event Management Services

Choosing a theme for your event could be a hard task, and perhaps you find a couple of things beautiful and wish to mix and match, thinking it will work out. The bad news is sometimes those ideas that work perfectly in our minds don't come up so pretty in the real world. That is why hiring event management services will ensure your event has the same idea and style from the invitations to the décor. 

You can find unique elements like letter neon lights, LED letters and numbers, a dance floor, a rustic booth, a party jukebox, and many more to not only decorate your event but also make it memorable and provide your guests with an amazing space to take photos and keep memories. 

Every moment on a time

Keeping track of your event's activities and, most importantly, making sure each one happens at the right moment could be a hassle on your event day. That is why you should write a timeline specifying the details of every important element of your celebration. Hiring event management services will guarantee your event unfolds properly. 

From the minute your vendors are supposed to arrive at the moment the first song starts, it should be all perfectly scheduled and timed so your event runs smoothly. Having someone in charge of that task is the best option so you can focus your energy on other important matters. Plus, if anything goes wrong or a vendor doesn't show up, perhaps a guest is misbehaving, the expert on your team will know exactly how to act and effectively solve the issue. 

Make sure your event is in the right hands

Leaving the responsibility of the entire organisation of your upcoming event is never an easy decision because we all want to have control over the tiniest detail. But the perks of hiring a professional event organiser are many, from providing a list of services, vendors, and many ideas to handle the budget and make sure your event goes as planned. 

As you have seen so far, organising an event is not only about making a guest list, sending invitations, and waiting for everyone to arrive. In addition to food and drinks, you need to take care of thousands of details to organise a successful event. If you do not want to take in the responsibility because your day is too busy or prefer to leave the task in the hands of a professional, then hiring event management services is the answer for you.

Tips to save money while planning your wedding

Tips To Save Money While Planning Your Wedding

In this world, there are a few lucky couples who don't need to worry about wedding budgeting; they can simply say I do without the need of looking for a bargain or seeing the price tag first. But for the rest of us, weddings are a combination of happiness and stress. When you start planning your big day, you begin with all the energy, looking forward to strolling through the venues and tasting wedding cakes. Only to soon realize how expensive everything is and how the larger your wedding guest list, the higher the price. 

That is why we have a list of tips for couples who want to stay within their budget without sacrificing important aspects of their celebration, such as wedding entertainment, décor, or food and drinks. There is always a great alternative to plan a successful wedding without emptying your savings account. 

Wedding Planning

Set a budget

Your wedding planning doesn't have to be a nightmare; it only takes a tiny amount of organization and a money talk. To know what you can and cannot afford, you must have a realistic budget, so look into your accounts and ask your family if they are helping out financially. Never assume someone will pay or contribute without having a confirmation and the amount they are providing. And most importantly, don't borrow money for your wedding; if possible, the worst way to start a marriage is with debt. 

Choose a style and size

Once you have the budget set, it is time to define the type of event you want. You can host a lavish and intimate wedding or a simple but large gathering with the same budget. Having the number of guests clear will make the step of finding a wedding venue easier. 

The style of your wedding should also be clear before heading to a wedding venue because you need to find one that fits into your vision. Choosing the right wedding venue will save you much on décor and adapting it to your theme or style. For example, if you are looking for a barn-inspired wedding, you should stay away from traditional venues like a hotel ballroom. 

Find wedding packages

Weddings are a combination of many services; you need to find a ceremony and reception venue, catering, bar, entertainment, decoration, lighting, photography, videography, and the list goes on. But how can you save money when you must hire all those services? Well, our best advice is to find vendors who offer packages at a discounted price. A clear example is your wedding venue, you can find one with a space for your ceremony, so you don't have to hire a different location for that. If they offer catering and bar service, that's another plus. 

Entertainment can also offer convenient packages for you to save both time and money. Trez Entertainment has three standard packages, including a 5-hour wedding DJ hire with a choice of white or black starlit setup, a custom-made playlist, a 4-hour unlimited photo booth with a customized printout, and unlimited prints plus you get additional uplighting for your room. You can also get a white starlit 16 x 16 LED dancefloor, a full starlit top table backdrop, and 4ft LED LOVE letters

Your wedding photographer might also provide a discount when you hire a package including engagement sessions and videography. The same goes for decoration vendors who can offer floral design, rentals, and general decoration. Try to find vendors who specialize in their area and offer a deal when hiring all their services. 

Wedding Rings

Go offseason

For some reason, weddings are popular during spring and summer, we know it is mainly due to nice weather, but if you are ok with a little drizzle or cool wind, you can get discounted prices from many wedding venues and vendors. Months like November, December, January, February, and even a bit of March are less popular amongst couples. 

You can have a wonderful wedding during winter, especially if you love Christmas. Many wedding venues are beautifully decorated for the Christmas season, so you don't have to worry about décor and lighting. And many of your guests might be on vacation, so they can freely attend your celebration. 

If you still prefer to tie the knot on a warmer month, you can choose a weekday instead of the weekend, because social events are usually celebrated on Saturdays, you could land a great deal for a weekday wedding. Trez Entertainment offers you a 10% discount for weddings from Monday to Wednesday. 

Take DIY projects

Are you a crafty couple? Perhaps you have a large bridal party or family who can help you with projects for your wedding day. Your wedding stationery can be an easy DIY project, centerpieces with silk and fabric flowers too because you can take time to choose the items and make them. You can also do details such as chalkboard or wooden signs and table numbers. 

Fresh flowers for your tables might be another good project if you have enough time to set them up on the day of the wedding. You can simply pick up fresh seasonal flowers the day before from your local florist and place them inside glass vases. Please make sure you share the idea you have with your florist, so they have your blooms ready the day you schedule. 

Weddings don't need to be extra expensive; always keep in mind the true purpose of marriage and our tips to stay within your budget. Check all our services and hire one of our wedding DJ packages to save time and money while getting professional services. We hope you follow our advice and enjoy planning the celebration of a lifetime. 

2022 Wedding Trends

2022 Wedding Trends

Can we all agree on how fast 2021 went by? If you are planning your wedding now, chances are you are getting married during 2022, and as we all know, each year arrives with new trends to make your celebration unique and unforgettable. But what is trending for next year, and how can you incorporate it into your wedding? Don't worry. We have it all figured out, and if you keep reading, inspiration will soon knock on your door. 

First things first, even though restrictions have eased after over a year of not being able to gather with our loved ones, intimate weddings are still a thing, and you can apply many of the following trends to your small gathering. We hope you get inspired by our ideas and your 2022 wedding Trends are a total success. 

Outstanding entertainment

Every guest of a 2022 wedding is anxiously waiting to have a great time, because after all, when was the last time you attended a wedding without major restrictions to dance and have a great time? Years ago, right? Well, that must be the reason why couples are focusing on providing amazing entertainment for guests. 

While hiring a DJ is still the most popular option for your late-night set and to get everyone on the dancefloor until the party is over, other alternatives are rising. For example, a live band or saxophonist to enjoy during cocktail hour and dinner. Unusual activities like bouncy castles, circus performers, temporary tattoo stations, live magicians, and of course, photo booths. 

Versatile wedding dresses

Forget about classic wedding dresses with fluffy fabrics and simple silhouettes; if you are looking for uncommon and out-of-the-box wedding attire, 2022 is your year to shine. A two-piece wedding dress is one of the top trends for brides to be; crop tops with a skirt or stylish pants can wow your guests, and if you want to skip the veil while accessorizing, add a cape. 

Mix and match options can be ideal to reuse your top for a civil ceremony and reception. A beaded or laced top combined with beautiful trousers for your legal ceremony and then a dreamy skirt with ruffles and sparkly details to hit the dancefloor. 

Hiring wedding packages

Couples want to tie the knot and forget about signing contracts here and there with many vendors; that is why wedding packages are trending right now. While there are some pros and cons when hiring wedding packages, you can get the best out of them by choosing wisely. 

For example, a wedding venue that offers a package including food, drinks, entertainment, décor, and even cake might get something off more easily than an entertainment company that only offers a package for including entertainment services. The same goes for décor; you might find a great supplier that offers floral design, decorations, and rentals. 

Wedding packages save you time and money; some vendors will offer a discount when you hire a package including more than one of their services. And you don't have to deal with a great number of vendors saving you the hassle of multiple contracts and go-to persons. 

Mocktails bar

Living a healthier life has become the main goal for many over the past years, and cutting alcohol intake might be a large portion of practicing better habits. But weddings are celebrations where alcohol is the main beverage available, although not anymore because alcohol-free bars are a trend right now, and we love the result. 

You can see creative beverages with amazing flavors and details that don't even look like alcohol-free beverages. Zero alcohol beers are also part of the idea. You can customize the mocktails and make sure everyone enjoys the night regardless of their preference for a drink. 


Perhaps it is your wedding attire or décor for the reception; upcycling has become a largely accepted trend that helps the environment and gives your wedding a custom feel. Couples are encouraging their guests to get creative when it comes to finding their attire too. Some couples have an upcycled fashion dress code, and the result is amazing. 

And since fashion trends come back now and then, you can take advantage of that 90s wedding dress your mother or aunt wore. And how about hitting the thrift shop to find amazing bridesmaid’s dresses in a similar color palette but reflecting each of your girls' personalities? 

Decorations can also have a vintage look and save you some money; incorporate some old picture frames to set up menus, table numbers, or your welcome sign. You might also find amazing pieces for your sweet tables, like vintage teacups or sets. And how about some farm-style décor for your rustic barn wedding. 

Regency era inspiration

Shows inspired in the Regency period are taking weddings, with romantic details like handwritten notes and invitations, English cottage aesthetic, ruffles, lace, and hues of blue pastels. Just imagine a delicate reception filled with blooms in ivory and regency blue, perhaps some golden details to enhance the design. 

A puff sleeved wedding dress with lace details, your bridesmaids in a pastel blue color, a beautiful veil with your initials embroidered. When you pay attention to the little details, you get the most luxurious and romantic result. Add handwritten place cards and take the time to write thank-you notes to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.   


Couples are not only thinking about themselves when it comes to their wedding day, but they are also trying to leave no trace of their celebration environmentally speaking, from choosing wedding attires that are easy to repurpose to table décor involving living plants instead of cutting stems. The ways you can approach sustainability for your wedding are many, and here we have a list for you. 

  • Send digital invitations. 
  • Rent cloth napkins, silverware, crystalware, and serving plates. 
  • Use live plants as table décor. 
  • Prefer locally sourced ingredients for your dinner. 
  • Support local vendors. 
  • Choose your venue wisely, so you don't need to add much décor. 
  • Ask your floral designer to choose local and seasonal blooms. 
  • Forgo the plastic wraps for favors, desserts, and other items. 
  • Host your reception and ceremony at the same venue to avoid transportation from one place to the next. 
  • Ask your guests to use public transport if possible or carpool. 

You can always adapt them to make a unique event when it comes to wedding trends because no wedding is like another. Focus on having a great time and offer amazing experiences to your guests, and there is no way you can fail. Successful weddings are those that remain in our memories for years to come, and they usually involve the right music and hours of fun on the dancefloor, so don't stress about incorporating each trend into your wedding. Just have an amazing time while planning, and everything else will fall into place. 

360 photo booth

How to Budget your Evening Entertainment for your 2022 Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is such an exciting moment in life; once you land back from the moon after your engagement, it is time to get into wedding planning mode. But unless you are a professional wedding planner, chances are you don't even know where to start. Should you buy your wedding dress? Start looking for a wedding venue? Dive into the wedding decor photos? 

Let us stop you right there because your first step has more to do with finances than it does with wedding items. Apart from everything you need to focus on budgeting your evening entertainment as a priority. You need to know the size and type of event you want and can afford. So, grab a chair and have a talk with your partner, settle a number considering the portion of your savings you are allocating for the big day, your income, and ask your close family if they are participating financially in your wedding. 

Now that you know how much you can invest in your big day, it is time to set your expectations and priorities. Discuss the type of wedding you envision; is it large and lavish? Or more on the intimate side? After that, you can write a first guest list to have an overall number. And then, it is time to make a list of priorities, number them from 1 to 10 what matters the most for you as a couple. 

Here is an example of the elements you should consider within your list. 

  • Wedding venue. 
  • Decor. 
  • Food. 
  • Drinks. 
  • Photography. 
  • Entertainment. 
  • Experiences. 
  • Videography. 
  • Attire. 
  • Honeymoon.
  • Stationery. 
  • Cake. 
  • Ceremony. 
  • Transportation. 
  • Wedding bands. 
  • Wedding favors. 

Your list should start with your non-negotiables and then scale down to those things you could even forgo. Perhaps the main goal of your wedding is to have the best food in town and non-stop music so everyone can dance their shoes off. For some couples, experiences are first, and they choose to host a destination wedding with their nearest and dearest and hire the top photographer to capture every second of it. There is no right or wrong here, it is all about your needs and wishes, because at the end of the day it is your wedding, and you are the one who should enjoy it. 

Now, if wedding entertainment is in your top 5, you probably wonder how to keep your budget within its limits since music, lighting, and other experiences are usually costly. On average, from the total budget of your wedding, 40% goes to your venue and catering, 15% to photography and videography, 20% for décor and flowers, 10% for entertainment, 5% for your wedding attire, and the remaining 10% for your cake, stationery, favors, and transportation. 

So, you need to fit your wedding entertainment on that 10% of the total budget, and if you are trying to save, chances are you will find it hard to get the entertainment you are dreaming of. But sacrificing or lowering your expectations is not necessary when you hire entertainment packages that cover most of your needs at a lower price. 

Evening entertainment for your 2022 wedding might include:

All those details can turn a regular wedding venue and party into a memorable and beautiful one. 

Trez Entertainment has three packages for couples who are seeking to save money and hire top-quality entertainment services. One will cover your basics without even reaching the 1K £. The vision package offers 5 hours of professional wedding DJ hire, with a choice of white or black starlit setup, a custom music playlist. 4-hour unlimited photo booth service with unlimited prints and customized printout. Along with an additional uplighting setup for your room. 

The Elevation wedding DJ package includes all the above, and a white starlit 16 x 16 LED dance floor. And finally, the Desire package also gives you a full starlit top table backdrop and 4ft LED LOVE letters. And if you need to customize any of the elements of each package, you can substitute them with another service of the same price, or you can add more elements such as extra hours, decoration, and interactive services. 

Always consider that evening entertainment does not only imply music; you can add unique services like a casino table or close-up magic. Anyone who does not want to be dancing can also enjoy the night. A digital jukebox might be extra special when you organize an intimate wedding and wish everyone to participate. 

Lighting is a key entertainment element; you can set the mood and atmosphere you envision by adding up lighting in a certain tone. Create a romantic or classic style with a starlit wedding backdrop and dancefloor. For a bohemian or rustic mood, you can incorporate string lights along with amber uplighting. 

We are certain you can find just about everything you need for your 2022 wedding entertainment. And our biggest piece of advice for the whole planning process is to keep true to yourself, try to stay within your budget as much as possible, and use our tips to land the best deals while having the wedding of your dreams. 

Your wedding day should be many things, except stressful and out of reach. There are always great alternatives to find amazing entertainment at an affordable rate. When you hire Trez Entertainment, you can rest peacefully knowing a team of professionals will handle such an important part of your celebration. 

Save money with an entertainment package (1)

Save Money With an Entertainment Package

Entertainment is crucial for your wedding to succeed; there is no doubt about it. But once you start organizing every aspect of your big day, you will soon realize the expenses quickly add up, and perhaps your budget isn't enough to cover it all. That is why you must look for every opportunity available to save some money. 

And when we talk about entertainment package, there are many things involved besides a live band or a DJ. For example, you should think about activities to keep your guests engaged during your celebration because once the dinner is over, they might head to the dance floor for a while, and after dancing for an hour, they will take a break. What are they supposed to do then? 

Photo booths are great examples of activities your guests will enjoy and you too because a digital album could be available, so you don't miss out on the exciting moments. Backdrops for photos, giant LED letters, or up lights can be part of your entertainment and give your wedding venue the right vibe. 

Now how can you save money when you must include so many thoughtful details into your celebration? Well, here are some of our top options so you can impress your guests, have fantastic decor, and save while doing it all. 

Hire an Entertainment Package

Packages are the ultimate option for practical couples who wish to save money; while you go around searching for prices to organize your wedding, you will see some vendors offer special pricing when you hire more than one of their services. 

For example, stationery vendors will give a better price if you buy to save the date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you cards. The same goes for wedding photographers; a discount is usually involved if you book an engagement session and your wedding photos simultaneously. Or when you hire a wedding venue including catering and a bar..

But how about entertainment packages? What do they include, and how can you save? Well, at Trez Entertainment, we have everything you could need, and we offer standard packages that you can customize to suit your needs. So, if you are planning your Essex or Kent wedding, look no further; we are here to solve the problem. 

Some of the Services We Offer are:  

  • Wedding DJ hire. 
  • Photo booth. 
  • Customized printout. 
  • Custom music playlist. 
  • Uplighting for your room. 
  • White starlit wedding dance floor. 
  • LED letters. 
  • Jukebox hire. 
  • Rustic Pod. 
  • Starlit backdrop. 

Hiring a wedding entertainment package is practical and guarantees your guests will have the time of their life. A couple's main concern while organizing their wedding is not getting the entertainment right, because what is a wedding without the all-time favorites and dancing songs? Most memories are made on the dance floor, and wedding photos are forever treasured, so you need to have the perfect picture spot. 

But since each couple is unique, your wedding package should adapt to your needs and style. At Trez Entertainment, we understand it and can build the right package for you, including only the services you truly need. Plus, we offer so many more services at affordable prices for you to complete the experience. 

Wedding DJ packages include an experienced DJ who knows how to read wedding crowds and keep the party going all night. Other experiences include uplighting, a fun light-up dance floor, a backdrop, LED giant letters, and a photo booth. You get to work hand to hand with your DJ to create a custom music playlist and personalize your event with a customized printout for the photo booth. 

But in addition to hiring an entertainment package, you can also save by adding an early set up with background music which is perfect for your ceremony, speeches, and even during dinner. Extra hours for your DJ and photo booth are also available to keep the party going if your guests have a great time. 

And since you are hiring entertainment with Trez, why not check all our other services? Such as decorating flowers, tipi tents, neon signs for your photo backdrop or entrance, and interactive services like casino tables, mobile bars, and digital jukeboxes. 

As you can see, saving to keep your budget in line is simple if you find the right vendors, and hiring entertainment packages is the easiest way to engage all you need to organize a successful wedding. At Trez Entertainment, we offer three packages to cover all your needs; the vision package includes essential services such as photo booth, lighting, and DJ. The Elevation package also provides a LED dance floor in addition to the essential services. And for a complete package, we have the Desire package featuring 4ft LED LOVE letters to wow your guests. 

Keep in mind each package can be customized, and you can add or substitute any service for another of the same price. The experienced and professional wedding organizing team will help you choose the services you need for a true one-of-a-kind celebration. Your wedding day does not have to be stressful, especially when you leave the entertainment portion; you can work with us to create the vision you dream about for such an important day in life.

Wedding hall Decoration

Wedding at Maidens Barn, Essex

Wedding at Maidens Barn, Essex

One of the many Essex hidden gems, a real barn that dates to 1806. A fully restored barn with original features makes it unique while having all the comfort you need for your wedding day. The service provided by this family-owned and operated venue is warm and personal.

Maidens Barn is secluded within Essex's country area but close enough to London, airports, and other cities. You do not need to look further, here you can host your ceremony, reception and even find accommodation. It is a dream come true, with beautiful landscapes, perfectly trimmed gardens, and many unique spaces for your wedding photoshoot.

In addition to offering a beautiful wedding venue, the Maidens Barn also offers in house catering, accommodation for the couple and guests, and a wide directory of suppliers that will make your wedding as unique as you are. Now let us get into the details of this amazing wedding venue, so you can fall in love as we have.

Your wedding day will start with the getting ready process; at Maidens Barn, The Hayloft offers accommodation just 50 meters away from the Barn. Thirteen beautiful rustic rooms are available to accommodate your guests; they all include continental breakfast that you can enjoy all together at the stunning glazed and vaulted dining area.

For the couple, The Honeymoon Cottage is the perfect location for your first night as a married couple. There is no need to go further; your room will be ready when the night is over. And you can get ready there before the big celebration.

The Maidens Barn offers many options for your ceremony. If you want to host a civil ceremony, they are fully licensed to perform it. A legal union is a perfect option for many couples, and you can have it right at your wedding venue. Make sure you comply with the legal requirements and choose two witnesses to sign your marriage registrar.

Your wedding venue will not charge extra for performing your civil ceremony, but you need to pay all legal duties to the Chelmsford District Council's local Registrar. If you also want to have a religious ceremony after your legal marriage, that is possible.

For a religious ceremony, there are plenty of churches from all types of faiths near the barn. Since the venue is located near Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester, you can choose to have your ceremony at a church and then host your reception at the barn. Ministers and priest might be authorized to register marriages, and you can host your ceremony within the venue spaces.

No matter the type of ceremony you prefer, The Maidens Barn has an ideal location for you. The new Oak Barn can host an intimate ceremony or large gatherings for up to 200 guests. They can set up six chairs on each side of the aisle and make it traditional or relaxed.

The Oak Barn is a stunning space with high ceilings, beamed roofs, and French doors that open to create a combination of indoor and outdoor space. The flexibility of the barn allows you to have both small and large ceremonies. The views to the ancient Oak Tree in the bridal garden will take your guests' breath.

While the space has a rustic look, you can easily adapt it to your needs and style. Bohemian, rustic, and elegant weddings are all possible. Think of the barn as a blank canvas where you can develop your ideas.

For an outdoor ceremony, The Maidens Barn features a unique space for your English summer wedding. The space is ideal for a romantic ceremony, surrounded by a carefully designed garden and amazing Essex countryside views. The space can host up to 200 seated guests while you stand below the flowering arbour.

Your wedding reception will take place in the Oak Barn, a flexible setting that works as an indoor and outdoor space with amazing views of the gardens. For summer weddings, you can host a cocktail hour outdoors and dinner indoors.

Multiple settings are available to fit your needs and the size of your event. They offer round tables for 8 or 10 guests and many trestle tables that seat up to 4 guests and can be joined together to form a Top Table.

The beauty of this rustic space is that you can accommodate it to your preferences. You can hire a DJ to start the party, a light-up dancefloor, floral decoration, and focal pieces like a giant LED letters to make your wedding unique. The barn's upstairs gallery can be a perfect place for your photo booth and a lounge area for a quiet talk.

The in-house catering service will accommodate many requests. Their experienced chef can help you customize your wedding menu using fresh and local produce. Special requirements like vegetarian, celiac and allergy are also welcome. And the children menu is available too.

Menu packages include standard items like table linen, linen napkins, cutlery, china, waiting for staff, and front of house manager. Canapés and bar service are also available with an extensive list of wine. The friendly staff will make your guests feel at home.

The morning after your big day, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast with all the guests that stayed the night at The Hayloft. Their chef will be happy to accommodate any special request for your morning gathering.

As you have seen so far, The Maidens Barn is a flexible wedding venue with a rustic style that can work for many wedding themes. While located within the countryside of Essex, it is an accessible location for your guests. And the perfect setting for a memorable wedding.