Corporate events have a large variety, and planning one involves getting creative to find a venue where the purpose of your event is possible. For example, trade shows have different flow needs than a conference or a milestone company celebration. All those details are important when you organise an event, and findingCorporate Entertainment corporate event entertainment right for the type of event you organise is essential. If you are planning a corporate event, we recommend you consider the following ideas for corporate entertainment hire.

The first step you need to take before looking for corporate entertainment is to define the type of event you are organising, the venue, and the number of guests. This becomes important when you begin looking for entertainment vendors because they all offer different services, and knowing exactly the vibe you need for the event will make things easier. A Christmas corporate party would need something fun and festive, while a product launching needs engaging entertainment.

Professional DJ

Nothing compares to having a professional corporate event hire DJ in charge of getting your guests into the right mood. Perhaps you need to keep them entertained with soft beats, or you want to drive their energy up while the time to launch your new product comes. Whatever your event’s purpose, you must have a DJ on your side to fulfil your goal.

Professional DJs are amazing for keeping the vibe through the entire event, and they know exactly what beat to play at a certain moment of the event; if you have a party, you will need to keep everyone on the dancefloor while a milestone event requires moments of calm to give speeches and celebrate.

Magical entertainment

Entertaining your guests at a corporate event hire doesn’t have to be traditional and boring; you can add uncommon entertainers like a live magician who walks around the crowd and interacts with everyone. Or you can set up a booth for guests to come in and have their minds blown with amazing magic tricks. A close-up magic show is suitable for corporate parties, product launching, trade shows, and even to keep the energy going during a long conference day.

Group photos

Everyone loves to take fun pictures when attending an event, even if it is a corporate event. You can reach great on social media when you offer spaces for attendants to take pictures. One idea is to set up a red carpet with a custom background, including your brand or your new product; every guest will enter through the red carpet and take awesome photos.

If you want to skip the red carpet, you can include a magic selfie mirror offering a similar experience but with props. Plus, you can set it up on a corner, and it doesn’t have to take much space from your event venue. If you are looking for a magic selfie mirror, hire Kent, we have it available at Trez Entertainment. The hire includes unlimited prints and re-prints, trained professional booth attendants, props, carpet, rope barriers, free set-up and collection, and public liability insurance.

Live artists

There is something magical about live performers that captures the attention of any guest regardless of the type of event you organise. Think about the theme of your corporate event and the type of entertainment you want, and for example, you can hire interactive shows like jugglers or carnival artists who randomly engage with guests or live musicians for the end of the conference rounds.

Another amazing idea is to have a live caricaturist or cartoon artist for your guests to take a sit and have a fun memory from your corporate event. You can ask the artist to add the product you are launching or the name of your company in the background of the piece. Body and face painting is another great idea, especially if your corporate event includes children. Many companies organise corporate parties for the associates’ kids, perhaps a Halloween or Christmas party, and kids love to have art painted on their faces.

Bouncy castle

I know you are picturing a kids’ birthday party as you read bouncy castle, but nowadays, they are not only intended or limited for children to have a great time. Hire a bouncy castle and see how much fun adults can have while remembering those days of fun while they were kids. Bouncy castle for adults is a reality and an amazing way to break the ice during a corporate event. They come in solid colours, matching the vibe of your event, and you can add balloons and other props to add your brand to them.


What better way to entertain your corporate event attendants than having them at the show’s start? This is a great way to make the team come close or have them interact in a new environment. And if you add the right setting, décor, and lighting, you will be in for an awesome time. If you are planning a large event, you can have separate rooms with different entertainment, for example, a karaoke room, a painting room, a make-your-own cocktail room and so on. For smaller events, it is possible to have karaoke as the main star of the evening.

Casino night

And to entertain your guests at a corporate event, there is no better way than adding some casino tables and turning your regular corporate gathering into a casino night. Perhaps you can have it as an end-of-the-event activity once the meetings, launching, and conferences are over so your guests can have a drink and relax as they play some casino games.

We at Trez Entertainment offer not only the casino table hire but also trained professional croupiers, free set-up and collection, and public liability insurance. You can have a themed night and ask your guests to dress accordingly to close the event as magnificently as possible. We are certain your guests will have the night of their lives and remember your corporate event as one of the unique ones they have ever attended.