Corporate events are a big part of every industry of the economy. Many companies use these large gatherings of their corporate workforce to create a sense of community, offer a social interaction between all their members, and join efforts towards achieving a company’s growth goals and productivity.

These events are amazing in the eyes of companies for many reasons. They can only be made possible with the help of event management services that provide companies with the tools necessary to set up such a large gathering as these kinds of events are. They take care of the logistics, venues, and vendors required to have corporate events take place, but they also provide you with all their experience in these events and can work through the different obstacles you could face.

If you’re planning your next corporate event, you must be aware of the top corporate management services for events, and if you’re not familiar with them yet, then here you’re going to know all about them. Coming from experts in corporate entertainment hire in Essex, here are some of the top services.

1. Venue scouting

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Finding the right space to host a corporate event is no easy task. You need to think about the size of your event, the flow, the stations, and the overall concept to find one that suits your needs. And in addition to that, it should also be located near your potential attendants, hotels, and transportation. Finally, you must think about parking space, accessibility, and other services like food and beverages.

When you hire someone who has plenty of experience organizing corporate events, they will know exactly what to offer and look for in a venue to fulfil all your expectations. They will also take care of contracts and insurance and negotiate the best deal for your company if you are lucky enough. Consider hiring a professional for this task to rest knowing you got the best venue for your needs.

2. Fun activities

What is a corporate event without fun activities to engage with the attendants and ensure you achieve your goals? Regardless of the specific purpose, which might be meeting new leads, bringing your team together, or launching a new product, you need to plan activities that help you keep the event interesting while hitting the goals.

You will find a fun activity to suit your audience, from a team rally to augmented reality rooms. The point is to give your attendants an escape from the corporate environment and a moment to enjoy with their coworkers or peers. Other activities like magic, fun corporate event entertainment, a live performer or artist, and even a karaoke station could do some magic.

3. Entertainment

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And talking about entertainment, what is an event without music? Or some other type of fun entertainment. This is without a doubt the key to success, having the right entertainment and engaging with the audience. Look for the best corporate entertainment hire, Essex, one that knows how to keep things formal and fun at the same time. And most importantly, someone who cares about the goal of your corporate event and helps you achieve it while entertaining your guests.

4. Event coordination

Any event involves lots of planning, and when the time comes, it takes plenty more time because there are activities and a program to keep up with. But if you are organizing and meeting, and greeting everyone at your upcoming corporate event, how can you have your hands on keeping the program on time?

Well, you need to hire an event coordinator, someone who takes care of vendors coming in on time and, most importantly, any inconvenience that could come up. Having a professional who makes sure timing is controlled is crucial for your corporate event to succeed.

5. Event design

Let’s face it, organizing a corporate event requires plenty of skills, and if you intend to have your human resources department handle the whole thing, you might be asking a bit much from them. When you hire event management services, you can leave the planning and designing of your event in the hands of professionals who know exactly how to put your ideas into reality.

Currently, we are amused by aesthetical spaces and events with amazing themes that transport us to a different place or time, so event design is a big deal in catching your audience’s attention and planning an unforgettable corporate event. Remember that corporate events are no longer those huge convention centres with tables and chairs as the only décor element. Make sure you add a special design to engage with your attendants, and if possible, make it social media-friendly.

6. Promotional products

Event management services not only include all that is related to the space itself or the organization of the event. It is also about giving your event a personality and taking care of details like branding elements with your attendants, such as promotional products. An event management expert can help you choose those products, so they are branded and useful and stick to your attendants for years to come.

7. Lighting and audiovisual

Although entertainment usually comes with some audiovisuals and lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of a regular venue by incorporating a high number of mood lights and spotlights and making it look more like your company. Screens and projectors are also great for your corporate event if you intend to feature a product or host a talk.

Adding technology to your upcoming corporate event will help you communicate the purpose of your event and create the right environment. Other cool elements are augmented reality and multimedia rooms where your attendants can fully understand your vision.

If you are on the first steps of organizing a corporate event, don’t hesitate to contact corporate event management services and, of course, us to help you set up the best corporate event entertainment for an unforgettable celebration.