Weddings gather your loved ones like no other event, and it helps you bring your friends and family into one place for a couple of hours to witness your loving union with your partner. That is the main reason why couples want to capture many photos of such moments, but how can you frame those pictures and make them extra special without a backdrop. Wedding backdrops have been popular over the past years because they provide a special place for your guests to take beautiful photos.

But a wedding backdrop can also serve as a beautiful piece for the back of your sweetheart table, for your ceremony, or to frame any other space you wish to embellish during your wedding ceremony or reception. Depending on the style of your celebration, you can incorporate many elements to make it perfect. If you want to grab some ideas and read our tips for decorating an ideal wedding backdrop, please keep reading.

Set a theme or style

In general, setting a theme, colour palette, or style for your wedding is necessary. The reason is you need to have a clear idea of the style you prefer to pick the right venue, decoration, and event floral design. Imagine a romantic wedding with plenty of blush and gold details, so you probably should skip that ultramodern venue with industrial finishes because it doesn’t match your vision. Instead, it would help to focus on romantic architecture and finishes that fully match the aesthetic you desire.

Now that you know why having a theme or style is crucial, you can pick one and keep it on your mind while selecting your wedding backdrop to look within the same line of style as the rest of your wedding. If we continue with the romantic style, you should add some drapery to cover the space, a LED backdrop to add some light and perhaps a few blooms on the edges.

Vintage or classic weddings are great opportunities to incorporate a flower wall as your backdrop for photos or welcome your guests. Imagine a wall filled with beautiful florals within the colour palette you choose for your wedding and a magical neon sign or giant LED letters as a compliment. Always keep your theme in mind when choosing your wedding backdrop.

Find the right space.

Backdrops are mainly used to take photos; they look wonderful and provide your guests with the opportunity of taking pretty photos with a unique backdrop. Keeping that in our minds, we must be mindful of the space, we choose to place the backdrop; you want it to be ideal for people to gather and take a selfie or a large portrait.

Keep your backdrop away from main hallways, small entrances, or spaces where a crowd might affect the natural flow of guests. You can pick a corner or a large open space so everyone has enough room to wait for their turn to snap an amazing photo. If you are considering the wedding backdrop for your head table, then it would be best if the table also has enough room for photos to be captured.

Add unique details

Wow factors include unique details in your backdrop, such as lighting, perhaps a balloon garland, or some fresh florals and greenery decorating the edges to make it stand out. But if you want to go big, you should add complements like a giant LED letters on the sides for guests to take pictures. A simple drapery and lights backdrop can easily change into a unique one when you incorporate details like colourful letters, butterflies, giant paper flowers, or anything related to your event or the décor you plan to install for the reception.

If your backdrop serves as a ceremony décor, you can add a decorated arch, some columns with lush floral arrangements, a circular structure for fresh florals and plenty of lighting. Fairy lights look amazing regardless of your theme because they add a hint of light into any space, consider them for your wedding backdrop or include some spotlights to brighten up the sides and the flowers.

Personalize the backdrop

wedding backdrop
Weddings are the perfect events to showcase your personality. When decorating the multiple spaces of your wedding ceremony and reception, you can never go wrong adding personalized details. One trend couples love around the globe is personalized neon signs with phrases or their family name on them. They come in multiple colours and sizes to fit the idea you have on your mind. Plus, they can be used to decorate your new house and keep it as a beautiful memory of your wedding day. \

Personalize your backdrop with wooden signs and add some greenery for a beautiful result. You can choose from many options like Mr. & Mrs., and we said yes, your family last name, etc. Another amazing idea is to add a chalkboard backdrop that serves at the same time as a guest book, and you can let your guests write a message or draw something and take a photo at the end of the night to keep the memory. Rustic and vintage weddings are great for a three backdrop where they hang good wishes for the couple as if they were leaves. The three are filled with leaves by the end of the night, and your photos will look unique.

Now you have some awesome ideas for your upcoming wedding and your backdrop; there are so many options to fit your vision regardless of the theme you pick. We offer entertainment and décor solutions for your celebration with an experienced team to solve any issue. From DJ hire to wedding backdrops that wow your guests, we have it all. Follow our advice to create a magnificent wedding backdrop and contact us to help you enhance any space of your wedding.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that deserves all the attention to detail. When you plan your wedding, you need to have a professional and experienced team on your side to make sure every detail is taken care of. Give us a call to start planning the wedding you dream of and help you create the perfect backdrop for your wedding. We offer many wedding packages to fulfil your needs, and we are the right vendors for your wedding backdrop hire.