Stylish, Trendy Backdrop for your next event

Here at Trez Entertainment, we take great pride in having delivered the most appealing and alluring flower wall services to all of our customers. We have since grown a reputation of quality and convenience when it comes to all of your event props and accessories.

Our deluxe range of flower options are perfect for whatever kind of event that you plan.  If you want the perfect backdrop for all of your photographs to truly make your guests say “Wow”, then we have the right services and flower types for you.

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Perfect for Any Occasion

What separates us from other flower wall service providers in Essex, is our comprehensive range of flowers for you to choose from. Regardless of what type of event you’re planning, we have an entire collection of flower walls that will give your venue the extra touch of class. Whether you’re searching for an elegant, white rose wall, or a luxurious pink rose wall to add the “Wow” factor, then we have you completely covered with our flower range.

What Makes Our Flowers So Special?

Our gorgeous flower wall not only offers the most deluxe background setting for your event or occasion, but they are also made from a mix of the highest quality, real flowers. They are placed on fabric to ensure that no holes or light can shine through.

What’s more is, the feet stands and covers are made to match the wall, to make sure that you have the highest quality flower wall in Essex. Meaning you can have total peace of mind knowing tag you are receiving the most high quality and luxurious flower wall background, when you place your trust in us.

Convenient Set Up

We are familiar with every nuance of the entertainment industry, we know how confusing and stressful it can be to have to organise every detail to make sure that your event is exactly the way you like it, but that’s how we help. We offer the most practical and convenient flower wall setting in all of Essex. Our experts will arrive at your destination and within just a matter of minutes, will have your gorgeous flower walls set up just the way you like it.

Diverse Range of Options

Never before has there been such a diverse range of flower wall options for you to choose from. Our own comprehensive choice means that you can finally have the satisfaction of getting the exact design that you have been craving for your venue.

Competitive Pricing

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have to deal with other second-rate service providers with inflated prices and clumsy set ups, we offer our luxurious flower wall services for an unbeatable price. All that you need to do is click below to contact us, and receive a free personalised quote for your event.


Excellent communication from start to finish, professional service and very reasonably priced.

- Natasha Giles.


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