Weddings are unique events, they have different special moments such as a meaningful ceremony, a cocktail hour to break the ice, a delicious dinner, and a fun moment spent with your guests on the dance floor. But to make each of those moments special, you must plan them carefully. Since most of your reception will take place on the dance floor, we advise you to hire a professional wedding DJ to ensure the experience is perfect and flawless. 

We understand how simple it might sound to add music to your wedding. You might even ask yourself why to hire a professional wedding DJ when you know exactly what you want to play and dance to the whole night. Well, the main reason is you want to enjoy the night and not worry about changing the song and keeping up with the mood of your guests. 

Another reason to consider spicing things up with a professional DJ hire is you might not have the proper equipment because a wedding is not the same as you do at home birthday parties where you take your wireless speaker and provide entertainment for the guests without a problem. In addition to music, you could need a mic to announce the toast and give them so that everyone hears properly. 

How to find the right DJ for your wedding

Now that you are convinced about hiring a professional DJ for your upcoming celebration, how can you tell if you found the one? Here are a couple of tips to hire a DJ that entertains your wedding guests and makes your evening unforgettable. 

– Define what you need for your wedding

Having a clear idea about the type of entertainment you want for your wedding will be helpful to start looking for your wedding DJ. Perhaps you want an electronic music approach, or you have many different age groups and need someone who can work with this type of crowd. When you know what you are looking for is easier to find it. 

– Meet with your potential wedding DJ

Meeting your potential wedding vendors is always a good idea; the reason is you get to know them and see if the energy is right, plus you can ask a couple of crucial questions. You can ask them if they take requests from guests, how many weddings they have serviced if they can make announcements, and even ask them about what they do when the wedding guests are not cooperating and seam reluctant to enjoy the party. 

– Ask about wedding DJ packages

Many wedding DJs offer packages that include all you need to offer the best experience to your wedding attendants, so it might be good to know if your potential vendor offers them. A package might include the DJ service, equipment, a DJ booth, lighting, dancefloor, and even MC services. Your budget might also benefit from hiring a wedding DJ package because you get discounts when you hire more than one service from the same vendor. 

– Hear some samples of their previous work

If you haven’t heard before your potential DJ, it would be ideal to request some samples of their work so you can have an idea of the service their offer. A video of a live performance or a previous wedding could be helpful to decide. In addition to hearing a sample, you can also look for online reviews and read about their performance and customer service. 

Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

– Talk about your contract

A crucial part of hiring a wedding entertainment is finding one with the right skills, equipment, and fair terms of service. Read the contract before signing and make sure you understand every line; you should also see all you have previously discussed on paper, such as hours of service, insurance, cancellation fees, and rescheduling policies. If something is to be corrected, don’t sign the contract and wait for the revised version. And please don’t hire a DJ who does not offer a service contract. 

– Book soon

To find the right fit in every way, from budget to personality and service, you need to start looking early on the planning process. The reason is wedding vendors get booked with years of anticipation, and the longer you wait, the fewer your options. Since entertainment is the core of your wedding, you need to find and book your DJ as soon as possible. 

– Go for experience rather than price

This is a tricky one, but when you find a middle point, your chances of success are high because a wedding DJ who has a high price but zero experience in weddings might be awesome at other events but lacks the expertise and knowledge you need for such an important moment in your life. So if you find a wedding DJ with a price within your budget and who has wedding experience, you should highly consider it. 

– Share your do’s and don’ts

Since you are planning this event, the music your wedding DJ plays should be exactly what you envision. One way to make sure this happens is to talk to your wedding DJ and communicate the songs you don’t want under any circumstance to play at your event. Also, a list of your favourites so he can get an idea about similar songs or genres you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind you need to be a bit flexible about this topic because your wedding DJ is there not only for you but to put your guests on their feet all night long, and at some moments of the night, a couple of all-time hits could save the day. 

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We understand you want it to be as perfect as humanly possible, so our biggest advice to achieve this purpose is by hiring a professional wedding DJ who understands your needs and will give in more than 100% to ensure every single attendant hits the dance floor and creates unforgettable moments while enjoying the night. We hope our tips help you find the one and your wedding is more than what you have dreamed about. 

Finally, if you are still looking for entertainment for your wedding day, Trez Entertainment can help you out because we offer wedding packages with all you need to entertain your guests. From experience in weddings to personalised playlists and amazing DJ booths, you can have it all and leave such an important part of your celebration in the hands of professionals.