Planning a wedding takes months, and you want to enjoy every moment of the day as much as possible. That is why we always recommend planning a full wedding day, where you start early, get ready, have your pictures taken before or after the ceremony and promptly head to the cocktail hour before the reception starts. Why is it important to have a cocktail hour? Well, to start with, you want to meet and greet everyone before the party, so you don’t lose time when the music starts, and you get to have a relaxed moment after the ceremony and before making your grand entrance.

Guests also appreciate cocktail hour and must start their day early to arrive at the ceremony on time. Guests often don’t even have lunch, so it’s a great moment to offer them snacks or add a grazing table for them to enjoy while having a refreshing or comforting drink. If you are still hesitating about adding a bar before the party or looking for inspiration, we have the top 5 ideas for a wedding bar before the party.

Mobile bar 

Installing a mobile bar hire at your wedding venue is a practical idea because you don’t have to figure out how to serve drinks to your guests, where to put everything, who will serve the drinks, and so on. Mobile bar hires Essex includes everything you need because it is a fully licensed and equipped bar. Your guests can enjoy a personalised drink before the party, and you can choose a signature drink and even name it as you wish or keep it classic with all-time favourite options. 

Garden bar 

When you host an outdoor wedding with amazing views of the countryside or waterfront views, you don’t want to miss the opportunity of installing a garden bar to offer your guests a cocktail while they wait for the party to start. It is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and break the ice before dinner. 

When you do an outdoor cocktail and add a garden bar, hire Essex, you can also include giant lawn games for guests to spend the golden hour having an awesome time. It is also the perfect setting for your photographer to capture great images of everyone having fun in the sun. 

Vintage details 

Perhaps you will have a vintage inspiration for your wedding décor or theme. If that is the case, we advise adding unique statement pieces that wow your guests, such as a vintage jukebox hire. We highly recommend it for your cocktail hour since it allows your guests to play the music they want to hear and interact with each other. Then you can proceed to have your favourite beats alongside your DJ. 

And when we say vintage jukebox hire, we don’t mean a slow-functioning jukebox. We offer you digital and up-to-date technology with the charm of a vintage jukebox. Each jukebox has an easy-to-use touchscreen with high-quality software that runs smoothly through the event. In addition to being easy to use, you will save money since you are not being charged by the hour. You can play some beats before the party and even after your DJ says goodbye. 

Saxophone player

For couples who are not into the typical cocktail hour entertainment and wish to offer their guests a unique and artistic experience, we offer the option of hiring a professional Saxophone player to create a festive and classy atmosphere. And don’t think that a saxophonist can only play classical music, one of the many perks of the saxophone is how versatile it can be. You can ask for modern and hip songs to make them more interesting. 

And if you want to extend the background saxophone music, you can also have it during dinner to keep the festive but calm ambience. Remember that a saxophone player can go solo, have a band as a company, or even a track. 

Photobooth hire 

Finally, who doesn’t love a photo booth at weddings! It is interactive and entertaining with all the different backgrounds and props available, and you can take the photos as a memory of an amazing event. The best part is you can hire one that fits your theme and vision since we offer so many options, and here are some of them. 

360 video booth

If you want a unique experience while your guests enjoy a drink before the party, a 360-video booth is a way to go. The moment is ideal because your guests are still fresh and full of glamour, and they are excited to start the night. And the format of the 360 video booth is unique because you don’t get just one angle of your guest’s fun. You get a full 360 view in a video format. 

Classic photo booth 

For traditional weddings and even vintage ones, you can choose a classic photo booth for everyone to remember the old days when you used to get inside a booth, make silly faces at the camera, and collect the photos outside. Although the classic photo booth looks like those you see in fairs and carnivals, ours come in various colours to fit your theme and wedding décor. 

Magic mirror

An amazing feature of this photo booth is your guests will have full-length portraits to showcase all their glamour. For glamorous and luxurious weddings, you can hire a magic mirror. This option includes a red carpet, rope barriers, props, and a 72-inch reflective touchscreen with easy-to-use prompts and interactive animations to make each photo unique. 

Rustic pod 

Finally, you can choose our rustic pod for weddings with a rustic vibe, perfect for guests to take a cute photo while sipping a drink before the party. This charming-looking photo booth is easy to use and fully automated, with options for different backgrounds and styles, in colour or black and white. 

At Trez Entertainment, we know how important it is for you to have unforgettable moments with your guests on your wedding day. That is why we offer many options for you to have a bar before the part and add unique and entertaining experiences for everyone.