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Regardless of what you are looking for, whether its an indoor or outdoor space, corporate event or just a cinema experience like no other, we have you completely sorted with our inflatable cinema hire Essex services. We offer you a whole range of cinema styles and sizes, so no matter whether your event is for 20 people or 2000, we have you covered – not to mention a whole range of other supplementary services that are available to hire out too.

Just imagine this: you, your family & friends all together. A warm evening. The bright red sunset lights up the area, and you all get cosy to watch your favourite movie together. The truth is, we don’t just provide cinema hire services, but we provide memories. We provide memories of you and your loved ones that will last for years to come. As we all know, nothing beats a good movie, except for a good movie with the people you care about the most. Paired with our Silent Disco Hire Headphones this makes a great event for the kids that doesn’t wake the neighbours!

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Inflatable Cinema Essex

One thing which makes inflatable cinema screens so incredibly popular is how flexible and portable they are. They are relatively small in size, and this can be carried and set up almost anywhere you want. So no matter where you wish to have your special movie night, we have you covered with our inflatable cinema hire service. So when you haven’t got much space, but still have plenty of guests to please, the inflatable cinema screen is the perfect choice for you.

Incredibly easy to use up

Perhaps the most common reason why so many people will opt for an inflatable cinema hire is that it is so easy to set up. Compared to other outdoor screening options, the time taken to tear it down after the event is much, much smaller. It only takes perhaps an hour to assemble the entire screen, so the production costs are significantly reduced. This means event organisers much favour it as it saves them both time and energy.

Low cost

When you choose us to have an inflatable cinema screen event, you are the one who reaps the rewards. Compared to other outdoor screening methods, the costs of setting up and running an outdoor inflatable cinema event are much lower. This is thanks to the more worth from the screen providers, but also the maintenance of the screen. This means that an enjoyable, memorable inflatable cinema event doesn’t have to be one that breaks your budget too!

Inflatable Cinema Package

  • Flexible Set-up and Collection times
  • HD Projector Included
  • Huge Selection of Movie Titles
  • Netflix Support
  • PAT Tested & 5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • FREE Bottle of Wine & Popcorn
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Friendly in adverse weather conditions

Like we mentioned above, many screens take too long to set up and come together. Compared to traditional screens, it is very, very easy to set up. Luckily for you, this has numerous benefits. Most notably, in adverse weather conditions, it doesn’t take much time to deflate all the inflated screens and protect them from any damage that might be caused. But most importantly, however, it is well known that other screen types can be much more dangerous in adverse weather conditions. This means that having an inflatable cinema screen can protect you and your guest in any adverse weather conditions.

No more leaf blower sounds

Inflatable cinema screens have grown somewhat of a reputation in the last number of years for being noisy, and uncomfortable to listen to. Yet, this is true. With recent advancements in technological developments, the blower noise from our unstable screens can now easily be controlled and reduced to the point where it no longer interferes with the show on the net.

Extreme friendly staff

When you ask our satisfied customers about what they enjoyed most about our services, it isn’t always about the quality of the screens themselves, or how quickly we can set it up. What our satisfied customers often remark about is how friendly and helpful our team of staff are. Every single one of our expert team members is prepared to face a challenge to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service that you receive.

No matter what kind of issue you may be having, you should never feel hesitant to contact us and voice your concerns. One of our friendly staff members will always be here to guide you through any problems that may arise and ensure that you are comfortable with the inflatable cinema screens we provide you.

We have worked incredibly hard over the last number of years to build our reputation as the go-to inflatable cinema screen hires in Essex. We are prepared to work just as hard in order to keep it. Never before has it bee so incredibly easy for you to get your inflatable cinema screen at such a low price.

Hired a DJ and Magic Mirror from Trez Entertainment for my wedding reception. Service was top notch right the way through. Music was great and the DJ read the crowd perfectly to get everyone on the dance floor. Guests loved the Magic Mirror and me and the Mrs loved the printed guest book with all the photos and the digital copies sent after the event!

- Kieran Eraw.


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