Entertainment is crucial for your wedding to succeed; there is no doubt about it. But once you start organizing every aspect of your big day, you will soon realize the expenses quickly add up, and perhaps your budget isn’t enough to cover it all. That is why you must look for every opportunity available to save some money. 

And when we talk about entertainment package, there are many things involved besides a live band or a DJ. For example, you should think about activities to keep your guests engaged during your celebration because once the dinner is over, they might head to the dance floor for a while, and after dancing for an hour, they will take a break. What are they supposed to do then? 

Photo booths are great examples of activities your guests will enjoy and you too because a digital album could be available, so you don’t miss out on the exciting moments. Backdrops for photos, giant LED letters, or up lights can be part of your entertainment and give your wedding venue the right vibe. 

Now how can you save money when you must include so many thoughtful details into your celebration? Well, here are some of our top options so you can impress your guests, have fantastic decor, and save while doing it all. 

Hire an Entertainment Package

Packages are the ultimate option for practical couples who wish to save money; while you go around searching for prices to organize your wedding, you will see some vendors offer special pricing when you hire more than one of their services. 

For example, stationery vendors will give a better price if you buy to save the date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you cards. The same goes for wedding photographers; a discount is usually involved if you book an engagement session and your wedding photos simultaneously. Or when you hire a wedding venue including catering and a bar..

But how about entertainment packages? What do they include, and how can you save? Well, at Trez Entertainment, we have everything you could need, and we offer standard packages that you can customize to suit your needs. So, if you are planning your Essex or Kent wedding, look no further; we are here to solve the problem. 

Some of the Services We Offer are:  

  • Wedding DJ hire. 
  • Photo booth. 
  • Customized printout. 
  • Custom music playlist. 
  • Uplighting for your room. 
  • White starlit wedding dance floor. 
  • LED letters. 
  • Jukebox hire. 
  • Rustic Pod. 
  • Starlit backdrop. 

Hiring a wedding entertainment package is practical and guarantees your guests will have the time of their life. A couple’s main concern while organizing their wedding is not getting the entertainment right, because what is a wedding without the all-time favorites and dancing songs? Most memories are made on the dance floor, and wedding photos are forever treasured, so you need to have the perfect picture spot. 

But since each couple is unique, your wedding package should adapt to your needs and style. At Trez Entertainment, we understand it and can build the right package for you, including only the services you truly need. Plus, we offer so many more services at affordable prices for you to complete the experience. 

Wedding DJ packages include an experienced DJ who knows how to read wedding crowds and keep the party going all night. Other experiences include uplighting, a fun light-up dance floor, a backdrop, LED giant letters, and a photo booth. You get to work hand to hand with your DJ to create a custom music playlist and personalize your event with a customized printout for the photo booth. 

But in addition to hiring an entertainment package, you can also save by adding an early set up with background music which is perfect for your ceremony, speeches, and even during dinner. Extra hours for your DJ and photo booth are also available to keep the party going if your guests have a great time. 

And since you are hiring entertainment with Trez, why not check all our other services? Such as decorating flowers, tipi tents, neon signs for your photo backdrop or entrance, and interactive services like casino tables, mobile bars, and digital jukeboxes. 

As you can see, saving to keep your budget in line is simple if you find the right vendors, and hiring entertainment packages is the easiest way to engage all you need to organize a successful wedding. At Trez Entertainment, we offer three packages to cover all your needs; the vision package includes essential services such as photo booth, lighting, and DJ. The Elevation package also provides a LED dance floor in addition to the essential services. And for a complete package, we have the Desire package featuring 4ft LED LOVE letters to wow your guests. 

Keep in mind each package can be customized, and you can add or substitute any service for another of the same price. The experienced and professional wedding organizing team will help you choose the services you need for a true one-of-a-kind celebration. Your wedding day does not have to be stressful, especially when you leave the entertainment portion; you can work with us to create the vision you dream about for such an important day in life.