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Special events in your life always lead to special memories. There are some days in your life that you wish you could just capture the moment and hold it with you forever. This was never possible until the introduction of Selfie Pods.

 There’s truly no better way to create memories that will last for a lifetime and to have so much fun in the process, than with our selfie pod hire service. It’s the charming modern design and the appeal of saving space which makes this such a popular option amongst our customers.

Just watch for yourself as guests flock towards the open booth to pull silly faces and throw amusing shapes with our full range of props. All just to create the perfect snap to remember the event for.

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Perfect For Any Event

No matter what kind of event you are planning, anything from a wedding anniversary to a school reunion party, our low-cost Essex selfie pod hire service is the perfect way to offer hours and hours of entertainment without taking up too much space in your venue.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Nothing says love more than a selfie pod, right? There’s no better way to make memories of your special day than watching your guests make ridiculously embarrassing yet hilarious poses in front of the photo booth stand.

School Proms

At this event, the selfie pod is in a league of its own when it comes to entertainment. As you will see, nothing gets a large group of even the shyest teenagers onto their feet as a selfie pod. Just set it up in an open spot and watch them automatically flock in that direction.  

Corporate Events

For corporate events, “Work hard, play hard” is the best motto. To help your corporate group unwind and break the ice, there’s nothing better than a light-hearted group photo. It’s the perfect entertainment service for people of all kinds, helping even the timidest personalities to unwind a little more.

Selfie Pod Package

  • Unlimited usage
  • Digital only hire
  • Instant sharing
  • Print station option
  • Prop add-on option
  • Backdrop option
  • Free set up and collection
  • PAT tested & £10 M PLI
  • All day/evening hire from £245
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Photo Booth Options

Magic Mirror

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Rustic Heart Pod

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Vintage Pod

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Classic Booth

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Why Us?

Here at Trez Entertainment, we have grown somewhat of a reputation for being the go-to provider for all party accessories and services in Essex. We know exactly what helps people to let their guards down at events, and we provide these services to you to make your event the best it possibly can be.

Our Selfie Pod Hire service is incredibly easy for your guests to use. The advanced touch-screen technology gives guests plenty of choices surrounding their photographic memories. It’s a fully automated operation with fast and spectacular quality prints almost immediately.

Our service is incredibly easy to use. Our team of experts will arrive a matter of hours before your event. They make sure that everything is running smoothly. All so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your entertainment is as good as it gets.

Hired a Photo booth, Cant fault the overall experience, Booth looked great, guests loved it, photo album given with a message from all my guests made the night, so chuffed! staff on the night was more than happy helping my guests. :)

- Phoebe Olivia.


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