Nowadays, organising a wedding is more complex than a few years ago when it was about a ceremony and reception with a nice dinner and music. Today we see couples making a great effort to design tailored experiences for their guests. With many entertainment options and out-of-this-world ideas to decorate and provide the best service to their guests.

But if weddings are no longer just dinner and dance, what should you be looking for? How can you make your wedding stand out from the rest as a special event? We advise you to continue reading because we are about to give you some ideas to find unique services and add your special touch to your wedding.

Each wedding is special simply because couples are unique and organise their celebration based on their beliefs, style, and preferences. But even though they are all unique, some similarities tie them together because, at the end of the date, weddings have many moments and traditions in common. If you want to make your wedding special, we recommend you choose different services to add unique experiences for you and your guests.

Sometimes a little twist on common services can do much to make your wedding special. Let’s take as an example food, and weddings are known to have a classic dinner including three to five courses. It is usually salad, chicken, and dessert. But what would happen if you hired a unique service to cater your wedding, such as a popular food truck you love? You could come up with freshly made pizza, a taco service, or anything. Your guests will remember its uniqueness and enjoy the tasty food.

Just like that, you can change pieces of your wedding by adding outstanding services. If you want some more inspiration, we can help you create the wedding of your dreams. All you need to do is follow our advice and let your ideas loose to organise a unique wedding.

–         Signature cocktails.

If you wish to welcome your wedding guest with unique cocktails, you can hire a bar service to offer one or two cocktails made according to your taste, the season, or the theme. Great examples are delicious autumn and winter seasonal drinks, including mulled wine, old-fashioned, and ginger apple Moscow mule. The same goes for those hot summer days when your guests crave a refreshing drink.

Bar services are amazing ways to personalise your wedding while offering a delicious drink to your attendants. You can also include themed cocktails; a martini would suit you perfectly if you are having a casino night wedding. You can also add little twists to the name or create a meaningful name related to you and your partner.

–         Entertainment.

While you start looking for wedding entertainment services in Essex, you will encounter a great number of vendors who offer you the best options to keep your guests busy all night long. But how can you find a unique entertainment service to wow everyone instead of the classic options we all know for weddings?

Our advice is that to find professional wedding services; you need to make sure you are hiring the best wedding DJ Essex can offer you. When you rely on the experience of a professional DJ, you can count on them to read the crowd and play the music everyone loves to keep the party going. And while a wedding DJ is a traditional form of entertainment, there are ways to make it special; for example, you can hire a DJ with a light show, a light-up LED dancefloor, or a light-up stage.

You can combine a DJ hire with live music, like a Saxophone player, for cocktail hour and dinner. And don’t think about those boring sax pieces; nowadays, you can find players who know modern hits and make them extra special. A live musician can also play your first dance if you want to stand out from the rest.

Bouncy castles have made their way to weddings, and you can find them in multiple solid colours, white being the most popular for weddings. A bouncy castle will be not only entertaining but also a great photo opportunity where you can capture unique moments; imagine yourself jumping with your partner in such a unique wedding photo. 

–         Decorations.

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, and one of the key elements to personalise a wedding is décor. Wedding decorations can fully transform a venue and make dreams come true. From beautiful blooms for your centrepieces to shiny chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the right wedding decoration service can make a difference. Your wedding will be extra special if you choose a theme or style matching your personality as a couple and if you find professional vendors who make your ideas a reality.

–         Backdrop.

Sometimes we find the perfect wedding venue, but something is missing, a focal point, a main protagonist for the night; that’s when wedding backdrop hire comes in to save the day. A wedding backdrop goes right behind the couple’s table or even at a special spot where you want your guests to take photos.

Starlit wedding backdrops are perfect for enhancing and covering a space you don’t like much; let’s say you are planning a romantic wedding, but there is a wooden accent wall behind your table. Your photos will be forever ruined with such contrasting backgrounds, but if you set up a starlit wedding backdrop, your problem will be solved. And if you only want to separate spaces or create a backstage, you can add backdrops serving that purpose.

Weddings are amazing opportunities to hire one-of-a-kind services, as wedding entertainment experts, we know how important this day is for you, and we make sure every service we offer has the highest quality possible. Making your wedding day special is one of our top priorities, and when you hire us, you can rest knowing we are the best wedding entertainment company in Essex. Contact us today to start planning the wedding of your dreams.