We all know what a tipi tent and marquee are and how they help us organise an outdoor event without worrying about the weather. Still, lately, we have seen some beautiful and aesthetical stretch tents being used for all types of events, and the wonders of this new type of tent will make you fall in love. So, if you have already seen them and need to know a bit more about how stretch tents work or if they fit your needs, we have a couple of tips for you. 


Stretch tent hire is ideal for any surface and location, in comparison with traditional marquees, a stretch tent can be easily set up near a building without leaving a gap. You can also maximise outdoor covered space. Since they don’t have a specific configuration, you can play with the shape and even avoid obstacles in the location. 

The biggest advantage of a stretch tent hire is you can install it regardless of the surface, and it could be concrete, dirt, or grass. And since the sides attach using ropes to stretch the canopy, you can change the shape because it is not a rigid structure. So, if you have a tricky location for your upcoming event and wish to protect your guests from the weather, a stretch tent marquee is your best option. 


Have you ever attended an event where the large white plastic marquee stood out more than the beautiful décor inside? It happens all the time, but when you organise an outdoor event, you cannot rely on good weather because from one moment to the next, rain, wind, or the harsh sun might ruin your plans, decoration, and the comfort of your loved ones. 

The alternative to a traditional marquee is a stretch tent. The tent itself is appealing to the eye because it doesn’t look like an old and dated structure. You can find it in a variety of colours to suit your event colour palette, and if you wish to have the sides open, it could almost blend with the background. You can set it up for a pool party, to create an event space on an open field, or for your wedding day on a magnificent lawn. 


One of the first things to consider when you organise a wedding or event outdoors is the space where you plan to set up the tent. Marquee tents are rigid, and measurements must be carefully taken for a tent to fit right in place. On the bright side, a stretch tent adapts to any space, even if there are obstacles like three branches. Dynamic stretch tents have poles set up in different positions, making them perfect for uneven surfaces or surroundings. 

Inside your stretch tent hire, the space might vary as well. If you wish to keep the cold wind or sunlight out, the tent could be stretched to a lower position and create a cosy small area. The height is also variable and can easily fit your venue space. They are perfect for continuing an already existing outdoor space since they attach to buildings avoiding uncomfortable gaps between both structures. 


Just like a marquee tent, they come in different sizes. Small stretch tent hire is available to set up tiny stations or for different purposes. Imagine having a main stretch tent marquee for your wedding reception and a smaller one to set up your photo booth, perhaps a second one as a quiet sitting area for those who want to take a break from the loud dancing inside the main stretch tent wedding.  


Keep in mind you need to add a couple of elements to your stretch tent hire to make it wedding or event ready. One of them is lighting because tents are amazing for daytime and evening events. Picture your big celebration, and you start the celebration around sunset with your heartfelt ceremony outdoors as the sun kisses your glowing face reading your vows. Some daylight will accompany your guests into the reception, but soon darkness will come. 

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Lighting can be part of the mood-setting for your event, and if you are hosting a romantic wedding, you can add a couple of fairy lights hanging from the tent or even fill the entire ceiling with them. For bohemian or rustic weddings, you can incorporate festoon lights or natural thread chandeliers. Elegant and classic weddings are perfect for adding your initials in large LED light up letters and marking the entrance.  


A stretch tent is not complete without some décor; even with a minimalistic approach, you need to consider the elements you want to add to your wedding or event. Since a stretch tent does not have the same structure like a marquee tent, you need to be wise regarding the décor. For example, if you love draping and structure, a stretch tent would not be the ideal choice. 

But if organic movement and natural look is your thing, a dynamic stretch tent fit right in. Since the shape has such as flowy feel, there is no need to drape and cover the ceiling or sides of the tent. You can focus the décor on your centrepieces, perhaps a couple of lounge areas or even personalised monogrammed lighting dancing through the ceiling of your tent.

Now you know all the details about stretch tent hire and how you can make your next event unique and charming without sacrificing space or having to move to a different location. The versatility of stretch tents is only one of its many benefits, and we are certain your next corporate event or wedding will be perfect while covering everyone from the weather.