Give your event that edge with a tipi!

When it comes to making memories for years to come, it’s hard to compete with Tipi Tents. They are flexible, spacious and can cater to almost any kind of event which you are planning for. These tents can be set up separately, and they can also link into one another to create one single more substantial space.

A whole range of configurations are possible, and there is no limit with regards to how many tents can be linked together. So whether you are planning a wedding of 200 or a corporate event of 2000, we have a whole range of Tipis and Stretch Tents in Essex which will be perfect for you.  

In addition to that, we also have a range of different style of tents that can be added onto your’s to create a separate bar or chill area for your guests on hired on their own, these are called Stretch tents. If you need some extra shelter or space for your guests, then we have you covered with our range of tents.

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Tipi Tent Hire Essex

There is something special about the luxury of the canvas tents which we offer our customers. From the exterior, they appear as elegant structures that almost touch the sky from their spot in the ground. On the inside, they are flawlessly designed that are versatile, practical and incredibly stylish, too!

Just close your eyes for a second and imagine snuggling together and laughing together, think about the exciting voices and listening out to the birds chirping their morning chorus. In our eyes, that’s an experience too good to put a price on.

Ease of use

  • What sets us apart from the competition in the industry isn’t just the sheer quality and elegance of our fabulous Tipi Hire Essex tents, but how we serve them.

  • We offer a streamlined and straightforward approach to ensure that you can get your Stretch Tent without any stress or hassle.

  • No fussing, no headaches and no worries when you place your trust in us as your Tipi tent provider. Our trouble-free tents practically run themselves.

  • Our team will arrive at your venue to deliver our luxurious Stretch tents for you at the site of your choice. We are more than happy to provide, furnish, pitch and then dismantle our tents, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Super high quality

But it’s not just the speed at which we can set up these services which impress our customers. In addition to that, we offer the most elegantly crafted, luxurious, quality tipi tents for you to enjoy. Extravagant material and design will wrap you up in style. Allow yourself a little bit of self-indulgence, with one of these tops of the range tipi tents. Unrivalled when it comes to quality and beauty. Our range of tipi tents are perfect for any kind of occasion, and the various types can be linked together to make sure you have a night you will never forget.


Friendly staff

The ‘cherry on the cake’ of the services which we offer isn’t just about our quality or the ease of our services, but it’s often about our team. Our team of expert professionals are familiar with every nuance of their role and prepared to rise to meet any challenge that they may face. They are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with the level of service and attention that you receive with us.

Personalised service

Why not add on our Bar Hire service or for that matter, any other service we offer to go hand in hand with your Tent hire.  We can help you with your event by giving you your very own designated event manger to take you through the planning stages, on site and off site, to make it easier for you to enjoy the planning process.


Excellent communication from start to finish, professional service and very reasonably priced.

- Natasha Giles.


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