You are dreaming about your big day, and as the date comes closer, you can’t wait to be on the dancefloor dancing for the first time as a married couple to your favourite song and sharing hours of fun with friends and family as your favourite tunes are played. But before we get to that, you have actually to hire a dancefloor for your wedding, but what do you need to know to hire an awesome dance floor? 

Well, luckily for you, we have all the insight in this topic, from how to choose the right size, to budgeting, and of course, finding the most amazing one to fit the style of your upcoming celebration. Let’s face it, a dancefloor is the soul of your wedding, and it should look as astonishing as the rest of your reception. We will explore all there is to know about wedding dancefloors so you can pick the right one and be on your way to enjoy your big day. 

Check the space

Once you have your wedding venue resolved and signed the contract, it is time to think about where you plan to place the dancefloor. Many wedding venues offer different layouts depending on the style of event you wish to host and the number of guests. Your wedding layout must match the style of the event you are trying to host. For some couples, the main thing is entertainment, and the dance floor is where everything happens, so it should be a focal point and centrally placed. 

After picking the ideal place for your awesome dance floor, it is a good moment to measure the space and have that information handy. Also, ask your venue manager if they have any type of restrictions or needs for your dance floor installation. Many times they request for your vendors to place a cover and protect the grass, marble floor, or wooden floor, so have those details cleared before hiring your dance floor. 

Set a budget

A wedding budget is one of the main tasks you need to take care of because you need to know your possibilities and limits when asking for pricing and choosing your vendors. Dance floors have a wide range of prices, and you will definitely find one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that if your entertainment provider offers a dance floor, hire pricing could have a discount since you are hiring more than one service with the same vendor, so ask your DJ, photo booth, and another entertainment vendor if they offer a wedding dance floor hire. 

Determine the size

A wedding dance floor is versatile and comes in a variety of sizes depending on the number of guests your list has. Every wedding is unique, but generally, you can expect 50% of your guests to be at the dancefloor, so this can give you a clear idea regarding how big your wedding dance floor should be. They are usually available in 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16 ft, and 20ft layouts with sturdy construction material and a water-resistant and non-slip surface to keep everyone safe.

wedding dance floor

Choose the right style

The days of wooden dance floors as your only option are long gone now. There are endless possibilities for your wedding, and your dance floor can match the style you envision for your big day. LED light up wedding dance floors is some of the most popular options for modern, romantic, vintage, and rustic wedding themes. A LED dance floor hire will catch everyone attention and add a magical touch to your celebration. 

Some other dance floor options are the classic wooden style, and vinyl monogrammed dance floors that you can customise with your initials. They can suit your wedding style if you are looking for a traditional style. But if you wish to surprise your guests and make your dance floor the centre of attention while your family and friends dance the night away, a LED dance floor hire is the best option for you. 

Add complementary decor

Over the last years, wedding dance floors are not only a designated space for guests to enjoy music and dance, but they have also become a central piece and even a statement element of décor. This is especially important when you give your dance floor the central space of your wedding venue because it is the space all your guests will be looking at during the entire night. Some complementary décors you can incorporate is hanging installations with natural or artificial blooms, statement chandeliers or other lighting elements, and you can even add a central piece such as a tree or giant flameless candles. 

Think about your first dance

First dances are not only an emotional moment you share with your partner and guests, but it is also the perfect opportunity to create a magical moment. And your dance floor could help you achieve it. Imagine having a regular dancefloor until the climax of your first dance arrives, and all of a sudden, it lights up to help you increase the magic of the moment. 

Hire the best DJ in town

Finally, even the dreamiest dance floor on earth will not be enough to create a wonderful memory with your nearest and dearest if you don’t have the best DJ in town because there is no use for a dance floor without great tunes to dance the entire night. So, after you find the perfect dance floor hire, it is the moment to hire your DJ and start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Now you have all the details about wedding dance floors, and you know exactly what to look for to have a successful event and create the most memorable moments with your partner and your loved ones. And if you are looking for a one-stop entertainment option, Trez Entertainment has options for your wedding dance floor hire, DJ hire, mobile bar hire, and many other services.