Imagine attending a party without any decoration, just the plain old simple appetizers and drinks and some random music in the background. You wouldn’t be happy to attend such a gathering. Still, how about a casino themed party with bright and vibrant colours, casino tables with friendly staff waiting for you to play your favourite games, and unique drinks served by professional bartenders. However, you must go with the top 5 tips for planning the ultimate casino themed party. It will make lifetime memories for you and your squad as well. I know you want to be at that second party, don’t you?

If you are currently organizing a party and have no idea about the theme that would suit you best, this is the right place to know things. The casino night theme can be ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and even proms. You can adapt it to the occasion by adding certain colours, drinks, and food.

1. Consider the age group.

Themed parties are not only for kids or teenagers. They are super fun for adults too, but to plan the perfect casino themed party, you must consider the age group of your guests to offer the right casino table hire and entertainment. For a sweet sixteen or a teenager birthday party, you should include fun and easy games for the casino tables, along with another experience for those who skip the casino games, like a photo booth.

Suppose you are planning a wedding or a birthday party for adults. In that case, it is better to include many casino tables and don’t forget about the drinks and waiters to provide the complete casino experience. The decoration is a big deal, too. You can turn a tent into a real casino, adding drapery, a red carpet, and the right lighting. Also, don’t forget about music. A great DJ who knows how to keep everyone dancing is crucial, or some live music perhaps.

2. Match the drinks and food.

Drinks and Food

Regardless of the age group, a themed party should include good drinks and food to match the atmosphere of the celebration. Some great ideas for food are appetizers so your guests can enjoy food while playing at the casino table. You can include fries, wings, deep-fried fish, and chicken with some sides of veggies. If you prefer to offer a full dinner, you can opt for a buffet-style serving, so your guests are free to come and pick what they prefer.

Drinks are a major part of a themed casino party; offering alcohol-free cocktails for young attendants will be a total success. You can add some fun glasses or toppings like fruits and colourful soft drinks. A bar service hire is a great idea for adults because you can rely on their expertise and enjoy your party without worries while including some awesome drinks.

3. Add it to your wedding.

The casino themed party is perfect for weddings, too. You can go full-on casino theme or only incorporate the casino tables as a part of your reception as an entertainment option for those who want to take a break from the dance floor. If the whole theme of your wedding will be the casino, then you can add deep red tablecloths, black, gold, and white details to enhance the spaces and your table décor.

Your bridal party could be part of the theme by wearing beautiful burgundy, black, or red attires. And don’t forget about the lush florals or feathers that could make your wedding even more astonishing. Lighting will make a huge difference if you do it right. A warm amber colour or a colourful option like red can set up the casino mood.

4. Include more entertainment.

Your casino table hire will definitely keep guests entertained, but there won’t be room for every single one of them, so you need to include another option for guests to have a good time even if they aren’t playing on a table. Music is essential, consider a DJ hire with plenty of experience in your type of event. If you are not planning on hiring a dancefloor, you can simply add a jukebox for guests to pick their favourite tunes and enjoy background music.

A photo booth hire could add entertainment and fun and help you keep amazing memories of your party. There are plenty of options in terms of style and space, and you can find the classic booth or open-air alternatives to fit more guests into each photo. The elegant and classy magic mirror fits perfectly into a casino themed party with a red carpet and shiny mirror where you can take amazing selfies with your loved ones.

5. Establish a dress code.

Dress Code

Themed parties are even better when you set some rules. Imagine a cowboy-themed party with everyone dressed as they usually do. Not that amusing. The same goes for your casino themed party. You need to have some general rules for guests to follow and look amazing in every photo. Depending on the type of event, you can go for a costume dress code or a black-tie one.

For a casino themed wedding, you should prefer the black-tie etiquette, so guests show up looking flawless and extra dressy. If you are throwing a birthday party, it could be more like a dress-up party where your guests can play with more costume like elements. The sky is the limit, and you are the one who writes the rules, so get creative and let your guests know what they should wear to complete the themed party vibe.

There you have our top 5 tips for you to make the most out of a themed casino party. We hope you are now on your way to planning the party of the year with our advice, and don’t forget to contact us for your casino hire Essex or any other entertainment-related service such as DJ hire, live magic, photo booth, or even your light-up dance floor. We offer many packages for your celebrations, and our professional team will make sure your party is one to remember.