Attending a wedding where the couple takes time to offer guests many experiences throughout the day is simply unforgettable. If you are trying to be that couple, we are here for the ride and help you create special moments before the wedding starts. These entertainment  ideas will come especially handy when you hire a wedding venue with plenty of outdoor space for you to use before the grand reception. 

Live performers 

Imagine welcoming your wedding guests with an out-of-the-box performance including acrobats, fire performers, contortionists, and jugglers. The surprise and excitement your guests will experience are unimaginable, and they haven’t even seen the reception. This is an amazing and unforgettable way to entertain everyone before the wedding.  

Magic tipi tent 

Tipi tents can transform a plain outdoor space just by being there, but in addition, you hire a magic show for your guest to enjoy and have their minds blown with impressive tricks. Magic shows are awesome for a cocktail hour because guests are walking from here to there, meeting and greeting each other and waiting for reception. 

Tipi tents can also work for other types of entertainment or to cover your bar and entrees from the weather. They look stylish and work well for bohemian, rustic, and laid-back wedding styles. Plus, tipi tent hire to come in various sizes, and they are sturdy. 

Live music 

Start the party mood with a unique live performance by a musician who can interact with your guest and provide great background music. Imagine having a live saxophonist playing as everyone enjoys a custom-made drink and waits until the reception starts. It could also work if you plan on hosting a rehearsal dinner and wish to entertain for the evening. 

Live musicians are great entertainers because guests tend to engage more and pay attention to them instead of just being on their phones. The atmosphere they create is unbeatable, and they are versatile enough to adapt to your musical taste, from classic pieces to modern beats. 

Casino table 

Have you ever attended a wedding where guests had the chance to enjoy a cocktail while playing entertaining casino games? If your answer is no, then your wedding could be the one guests remember for years to come as that wedding where they played casino games even before the reception started. When you hire casino tables, you get more than just the table. And you will have professional croupiers and all needed to play. 

In addition to casino tables, you can add a mobile bar to keep everyone with a fresh drink on their hands. Mobile bars are fully equipped and ready to prepare any drink you want with professional and trained bartenders, glassware, and all needed to create unique cocktails. Plus, we offer both dry hire and cash bar to keep your budget under control and offer guests the option of buying a drink while playing casino games. 

Outdoor cinema 

Do you want a completely different idea for entertainment before your wedding? Look no further, and we have the answer, an inflatable outdoor cinema hire? Yes, as you read it, we have an inflatable screen suitable for any size of the wedding that comes with an HD projector, a huge selection of movies, and Netflix support. So, pick your favourite movie, set up a table with popcorn and drinks and let the fun begin. 

Your guests will enjoy this unique type of entertainment and be happy to eat some popcorn and have a drink before your wedding. This idea is again suitable for a rehearsal dinner. Imagine having your rehearsal, enjoying dinner, and heading to the outdoor area to enjoy a movie night with your nearest and dearest before the big day begins. Such as a memorable moment to treasure forever in your heart. 


There are our top 5 ideas for entertainment before your wedding; there are plenty of options for such matters. All you need to do is set free your imagination and come up with unique ideas for your loved ones to enjoy at all times during and before your wedding. If you are still looking for professional wedding entertainment services in Essex, look no further, Trez Entertainment has you covered with all you need and dream to keep your wedding guest entertained all day and night.

 Our entertainment services include DJ hire, a large variety of photo booths, mobile bar hire, tipi tent rental, casino tables, outdoor cinemas, live music, dancefloor hire, decorations, and so on. Contact us to know all about our wedding packages and start planning your dream wedding. We will be happy to be part of your wedding day.