Organising a social event involves many skills, but when the event is not intended for family and friends, the difficulty level raises a bit. Corporate events must communicate the values and image of an organisation. In many ways, this could be difficult, particularly when the time to choose entertainment comes because a corporate event is not the same as a where the main goal is to keep your guests dancing. 

If you are looking for corporate event ideas and have no clue about where to start, we have a couple of tips you can follow to nail it. We are certain your corporate event will be a total success. All you need is a little guide and the right corporate entertainment agency to successfully organise the year’s event.

Type of event

Most corporate events are similar, but the particular purpose can change from one to another. For example, if you are organising the launching of a new product, you must pay special attention to the product’s visibility and make sure everyone knows it. On the other hand, you could be planning the company’s anniversary party, which calls for festive entertainment. Before hiring your corporate event entertainment, it is crucial to identify the event’s purpose.


Now on to the money talk, you should have a clear idea of the budget you are working with, so you have a realistic list of potential entertainment vendors. Work with your team to find out how much you can invest in each part of the event, and keep in mind how important entertainment is depending on the type of corporate event you have on your hands. You might want to level up the entertainment for a fundraiser dinner, and for a convention, perhaps you can have a DJ hire.

Find the perfect fit

Every corporation is unique, and so are its needs. You need to hire entertainment that works with your company and their ideals, but always considering the attendants. When you hire the right entertainment, you can increase the number of customers or potential partners. If you don’t choose wisely, you could make your guests uncomfortable and even lose some important contacts. 

Large corporate event entertainment ideas

When you host a large corporate event that takes place in a convention centre with the purpose of meeting new partners, making sales contacts, or perhaps with an educational purpose, you need to think about the entertainment that helps your attendants to relax and break the tension of a working environment. Some relaxing background music, a fun activity led by your DJ hire, perhaps even a photo booth, or some letter neon lights as backdrops for team photos. 

Intimate corporate event entertainment ideas

Although when we hear the words corporate event, we instantly think about a sales convention or a large meeting, corporate events come in many different sizes, and intimate corporate events are very common. But how can you choose the right entertainment for a small gathering in a corporate environment? Small corporate events are usually held to celebrate an anniversary, a holiday, or even company awards, so you must think about a festive option. 

Music is always welcomed; an experienced DJ hire guarantees success for your corporate event. Since you are dealing with a smaller crowd, you can also include a comedian, a magician, or other fun activities like photo booths and even a mobile bar. Think about creating the opportunity for your attendants to have a good time and build memories.

Corporate Parties

Corporate party entertainment ideas

Corporate celebrations are all about making your coworkers or partners feel valued for their hard work and providing some fun moments for a change. Corporate party entertainment should focus on being fun and refreshing for everyone. Start the evening with some cocktails and light music, perhaps even a grazing table or snacks. To start the party, hire the best DJ in Essex and make sure you offer a delicious dinner and cocktails. A rustic or classic photo booth is ideal, with a dance floor and some LED letters and numbers to mark the occasion.

Ask about your entertainer needs

Corporate events often take place in convention centers where you have all that is needed for an entertainer, such as a DJ or live band to set up. Still, if you are hosting the event at your company facilities, such as a warehouse or perhaps outdoors, you might need to find out about the setup needs of your entertainer. From power outlets and capacity to stage and lighting needed space.

Reviews and experience

Corporate events are a serious matter, and we know how important it is for you to successfully organise an event. Hence, our advice is for you to find experienced entertainers and check their customers’ reviews online. When a vendor has the experience and good reviews, the chances of failure are close to zero. So, in addition to personal recommendations, always ask about how many corporate events they have serviced before, their years of experience, and read many reviews.

Keep your theme in mind

Events, in general, have the main theme, a colour palette, or something similar, so make sure your entertainment matches the idea of your upcoming corporate event. Imagine you are organising a gala inspired in the 1920s. You should expect an elegant decoration along with instrumental music. Not a live band singing today hits or music from the 1980s. If you are thinking about a DJ hire, you should always share the details of the theme and style so he can entertain accordingly.

Have fun 

We know corporate events can be hard to manage, and if you have little experience organising events, it could be a scary task. Always consider hiring a corporate entertainment agency if things get out of your control or you feel like the event is too much for you. But most importantly, make sure you have fun along the process of interviewing potential vendors and choose one that truly fits your needs. 

We hope our useful hiring tips for top corporate entertainment are the perfect guide for you to get on the right track and succeed. Remember that entertainment can be your biggest ally to connect with people and make the most out of your upcoming corporate event.