One of the most important things at a wedding reception is the dance floor, and it’s no wonder why that is, the dance floor is the main attraction during the reception, and it’s usually located at the centre of the action. Every guest gathers around it or steps into it to dance the night away. But before you go into the trials and tribulations of hiring a dance floor for your wedding, here are five ideas from experts in wedding floor hire in Essex.

These ideas are great for those who want to up their game a little when it comes to their dance floor, so this will be of tremendous help to make your wedding a dream come true, especially if you know you and your guests are avid dancers.

1. LED dance floor

Traditional dance floors are usually just a platform or surface of special materials designed for people to dance on top of them, in square or rectangular shapes, so they can easily become boring or uninteresting. But if you want to stand out and take your dance floor to the next level, you can bring some light to this simple element.

LED-lit dance floors have been around for a while now, but many couples still aren’t aware of their existence, so they don’t even picture this as an alternative to a regular dance floor. With this kind of dance floor, you get the traditional surface, but with a twist, since this floor will be having LED lights that will be lighting up the entirety of the dancing area with fun patterns, amazing colours and all sorts of gorgeous lighting.

This idea is a simple one, but as experts in LED dance floor hire in Essex, we can tell you that guests and couples alike love these dance floors, and they really give the venue an extra wow factor to it.

2. Flowers

Flowers have been a staple piece of decoration in weddings for centuries, both for the ceremony and the reception, but why should we only keep flowers as centerpieces for tables or bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids? Floral arrangements can be incorporated in many ways that we don’t usually see at every wedding, so bringing these flowers to the dance floor is a great idea.
One way to do this is by hanging a floral arrangement from the ceiling or a chandelier on top of the dance floor, which will create a beautiful scene for your dance floor area and elevate the look of your venue.

Now, suppose you cannot hang stuff from the ceiling or chandeliers because of your venue’s policies. In that case, you can also use flowers to create a boundary between the dancing area and the rest of the venue, and you can do this by spacing out some centrepieces on small tables or creating a path toward your dance floor.

3. Strung lights

Lighting is always a great way to set the atmosphere of space since you can go many different ways with the lights you decide to put up, from warm lighting to dim lanterns and all sorts of lighting you can imagine. And if you know how to work with the lighting, you can create a beautiful and magical tone for your dance floor.

Strung lights in a vintage style are an amazing way to incorporate a sense of nostalgia and warmth into your dance floor. All you have to do is find a way to hang these strung lights to allow them to shine and bring out the most of them truly. These kinds of lights make for amazing wedding photographs, but they also make the dance floor feel more welcoming, cosy and inviting, which is just what you want from a dance floor: something that brings people in.

4. Canopy dance floor

Drapes and structures can be a great asset for making the most out of your wedding venue since they can take a simple and stripped-down space to a whole new and unexpected level. These decorations allow you to transform a space like the dance floor into something completely different.

A great example of this is canopies, these beautiful structures that have been all the rage for quite some time now in the wedding industry. It’s no wonder why since they are a simple concept that can be easily executed, but they’re also incredibly versatile. They can be incorporated into any style your wedding might be going for.

Canopies can come in a variety of colours and sizes, as well as proportions and materials. Because of this, they’re also incredibly customizable and personalized since you can decorate them and bring the style of the rest of your wedding to this beautiful addition to your dance floor.

5. Hanging decorations

The dance floor is not only the surface you will be dancing on but also the surroundings and especially what is on top of you while you’re dancing all night long. Because of this, it’s important to complement a beautiful dance floor with some amazing surroundings and hanging decorations that will bring a cohesive look to your dancing area and allow you to give your guests an amazing view while they’re dancing at your wedding.

When thinking about hanging decorations on top of your dance floor, it’s an open field for your creativity to run wild. You can orient yourself to think about your wedding style and look and the colour palette you’re going for. Maybe you’re going for a glamorous and elegant style, so you’d want to bring in some gold and crystals, or perhaps you’re more laid back and want to hang some paper decorations in colourful styles.

Many couples also go for the classic disco balls that work amazing with all kinds of colourful lighting. They also use a lot of chandeliers, lanterns, balloons, and even drapery. It’s just a matter of what style you want to go for and how to execute it.

Now you know how to make your upcoming event memorable for your loved ones with an incredible dance floor. Hiring a dance floor is a key moment of your wedding planning because while dancing with your partner, family, and friends, you will make some of the most amazing memories that will forever last in your mind.