15 Must-have wedding photographs for your 2023 wedding!

Weddings are full of moments of joy, fun, romance, and bonding; moments that you wish would last forever and be able to return to them whenever you wanted, but of course, this can’t be. One thing we do to remember and relive those special moments in our lives is to capture them in photographs, which is why there are so many wedding photographers out there offering their services to capture the amazing moments of your special day.

Of course, you know you need a photographer, it’s a standard service for weddings. Still, you probably wonder how to make the most out of the pictures your photographer takes, some ideas for treasurable photos and how to have fun in front of the camera.

Having a good idea of the pictures you’re 100% sure you want for your wedding is useful, and you’ll be able to give it to your photographer, who will then make sure to get all the shots you wanted. So here are 15 photographs you must get taken during your 2023 wedding!

  1. Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready Together

One of the first and most important moments for a bride is when she’s getting ready with all her best friends and female relatives, it’s a time with the girls of your life that precedes one of the most important and precious moments of your life, and you will want to get that captured by your photographer.

  1. Father and Son Moment

Emotional moments are also a thing for fathers and their to-be-wed son, and a great way to capture the moment of emotion between a father and son is to take a picture while the father helps his son tying his tie.

  1. The First Look

After getting ready, many couples opt not to see each other until they’re both fully suited up and ready to get married, which makes for a sudden realization of the fact that you’re getting married to the person you love. This is a very emotional moment that goes by in an instant, and the look on both of your faces will be lost in memory unless your photographer takes a picture of this magical instant.

  1. Walking to The Altar

The moments before saying “I do” are undoubtedly tense and exciting, and one thing that contributes to this buildup of emotion is the walk a bride takes with his father to the altar, where he delivers her to her soon to be husband. Capturing these moments is a great way to preserve this feeling unique to a wedding, whether it is a photo of the walk or the moment the father delivers his daughter to the altar.

  1. The Veil

One of the most magical parts of a bride’s outfit is the veil, which hides her face until the husband lifts it to reveal the bride’s smile and finally have their first kiss as a married couple. This moment is unique and great for a perfectly timed picture during the lifting of the veil.

  1. Car Ride

Most couples decide to have a religious ceremony for their wedding, mainly in a church of some sort, so the reception location where their party will take place is elsewhere. This is a great opportunity to rent out a beautiful vintage car that makes for amazing pictures, too, whether it is getting into the car, out of it or driving away as the guests cheer on.

  1. The Family 

A wedding is a moment you want to celebrate with your family, and what other way to never forget who spent this important day with you than with some pictures of you guys together.

  1. Arriving at The Reception

Now that the moments of romance and ceremonies are over and the party is about to start, this is a great opportunity to photograph you as a couple arriving at the venue of your reception.

  1. First Dance

This is also a big moment for couples, where they dance to the song of their choice after being wed, a great and intimate moment made possible by your wedding DJ that your wedding photographer can capture.

  1. Greeting the Guests

In a wedding, there are many guests that, as a couple, you will want to exchange some words with, and your photographer can capture these candid moments perfectly for you.

  1. Dancing the Night Away

Music is a big part of weddings; it sets the mood, brings people to the dance floor, and breaks the ice, which is why you should make sure you hire a great wedding DJ that knows how to set the tone for a great night of dancing, which your photographer will then photograph and collect all those fun moments.

If you want a DJ that perfectly sets the mood in your wedding, you can check out the Essex DJ packages available on our website, so you don’t have to worry about the music and entertaining your guests.

  1. Life of The Party

At every wedding reception, there’s always someone who takes the spotlight during the partying. This person makes sure everyone is having fun and really cheers up everyone to have a great night; taking pictures of these fun moments will make for some future laughs when looking through them.

  1. Fun Props

Having fun props to take pictures with during your wedding is great as a tool for wedding entertainment and making things more fun. Having pictures taken while wearing silly hats or accessories is also a form of entertainment for your guests, and they won’t get enough of it. This can be achieved with one of our packages, including a DJ package for your Essex wedding.

  1. The Decoration

Taking pictures of your wedding is also about the entire aesthetic style of your wedding, and taking pictures of the tables, flowers, lights, the venue, or the wedding DJ stage and dance floor is a great way to create a collage of images that channel the atmosphere of your wedding.

  1. Post Wedding Day Photoshoot

Of course, the wedding day is important, and there are many opportunities to take pictures. Still, a big part of your wedding day is spent on wedding entertainment during the reception, so you might want to take a day after your wedding to go to a great spot for pictures, you can even do it before the wedding day if you have time.