One of the key elements of any event is entertainment. Can you even imagine attending a wedding without music, a dancefloor, a photo booth, and some killer decoration like a flower wall? We cannot, and it would be an event destined to fail. 

Now, if you know exactly the type of entertainment you want and after searching for dance floor hire Essex, magic mirror hire Essex, LED dance floor hire Essex, flower wall hire Essex, tipi tent hire Essex, photo booth hire Essex, you end up with hundreds of options each time. Do you have no clue how to choose your entertainment in Essex? Well, not to worry, we have the best six reasons to choose entertainment in Essex. 

You attended a party, and it had the best entertainment. 

This is the best reason to choose your entertainment in Essex when you have experienced it, and it simply succeeds your expectations. When you attend a wedding, you get to see and experience firsthand the quality and service of the vendors your host hired. And you will surely know how much your guests will enjoy their time at your event. 

Perhaps you went to a birthday party with the best photo booth hire Essex or a wedding where the LED dance floor and the magic mirror hire entertained everyone throughout the evening. Don’t forget to ask your host for the contact of their vendors so you can quickly book them. There is no better reason to hire entertainment in Essex than knowing firsthand how good the vendor is.

It looks perfect for your theme. 

Themed parties are often limited because everything must check with the overall atmosphere, from the food to the drinks and what to say about decorations. So, when you find an entertainment service that matches perfectly with your theme, it is a big reason why you should hire them. Imagine throwing a party for your teenager with a fairytale theme and finding the perfect tipi tent hire Essex can offer, and you don’t want to miss that opportunity, right? 

Sometimes what makes an event memorable is how flawlessly you planned it and how everything made sense. For example, if you are planning an anniversary party with an elegant theme, you need the best magic mirror hire Essex to offer your guest the experience of walking into a red carpet and taking a picture with the most fun props and easy-to-use touchscreen. They will enjoy feeling like movie stars and walking home with an amazing memory. 

They have awesome reviews. 

Although you are going to find hundreds of options when you look for flower wall hire Essex, or dance floor hire Essex, the reality is you don’t know how professional or experienced they are even if their website says they are top. But nothing to worry about, because the best way to find out if everything they say is real is by reading the reviews from real customers. 

Find your potential vendors on various platforms and read about them, see if they have overall good reviews and read those bad ones. There is no better way to know about the reality of your potential vendor services than by searching what those former customers have written about them. Always stay with those vendors who have the best reviews, even if you feel like the price is higher, because you don’t want to regret hiring a cheap entertainer. 

A friend recommends you the service. 

Perhaps you haven’t seen the potential vendor in action, but a good friend of yours has, and they were amazed by how professional the DJ was, how amazing the LED dance floor looked, or how cool their photos from a magic mirror were. When your friend recommends the service of an entertainment company, you must take them seriously. 

Mouth-to-mouth recommendations are the real deal; when your good friend who loves to take selfies tells you how awesome the photo booth hire Essex was, then you know it is for real. The same goes for your aunt, who is an expert in wedding décor; if she says the floral wall or the tipi tents looked amazing, you must consider that recommendation. 

Their experience speaks for itself. 

While you interview your potential vendors, ask crucial questions such as how many events have you been hired for? Or how many weddings? Or, if they are comfortable with your event venue, you will soon find out how experienced your potential vendor is as they start to talk about their past services. 

If you feel like the person is hesitating or has no idea about the topic, you might want to skip hiring them and start looking for other vendors. When a vendor has the experience, they talk with knowledge, they know about timing, about the main venues in your city, and they give you clear answers, especially when you ask about their services. 

No one else offers that quality. 

When you get to meet or experience the services of an entertainment company, and you simply cannot compare it with anyone else in the market, then that is a great reason to choose entertainment in Essex. Sometimes we see such a big amount of passion and great service in one vendor, and finding it in someone else is impossible. When you have such a valuable entertainment vendor ready to start planning your big celebration, think no more and book as soon as possible. 

We are certain our six reasons to choose entertainment in Essex are going to make the process of finding the right vendors for your celebration much easier. Remember to follow your heart and find vendors who understand your needs and vision for the event. And if you are still looking for the top Essex entertainment vendor, look no more; we have everything you need and more. Contact us today, and let’s start planning the year’s event.