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We provide Silent Disco Hire services to events and organisations all over the UK. Whether it be festivals, weddings, nightclubs or private parties, we have all the right silent disco equipment that you need to ensure your next event is as perfect (yet as peaceful) as can be! We have such large quantities of headphones and equipment that we can use, so no matter what size your event is, from 200 people to 2000, we have you completely covered. We offer two-channel and three-channel silent disco headphones.

Our system is incredibly easy to use, meaning you don’t have to worry about set-up, we take care of all that for you. You don’t have to use a live DJ for the channel, you can use any audio device you wish, and as long as it has a mini-jack or a photo connector, it’s suitable for use! For your private parties, we usually recommend using a mobile playing device such as Spotify to keep your guests entertained with all your favourite hits!

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Silent Disco Hire Essex

What exactly is a silent Disco?

So you might have heard the term ‘silent disco’ before, and wondered what exactly it means. In a nutshell, a silent disco is like any other disco, but instead of the people listening to loud music through speakers, they each hear the music through headphones. One of the best things about this style of disco is that people usually have the choice between three channels of music, so they can dance the night away to music that suits their style.

Additionally, if you’d like to talk to people, you don’t have to shout over the music, you can do so by taking headphones off and speaking. What’s more is, the local neighbours won’t suspect a thing, as they won’t be disturbed by the loud music. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! This style of disco has been around for a while now, but only sparked in popularity recently.

You may have seen the idea featured on celebrity big brother or heard about it at Glastonbury. They have been known to have this kind of events so that everyone can continue partying late into the night without complaint from the neighbours.

It was Glastonbury which sparked growth in the popularity of these silent Disco parties. Now, it has grown to the point where silent discos can be enjoyed in nightclubs, at wedding receptions, with some people even going as far as having them in their own home. This is precisely what makes these silent disco packages so accessible. The opportunities are truly endless.  

These silent Disco headphone can even be used in professional seminars and presentations, where triple channels can be used for different languages, to ensure that everyone present can easily understand exactly what is being said.

Why Choose Us?

What separates us from other silent Disco Hire companies in Essex, isn’t just the remarkable quality of our headphones and services, but the way in which we provide them to you. Never before has it been so incredibly easy for you to have the silent disco party of your life, then with our quiet Disco Hire services. Our packages include absolutely everything that you need to host your silent disco party.

Our equipment is simple to use, and can easily connect to your one device, to allow you to jam out to your playlists. We even go as far as offering a technical support number in case you need any extra support setting it up.

We know how stressful it can be to plan your wedding reception or any other event. That’s why our team of expert professionals are always here to make your life as easy as possible. When you place your trust in us to deliver your silent Disco Hire services, there’s no stress, no hassle and no fussing. Just simple, quick and reliable quiet Disco services for you and your guests to enjoy.


When you choose us, you are the one who reaps the rewards. Each one of the headphones that we provide is rigorously tested to ensure they are of a high standard and can be used for your Disco Hire. Each of the headphones that we offer come fully charged, and beautifully packaged, in specialised boxes, for maximum durability and sufficient protection. We send out professional standard tans, otters for every single order, regardless of whether it is a large festival or a garden party.

Each package comes with at least three transmitters, giving access to 3 channels, with a range of 500m. All of the equipment that we offer are cleaned and thoroughly checked before every single order.


The perfect accessory for any event

On your wedding day, there’s no better way to finish up the special day than with a bit of dancing. The best part is, with our silent Disco services, you can party long into the night without worrying about the locals. Additionally, the range of channels available means that there will be something for everyone, so even dad will have something to shuffle to on a special night. Or if you are struggling with the music yet don’t want to break into an argument, select a playlist each and let guests pick the one they like best.

Even if it a casual party, but you don’t want to annoy your neighbours, the silent Disco services can make your party thumping. The simple hire pack is I credibly easy to set up and can turn your house into a crazy nightclub for one night only, with a selection of music available.

When it comes to professional corporate hires, we have you covered. Our stylish headphones are entirely designed for quality and comfort, so whether it’s an exhibition, conference, sound installation or trade show, you can make sure that your audience has the most immersive audio experience.


Excellent communication from start to finish, professional service and very reasonably priced.

- Natasha Giles.


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