Entertainment is often the heart of an event, where all the guests come together and relax or have fun. Regardless of your planned event, you must include entertaining your attendants. Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, openings, and the list goes on, every social event needs entertainment, but you must find one to suit the needs of your event. 

For example, a birthday party for a teenager could require different entertainment than a wedding. And even among weddings, entertainment can be different depending on the age group of your guests, the style you choose for decoration, and your wedding venue. If you are currently looking to hire entertainment for an upcoming event, here are the different types of entertainment services available. 

LED dance floor 

Choosing the right dancefloor can make a big difference in your event and even serve as a decoration element. If you are looking for a traditional way to entertain guests, a dancefloor is always the best idea, especially if you want to entertain for many hours. The dancefloor’s size is also important; with your guest count ready, you can know how big it should be. 

A LED dance floor is perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, and even other wedding-related events like a hen party or bridal shower. You can turn any space into a party-ready venue with an LED dance floor essex. The colourful options are suitable for festive decorations and events, and there are also neutral colours to suit any other style. 

DJ or live music 

There are a few events where music is optional, and you can’t go wrong with a DJ who can play music according to the theme and celebration you host. The best part about hiring a DJ is their versatility because they can adapt to how the guests interact and entertain for hours, even during dinner. 

On the other hand, you have live music as an entertainment option, including instrumental, perfect for formal events where you hold a multiple-course dinner and don’t want your guests to feel bored. Live bands suit a perfect wedding because they bring a festive atmosphere and make everyone leave their chairs. 

Flower wall 

Spaces for pictures are rising in popularity because everyone wants to keep a memory from unique experiences like a wedding or a birthday party they attend. You will find one to suit your needs, made from high-quality materials and in various colours and textures. And those spaces can also serve as a decorative element for your event, one that has become a statement piece for those who love florals is a flower wall. 

Flower walls are perfect for covering spaces you don’t like within your venue and creating a focal point. They are easy to set up and don’t require much time to be ready for your guests to take plenty of photos. It works perfectly with neon signs or giant LED letters. You can personalise the experience for your attendants by adding props or including your brand if you organise a corporate event or trade show. Suppose you want to give your guests a full experience. In that case, you can add professional illumination and a photographer or a photo booth for them to take a beautiful memory from your event. 

Tipi tent 

We have talked about the wonders of entertainment, mainly for adults, but what happens if you are organising an event for a younger crowd, such as teenagers, young adults, or even kids? Yes, they will probably love a LED dancefloor and a DJ playing their favourite tunes but organising a party for teenagers at a regular event venue with classic décor might not be so appealing. 

That’s when tipi tent hire Essex comes in to save the day because there is no better way to throw a unique party than by setting up some tipi tents and adding awesome decorations and delicious food. Tipi tents come in many sizes and can be configured in many ways to fulfil your needs from 20 to 2000 guests. Tipi tents got you covered. 

Tipi tents are useful rain plans, too, and they suit celebrations like bohemian weddings, children-themed parties, and even glamping-themed celebrations. You can have them set up in different spaces to provide a unique experience to your guests, perhaps one with food and drinks, another for seating and dining, and a third to dance. Add lighting and decoration for a unique atmosphere. 


Themed parties are coming back, and they are perfect for adult birthday parties because they allow you to relive certain stages of life or create an incredible experience for your attendants. Imagine having a themed birthday party with the 1950s as your inspiration, those beautiful dresses and as your entertainment, a digital jukebox to make everyone remember what it was like to play music back then. 

If you want to avoid organising a themed party, you can always include a jukebox for any other celebration. For example, cocktail hour for your wedding is a great opportunity for guests to interact and play the music they like. And the best part is digital jukeboxes aren’t like those from the old days because they are easy to use, and you can include the music you love. 

Now you know some of the most popular alternatives for entertainment, there are plenty of options for any event. Before you start looking for entertainment, list the characteristics of your guests and find one or two options suitable for your type of event and purpose. For some, the goal is to have fun, while others could prefer to have engaging activities or personalised experiences. Regardless of your theme or type of celebration, Trez Entertainment has everything you can dream of to entertain all your guests.