Choosing the right dance floor for your upcoming event can be a bit overwhelming since there are many options available. But if your celebration is a festive or a classic and luxurious one, we know about a couple of options to fit right into your decoration. But how about the size, where should you place the dance floor, is it ok to have a LED dance floor for your wedding? All those questions are soon to be answered.

Are LED dance floors for any event?

The short answer is yes because it is ok if you are organising an event and it makes you happy to have a LED dance floor, even though there are a couple of characteristics you can consider when choosing your dance floor. Starting with the party’s theme or the overall style and vision you have for the celebration. If you plan a laid-back birthday party with plenty of colours or even a 1970s or 1980s theme, then a LED dance floor hire Essex is not only suitable but necessary.

And how about a timeless wedding with classic white and gold decorations and a traditional approach? Yes, a LED dance floor hire Essex is still a great option. All you need to do is choose the white starlit LED dance floor, and you are in for a unique kind of spark added to your wedding or any other formal event.
LED dance floors are suitable for many other events such as bridal showers, hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and, why not, even a baby shower. The sky is the limit, and if you want a space for your guests to dance, a LED dance floor suits any event because it is versatile and fun.

Can I choose the size of a LED dance floor?

Yes, they come in different sizes, making them versatile for any event and venue. The LED dance floor hire Essex is available in 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 20ft layouts which makes it perfect for intimate or large celebrations. And since it comes in individual square pieces, you don’t have to worry about not fitting through the door; plus, when you hire this service with us, we include the delivery to your venue, assembly, and dismantling after the event ends.

How big should my LED dance floor be?

Unless you are a wedding or event planner, chances are all these things are new to you, from having to choose a type of dance floor to pick the right size. But there is a common rule to choosing it, and you need your dance floor to have enough room for at least 50% of your guests because it is unlikely for everyone to be dancing at the same time.

And if you want a LED dance floor to be a key element in your celebration, we advise you to choose it according to the space available at your venue, which usually determines the size of a dance floor. Many venues have ready the possible layouts, and they let you know what size of dance floor fits well to leave some room for your guests to walk around.

Is a LED dance floor sturdy?

Yes, even if it looks so beautiful and delicate, you can rely on it to be sturdy and perfect to bare the weight and movement of your entire wedding guest list while the hit songs play. The surface is made from water-resistant and non-slip materials to keep everyone dancing without trouble, even if a drink is spilt or the dancing gets wild.

Do I need a LED dance floor?

This question had much to do with the type of wedding or party you want to organise, because if you know you and your guests enjoy dancing less, then it would not be necessary. On the contrary, a LED dance floor hire could frame all those moments beautifully for couples who love to dance and wish to keep up with traditions like the first dance, the bouquet toss, and so on.

Plus, having a dance floor gives your wedding or even a structure because guests know where to go when the music starts. If you have a dance floor set up, they will start dancing here and there between the tables, and the atmosphere will be different since everyone is on their own. So even if you are not the biggest fan of dance, we recommend hiring a dance floor for your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the night.

Know about the surface where you intend to install your LED dance floor.

It is important to know where you want to install the dance floor because the surface might need another flooring. When you go to choose your LED dance floor hire Essex, you must be certain about the spot where it will be installed; for example, if you are hosting an outdoor wedding on a lawn and it is a humid season, then perhaps a flooring before the dance floor could be a great decision to protect both the lawn and the structure.

Know your budget.

This is a common question when couples or customers want a LED dance floor hire, what is your budget? Knowing in advance can make the difference in choosing the size and style that better suits your needs instead of going all the way for a dance floor you can only comfortably afford.

Now you know all there is to know about a LED dance floor, hire Essex; we hope you are ready to hire yours and make your upcoming wedding or event one of a kind with a funky or starlit option. Remember, we offer different sizes and take care of delivery, set up, and take-off. Please don’t wait any longer and contact us to book yours today.