Chocolate fountains are a treat for everyone, from a little kid to the oldest adult in the room. It is a beautiful piece for your celebration and a delicious way to offer dessert. If you are thinking about setting up one at your wedding or any other event, we have a tip or two for you to keep in mind.

They are perfect for all types of events. 

Chocolate can combine with anything; the same goes for events and celebrations. A chocolate fountain perfectly suits a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, graduation, and so on. So if you have doubts about how suitable it would be to have a chocolate fountain at your next party, then stop and know this, chocolate matches everything in life. 

Choose the right vendor. 

A chocolate fountain is a perfect way to wow your guests; it is ideal for a birthday party, wedding, or any other social event. But if you truly want to impress your guests in the best way possible, we advise you to find the best vendor available because chocolate fountains aren’t like centrepieces or chairs; they are food and require a reliable and responsible vendor who will bring the highest quality products for your guests. 

The right vendor should arrive early to have plenty of time to set up the fountain because it needs to be preheated and have enough time to melt the chocolate. The set-up of dipping items is also an important task, and the table’s overall look should be flawless. Ask your potential chocolate fountain vendor questions to find out if they know about all those details. 

There is the right type of chocolate. 

Chocolate comes in different combinations since pure chocolate won’t taste as you imagine; it is often combined with milk and sugar to provide the flavour you are familiar with. You can also find presentations like liquid, big hard bars, and soft ones. But a chocolate fountain uses heat to melt the chocolate, and if you choose one without knowing the result, your fountain could look a bit off and not work properly. 

To get the right consistency and keep the chocolate flowing, you need to add high-quality chocolate with a high quantity of cocoa butter. If your chocolate needs to flow properly, then a bit of oil might be needed. But this will only be necessary to know if you find the right chocolate fountain hire Essex can offer because they will take care of everything. 

Location is crucial.

Since chocolate fountains work with heat to ensure the chocolate melts and flow properly, location is important. You must avoid placing it right under an AC or a cold flow of air. The spot you choose should be indoors to avoid dust and other elements from getting in the chocolate. A low-flow space where your guests aren’t dancing or constantly passing by is best, and you should also consider some space around the table for those waiting for their turn. 

Find the right dipping elements. 

You can add all sorts of dipping elements to your chocolate fountain, from classic strawberries to crunchy popcorn. But there are also some dipping textures you should avoid to keep the chocolate looking and tasting yummy. First, the crumbly foods aren’t ideal because pieces might get into the chocolate and flow or block the flow ending up looking messy. Then the drippy liquid ones aren’t ideal too because they get into the chocolate and change the taste or even spoil it.

Our advice is to stay with solid and dry elements like marshmallows, cookies, strawberries, popcorn, fudge balls, dry fruits and even some salty treats like pretzels. The best way to present them is by having them set up on sticks already, so guests don’t have to fight them and end up making a liquid mess. 

Have someone supervise the fountain. 

Even if you are throwing only an adult party, you must know a chocolate fountain can get messy quick. We know it looks super easy but dropping a piece of food into the fountain or dripping all over the table can be a hassle. Especially when a drink or two are involved, the best advice we can give is to have friendly staff who assist your guests in getting their delicious chocolate-covered piece. 

And when you choose our chocolate fountain rental Essex, we guarantee you that won’t happen because, with every rental, there is a team of experts ready to assist guests and to keep the chocolate and dipping elements full. They will also set up everything at a proper time and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Hygiene first.

Safety and hygiene come first when you hire a chocolate fountain for your event because many guests will be coming and going. You must ensure everything remains clean. That is why having staff is the best option, but you also need to know if the chocolate fountain you are hiring has the hygiene certificates needed to ensure the best service.

At Trez Entertainment, health and safety are our priority, so our chocolate fountains are PAT tested, have full liability insurance, and own several hygiene certificates. We also use high-quality chocolate and arrive early to set up everything timely. Our team of experts takes care of your guests, assisting children and anyone who might need help, keeping the chocolate looking delicious and the topics. 

What are you waiting to hire your chocolate fountain to put a smile on everyone at your next party? We know chocolate fountains are the best option to make your guests happy, and we can’t wait to be part of your celebration. Contact us today to learn more about our services and everything we offer to make your upcoming event memorable.