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Zoom Lockdown Party 2020

Just because we are all socially distanced, doesn’t mean we can’t come to enjoy each other’s company. Staying inside all the time can be tough, but there are most certainly tools and platforms that we can use to make it easier—introducing: The Lockdown Party.

Being confined to your home all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to binge your favourite Netflix series for the hundredth time ever pay Saturday night, (although it is fun -we aren’t judging). Over the last month or so, platforms such as Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts have become highly popular, by allowing people to enjoy video call chats with their family, friends and loved ones.

At a time when it is easy to feel isolated, these virtual hangout platforms can do the world of good for helping us feel less lonely.

So, how can you throw a wildly fun Zoom party for your family and friends this weekend? This guide will offer you everything that you need to know, from what platform to use, to the very best ideas and themes to make your Lockdown Party the one to be remembered.


What is the best Video Chat Service to Use?



Zoom has grown immensely over the last number of weeks, thanks to the outbreak. This convenient service allows users to have video calls with friends and family members for up to 40 minutes with the free version, (or you can have one-to-one calls with anyone for unlimited amounts of time). With the paid version, which currently stands at just £11.99 per month, you can have calls with up to 100 people for as long as you like. It is highly convenient to set up, and since the outbreak of the virus, it has proven to be the most popular platform to connect via video calls.



Often referred to as a slightly more “hip” version of Zoom, HouseParty is also all the rage right now. It’s a video call platform which allows you to socialise with up to 8 of your friends at one time. What’s so great about Houseparty is that when you sign up, you can automatically connect it to your Facebook or Snapchat account. This means that you can see which friends you already have on the app. As soon as they connect their accounts to other social platforms, you can invite them to your party, and let the fun begin!



Okay, we think that FaceTime gets the award for the most straightforward platform to use, and that is why we have included it here in our list. It’s the perfect platform to make a quick call and check in on your loved one(s). This makes it particularly useful for checking in on your elderly parents or grandparents while they are stuck inside. It’s undoubtedly designed for social fun rather than business or professional matters. Some of the fun features, like creating Live Photo’s from the call or changing your face to an Animoji. The only downside that we can think of for this platform is that it requires an Apple Device, of course.


So now. You've got your guest list ready, you’ve picked the best platform, and now you need some kind of theme or party idea for your big night in.

Just in case you can’t think of any ideas, here are some of the best themes and concepts for your Zoom party this weekend.


  1. Game Night

There are endless possibilities when it comes to a game night for your Lockdown party. Some of the most popular choices include a virtual round of the infamous ‘Cards against Humanity’, or the evergreen classic, Charades. You could even go as far as making it a weekly thing, by nominating one guest every week to choose what game is going to be played.


  1. Fancy Dress

Who says that being in lockdown can't call for a little bit of creative fun! Having a fancy dress or an elegant dinner party is an excellent chance for you to try out (and show off) some of the outfits that you have been holding in your wardrobe for a while. And besides, isn’t it nice to get a change from living in hoodies and leggings for months at a time?


  1. Pyjama Party

Now to the opposite end of the dressing spectrum. Open up your wardrobe, find the comfiest pair of pyjamas that you can see, crack open a bottle of wine and get ready for some laughter and fun. You could even decide to make it even cosier by adding in some extra blankets and pillows for yourself.


  1. Karaoke sing-along

The classic party activity. You can take the karaoke version of you and your friends’ favourite song and let the fun begin. Apps such as Houseparty even have their karaoke features to make it even easier for you. But if you’re using one of the other platforms, you can simply find almost any song of your choice on YouTube.


  1. Movie Night

Of course, we couldn’t write about a Lockdown party without including this option. The classic night-in. With Netflix Party, you and all of your friends can easily chat and watch the movie at the same time. Want to make it even more fun? If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also get everyone to dress up as their favourite character, for some movie-themed fancy dress fun.


  1. Cooking or Cocktail parties

If your social group has a passion for cooking, you can all follow cooking videos online to see how your dishes all turn out. Or even if just one of you are proficient, you could all host a mini cooking lesson, where you can learn new recipes forever. Or if that’s not quite your thing, you could keep it simple and stick to a cocktail making party. Both of which guarantee a great night-in.


Find out more entertainment ideas: Here

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Trez Entertainment DJ

Trez Live Mix : 90's Swing, R&B Mix

Second Installment in the Live Mix Series from one of our amazing DJ's Lee Tresadern, This one is a 90's Swing and R&B Mix for all your slow Jam fans out there. Give it a listen below and don't forget to share it on your socials from the links below.

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Please find the Mix below on our Mixcloud:

Trez Entertainment DJ

Trez Live Mix : Old School Garage Mix - 1994

One of the first installments of our Live Mix series, we will be uploading more of these during the lockdown period to keep people entertained! Hopefully, we will be able to get some guest appearances on the Live Mix series also!

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Please find the Mix below on our Mixcloud:

Enjoying Party

5 Finishing Touches to Make Your Party Outstanding

When you throw a party, of any kind of event for you and your friends and family, you always want to add that extra ”Wow” factor. You still want some type of feature or finishing touch that has them talking about your went for years to come.

 For some people, however, it can be quite challenging to work out how they can tweak their event to make it livelier than ever, and make sure that it stays in the mind of all guests.

 So to help with that, we have compiled five finishing touches, to make your next event outstanding


5. Fancy Dress

They are countless reasons why adding a little Fancy Dress can make your party outstanding. There is a whole range of themes for you to choose from, and you can choose whichever one matches your event best.

You could choose a specific film, TV show, or perhaps you may encourage a couple of guests to come in matching outfits.  

Themes like this also allow the chance for guests to break the ice with each other through their costume choices.


4. Digital Jukebox

Perhaps you're having some kind of themed party or event; in such case, a digital jukebox is a fantastic alternative to a regular DJ or band.

Further yet, should you hire a band, the Jukebox can take the place of the group while they have a break, meaning your guests can continue dancing to their favourite music.  

What’s more is, without your digital jukebox services, you’ll never run out of tunes to entertain your guests with. Over 28,000 tracks are available, all that you need to do is create a playlist, and you’re ready to go!


3. Photobooth

 When you have a special day or event, it’s obvious how much everybody loves to take snaps to share on social media.

But these photo booths are so much more for just capturing photos; they are for capturing memories. Our Photobooths offer free printouts, meaning unlike with your smartphone, you have a physical hard copy of all the beautiful snaps you can take. 

What’s more, is, it is highly entertaining for all of your guests. The photo booth offers fun and excitement for everybody at your event, from young children to grandparents.


2. Custom Invitations  

Customising your event invitations are the perfect way to personalise your event. By having the chance to design the colour layout and font, you have the opportunity to show guests just how much the event means to you.  

It also gives them the chance to keep the invitation just for keepsake. If it were an event for your son or daughter, wouldn’t you want the same thing? 

What’s me is, it is much quicker to simply print off a batch of custom made and beautifully designed invitations, compared to the time it takes to


1. Easy Party Access

This one may seem rather obvious, but we don’t believe that it’s talked about enough, so we are mentioning it here.

When you plan your event, you may spend all the time you need to touch up all the details, ensuring that you have the finishing touches mentioned above included and that everything is running smoothly.

However, if people end up having to go through hassle and stress to get to the event, that’s how they’re going to remember the night, unfortunately.

By contacting taxi cab companies before your event, you can organise transport for all of your guests when the party is over.  

If it’s a really big event, you may even arrange private cars to wait outside for when the event is finished. 

Other than that, even making sure your event is nearby a train station could make your event much more straightforward for your guests.


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Wedding Party

Top 5 Things To Have At Your Wedding

So, it's your big day.

Big White wedding dress? Check!
Handsome Groom? Check!
Drinks for Guests? Check!

Entertainment to make your night unforgettable? ...

We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to make sure that the entertainment is enough to satisfy your guests. You want entertainment that will keep them talking about your event for years to come.

Here at Trez Entertainment, we understand that. That's why we have compiled this list of the Top 5 Things to Have At Your Wedding, to truly add the ”Wow” factor to the experience of your guests.

5. DJ

DJ’s are perfect for creating the exact ambience that you want at your reception. They can adjust their music to the moods (or wants) of the audience, thanks to the wide selection available right at their fingertips.

The DJs job is to keep the crowd dancing. They have years of experience in doing this and can seamlessly move through the gears when your crowd needs it.

They have no issue in troubleshooting technical issues and are experts in adjusting the volume levels between speakers, microphones and the music (for ceremonies and toasts, etc.).

4. Photo Booth

In the digital age nowadays, with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are always looking for ways to share fun photos of our friends and us on nights out. Wedding days are no different.

That's why Photo booths make for fantastic entertainment on your wedding day. The best thing about them? They are suitable for people of all ages. You will see everybody from young children to grandparents enjoy a photo booth.

Photo booths are genuinely a fantastic way to provide entertainment on your wedding day, right the way through the night!

3. Dance Floor

Nothing quite makes a wedding experience a night I remember like a giant dancefloor.

Not only is the dancefloor the place for the romantic first and to take place, but later in the night, it will also become the soul of the party for you and your guests.

Isn't dancing the very best part of any wedding reception? Of course, it is! If you're searching for a dance floor for your wedding, you could fabulously light up the room in style, win our stunning LED dance floor, to create a magical scene that you will never forget.

2. Flower Wall

Nothing quite makes wedding photos look so dreamily romantic, a flower wall. A luxurious flower wall installation is a great way to create a floral point at your wedding.

And the best bit about flower walls is that they can work anywhere. You could have one at the ceremony entrance, the backdrop of the vow exchange or at the reception to create the top table effect, or anywhere else to draw attention.

Flowers are also a beautiful way for you to bring the outdoors indoors if you and your partner love mother nature but are Boston an indoor ceremony or reception.

1. Light Up Letters

Nothing says ”Happy Ever After” better than big giant light up letters, right? That's why, for your special day, Light Up Letters can genuinely make the difference in setting the scene.

Even adding your initials in LED Light Up Letters, can be a stylish statement of displaying your affection for one another, not to mention that it looks fantastic in photographs!

And you don't have to worry about your guests' safety with the lights either because most LED letters (like ours at Trez Entertainment) don't heat up, meaning you can have peace of mind while your glowing letters light up the room.


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