As the world slowly begins to emerge from the other side of the largest global pandemic in over a century, it bears to ask the question as to what kind of effect this will have on how we gather and celebrate with our loved ones again.

For example, when will we see large scale weddings and events that we had always taken for granted? Will we see the bride and groom being asked to kiss? What will wedding receptions & dinners look like?

Today, we are going to talk about whether we will see the increase of small weddings in 2020. While these micro-celebrations have been slowly gaining popularity over the last number of years, the experts would say that we are likely to see plenty more of them in the coming years as people become more concerned about keeping a social distance. Here are some of the most prominent things reasons why small weddings are on the rise and how couples can benefit from them.


They are more intimate

Having a wedding where each guest is more familiar with each other is inevitably going to lead to a more intimate and sentimental experience for everyone involved. For example, if you have a 150 person wedding, each guest may say ‘hi’ to each other, and leave it at that. But at a 30 guest wedding, it opens up the possibility to have a genuine experience and form a connection with every guest who is there. This makes for a great experience not only for the couple themselves but also for every guest who attends the wedding.

Additionally, when you have a smaller wedding, it allows you to personalize the reception more. For example, writing a personalized thank-you note for each guest on their seat at the reception would be impractical for a 100+ guest wedding, yet it is a realistic option for a reception of 50. When it comes to speeches too, the same thing applies. For example, you may include a particular anecdote if you know that your dad’s boss won’t be attending, which is always fun!


Those who aren’t in the guest list can still be included

If you have the intention to shrink to a small wedding, there are still an abundance of ways that you can include guests who perhaps received a ‘save the date’ invitation already. Just because they can’t be physically present doesn’t mean they won’t get to enjoy the day.

For example, you may have seen recently about couples who had initially planned big weddings with hundreds of guests, turning their special day into a micro wedding, yet still, live stream the ceremony for those who cannot attend. The same thing could be done for the wedding reception to allow guests to speak and dance with other guests who are tuning in from home.

Another low-cost idea which is becoming increasingly popular is to ship little gift packages to guests who can’t make it in person. That may be a small bottle of champagne, perhaps some cake, a Spotify playlist and a link to a live stream of the reception. Anything that encourages virtual guests to celebrate with the couple on the night.


You will cut costs

Almost every couple knows that the longer the guest list, the larger the budget. With the current economic state, having a vast guest list & budget just isn’t practical for many couples nowadays. It’s a no-brainer really that having fewer guests on your list will offer you a better ‘bang for your buck’. Even if you don’t have the intention to lower your budget, a smaller guest list may open doors to include some decorations or features that you wanted, but didn’t have the budget for.

Furthermore, with smaller guest lists, the opportunity to have a classic three-day wedding may make a return. When you only have less than 50 people, allowing them to stay for longer may make for a more memorable and enjoyable weekend. This is undoubtedly something that will appeal to many couples and their families.

Like we mentioned previously with allowing guests to enjoy the ceremony from home, if you have already paid your deposits and don’t want to miss out, there are ways you can make up for it. For example, any extra flower pieces that won’t be used at the venue can make up a part of the celebration package that we referenced above.


It may be the safest option for the future

Couples all around the world who had planned for their special day are now beginning to accept the fact that their wedding will have to be compromised by some form of restrictions on gatherings. That may actually be for the best, here’s why:

Even if there are no restrictions on attendees later in the fall, or into 2021, it may bet the safest option when taking into consideration the leave of mind and security of guests. Of course, no couple wants to put any form of risk onto their family members, in particular those who are deemed ‘high-risk’ from this pandemic. So rather than trying to enjoy a 200+ celebration, it may be more enjoyable to have a small, intimate wedding with friends and family, without having to worry about your safety or the safety of your guests.



In conclusion, then, there is no doubt that we will see the rise of small weddings in 2020, and perhaps even further into 2021, and for good reason too.

If you have planned a large wedding before the outbreak, there is no need to feel disappointed, looking on the bright side, this may be the perfect chance for you to experience a close, intimate gathering with those who you genuinely care about, and make sure that all guests feels safe in the process.


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