What comes to your mind when you hear the word festival? Does it ring a bell as an outdoor space with chill music in the background, perhaps your close friends around you, and a sense of warmth? Or is it more about experiencing any event with many stands and walking through discovering what everyone offers? Regardless of the definition, you have in mind for a festival, there is no denial about the particular atmosphere you find in them. 

The atmosphere of an event is hard to describe because even if it does have to do with physical items, energy, and other intangible elements come into the equation. If you are organising an event and you wish to add a great festival atmosphere, here are a couple of tips to achieve it and host a memorable event not only for you but for your guests too. 

Set the theme 

Festivals have many things in common, but they also differ in key elements. Think about music festivals, they offer you a variety of artists, but the setup of the venue and the related amenities are always different. Some offer experiences as unique as a huge bonfire, artistic performances, and even world-renown street food. Our advice to create the proper festival atmosphere is to think about a specific theme for your event, other than a festival. 

Find a perfect venue

Festivals usually happen in natural settings where the outdoors allows you to feel the fresh air, admire nature, and unwind your creativity. So, for your festival-inspired event, you need to pay extra attention to the venue you choose. This does not mean you should avoid regular indoor venues because you can always transform them with the right elements, but it would be ideal if you had the opportunity to hire an outdoor venue. 

In addition to the location and overall feel of the venue you choose, you need to think about the distribution of the space. Festivals usually have different stations and a common space to share with everyone. You can set up a scenario or a screen with a projector to set the main area, and a dancefloor could also work well, then on the sides a couple of stations with food, drinks, and other related activities. The idea of festivals is to offer the attendants valuable experiences and not only the usual entertainment. 

Hire the best mobile bar company

Setting a traditional bar for your festival-inspired event could be a total disappointment; instead, you need to get creative and add unique ways to offer your guests a refreshing drink. The easiest way to achieve it is by hiring the best mobile bar company. Mobile bar service includes professional and friendly staff, a fully functioning and licensed bar, and a tailored menu to fit your needs. Plus, you can add alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy everyone’s needs. 

The main advantage of hiring a mobile bar is how appealing the idea is. It will look attractive and unique because you can customise it with messages and decoration. The service includes delivery, setup, removal, and all the equipment necessary like glassware, refrigeration, and staff. When you hire a bar, you don’t have to worry about anything related to your event drinks. 

Include customised drinks

Once you have a theme set up and a date, you can surprise the attendants with unique drinks. Work alongside your mobile bar hires and create seasonal or personal combinations. For example, if you plan a summer event, you can add fresh flavours like lemon, watermelon, cucumber, and mint. For an autumn event, think about cosy and seasonal flavours like those from cinnamon, clove, pumpkin, and hazelnuts. 

You can play with the names of the drinks to make them more personal or add them a bit of your personality to spice things up. Perhaps your favourite place in the world combined with your favourite colour or the liquor name, something like Caribbean red lemonade, or pink gin, try to be playful and incorporate your drink selection to the festival vibe. 

Pick your music wisely

Finally, what is a festival without music? One of the main elements of your festival-inspired celebration should be music, and our best advice is for you to find the best DJ hire in town. A professional DJ plays the music you request, reads crowds, and adjusts the music to the moment of the event. There is an art behind knowing what to play to welcome your guests while they mingle, during dinner or cocktails, and when everyone starts hitting the dancefloor. Hiring a DJ is the best investment you can make for a successful festival-inspired event. 

If your event is smaller or a DJ is not what you had in mind, you can always add a fun and interactive digital jukebox. This option is ideal for events where you know attendants have an exquisite taste in music and will have everyone on their feet for the entire night. Sometimes a digital jukebox helps the guests break the ice and enjoy the moment. 

Regardless of the type of event you are organising inspired by the ambience of festivals, there are key elements each of them has. By hiring the best mobile bar company, you guarantee the event will be a total success. Don’t forget about other details like lighting or theatrical fog that help you create the right setting for such a unique event. And of course, don’t forget to have fun while planning this amazing celebration. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event, we are certain you can find many useful and professional services at Trez Entertainment.