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We review the best party themes for your event in 2021

2021 has brought us hope and the possibility of celebrating as we used to do. With restrictions easing around the world, we are all preparing to have the time of our lives. And if you are looking for inspiration, we have the best themes for your event.

Whether you are organizing a wedding, an anniversary party, or a birthday, you must always give your event a theme. Once you have a theme, it will be easier to pick your invitations and event décor. Keep in mind that a theme can also help you provide your event with an overall aesthetic.

Statement lighting.

Lighting has the power to create the atmosphere you need for your event. You can change the formality, the colour, and light up the spaces you want to improve. And there are many options to light up your party, from giant LED light up letters to pretty fairy lights. Rustic events can include festoon or market lights.

Hanging chandeliers are pieces of decoration that suit well formal and elegant events, such as weddings. And they come in many different styles, from classic or vintage to modern. And you can complement a beautiful with a light-up dance floor.


Choosing one of the many popular cities of the world is another great idea for celebrations like anniversaries or birthday parties. You can incorporate decoration that reminds you of the city you choose, typical food, and drinks. Some of the most popular cities are Paris, London, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, and Spain.

When you choose a city, you must think about the whole experience for your guests. For example, if you are hosting a Las Vegas party, you can include casino tables, buffets, and plenty of cocktails. Your decoration can also include the typical colours of a luxurious casino and the proper lighting.

Since travel restrictions have left us without the opportunity to visit many places of the world, we can try and compensate and create a unique atmosphere for your guests to feel like they just stepped out to a different city.

Old Hollywood.

A classic theme that never gets old, who does not love to dress up and have formal attire to attend a party. You can choose colours like gold, black, burgundy, and white. Take inspiration from the 1950s and ask your attendants to dress accordingly.

Your decoration will help you set the tone for the celebration. Still, the music will be your best ally when it comes to entertaining your guests. Hire the right DJ, one that knows exactly what hits to play and keep the party going. And if you want a classic but unique entertainment choice, you can rent a Digital Jukebox. A vintage look combined with technology, the perfect item to keep your guests entertained and engaged.


We have seen how decoration and fashion take inspiration from past decades. You can choose one as your event theme to surprise everyone and host a nostalgic celebration. For an anniversary celebration, you can choose the decade in which you got married, everyone will remember what they dressed like and the music they danced to, it will be like reliving your big day.

Birthday parties are also great celebrations to have a decade as inspiration; you can choose your favourite decade or one that reminds you of your fun and young days. For example, if you enjoyed dancing to the eighties music or you were a hippy during the sixties, why not bring back those outfits and listen to your favourite tunes.

Corporate events that you organize for your partners or coworkers are ideal for adding a decade as a theme. An anniversary of your corporation, the end of the year event, or even a fundraiser or gala can feature a theme like the 1920s. You can offer cocktails and food according to the date and ask your attendants to dress according to the decade.

Treasure hunt.

Interactive themes are ideal for corporate and social events. No matter the age, everyone loves to have a competitive activity and win a prize. The best setting for a treasure hunt is always the outdoors. You can rent a tipi tent and give your celebration a complete theme.

Tipi tents are ideal because they can link to one another and create large spaces, or you can use each for different purposes. One can serve as a preparation spot where you handle each team their instructions. Once the game ends, you can use another to set your tables and chairs for lunch or dinner.

Beach theme.

If you live far from the beach or you cannot visit it due to restrictions, you can bring the beach to your event. A beach party usually involves taking the sun and enjoying refreshing drinks, more than dipping in the water. And all you need to create the atmosphere is to add the right elements and colours; for example, you can place some towels over the grass, set parasols on your tables, and tiny parasols to your cocktails or beverages. Big beach balls and colourful decorations inspired by pineapples, palm trees, sand, and starfishes.

You can offer fresh snacks or appetizers, including fruit and veggies. And think about light and fresh food options that are easy to make and eat, like dips, sandwiches, and pasta. Drinks like iced tea and fruit juices are the best options.

Your guests can attend wearing beach attire and sunglasses. If you are organizing a kids party, you can include small inflatable pools for them to have a fresh dip in the water. There are plenty of other options for kids to have fun. You can hire an inflatable outdoor cinema and make the beach party a sleepover with popcorn and a movie.

As you can see, party themes for 2021 are all about having fun and giving your guests a unique experience. Since we have been on lockdown for over a year, we all need to have a great time and enjoy a party. We are more than sure that you will find the right theme for your event, and your guests will enjoy it. And if you need help with your decoration or entertainment, please contact us. We at Trez Entertainment are more than happy to be part of your event.

anniversary celebration at home

How to plan an anniversary celebration at home

Celebrations at home are unique, and anniversaries are a major milestone that should not be passed without a party, even if it is just the two of you. When you celebrate your anniversary, you remember the moment you decided to join your life with your loved one and how far you have come ever since. There are many ways to pay tribute to your relationship and your love, and we have the best ideas for you.

First, you must develop a plan and determine if you want to celebrate solo or with your nearest and dearest. Intimate celebrations can include your nuclear family and closer friends, depending on the space you can count on at home. Once you know the type of celebration you are hosting, it is time to pick a theme.

Plan a themed night for the anniversary celebration. 

Themed nights are fun and out of the ordinary. You can pick your favourite movie or place in the world as a theme. For example, you could do a casino night with a real casino experience by hiring game tables and staff to provide all you need. Complement it with appetizers and cocktails, and you have a complete themed celebration.

Another great option is to incorporate the symbol that represents the year you are celebrating. The most common are:

  • 5th-year wood.
  • 10th-year aluminium.
  • 15th-year crystal.
  • 20th-year china.
  • 25th-year silver.
  • 30th-year pearl.
  • 40th-year ruby.
  • 50th-year gold.
  • 60th-year diamond.

Cinema at home. 

Who does not love to watch a movie in the cosy atmosphere of home? And to make it extra special, you can hire an inflatable cinema, set it up indoors or outdoors, have an incredible experience watching your favourite movie or even a complete saga. You can complete the experience by adding special touches like pillows and blankets, a table with popcorn, sweets, and your favourite beverages, just like when you visit the cinema.

Backyard glamping. 

If you are in the mood for a laid back and relaxed celebration with your loved ones and not much formality, you can set up a tipi tend on your patio, light it up with festoon lights or fairy lights, and enjoy an evening with some music, order food or cook a yummy meal, and bring your favourite snacks.

For a cold night celebration, you can bring out the firepit and have a s'more station, some hot chocolate, and simply enjoy the night watching the stars and remembering how cool your wedding was and all the things you have accomplished as a couple ever since.

And if you are organizing a summer gathering, what could be best than staying the night out and camping with your loved one? It will be a super special experience without even leaving your home.

Cocktail night. 

For couples that enjoy cocktails and music, a cocktail night at home is more than ideal, if you are planning on celebrating only the two of you, you can buy a cocktail kit and have fun watching a tutorial on how to prepare your favourite cocktail, add some appetizers or your favourite dinner and you have a complete celebration plan.

For larger gatherings that include other attendants, you can hire a mobile bar so that you do not have to worry about keeping everyone's glass full. A mobile bar hire comes with all you need to prepare your favourite cocktails, including staff and a license. You can customize the menu and add your favourite liquor and personalized cocktails.

And to top, the experience add a digital jukebox so that everyone can choose their favourite tune over the night. There is no better entertainment than the one that involves your guests. And you have all at once a vintage look and concept combined with technology. The perfect alternative for your celebration at home.

Watch your wedding video and photos. 

If a party is not what you have in mind, there is no need to do it. You can celebrate by ordering your favourite meal and spend the afternoon watching your wedding photos and video with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. It is a meaningful way to commemorate such an important date in your life; you get to appreciate how beautiful your wedding was, remember fun stories, and watch how all your guests had the time of their lives.

And if you want to take a moment to appreciate and recognize your other half, you can do a symbolic vow renewal. Listen or read your original vows and get inspired to write some new ones. Include all those details you are grateful for and acknowledge your growth as a couple.

Decorate your home. 

Sometimes all it takes to feel festive is a little bit of decoration, and you can achieve a flawless result by hiring some statement elements. For example, you can decorate with a floral backdrop, a neon sign, a LED backdrop, or some unique LED light-up letters. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique space.

You can dress up and take some pictures to keep beautiful memories of your wedding anniversary. Cook a delicious dinner together or bake your favourite dessert, it is all about creating experiences that will last a lifetime, and you do not need to spend much or throw a gigantic party to achieve it.

If you have some guests, you can add a photo booth to take amazing pictures, and you can keep them as a memory. It is a great way to entertain everyone, and you can choose from a variety of designs and styles, from the classic photo booth to a sophisticated magic mirror.

As you can see, celebrating an anniversary at home does not have to be simple and boring. You can have your own party, including music and drinks, or spend a quiet evening just treasuring the moment together, whichever you choose. Trez Entertainment can help you along the way.

Fill The Room With Lighting For An Amazing Party Touch

Fill The Room With Lighting For An Amazing Party Touch

Ever been to a bar, disco, or a party where flashing lights caught your attention? Vibrant or soft lighting certainly gives an amazing feel and soothes the party animal inside you. If you always enjoy those flashing lights at parties or bars, then you can have them installed in your rooms as well. They can provide an amazing party touch to your room, let you host house parties, and get the party vibes without leaving your room's comfort.

Lighting Can Bring An Irresistible Modern Feel To Your Room

A place of relaxation & get-togethers, the living room is a central place of any home. That’s where you sit with your family & friends and collect some of the best moments.

Being the central hub of your home, your living room deserves the right design. What better way than to have lighting in your living room that can turn the room into a party place anytime you want. Whether you want to equip your room with soft lighting for a classic party environment or vibrant light for the typical party environment, you can get all sorts of lighting to match your needs & wants.

Lighting brings an irresistible modern feel to your room and lets you have a party environment right within your home. It enables you to host a few of your friends or family members for a house party so they can get an escape from the hassle of work & life.

How Does Lighting Help To Keep Your Room Party-Ready?

Parties are all about lighting, dancing, and the fun associated with it. A room equipped with lighting is always party-ready, enabling you to turn it into a party place anytime you want.

  • Festive or party atmosphere always in your reach

Who says that you need to leave your home and visit a bar to have fun under the vibrant lighting & loud sound of DJ playing music when you can create a party atmosphere anytime you want. The biggest benefit of party lighting in your bedroom is that it’s always ready to celebrate any festive occasion.

You can have soft or vibrant lighting installed in your room to turn on the festive atmosphere anytime you want. Lighting gives you a chance to set up the perfect party environment in your home when there’s no party scene around the corner.

  • Lighting is an integral part of the party atmosphere

Imagine attending a party with no lighting scene. Certainly, it would not be the perfect party. To have the right party atmosphere, lighting is a crucial element.

Having just the right kind of LED lighting in vibrant hues installed in your room transforms your room into a great party place. You can create a party atmosphere whenever you want. All you need is to switch on the lighting, and you’re ready to party.

When there’s no lighting, there’s no perfect environment for the party.

  • Lighting can transform the mood and energy of people 

Lighting has the potential to instantly uplift the mood & energy of people. When people come to a house party, they come with the expectation of enjoying the party with the right atmosphere. Walking into a room designated for partying and finding out that there’s no appropriate lighting can be disappointing.

If you want your house party to live up to the people's expectations, then equip your room with the right lighting. Having party lighting installed in your room is a great way to transform people's moods and energy and switch them to party mode even when they don’t feel like partying.

Some Excellent Lighting Ideas To Add A Touch Of The Party To Your Room

Lighting plays a significant role in creating the right party environment. If you are looking to add a touch of the party to your room with the lighting but don’t know how to do it, then here’s what you need to do.

  • Use lighting of vibrant hues

To keep your home party-ready, one essential thing is lighting. You may find several kinds of lights from the market, but not every lighting type can create a party atmosphere.

Typically, the lighting of vibrant hues is used to create a party atmosphere. You can install LED vibrant lights in different parts of your room. Usually, skirtings are an excellent place to install such lighting in your room. This way, you can keep them hidden while creating the party atmosphere at the same time.

  • Install both light & vibrant hues

You might not always want to create a vibrant atmosphere. Therefore, install lights that can be switched to both vibrant and light colours. It enables you to create a suitable atmosphere depending on the theme of the party.

Light hues create a more calming and low party environment. At the same time, vibrant hues create an energetic and dramatic party environment.

If it’s a birthday party of your kid, light hues make the right environment. For grown-ups, use lowered lights to create an intimate and calmer environment.

  • Use focal lights

Focal lights can be an excellent lighting choice to create a great party environment. These lights make guests feel more welcome. You can install focal or projector lights in the entryway to throw light on guests to welcome them to your house party.

Add Lighting To Your Room To Switch Party Mode Anytime

Even if you don’t plan to host house parties, lighting can still be an excellent choice. It enhances your room's ambience, beautifies its design elements, and creates a calmer environment in your room.

After a tiring day at work, all you need is to come back to your home and relax in your room. How about having a soothing glass of cocktail or wine, low music, and soft hue lights in your room? It seems perfect for relieving your tiredness!

To create a perfectly relaxing environment in your room, equip your room with party lighting.


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How much does a photo booth cost?

How much does a photo booth cost?

How much does a photo booth cost?

So if you have a big event coming up, be it a wedding, or any form of corporate event, it’s best to make sure you have the best entertainment possible, and one way of doing that, is by having a photo booth.

Entertainment is perhaps one of the most challenging things to plan for when it comes to an event. It’s hard to know what exactly your guests are going to want, and what will keep them going long into the night. Luckily for you, a photo booth does just that.

So if you’ve deceived that you already want a photo booth, the next thing to ask yourself is how much you’re willing to spend to get one. The prices of photo booth can vary depending on a lot of factors, including who you get yours from, what type you are looking for and any additional extras that you may want.

So in today’s post, we are going to break down everything you ended to know about getting a photo booth, as well as what kind of price range you can expect. We hope that by the end of this guide you will have a much clearer idea of how much a photo booth costs, as well as being aware of any additional information you should know.


What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is a perfect place for guests to take pictures at your events. You won’t have to worry any more about blurry and lopsided images. A photo booth is a perfect way for an individual to take a picture of a group that everyone can enjoy.

Photo booths can be set up wherever you like, which means that you can dedicate a specific spot to where people will be able to gather in groups as they move around from one area to another. Photo booths can be used at any times, so guests can wait until friends surround them until they capture a special moment.


Why should you get a photo booth? (Is it worth paying for?)

Special events usually lead to unique memories. You want your guests to remember this day for years to come. Therefore, getting a photo booth is an excellent way for you and your guests to not only make those memories but to keep them for the future. It gives them the inspiration to get creative and loosen up, while also inviting them to keep the photos as a beautiful memory of the event.

It’s the perfect way to include guests of all ages and all kinds in having some fun, and truly makes memories that will last for a lifetime, Trez Entertainment offer a photo booth hire essex service so if you are looking to hire a photobooth then please contact the term.


How much does a photo booth cost?

Like any service, the price of a photo booth can vary significantly, depending on several factors. On top of that, suppliers can offer different prices depending on various options,

packages, and prices that include or don’t include other accessories.

The rather cheeky and witty school-boy response that could be offered in this situation is “How long is a piece of string”, it just depends on a whole range of factors, which we will outline here.

In a nutshell, though, you should expect to fork out between £150 to £250 per hour for your photo booth. Most providers will also have a minimum hire for two or three hours. Additional prints and custom made backgrounds will further increase your costs. For the record, moreover, it tends to be much cheaper to hire these services on the weekdays than on weekends.

There’s no denying it: Photo Booths are hot stuff. They were once only scarcely used for getting a new passport photo or for shopping centres, these phot booths became very popular at the turn of the millennium, and haven’t looked back since. They’ve become so relevant to the wedding experience that couples may even seem to book their photo booth before they book their live music choice.

So you usually will hire a photo booth for your event, and when the photo booth is up and running, you will be able to provide guests with little keepsakes, in the pictures that they take. Many photo booth companies will set a limit on print during the hire, i.e. 10, 20, 30 or even unlimited copies. Some may also provide some props and accessories for you to add that extra spark to your photos.


The types of photo booth

The type of photo booth which you choose will also have a significant impact on your rate. The main two types of photo booths are open-air booths (where there are no walls or ceiling - the box is out in the open), and closed booths - where walls and a roof are surrounding the photo booth. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to do your research before you decide which one is best for you.

Open-air booths will generally have a high-end camera, software, e-mail sharing, cool gifs and other cool features, which is why they frequently command a higher price.

What makes these open-air booths so accessible are several reasons. There is a vast choice of backgrounds and other sleek effects that users can have to get the perfect picture. What’s more, is, nobody will feel left out, since the lack of walls means you can all enjoy that beautiful group photo.


Wrapping it up

In conclusion, there is an abundance of reasons why you should get a photo booth for your next event. As you have seen, the prices can vary considerably depending on factors such as type of booth, length of hire and any other additional accessories which you would like.

It is certainly a price that is worth paying, however. Photo booths give you and your guests the chance to take some precious pictures of your event and use them as a keepsake of memories that will last for a lifetime.

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Non-standard wedding dresses: Why are they so popular?

There has been a dramatic change in the scene if the wedding dresses in the last number of years. Women and brides-to-be are chasing something that has a little bit extra than just their typical wedding dress. They are searching for something that is either a little bit unique or something a little bit more casual than any regular bridal dress, and who can blame them?

Of course, traditional wedding dresses are still the most common option, but this rise in popularity for non-standard wedding dresses is growing at an increasing rate. Wile they ever overtake traditional wedding dresses? Who knows. But today, we are going to investigate some of the reasons why non-standard wedding dresses have become so popular in the last number of years.


Where does this trend come from?

So you might be asking at this stage, “Why are people shunning traditional wedding dresses”. The truth is that it mainly stems from the fact that brides are searching for more than just a single dress. Nowadays, many brides want something traditional for the ceremony but would like something a little bit more glamorous, and a little bit more stylish for the celebrations which take place afterwards.

Nowadays, weddings span more than just one ceremony and often take place over several days. This means brides no longer just want the one traditional dress. Instead, they want something for all events such as the engagement party, the rehearsals, the after-party and then multiple pieces for the honeymoon.

This allows brides to be much more experimental when it comes to their wedding clothes. They turn away from the traditional bridal shopping experience In favour of outfit choices which allow them to reflect their style. Something which will enable them to become much more experimental in their own choices and pick something to match their everyday style.


Social Media influence

It is undeniable that social media has played a huge role concerning the cause of this switch. A bride now has a more open view of the wedding fashion choices of the rich and wealthy. On social media, they can open their eyes to celebrity brides who flaunt a range of outfits across their wedding weekends, alongside other A-list, world-celebrities who choose a less traditional design and opt for more than one dress.

The influence of social media is evident, isn’t it? For example, just have a look at the supermodel form Denmark, Emma Leth, who wore a beautiful beachy dress on her big day. Or Olivia Palermo, who spent her special day in shorts. Or perhaps most remarkable of all, Emily Ratajkowski, who opted for an orange suit at her ceremony. The number of options that exist for brides-to-be in this area is truly endless. 

It’s safe to say that the trend of an ‘after-party’ dress stemmed almost entirely from social media. Meghan Markle mostly started it on her special day. Since then, there has been a continual increase in demand for a sexy party option, that demand has trickled down to weddings across the country.



On top of this, many women are merely shopping more carefully and responsibly, which influences their choice of wedding dress. Brides no longer want to have to opt for something so formal, so that they can get more use out of the dress. Something that is a little bit more fashionable and perhaps resembles a bride’s everyday fashion choices can be worn on many occasions after the wedding.

Part of this trend stems from changes in our everyday shopping habits. Consumers are now much more aware of exactly how sustainable their clothes are, and the result is much more price-conscious shopping.

It can be noticed also that there is a much more extensive range of wedding attire now available from fashion retailers. For example, tops, jackets, mini dresses and more can all be found from several outlets.

It’s quite a significant jump, too. Traditionally, a wedding dress would be the most expensive purchase that a bride would ever make. It would sit in the back of her wardrobe and never be worn again after.

But in many ways, this is a good thing. Nowadays, there is much less pressure on brides to find one wedding dress that they like. They finally have the opportunity to enjoy selecting their style. They have more opportunity than ever, which takes away some of the pressure of buying their wedding dress too. Designers and retailers are also catering to this choice, leaving brides-to-be with a whole wealth of options in front of them.




 In conclusion, then, non-standard wedding dresses are more popular than ever before, and demand is only going to increase. There is a whole range of reasons why, but sustainability, social media influence and a more extensive range of options from retailers is at the heart of it.

 Maybe this change is all for the better too. It can take some of the pressure of brides to select the one wedding dress that is perfect for them. In truth, any step that can relieve the stress for the bride is always a good thing.

Will they ever overtake traditional wedding dresses? Unlikely. Big white wedding dresses have been around for almost two centuries, and there is no doubt that they won’t disappear overnight.

But like with the broader fashion world, wedding fashion is changing. Shoppers now have a much more extensive range of options, and it’s safe to say that they are taking full advantage of it.

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Baby showers essex

Baby showers: an outdated idea?

When a happy couple can declare that a new baby is on the way, it’s usually not just the parents who are getting excited. The future grandparents, aunts, uncles friends and any other loved ones will be looking forward to welcoming the newest member of the family. This baby shower is one of the most traditional ways for friends, family and loved ones to come together to celebrate the pregnancy. It’s a time for people to gather and ‘shower’ the happy couple with presents, love and good wishes before the birth of the baby.

However, in recent years this tradition seems to have died off a little bit. A combination of changes in social and cultural etiquette surrounding the birth of a new baby seems to have drawn people away from the idea of hosting these events.

In this guide, we are going to be discussing how baby showers have come about, and whether or not they are a truly ‘outdated’ idea.


What exactly is a baby shower?

A baby shower is essentially, like said before, a party to celebrate the expected birth of a new baby. It’s also a way in which friends and family can help new parents with whatever resources and gifts they may need because after all, having a baby can be expensive.


So, where did baby showers come from?

Baby showers as we know them are a relatively recent invention. The birth of babies has been celebrated for thousands of years. Still, the celebrations that took place throughout history are very, very different from the kind that we are so familiar with today.

The Ancient Greek and Egyptians held ceremonies to celebrate new babies and their mothers, during these ceremonies and rituals, gifts and good wishes were offered to the gods. During the Middle Ages, however, the ritual began to change, and new babies were celebrated in their baptism, which was an excellent opportunity to give gifts to new parents.

During the Renaissance years, mothers were given gifts and wishes of goodwill upon the birth of their baby. It was only during the Victorian years when the baby shower that we know today began to take shape. Back in those years, childbirth and pregnancy were not discussed publicly, so these celebrations took place after the birth of the baby.

The baby showers that we recognize today truly began to form after the world wars. It was an opportunity for people to offer support and resources for expecting mothers after the economic hardship of both world wars.


Are they outdated?

Given the fact that these traditions date so far back into our history, many people think it is absurd that we should get rid of these baby shower rituals. On the other hand, others argue that the motives for having these ceremonies and gatherings were different when they were first invented. Back then, the reasons were mostly to offer genuine economic support, but nowadays for the majority of families in the western world, that kind of support isn’t essential. Sure, raising a child can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean we have to gather around all of our friends and family to bring over 100 different pairs of baby shoes!

Of course, becoming a parent is a significant milestone in people’s lives, and it is undoubtedly worth huge celebrations, but that doesn’t quite call for forcing each other to spend hours oohing and aahing over the same stuff each time, does it? It’s a ritual that can be spectacularly boring for people who didn’t have kids. In all honesty, there may be better ways for us to celebrate each other's pregnancies, one that is a lot more fun for everybody involved.


How you can make baby showers more ‘modern.’


  1. Get the timing right

There are several ways in which you can make your baby shower more modern. The first if which is to get the timing right. Instead of hosting as soon as you announce you are expecting, you may wish to wait until the baby is born and organise a ‘welcome baby’ party. Of course, it is your decision whatever you decide to do, but this kind of celebration could be combined with a christening,



  1. Check over your guest list

To make sure that the experience is enjoyable for plenty of people, you should keep an eye on who you invite. The best choice is to go for immediate family and tight-knit friends. To make sure that everyone there can have a good time, it’s best only to invite those who are genuinely close to you, so everyone can enjoy it rather than feel obliged to attend.

On top of that, having one joint shower is becoming more and more common. If you know other people who are celebrating a pregnancy, there is no reason why you couldn’t have one celebration together, but if you don’t want guests to feel obliged to bring gifts to everyone, then just make that clear to them.


  1. Know when it opens the presents

People love to see small stuffed animals and tiny clothes, but the long opening of the all can get rather tedious, and guests who didn’t quite bring as large gifts may begin to feel embarrassed. You and your hosts should decide what feels best, but things do often work out best if the contributions are opened later. On top of that, even if your guest insists that one isn’t needed, you should send a thank-you note along, you have up to the baby’s two month birthday to address one without being late, according to baby shower etiquette.


  1. Get crafty with something different altogether.

Another popular option is the mani-pedi style party. All you have to do is block out a few hours at your favorite salon and get some besties to go with you. It’s a fun afternoon that you know everyone can enjoy, and a great way to celebrate an impending pregnancy.


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Will we see the rise of small weddings in 2020?

As the world slowly begins to emerge from the other side of the largest global pandemic in over a century, it bears to ask the question as to what kind of effect this will have on how we gather and celebrate with our loved ones again.

For example, when will we see large scale weddings and events that we had always taken for granted? Will we see the bride and groom being asked to kiss? What will wedding receptions & dinners look like?

Today, we are going to talk about whether we will see the increase of small weddings in 2020. While these micro-celebrations have been slowly gaining popularity over the last number of years, the experts would say that we are likely to see plenty more of them in the coming years as people become more concerned about keeping a social distance. Here are some of the most prominent things reasons why small weddings are on the rise and how couples can benefit from them.


They are more intimate

Having a wedding where each guest is more familiar with each other is inevitably going to lead to a more intimate and sentimental experience for everyone involved. For example, if you have a 150 person wedding, each guest may say ‘hi’ to each other, and leave it at that. But at a 30 guest wedding, it opens up the possibility to have a genuine experience and form a connection with every guest who is there. This makes for a great experience not only for the couple themselves but also for every guest who attends the wedding.

Additionally, when you have a smaller wedding, it allows you to personalize the reception more. For example, writing a personalized thank-you note for each guest on their seat at the reception would be impractical for a 100+ guest wedding, yet it is a realistic option for a reception of 50. When it comes to speeches too, the same thing applies. For example, you may include a particular anecdote if you know that your dad’s boss won’t be attending, which is always fun!


Those who aren’t in the guest list can still be included

If you have the intention to shrink to a small wedding, there are still an abundance of ways that you can include guests who perhaps received a ‘save the date’ invitation already. Just because they can’t be physically present doesn’t mean they won’t get to enjoy the day.

For example, you may have seen recently about couples who had initially planned big weddings with hundreds of guests, turning their special day into a micro wedding, yet still, live stream the ceremony for those who cannot attend. The same thing could be done for the wedding reception to allow guests to speak and dance with other guests who are tuning in from home.

Another low-cost idea which is becoming increasingly popular is to ship little gift packages to guests who can’t make it in person. That may be a small bottle of champagne, perhaps some cake, a Spotify playlist and a link to a live stream of the reception. Anything that encourages virtual guests to celebrate with the couple on the night.


You will cut costs

Almost every couple knows that the longer the guest list, the larger the budget. With the current economic state, having a vast guest list & budget just isn’t practical for many couples nowadays. It’s a no-brainer really that having fewer guests on your list will offer you a better ‘bang for your buck’. Even if you don’t have the intention to lower your budget, a smaller guest list may open doors to include some decorations or features that you wanted, but didn’t have the budget for.

Furthermore, with smaller guest lists, the opportunity to have a classic three-day wedding may make a return. When you only have less than 50 people, allowing them to stay for longer may make for a more memorable and enjoyable weekend. This is undoubtedly something that will appeal to many couples and their families.

Like we mentioned previously with allowing guests to enjoy the ceremony from home, if you have already paid your deposits and don’t want to miss out, there are ways you can make up for it. For example, any extra flower pieces that won’t be used at the venue can make up a part of the celebration package that we referenced above.


It may be the safest option for the future

Couples all around the world who had planned for their special day are now beginning to accept the fact that their wedding will have to be compromised by some form of restrictions on gatherings. That may actually be for the best, here’s why:

Even if there are no restrictions on attendees later in the fall, or into 2021, it may bet the safest option when taking into consideration the leave of mind and security of guests. Of course, no couple wants to put any form of risk onto their family members, in particular those who are deemed ‘high-risk’ from this pandemic. So rather than trying to enjoy a 200+ celebration, it may be more enjoyable to have a small, intimate wedding with friends and family, without having to worry about your safety or the safety of your guests.



In conclusion, then, there is no doubt that we will see the rise of small weddings in 2020, and perhaps even further into 2021, and for good reason too.

If you have planned a large wedding before the outbreak, there is no need to feel disappointed, looking on the bright side, this may be the perfect chance for you to experience a close, intimate gathering with those who you genuinely care about, and make sure that all guests feels safe in the process.


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How Lockdown is affecting the events industry

Currently, we are living in strange times. The whole world appears to have genuinely come to a standstill. Sports, politics, and global events have totally been put on hold, and the economic impact of that has been severe - and still not fully realized yet.

 One industry that has suffered hugely under the current global lockdown in the event industry. With social distancing in place and restrictions on gatherings, events such as exhibitions, conferences, and even personal gatherings such as weddings and formal parties have all taken a hit.


What Damage Has Been Done?

 The extent of the damage is so bad that it is reported that 60% of suppliers in the UK events industry could collapse entirely within three months if they are not given appropriate financial support in 3 months, according to an online survey carried out by the Events industry forum. Nearly 1500 businesses took part in the study, and even six per cent claimed that they would be unlikely to survive one month.

 This kind of collapse for businesses would result in hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs across the industry. For example, according to a study from Bournemouth university, the outdoor event industry employs nearly 600,000 people. Over a sixth of them are estimated to work in the exhibitions, conferences, and indoor events industry.

 Another issue that the government faces is that most people who work in the outdoor industry are self-employed or freelancers who are dependent on the summer season to provide the bulk of their income. With plenty, if outdoor events such as music festivals, including Glastonbury and Edinburgh festival being cancelled, plenty of people are facing a bleak 12 months ahead before they will see more income, which could be hugely problematic for some people during the winter.

 In the business conference industry, the same trend applies. For example, 74% of all conferences and exhibitions have been either postponed to the last quarter of 2020, with almost all of the rest of them being cancelled.

 Despite the Chancellor recently indicating that event organisers should be eligible for leisure and hospitality grants, according to most of them who have applied, they were just turned down by their local council. In addition to that, only 1% of respondents who use for the given, ent backed scheme for Coronavirus interruption.


How has lockdown affected weddings and other parties? 

At this stage in the year, the wedding season would have been getting into full swing if we weren’t amid this pandemic. Instead, many couples now face lengthy postponements, which may be expected to last well into late 2021. Truthfully, no-one knows the answer about when weddings will be running again as usual, nor do we know how weddings will look in a post lockdown world. When restrictions do begin to ease, small ceremonies which involve no more than say five people may be allowed first. Yet at the moment, there has been no comment from this by the government.

 A little bit later, although not specified when (certainly not before 4th July), it is expected that the hospitality industry can begin to reopen again. Whether this means big weddings can finally happen again is unknown, and unlikely, but significant, indoor weddings aren’t looking likely.

 But you might be wondering how exactly the events industry, including weddings, parties and even larger conferences could look after the lockdown period. Here are some ways that our familiar norms may change once we come out the other side.


How will events change for the future?


The rise of outdoor venues

Of course, we are now aware that the virus doesn’t quite spread as quickly in the outdoors as it does indoors. That is why, after the pandemic, we could see the decline of formal events held indoors. When it comes to weddings, clients may even decide to hire outdoor marquees to accommodate guests on the grounds of venues in order to minimise the risk. Of course, however, there will be huge demand because of this, at the end of the day, there are only so many Saturday afternoon slots available in the summertime for an event.


Fewer guests

If having an event outdoors just isn’t feasible, the number of guests who attend a given event will likely cut dramatically, possibly even by half for weddings and other parties. For example, we could be getting used to emphasising the wedding ceremony itself, rather than the dancing and drinking, to minimise the dangers of crowds. At an event where food will be served for example, it is possible that there will be fewer guests at each table, or in the case of a wedding, guests may be seated based on their household.


No more destination wedding  

Recently we have seem that 14 day quarantines have been out in place for those who are traveling back to the UK from abroad, meaning that weddings which are held abroad may be put on hold, maybe even until 2022. An alternative perhaps is a wedding within the UK, where the venue is hired for the whole weekend. This means that guests can still enjoy the advantages that a destination wedding offers, but without exposing any guests to the risks of traveling to and from overseas countries.


Focus on hygiene

This applies to all sorts of events from business conferences to small formal parties. It may be a new norm for guests to have to wear masks, or any other type of facial covering. We may see a situation where attendees are refused from conferences because they aren’t wearing a masks, or perhaps even seeing masks which are specially made for weddings. Additionally, we should get used to seeing hand sanitisers on tables and around the venues to help people keep their hands clean.


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Band V DJ (or both?): The Definitive Answer 2020

There are certain things which are essential for a successful wedding. Like the bride, the groom, a venue... and of course, the music. Music is the crucial ingredient for a happy wedding to get everybody onto the dance floor so they can party their socks off.

The music, however, can be tricky to get right. You want to compile a list of songs that are a nice reflection of you and your couple, while ones that your guest will love. OK, so once you have the type of music sorted, you still have to decide on the toughest choice of the all... get a Band, or hire a DJ?

Well, the definitive answer is... it depends. Really, we aren’t here to tell you whether you should hire a DJ or band at your wedding, only you and your partner can make that decision. That’s why, in today’s guide, we are going to inform you of the pros and cons of each option, while making you aware of some other factors you need to take into consideration. Sound good?



Let’s start off with the more traditional option. There’s no doubt about it, bands are amazing. There are so many advantages to having a band at your wedding that we really don’t know where to begin. To start, even just watching these guys or girls rocking out with their instruments can be a great way to get the party started and increase the mood in the venue.

In addition to that, it’s hard to argue that a live band doesn’t just sound incredible. You can be almost guaranteed that any heartfelt love ballads are likely to be more emotional and heartfelt when they are played by a live band. Even the guests will enjoy watching the band, as their infectious personalities will frequently lead all members to the dance floor, who doesn’t want that!?

Unfortunately, however, it would be a lie to say that everything is rosy. You have to be 100% sure that the band itself plays your type of music. You may even wish to go as far as hearing them play before you decide to book them. Bands will also require breaks in between sets, so make sure to take this into account when you are making a decision, as it will result in frequent lulls in music. A band will also require a fair amount of space and electricity, so make sure that you are prepared for this as well.



Now comes the recent trend of hiring DJs. Straight off the bat, a DJ will quite literally have an endless supply of songs that are available to them. This is good because it means they can tailor to the mood or even perform some special requests. You may even take the time to ensure that they have a list of your favorite songs before the day itself arrives.

As well as that, DJ’s can take a break without having to pause the music, and some reputable DJ companies will have a stand by DJ, who is prepared to take over should an issue arise. Furthermore, they are often cheaper than bands and take up much less space.

Now on the other hand, hiring a DJ does give you the option to play ‘your songs’, it is still risky, in the fact that it may not evoke the same kind of energy from the crowd as live music. Along the same lines, if the DJ doesn’t have a personality, then they may really kill the vibe and the atmosphere of the venue. To be on the safe side you may wish to speak to people who have hired your DJ for their wedding, just to make sure that s/he is the real deal.

So now that we have gotten the pros and cons of each of them out of the way, it’s time to consider some other factors that you should keep in mind.


Do you have a theme in mind?

If you plan to have your wedding themes as the Great Gatsby for example, you may not wish to hire a techno DJ for your reception party. The theme is something that you must take into account when you are planning your wedding. You could find a DJ or band who is familiar with the music that surrounds your chosen theme. How closely you want the theme of your wedding to match the music may be the deciding factor between whether you opt for a band or a DJ.


Will you make your own playlist?

A lot of couples nowadays avoid this, and sometimes it can actually cost them! Maybe for those who don’t have a huge budget or who have similar tastes in music, this could be the best option for you. Keep in mind that you will have to select a playlist that is able to run for more than four hours potentially, and you should consider how the afternoon will flow, in addition to special songs that you’ll wish to play throughout your special night.


What about costs? Can I have both?

Almost always, a band is the most expensive option. This is because of the sheer amount of equipment which is involved in a band set up. You should evaluate your budget as an indication of whether you should opt for a band or hire a DJ. If you are really keen to have a band play at your wedding but aren’t able to afford a band for the full duration of the day, you may wish to have a band play for your ceremony and for cocktails, yet hire a DJ for the reception party.


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Zoom Lockdown Party 2020

Just because we are all socially distanced, doesn’t mean we can’t come to enjoy each other’s company. Staying inside all the time can be tough, but there are most certainly tools and platforms that we can use to make it easier—introducing: The Lockdown Party.

Being confined to your home all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to binge your favourite Netflix series for the hundredth time ever pay Saturday night, (although it is fun -we aren’t judging). Over the last month or so, platforms such as Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts have become highly popular, by allowing people to enjoy video call chats with their family, friends and loved ones.

At a time when it is easy to feel isolated, these virtual hangout platforms can do the world of good for helping us feel less lonely.

So, how can you throw a wildly fun Zoom party for your family and friends this weekend? This guide will offer you everything that you need to know, from what platform to use, to the very best ideas and themes to make your Lockdown Party the one to be remembered.


What is the best Video Chat Service to Use?



Zoom has grown immensely over the last number of weeks, thanks to the outbreak. This convenient service allows users to have video calls with friends and family members for up to 40 minutes with the free version, (or you can have one-to-one calls with anyone for unlimited amounts of time). With the paid version, which currently stands at just £11.99 per month, you can have calls with up to 100 people for as long as you like. It is highly convenient to set up, and since the outbreak of the virus, it has proven to be the most popular platform to connect via video calls.



Often referred to as a slightly more “hip” version of Zoom, HouseParty is also all the rage right now. It’s a video call platform which allows you to socialise with up to 8 of your friends at one time. What’s so great about Houseparty is that when you sign up, you can automatically connect it to your Facebook or Snapchat account. This means that you can see which friends you already have on the app. As soon as they connect their accounts to other social platforms, you can invite them to your party, and let the fun begin!



Okay, we think that FaceTime gets the award for the most straightforward platform to use, and that is why we have included it here in our list. It’s the perfect platform to make a quick call and check in on your loved one(s). This makes it particularly useful for checking in on your elderly parents or grandparents while they are stuck inside. It’s undoubtedly designed for social fun rather than business or professional matters. Some of the fun features, like creating Live Photo’s from the call or changing your face to an Animoji. The only downside that we can think of for this platform is that it requires an Apple Device, of course.


So now. You've got your guest list ready, you’ve picked the best platform, and now you need some kind of theme or party idea for your big night in.

Just in case you can’t think of any ideas, here are some of the best themes and concepts for your Zoom party this weekend.


  1. Game Night

There are endless possibilities when it comes to a game night for your Lockdown party. Some of the most popular choices include a virtual round of the infamous ‘Cards against Humanity’, or the evergreen classic, Charades. You could even go as far as making it a weekly thing, by nominating one guest every week to choose what game is going to be played.


  1. Fancy Dress

Who says that being in lockdown can't call for a little bit of creative fun! Having a fancy dress or an elegant dinner party is an excellent chance for you to try out (and show off) some of the outfits that you have been holding in your wardrobe for a while. And besides, isn’t it nice to get a change from living in hoodies and leggings for months at a time?


  1. Pyjama Party

Now to the opposite end of the dressing spectrum. Open up your wardrobe, find the comfiest pair of pyjamas that you can see, crack open a bottle of wine and get ready for some laughter and fun. You could even decide to make it even cosier by adding in some extra blankets and pillows for yourself.


  1. Karaoke sing-along

The classic party activity. You can take the karaoke version of you and your friends’ favourite song and let the fun begin. Apps such as Houseparty even have their karaoke features to make it even easier for you. But if you’re using one of the other platforms, you can simply find almost any song of your choice on YouTube.


  1. Movie Night

Of course, we couldn’t write about a Lockdown party without including this option. The classic night-in. With Netflix Party, you and all of your friends can easily chat and watch the movie at the same time. Want to make it even more fun? If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also get everyone to dress up as their favourite character, for some movie-themed fancy dress fun.


  1. Cooking or Cocktail parties

If your social group has a passion for cooking, you can all follow cooking videos online to see how your dishes all turn out. Or even if just one of you are proficient, you could all host a mini cooking lesson, where you can learn new recipes forever. Or if that’s not quite your thing, you could keep it simple and stick to a cocktail making party. Both of which guarantee a great night-in.


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