Over the last months, we all have seen a friend post an awesome 360 video holding all sorts of props and showing their outfit from every angle at a fancy or important event, right? It is a lovely way to capture the moment of fun and joy your guests are having and a unique way to keep the memories. 360 video booth is everything you need for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, and even your corporate event. 

And before you start looking for 360 booths near me for hire on your phone, we have the top 5 reasons why you should be hiring a 360-video booth. Just in case you haven’t already fallen in love with this idea and are super ready to hire it, we can help you out with these five reasons to bring a unique entertainment element to your upcoming event. 

360 video booth suits every event. 

The magic of a 360 video booth is you can incorporate it into any event; imagine it to promote the launch of a new product at your company or the opening of a new store. We have seen it shine through weddings, birthday parties, christenings, graduations, and even gender reveals. The sky is the limit because it fits all types of décors and even all ages. 

Having a 360 spinner at your next corporate Christmas dinner or wedding will take all the looks; everyone will have a second and even a third try. Since it is so popular, we all want our cool video holding a prop or just dancing the night away. Don’t hesitate to hire a 360 photo & video booth Essex

Your guests will be entertained. 

Finding the right entertainment while you organise an event is never an easy task; you must consider the space, the context, the type of event, and even the age group of your attendants, so you don’t bring inappropriate entertainment to the table. And that is why we love them so much 360 video booths; they fit right in and keep your guests entertained for hours. 

And we are not talking about entertainment that lasts only a couple of minutes; you will see everyone laughing at the silly poses your uncle is showing off, and your work friends will instantly get off their seats and get in line to get that awesome video. Everyone will be excited to share it with the world. 

You will have an interactive guestbook. 

Forget about finding the perfect guestbook with your initials printed and your guests in line thinking about what they will write, so it’s meaningful and sweet or even funny. Take that pressure off your and their shoulders and think outside the box by hiring a 360-photo boot and bring technology to your celebration. 

What can be more awesome than seeing your parents, friends, and extended family having the time of their lives while they dance and pose in the 360-video booth? You won’t miss a thing because you can save every moment and watch it as many times as you wish. Although words are important, we know nothing compares to a moving image of such an important moment in your life. 

Share it everywhere. 

360 videos are super easy to share; your guests will be thrilled to start sharing them on every social media platform. You will have the video right on your smartphone, ready to share it with friends and family when you step down. The slow-motion feature is perfect for catching your glam for the night or a sweet kiss. 

You can have a glamorous moment showing off your entire outfit or squeeze in your group of friends and make a super fun dancing video. The possibilities are endless, and you can share the result with everyone. Plus, if you organise a corporate event, you can always set up a branded backdrop, so your company name and logo are part of every video. Many social media users get to see you through the video your attendants share with their followers. 

It is easy to use and looks pretty. 

Forget about those big boxes you needed to find space for to set up a christmas photo booth, 360 video booth is easy to set up, taking a little space from your venue. Plus, it is super easy to use, and everyone will know exactly what to do. And if you are looking for an aesthetical detail for your event, look no more because the 360-photo booth looks amazing. 

You can choose where to set it up, and it has amazing light for your videos to look professional and flawless. If you hire a floral backdrop or your venue has an accent wall with greenery, a beautiful colour, or texture, you can have your 360-video booth set up there and enjoy the beautiful backdrop along with the amazing moments your guests have. 

Our five reasons to hire a 360 video booth for your upcoming event should be more than enough to make the decision. There won’t be another type of entertainment your guest will love more than the 360 photo booth because they get to showcase their outfits, makeup, hair, and overall style, along with some dance moves and fun moments. If you are looking for a 360 video booth Essex we got you covered; find out about the availability and book it today so your guests and you enjoy the magic of the 360 video booth.