You want to organise the most popular year’s event, and you want it to be magnificent, lavish, and over the top, but how can you achieve it? There are plenty of options available for such purpose, but if you think about it deeply, when you throw an event, your guests spend most of their time on the dance floor instead of eating or appreciating the table setting. That is why choosing the right dance floor is crucial.

Did you know there are many different dance floors available for you? In case you didn’t, we have breaking news for you, because nowadays the options are many, and we have gathered the top 7 types of dance floor ideal for a lavish event. So, you don’t have to settle for a plain and simple dance floor.

To choose the right dance floor for your upcoming event, you must start by defining the overall style of your celebration or the theme. That information will determine the entire course of your décor and the style of your dance floor too. Imagine a modern venue with plenty of neutral tones or perhaps an industrial vibe with exposed light fixtures and a wooden dance floor, and it just doesn’t add up, right? A white light-up dance floor or personalised vinyl one would fit best.

Once you have figured out the style of your event, it is time to determine the guest list number so you can hire a dance floor accordingly, and every guest has space to dance in. You can use a general rule for that instance. Consider only 50% of your guests will be on the dance floor at the same time if they are hardcore dancers. If not, it will be around 30% of them. That will give you an idea, and the best part of it is dance floors come in many different sizes.

Disco LED

For an event that is being organised around dancing, you can consider a disco LED dance floor with many colours to choose from and lighting up combinations to match the energy of your event. It is an amazing way to use it as a focal point of décor or to complement the rest of your event design. Plus, your wedding entertainment will feel complete with this fun dance floor. This option is made from sturdy materials that will keep everyone safe while dancing the night away and resists the dance moves of every guest. It also comes in a variety of sizes from 10 ft to 20 ft, perfect no matter the size of your event.


Events with a classic or glamorous theme could use a bit of spark on their dance floor, and we have just what you need. A starlit effect is perfect for bringing all the attention to your wedding dance floor, it has a classic feel, but once the lights are out, you will see it shine. Don’t worry about slippery surfaces or bouncing to your favourite songs because the construction of these dance floors is safe and water-resistant.


Rustic events can turn into lavish ones if you make the right choices in terms of décor. For example, picking a barn as your venue would be ideal and adding lots of greenery and blooms to the high ceilings or the barn door to make it stand out. A wooden dance floor is the one that better suits a rustic party, but you can always add a starlit one too because it has a neutral tone and a warm feel with the twinkling lights.


For those who want to literally organise an event outside the box, a unique and circular dance floor might be the way to go. Although they are less common since most venues have a traditional square space designed to fit a regular dance floor, you can install a circular dance floor and break with those old ideas.


Since some venues already offer a determined space or built-in dance floor and you are not able to hire your own, you can turn it into a personalised space by adding a custom hologram to light up the space and make it look luxurious and unique. Holograms are great to transform spaces without changing them physically. You can add them to the draped sides or even the ceiling and choose the colour that better suits your event. This is a great idea for corporate events and wedding dance floors as well.

Black and white

Perhaps you are organising a black and white themed event, or you love how this combination looks and want to incorporate it for your wedding dance floor. Regardless of the reason, we know how stylish and classic this look is and having a dance floor in a black and white design will be the best way to bring your event to the next level.

All white

Do you want to skip the lights and the wooden materials and keep it extra modern or minimalistic? An all-white dance floor is a right choice for you. Luckily many wedding packages include this option that suits perfectly for classic and modern weddings or events. It is also a great idea for corporate events because you can personalise it by adding a custom monogram with your logo or company colours.

Wedding packages are not complete without wedding entertainment and a wedding dance floor, so make sure you find a service that offers you the best option for your vision and needs. If you are still looking for a dance floor, hire Essex. We are here to help; at Trez Entertainment, we offer wedding packages including all you need to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.