Close your eyes and start imagining your wedding day. How do you envision the moment you step into your wedding reception? Is it an outdoor location with astonishing views and the wind softly blowing through your hair? Or are you walking into a romantic and historic building with magnificent architecture while your guests lovingly look at your wedding dress? 

Regardless of the theme, style, or location of your wedding entertainment, we are certain there was music on the background as you imagined the whole thing, perhaps a classic song while you walk down the aisle or your favourite song as a couple while you dance for the first time as a married couple. But how can you choose the right type of entertainment for such an important day in your life? 

And most importantly, how can you make your wedding unforgettable by offering the most unique wedding entertainment for your guests? Because you know entertainment is not only about hiring a DJ or a live band, but there are also many other ways you can keep your wedding attendants happy and entertained. 

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

If you are still looking for entertainment ideas for your wedding reception, look no further, we have you covered with many ideas and tips, so you have fun wedding entertainment. Because when the party is over, your guests will not remember the colour of the tablecloth, how big the centerpiece was, or the font of your invitations, they will remember how much fun they had on the dancefloor, and they will keep the memories of the photos they took on the photo booth you hired

Think about your guests

Every wedding is unique, and the guest list will be different depending on the type of celebration you are organising. For example, there are traditional weddings with mainly older families or plenty of young relatives and children. Other weddings include young adults and no kids, which makes the wedding reception needs different. So, before choosing your wedding entertainment, you need to look into your wedding guest list. Here are some ideas of entertainment depending on the main age group. 

All ages, including children

When you are hosting a wedding reception with many families and kids, it is important to have different options, so everyone enjoys it. You can designate a space for the little ones with small tables and chairs along with colouring books, painting, crayons, glow sticks, stickers, and even some board games. 

Lights and sound are always welcomed, especially when kids are included, so don’t hesitate, and hire LED letters & numbers, a dance floor, and without a doubt, a DJ hires that knows how to please not only adults but also the young guests. Photo booths are a brilliant idea, especially when they include props and fun items to wear for the photos. 

Mainly adults, no children

When children are not in the picture of your wedding reception, your wedding entertainment can be focused on unique experiences for the grown-ups. Anything from a live band, DJ hire, a party jukebox, and of course, a mobile bar is perfect. Some non-conventional experiences can include bouncy castles, casino tables, tarot tables, and even live magic. But classic elements like a rustic photo booth or DJ lighting can make the difference and help your guest create unforgettable memories. 

Light it up

Lately, weddings are taking a new approach to décor and style; those days of abundant florals and candlelit dinners are being refreshed with letter neon lights, DJ lighting, LED letters & numbers, and mood lighting all around the wedding reception venue. The right lighting can always make the difference, and you can create many photo opportunities for your guests so they share them on social media with the world. 

Lighting can be the theme of your wedding if you want to, with sparkly chandeliers or industrial lights hanging from the ceiling. LED letters with phrases like LOVE, MR. & MRS. or your initials can welcome your guests and be the perfect background for their photos. Neon lights are a perfect way to enhance your greenery or floral wall. 

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With The Best Wedding Entertainment

Offer options

When you organise a wedding, you need to always keep in mind your guests, we understand it is your wedding day, and you want to celebrate your way, but your loved ones want to be part of that day, and the best you can do is offer a great and unforgettable experience. Remember that many guests are not likely to spend the whole night on the dancefloor; perhaps some of them are not into dancing at all, so you need to offer alternatives to spend the 6 to 8 hours of your reception. 

Focus on experiences

When you think about the best wedding you have attended so far, we are certain you don’t even remember the favours or the menu. What makes a moment an unforgettable memory is how we felt and what we experienced. The best parties are those when you lose track of time because you have so much fun dancing, laughing, and simply spending time with those you love. So, make sure you invest enough in those aspects of your wedding DJ packages instead of hiring expensive rentals. 

Interview your potential wedding live band or DJ hire, ask about the experience they have in weddings, have a list of your favourite genres, and hear what they have to say. It is important to feel like they fully understand what you love and expect for your big celebration. You should feel completely comfortable and certain that your entertainment will amaze your guests. 

Some other fun wedding entertainment ideas are lawn games, treasure hunts, fairground rides, and even a petting zoo. Your wedding does not need to stay within the traditional lines when you want to organise an unforgettable wedding; there are no written rules, so make a list of your favourite activities and make sure they are part of your wedding day.