Why intimate weddings are here to stay

Small and intimate weddings are a trend that made us rethink the meaning of marriage. And they have so many benefits, from saving money to giving you meaningful moments with your loved ones. If you consider an intimate wedding but are still hesitant, here are some reasons to start planning a small and unique wedding.

What is an intimate wedding?

A small wedding, micro wedding, intimate wedding, what do they all mean? Well, there is no written rule about how small an intimate wedding should be. For some couples, their nuclear family consist of 10 guest totals. Others might have even 30, so what we mean when referring to an intimate wedding is that your guest list has only your closest family and friends, whatever number that is.

Why they became a trend?

It all started due to the pandemic when couples were forced to either postpone or adapt their gatherings to a smaller format. But even after restrictions eased, we have noticed that many are choosing to keep it small. When your guest list gets smaller, you get to take control of each detail you want to.

How can you organize an entertaining intimate wedding?

Intimate weddings should not be confused with boring weddings. They are the ideal opportunity to entertain your guests and give them a touch of your personality. Here are some ideas of what you can incorporate to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Add a photo booth for your guests and you to keep a beautiful and unique memory of your wedding day. Depending on the theme you choose for your wedding, you can hire a classic photo booth for a relaxed wedding. A Magic mirror suits perfectly a luxurious and elegant theme; with a red carpet and rope barriers, your guest will feel like celebrities. For a bohemian or rustic themed wedding, the rustic pod package will blend in like magic.

For the dancing couples and families, consider hiring a DJ. However, many feel like it is too much when you are entertaining small crowds; the reality is that a DJ can have the opportunity to engage with your guests and provide the ideal tunes to keep them dancing the entire night.

And if you want to make it more unique, add a light up dancefloor. With multiple colours and lighting options and sturdy construction, and many different sizes, you will find one that accommodates your needs.

If your small wedding location is a family property or your home, you can consider adding a Mobile bar with staff, license, and plenty of options of personalized cocktails. This option will give you the freedom to enjoy your day taking off your shoulders the responsibility of keeping your guest’s drinks full.

And what is a wedding without statement decoration that doubles as an ideal photo spot for your guests? You can set up a floral wall and add a neon sign featuring your favourite phrase. Giant LED light up letters are a focal point for your wedding, and you can place them at the entrance to welcome your attendants.

Another great way to entertain your guests and give your wedding a unique theme is by adding casino tables and a magic show. Can you imagine how much fun your guests will have? Once your ceremony and dinner are over, you can head to the casino tables and have hours of sharing and playing. Not all weddings are about dancing, have it your way.