2021 Complete Guide: Top Tips for Organising your event.

After the cancellation and postponement of many events during 2020, the world is excited to attend any social event. But how can you plan a successful event during a year where normality has not made a comeback? We have a complete guide for you with tips and hacks to organise the most memorable 2021 event.

Define the purpose of the event. 

Social events have different purposes; for example, a wedding is meant to celebrate the union of two individuals and gather their loved ones to witness. On the other hand, a networking event will have the purpose of connecting people. For each type of event, you need different venues, entertainment, and even food.

Organising your eventKnowing the purpose of your event, or why are you organising the event? I will send you on the right path. If you are planning a wedding, you need a ceremony venue, a dance floor, a DJ, a catering service for a full dinner, chairs and tables, décor, and a wedding cake. On the other hand, a corporate social event will require some cocktail tables, a soft background music, perhaps a stage, and instead of dinner appetisers and cocktails.

Have a clear idea regarding the type of socialisation you want to encourage; if you want people to mingle, focus on gathering everyone in the same room. If you want them to talk about business, avoid having distractors such as loud music and an open bar. The purpose of your event will let you know which vendors you need.

Create a budget.

Now it is time to get serious and set a realistic budget for your event. Even if you are organising a birthday party, you need to know your possibilities and limits. Social events easily add up to the bill, and when you least expect it, you are paying a sum you did not imagine could be possible.

Before visiting venues and scrolling through apps to find inspiration, you need to know what size and type of event you can afford. If you want to be responsible, your budget will determine the number of guests, not the other way around.

Plan your guest list.

Once you know the size of the event you need to organise, you can begin to write your guest list. Before the pandemic, you could expect a turnout of 70 to 80 per cent; for 2021, you must know over 90% of guests are attending events. Still, some of your guests might not feel comfortable around others or attending social events; always let them know you understand and respect their decision.

Choose a theme. 

From weddings to birthday parties, every event needs a theme. Your theme will dictate the formality of the event, the decoration, and even the food. You should also take into consideration your venue; for example, if you are organising an event at home, you can choose a theme that suits the style of your patio or indoor décor.

Organise food and drinks or hire catering. 

Food and drinks are crucial for any event; your guests will expect anything from appetisers to a full meal. And as we told you before, you can incorporate your theme into these elements for a Hawaiian themed party, add many tropical flavours and even some personalised drinks. If you do not want to be busy serving drinks and food, your best option is to hire a catering service and a bar.

Mobile bars are a great option because they come ready to serve and fully licensed. You can request a custom menu to match your theme; the bar service will include an experienced mixologist, friendly and professional staff, and even nonalcoholic beverages.

Book entertainment. 

Entertainment is the soul of any social event, you can have all your family and friends, a beautiful venue, perfect decoration, food, and drinks non-stopping, but after a couple of hours, your guests will start wondering if they should go home. To prevent your event from turning into a nightmare, you need to be prepared with the best entertainment; here are some unique ideas.

  • One of the classic and most reliable entertainment you can find out there, a professional DJ can suit many types of events like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and even Christmas parties. The magic of hiring a DJ is knowing exactly how to entertain based on the event and age group.
  • Digital Jukebox. If you look for an interactive entertainment look no more, a digital jukebox will not only add music to your party but hours of fun for your guests who will remember the good old days or get to know a jukebox with all the comfort of digital controls.
  • Casino table. A unique complement for your Las Vegas or Casino themed party, or even for any other theme, who does not love to play? A casino table service will include all you need to play and even trained professional croupiers. The easiest option is to surprise your guests and keep them entertained without moving a finger.
  • Outdoor cinema. Can you imagine setting a giant inflatable cinema, having a table with popcorn and your favourite snacks to watch your favourite movie? Well, you can make it a reality; hiring an outdoor cinema is ideal for a birthday sleepover, a Halloween party, and any other special occasion. You can organise a themed night and play your favourite saga; the possibilities are endless.

Make it safe.

Although many restrictions are easing, you should still listen to local guidelines and follow authorities’ recommendations. Try to provide your guests with a safe and comfortable environment, and if you are throwing a large party, perhaps an outdoor venue would suit you best. You can hire a tipi tent to keep everyone cover while being outside.

Now you know all there is to know about organising your 2021 event, all we are left to say is we hope you have fun while doing it, and if you need help with entertainment or decoration, contact us. At Trez Entertainment, you will find the best service; we commit to making your event unforgettable.