Can we all agree on how fast 2021 went by? If you are planning your wedding now, chances are you are getting married during 2022, and as we all know, each year arrives with new trends to make your celebration unique and unforgettable. But what is trending for next year, and how can you incorporate it into your wedding? Don’t worry. We have it all figured out, and if you keep reading, inspiration will soon knock on your door. 

First things first, even though restrictions have eased after over a year of not being able to gather with our loved ones, intimate weddings are still a thing, and you can apply many of the following trends to your small gathering. We hope you get inspired by our ideas and your 2022 wedding Trends are a total success. 

Outstanding entertainment

Every guest of a 2022 wedding is anxiously waiting to have a great time, because after all, when was the last time you attended a wedding without major restrictions to dance and have a great time? Years ago, right? Well, that must be the reason why couples are focusing on providing amazing entertainment for guests. 

While hiring a DJ is still the most popular option for your late-night set and to get everyone on the dancefloor until the party is over, other alternatives are rising. For example, a live band or saxophonist to enjoy during cocktail hour and dinner. Unusual activities like bouncy castles, circus performers, temporary tattoo stations, live magicians, and of course, photo booths. 

Versatile wedding dresses

Forget about classic wedding dresses with fluffy fabrics and simple silhouettes; if you are looking for uncommon and out-of-the-box wedding attire, 2022 is your year to shine. A two-piece wedding dress is one of the top trends for brides to be; crop tops with a skirt or stylish pants can wow your guests, and if you want to skip the veil while accessorizing, add a cape. 

Mix and match options can be ideal to reuse your top for a civil ceremony and reception. A beaded or laced top combined with beautiful trousers for your legal ceremony and then a dreamy skirt with ruffles and sparkly details to hit the dancefloor. 

Hiring wedding packages

Couples want to tie the knot and forget about signing contracts here and there with many vendors; that is why wedding packages are trending right now. While there are some pros and cons when hiring wedding packages, you can get the best out of them by choosing wisely. 

For example, a wedding venue that offers a package including food, drinks, entertainment, décor, and even cake might get something off more easily than an entertainment company that only offers a package for including entertainment services. The same goes for décor; you might find a great supplier that offers floral design, decorations, and rentals. 

Wedding packages save you time and money; some vendors will offer a discount when you hire a package including more than one of their services. And you don’t have to deal with a great number of vendors saving you the hassle of multiple contracts and go-to persons. 

Mocktails bar

Living a healthier life has become the main goal for many over the past years, and cutting alcohol intake might be a large portion of practicing better habits. But weddings are celebrations where alcohol is the main beverage available, although not anymore because alcohol-free bars are a trend right now, and we love the result. 

You can see creative beverages with amazing flavors and details that don’t even look like alcohol-free beverages. Zero alcohol beers are also part of the idea. You can customize the mocktails and make sure everyone enjoys the night regardless of their preference for a drink. 


Perhaps it is your wedding attire or décor for the reception; upcycling has become a largely accepted trend that helps the environment and gives your wedding a custom feel. Couples are encouraging their guests to get creative when it comes to finding their attire too. Some couples have an upcycled fashion dress code, and the result is amazing. 

And since fashion trends come back now and then, you can take advantage of that 90s wedding dress your mother or aunt wore. And how about hitting the thrift shop to find amazing bridesmaid’s dresses in a similar color palette but reflecting each of your girls’ personalities? 

Decorations can also have a vintage look and save you some money; incorporate some old picture frames to set up menus, table numbers, or your welcome sign. You might also find amazing pieces for your sweet tables, like vintage teacups or sets. And how about some farm-style décor for your rustic barn wedding. 

Regency era inspiration

Shows inspired in the Regency period are taking weddings, with romantic details like handwritten notes and invitations, English cottage aesthetic, ruffles, lace, and hues of blue pastels. Just imagine a delicate reception filled with blooms in ivory and regency blue, perhaps some golden details to enhance the design. 

A puff sleeved wedding dress with lace details, your bridesmaids in a pastel blue color, a beautiful veil with your initials embroidered. When you pay attention to the little details, you get the most luxurious and romantic result. Add handwritten place cards and take the time to write thank-you notes to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.   


Couples are not only thinking about themselves when it comes to their wedding day, but they are also trying to leave no trace of their celebration environmentally speaking, from choosing wedding attires that are easy to repurpose to table décor involving living plants instead of cutting stems. The ways you can approach sustainability for your wedding are many, and here we have a list for you. 

  • Send digital invitations. 
  • Rent cloth napkins, silverware, crystalware, and serving plates. 
  • Use live plants as table décor. 
  • Prefer locally sourced ingredients for your dinner. 
  • Support local vendors. 
  • Choose your venue wisely, so you don’t need to add much décor. 
  • Ask your floral designer to choose local and seasonal blooms. 
  • Forgo the plastic wraps for favors, desserts, and other items. 
  • Host your reception and ceremony at the same venue to avoid transportation from one place to the next. 
  • Ask your guests to use public transport if possible or carpool. 

You can always adapt them to make a unique event when it comes to wedding trends because no wedding is like another. Focus on having a great time and offer amazing experiences to your guests, and there is no way you can fail. Successful weddings are those that remain in our memories for years to come, and they usually involve the right music and hours of fun on the dancefloor, so don’t stress about incorporating each trend into your wedding. Just have an amazing time while planning, and everything else will fall into place.