In this world, there are a few lucky couples who don’t need to worry about wedding budgeting; they can simply say I do without the need of looking for a bargain or seeing the price tag first. But for the rest of us, weddings are a combination of happiness and stress. When you start planning your big day, you begin with all the energy, looking forward to strolling through the venues and tasting wedding cakes. Only to soon realize how expensive everything is and how the larger your wedding guest list, the higher the price. 

That is why we have a list of tips for couples who want to stay within their budget without sacrificing important aspects of their celebration, such as wedding entertainment, décor, or food and drinks. There is always a great alternative to plan a successful wedding without emptying your savings account. 

Wedding Planning

Set a budget

Your wedding planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare; it only takes a tiny amount of organization and a money talk. To know what you can and cannot afford, you must have a realistic budget, so look into your accounts and ask your family if they are helping out financially. Never assume someone will pay or contribute without having a confirmation and the amount they are providing. And most importantly, don’t borrow money for your wedding; if possible, the worst way to start a marriage is with debt. 

Choose a style and size

Once you have the budget set, it is time to define the type of event you want. You can host a lavish and intimate wedding or a simple but large gathering with the same budget. Having the number of guests clear will make the step of finding a wedding venue easier. 

The style of your wedding should also be clear before heading to a wedding venue because you need to find one that fits into your vision. Choosing the right wedding venue will save you much on décor and adapting it to your theme or style. For example, if you are looking for a barn-inspired wedding, you should stay away from traditional venues like a hotel ballroom. 

Find wedding packages

Weddings are a combination of many services; you need to find a ceremony and reception venue, catering, bar, entertainment, decoration, lighting, photography, videography, and the list goes on. But how can you save money when you must hire all those services? Well, our best advice is to find vendors who offer packages at a discounted price. A clear example is your wedding venue, you can find one with a space for your ceremony, so you don’t have to hire a different location for that. If they offer catering and bar service, that’s another plus. 

Entertainment can also offer convenient packages for you to save both time and money. Trez Entertainment has three standard packages, including a 5-hour wedding DJ hire with a choice of white or black starlit setup, a custom-made playlist, a 4-hour unlimited photo booth with a customized printout, and unlimited prints plus you get additional uplighting for your room. You can also get a white starlit 16 x 16 LED dancefloor, a full starlit top table backdrop, and 4ft LED LOVE letters

Your wedding photographer might also provide a discount when you hire a package including engagement sessions and videography. The same goes for decoration vendors who can offer floral design, rentals, and general decoration. Try to find vendors who specialize in their area and offer a deal when hiring all their services. 

Wedding Rings

Go offseason

For some reason, weddings are popular during spring and summer, we know it is mainly due to nice weather, but if you are ok with a little drizzle or cool wind, you can get discounted prices from many wedding venues and vendors. Months like November, December, January, February, and even a bit of March are less popular amongst couples. 

You can have a wonderful wedding during winter, especially if you love Christmas. Many wedding venues are beautifully decorated for the Christmas season, so you don’t have to worry about décor and lighting. And many of your guests might be on vacation, so they can freely attend your celebration. 

If you still prefer to tie the knot on a warmer month, you can choose a weekday instead of the weekend, because social events are usually celebrated on Saturdays, you could land a great deal for a weekday wedding. Trez Entertainment offers you a 10% discount for weddings from Monday to Wednesday. 

Take DIY projects

Are you a crafty couple? Perhaps you have a large bridal party or family who can help you with projects for your wedding day. Your wedding stationery can be an easy DIY project, centerpieces with silk and fabric flowers too because you can take time to choose the items and make them. You can also do details such as chalkboard or wooden signs and table numbers. 

Fresh flowers for your tables might be another good project if you have enough time to set them up on the day of the wedding. You can simply pick up fresh seasonal flowers the day before from your local florist and place them inside glass vases. Please make sure you share the idea you have with your florist, so they have your blooms ready the day you schedule. 

Weddings don’t need to be extra expensive; always keep in mind the true purpose of marriage and our tips to stay within your budget. Check all our services and hire one of our wedding DJ packages to save time and money while getting professional services. We hope you follow our advice and enjoy planning the celebration of a lifetime.