Apton Hall Wedding

Wedding at Apton Hall, Essex

Wedding at Apton Hall, Essex

A magnificent wedding venue located in the beautiful countryside of Essex. This exclusive wedding and events venue dates to 1086, and it is a charming spot for couples that search for a rustic yet comfortable atmosphere. In addition to the outstanding surroundings and the venue itself, you will find a historic building with accommodation for you and your close guests.

Apton Hall property features six different spaces that you can rent individually or all together. The general aesthetic of this venue is a mix between rustic and modern. You will find many wood elements and brick along with modern decoration, colours, and lighting. It is a versatile venue with both outdoor and indoor options for your event.

You can host a wedding in Apton Hall for up to 200 guests, and you will have exclusive use of the property for your big day. The surroundings include green rolling hills, nature, and a perfectly trimmed garden right in front of a private lake.

This historic property has been transformed and updated to create a comfortable atmosphere for the couples that choose to tie the knot here. The countryside invites you to hold an outdoor ceremony. That is ideal if you choose to get married here because they have the most beautiful gazebo for it.

Now let us get into the details of this idyllic location and the many spaces you can choose for your ceremony and reception. First, we will talk about the locations where you can celebrate your ceremony, then the reception, and finally the amazing accommodation along with the services they include if you book your wedding here.


For an indoor ceremony, the Apton Hall has the Stables; their original stables had been fully renewed and magnificently transformed into a room with original brickwork all over the walls, exposed wooden beams, and unique chandeliers. The room can accommodate up to 115 seated guests, and it is the perfect option for a rain season wedding or as a plan B.

The stables feature a PA system, and music can be easily played from your phone, so there is nothing you should worry about if you are not planning on hiring live music to play as you walk down the aisle.

Summer weddings can have a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by a unique brick building and covered by the gazebo. You will find this spot particularly versatile as it blends with the countryside rustic style but holds at the same time a modern look. And you can fit over 100 seated guests.


The New Barn is where your reception will take place, and it is the newest addition to the courtyard buildings at Apton Hills. A rustic but modern space with plenty of natural light comes in through the bi-fold doors that open up to cool the space during the hot summer days. You can add an extension and host a gathering for up to 200 guests. The space has white walls, wooden frames on the doors, and exposed wooden beams, along with brick columns.

And when it is time to hit the dancefloor, the Cow Sheed is the place to go. A space with a capacity for up to 180 guests, equipped with air-conditioned, a large main bar, and space to accommodate your music band or DJ. Your guests will enjoy the music and dance the night away without having to step out for a drink.

Additional spaces.

This venue offers a Snug Bar, which is a space with a chilled atmosphere where your guests can enjoy a quiet conversation over a cocktail or simply relax for a moment. The place opens before your ceremony and closes when the music stops, making it a perfect place to enjoy a drink before heading to the ceremony and to take a moment before making the grand entrance to your reception. It is also an ideal spot for your older guests that might enjoy a moment near the log burner in a comfy chair or your guests with children that could need some quiet time to take a nap.

The Granary is another additional space with a beautiful rustic feel; with wooden floors and exposed beams, it can hold up to 40 seated guests making it the perfect place for your next morning breakfast reunion. The venue offers a full English menu including cereal, yoghurt, pastries, and toast for your guests to help themselves.


The Apton Hall offers you a beautiful space for your ceremony, reception, and morning after breakfast. Still, they also have other services such as in-house catering, alcohol license, wedding license, exclusive use of the property, bridal changing facilities, sound system, and on-site parking.

Their head chef is available to offer a customized menu for your celebration. They have facilities to make your dreams come true, and you can even stay in for breakfast. Their experienced team has top of the notch service and plenty of knowledge of other cuisines.


This amazing venue has it all, and you can not miss their great accommodation. Offering 8 luxurious guest rooms, each with a unique and contemporary style. They all have a king-sized bed, a writing desk, and beautiful bathrooms.

The Dovecot is the biggest room on site, with a design that enhances the beauty of the exposed oak beams and vaulted ceiling. It also includes a roll-top bath, a large bathroom with a walk-in shower, and a comfortable sitting room, all spreading across two floors. You will enjoy your stay with the neutral and relaxing design that this room offers for a romantic night after having the night of your life. The best part of all is that you do not even have to leave the property because your room will be only a short walking distance away.

The Apton Hall farm is a unique and incredible wedding and event venue. It has versatile spaces and a rustic but modern decoration that can fit many themes. If you are looking for an indoor space that also has the beauty of the outdoors, this is the perfect place for you no matter the season you have to choose for your wedding.

traditional weddings

Why are brides looking at more traditional weddings in 2021?

Why are brides looking at more traditional weddings in 2021?

Weddings change over time, as some trends arrive and others disappear. But traditional weddings have always been here, and when you celebrate traditionally, there is no way to go wrong. You are in for a timeless and precious moment. Brides are looking more into traditional weddings for many reasons, and we are here to talk about them.

Classic, timeless style.

The main reason why brides love a traditional wedding is due to the classic and timeless look they have. Have you ever seen a trendy wedding survive the test of time? No, they do not; they eventually look like a costume party with a cheesy theme.

When your décor has classic elements like neutral colours or timeless combinations such as black and white, white and gold, or white and green, your wedding will remain forever up to date. And it will make your life easier because trying to come up with a unique and unconventional idea for decoration can easily overwhelm you.

Traditional timeline.

The timeline of a traditional wedding is almost always the same, and it gives you and your guests a sense of structure. It all starts with your ceremony; when you plan a traditional wedding, there is no first look before the ceremony. You will see each other only as you walk down the aisle.

Once it is over, everyone heads to the reception. While your attendants are enjoying cocktail hour, you take your wedding photos with family and the bridal party. Then it is time for your grand entrance, followed by a welcome toast and dinner; after dinner comes the bridal party toasts and first dances. After you will carry on to cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter toss. Once all the formalities are over, it is time to hit the dance floor and enjoy the entire night.

Traditional ceremony venue.

Traditions often include religious ceremonies instead of symbolic ones. The most traditional wedding ceremony venue would be a church of your faith. The beauty of churches is that many are historic sites and hold more than history. They offer a large space for guests to find a seat easily and magnificent architecture to complement your classic wedding look.

Long guest list.

For couples that come from a traditional background and heritage, family is important, and when your wedding day arrives, everyone expects an invitation. Hosting an intimate and unconventional wedding does not fit this type of families. On the contrary, a traditional wedding will allow you to have a large list of guests and include all of your relatives, distant and close.

Traditional entertainment.

Entertainment is crucial to every party, and when you host a wedding, your guests expect to have fun. The most traditional way to entertain your wedding guests is by hiring a DJ that knows exactly how to make everyone leave their seats and head to the dance floor.

A traditional wedding is all about the experience, and you need to find a professional DJ, one that knows how to read the crowds, when to bring out the all-time hits and when to play a mellow song. Your DJ will also lead the timeline of your event and will encourage your guests to have the time of their lives.

Classic florals.

Another perk of selecting a traditional theme for your wedding is that you can easily find what you need for your decoration. For example, classic blooms include garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, tulips, calla lilies, among others, and they all are easy to source and include within your centerpieces or your bridal bouquet, no matter the season.

Traditional photography and videography.

Wedding photography and videography has now many different approaches and styles. You can find cinematographic style, journalistic style, and so on. But traditional wedding photos are those that never lose their magic. If you are unsure about what we are talking about, just think about the large portrait your grandparents have of their wedding hanging in their living room. A classic portrait with a beautiful pose that makes them look like movie stars.

If you plan a classic and traditional wedding, you should think about having that style for your wedding photos. Plus, you will be thankful as time goes by and your wedding pictures remain beautiful and timeless.

Classic dress code.

Many brides want to avoid the awkwardness of having guests arrive with informal attires that completely ruin the beauty of their thoughtfully designed wedding. And the best way to achieve it is by settling a formal dress code or a black-tie dress code. When you do it so, your guests will understand they are attending a formal celebration, and they must dress to the level.

A black-tie event means your female guests will arrive wearing a formal and elegant cocktail dress or an evening gown with floor-length. At the same time, the gentlemen should wear a tuxedo along with a white shirt and formal shoes.

There is no need to complicate.

Whenever you attend a traditional wedding, you know exactly what to expect. There is no need for unconventional entertainment, over the top sweet table, or fireworks. You know you will enjoy a delicious dinner, great music, and a sweet piece of cake. Cocktails are also traditional; you know the name of every cocktail and what is in it. Brides that are practical and enjoy a life without complications are into traditional weddings.

Now you know why having a traditional wedding is a classic and popular option for many brides. You get to plan a celebration that will forever look timeless, and there is no need to look for an out of the box idea. If you are convinced about having a traditional wedding, we can help you with the right entertainment, lighting, and decoration for your big day.

anniversary celebration at home

How to plan an anniversary celebration at home

How to plan an anniversary celebration at home

Celebrations at home are unique, and anniversaries are a major milestone that should not be passed without a party, even if it is just the two of you. When you celebrate your anniversary, you remember the moment you decided to join your life with your loved one and how far you have come ever since. There are many ways to pay tribute to your relationship and your love, and we have the best ideas for you.

First, you must develop a plan and determine if you want to celebrate solo or with your nearest and dearest. Intimate celebrations can include your nuclear family and closer friends, depending on the space you can count on at home. Once you know the type of celebration you are hosting, it is time to pick a theme.

Plan a themed night for the anniversary celebration. 

Themed nights are fun and out of the ordinary. You can pick your favourite movie or place in the world as a theme. For example, you could do a casino night with a real casino experience by hiring game tables and staff to provide all you need. Complement it with appetizers and cocktails, and you have a complete themed celebration.

Another great option is to incorporate the symbol that represents the year you are celebrating. The most common are:

  • 5th-year wood.
  • 10th-year aluminium.
  • 15th-year crystal.
  • 20th-year china.
  • 25th-year silver.
  • 30th-year pearl.
  • 40th-year ruby.
  • 50th-year gold.
  • 60th-year diamond.

Cinema at home. 

Who does not love to watch a movie in the cosy atmosphere of home? And to make it extra special, you can hire an inflatable cinema, set it up indoors or outdoors, have an incredible experience watching your favourite movie or even a complete saga. You can complete the experience by adding special touches like pillows and blankets, a table with popcorn, sweets, and your favourite beverages, just like when you visit the cinema.

Backyard glamping. 

If you are in the mood for a laid back and relaxed celebration with your loved ones and not much formality, you can set up a tipi tend on your patio, light it up with festoon lights or fairy lights, and enjoy an evening with some music, order food or cook a yummy meal, and bring your favourite snacks.

For a cold night celebration, you can bring out the firepit and have a s'more station, some hot chocolate, and simply enjoy the night watching the stars and remembering how cool your wedding was and all the things you have accomplished as a couple ever since.

And if you are organizing a summer gathering, what could be best than staying the night out and camping with your loved one? It will be a super special experience without even leaving your home.

Cocktail night. 

For couples that enjoy cocktails and music, a cocktail night at home is more than ideal, if you are planning on celebrating only the two of you, you can buy a cocktail kit and have fun watching a tutorial on how to prepare your favourite cocktail, add some appetizers or your favourite dinner and you have a complete celebration plan.

For larger gatherings that include other attendants, you can hire a mobile bar so that you do not have to worry about keeping everyone's glass full. A mobile bar hire comes with all you need to prepare your favourite cocktails, including staff and a license. You can customize the menu and add your favourite liquor and personalized cocktails.

And to top, the experience add a digital jukebox so that everyone can choose their favourite tune over the night. There is no better entertainment than the one that involves your guests. And you have all at once a vintage look and concept combined with technology. The perfect alternative for your celebration at home.

Watch your wedding video and photos. 

If a party is not what you have in mind, there is no need to do it. You can celebrate by ordering your favourite meal and spend the afternoon watching your wedding photos and video with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. It is a meaningful way to commemorate such an important date in your life; you get to appreciate how beautiful your wedding was, remember fun stories, and watch how all your guests had the time of their lives.

And if you want to take a moment to appreciate and recognize your other half, you can do a symbolic vow renewal. Listen or read your original vows and get inspired to write some new ones. Include all those details you are grateful for and acknowledge your growth as a couple.

Decorate your home. 

Sometimes all it takes to feel festive is a little bit of decoration, and you can achieve a flawless result by hiring some statement elements. For example, you can decorate with a floral backdrop, a neon sign, a LED backdrop, or some unique LED light-up letters. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique space.

You can dress up and take some pictures to keep beautiful memories of your wedding anniversary. Cook a delicious dinner together or bake your favourite dessert, it is all about creating experiences that will last a lifetime, and you do not need to spend much or throw a gigantic party to achieve it.

If you have some guests, you can add a photo booth to take amazing pictures, and you can keep them as a memory. It is a great way to entertain everyone, and you can choose from a variety of designs and styles, from the classic photo booth to a sophisticated magic mirror.

As you can see, celebrating an anniversary at home does not have to be simple and boring. You can have your own party, including music and drinks, or spend a quiet evening just treasuring the moment together, whichever you choose. Trez Entertainment can help you along the way.

2021 wedding dresses

2021 Top trends for wedding dresses

2021 Top trends for wedding dresses.

Each year comes in with new trends for brides; sometimes, it is a specific colour, a fabric, or even accessories. At the end of the day, each woman should wear whatever makes her feel like a bride, but there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of inspiration and knowing what is trending. We gathered some of the most popular trends for 2021 bridal styles.


Sleeves had become a focal point of wedding dresses, with anything from an oversized and fluffy sleeve to intricate lace long sleeves. There is a unique sleeve for every style. If you are looking for a romantic wedding dress, you can go for a long-laced sleeve. For the modern bride, a structural wedding dress with a statement sleeve is ideal.

Having a sleeved dress also provides the opportunity of showing some back. Styles that look conservative on the front and have a wow factor on the back are trending right now. Puffy sleeves that remind us of the eighties are coming back; they work perfectly with princess style dresses and modern approaches.


What better way to replace the traditional veil than a modern and stylish cape? They come in all sizes and fabrics. The best part is how they work with almost every silhouette and neckline. One of our favourites is the modern look. A simple and plain white dress, with a boat or square neck, along with a cape made from the same fabric.

A mermaid or trumpet silhouette can be accentuated by wearing a cape. Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for, it could be made from lace or even feature details like embroidery or beads. For a romantic look, you can prefer an A-line figure with a sheer cape delicately covering your shoulders.

And just as veils, they come in multiple lengths. You can have a short cape, one that equals the length of your dress, and even a dramatic cathedral length. Capes also work with nontraditional options like jumpsuits or simple dresses. They add a touch of sophistication and glamour and make you look like a queen.


For couples choosing to host an intimate wedding or those who are only having a civil ceremony buying a wedding gown does not seem right. A bride might feel overdress if they plan to host a small dinner at home or perhaps attend a local restaurant.

The best option for those scenarios is to pick a simple dress. Nothing to fancy, dramatic, or fluffy. Simple lines that wrap the body and make you feel like a bride. There are many options out of the bridal boutiques that could fit perfectly for your wedding.

A long slip dress with spaghetti straps in a cream or white tone will look flawless and classic. A sheath dress looks beautiful in any body type, and if you combine it with a round neckline or lace details, you have a winner.

Smart buying

As we all become more conscious about our fashion choices, brides are now looking for new options to avoid buying a dress that will only be worn for a couple of hours and then end up stored for years.

One of the biggest trends is to give a dress a second life. You can find many local and online stores that buy dresses for former brides for soon to be brides to give them life. Another option is to borrow your mother or best friend wedding dress. You can always update a vintage dress by adding new accessories or changing a bit of the original dress.

And if wedding dresses are not for you, the alternative is to buy a dress that can suit your wedding and then repurpose it for other events, or even for your daily life. When you buy a simple and classic dress in a cocktail or tea-length, the chances are that you can wear it many more times with the right accessories.

Two pieces

A trend that has been coming strong since a couple of years ago, choosing separate pieces to make your wedding outfit. A beautiful plain satin skirt combined with a lace crop top, or for a winter wedding, you can choose a cashmere sweater and a long white skirt.

The idea of putting together your outfit gives you the freedom to create the look you want, and it also makes your wedding attire unique. A plus of conventional pieces purposed for a wedding is that you can reuse them many times.

Bridal boutiques also offer many wedding dresses that come in two pieces. So if you are thinking about a more traditional approach but with the idea of two pieces, that is also a possibility. Long-sleeved tops with lace details work wonderfully with A-line skirts. You can choose an off the shoulder style or fluffy long sleeves along with a lace skirt for a bohemian look.


The times of an obligated white dress are long gone. From subtle blush tones to bold and bright colours, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding dress. Pastels are some of the most popular tones for this year. Shades of purple, blue, and pink are just some examples of them.

Floral inspiration is also a big trend. Blush tones with flower details within the skirt and the veil are very popular. And if you are a fan of bold colours, why not having a hot pink wedding dress, or orange, perhaps even a dark shade of green.


Who says you must get married wearing a dress? Let us accept that wedding dresses look astonishing in pictures, but they are a pain to wear. All those layers of heavy fabric that you must carry around all day and figure how to dance, sit, and even go to the bathroom.

A jumpsuit is an ideal alternative to have a feminine touch with all the comfort. They look glamorous, modern, and elegant. You can choose your favourite fabric, neckline, and even the shape of the leg.

A wide-leg jumpsuit along with a lace top gives the impression of a traditional dress without wearing one. For a modern approach, choose a straight leg jumpsuit and complement it with a halter or round neckline. Add a veil or cape to finish the look.

We hope you have gathered enough inspiration to choose the right wedding dress for your big day. Remember that a wedding dress is not supposed to be a certain way. You should wear whatever makes you feel like a bride.

Small Wedding

3 benefits of planning a small wedding

3 benefits of planning a small wedding

Save money or invest it where you want. 

Perhaps you want to save for your dreamed house deposit, or you want to invest or take a long vacation. Whatever reason you must cut the expenses on your wedding is valid. Some couples have no trouble setting aside a large budget, but they want to splurge their attendants with a high-quality dinner, top of the notch cocktails, and five stars service.

Organizing a small wedding does not mean you leave out services like decoration, entertainment, or catering. You can have the wedding of your dreams but on a smaller scale. Many vendors adapted to this type of weddings, and they are even specializing in small weddings.

Control the guest list. 

If you start making a guest list for a traditional sized wedding, you soon find yourself counting over a hundred attendants. And as the list goes up, everything sums; you must find a venue to fit them all, one that has enough parking, catering, decoration, table settings, and so on.

The best part of an intimate wedding is that you can leave out those you might invite out of compromise. For example, coworkers, distant relatives, and unknown plus ones. And it gives you the perfect argument to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Most people will understand why they are not being invited if it is an intimate wedding.

Share your wedding day with those who love you. 

Have you noticed that most of the time spent at a wedding goes between greeting everyone and taking pictures? All those months of planning, stressing, and money invested, to spend one-hour having fun with your friends and family.

When you only invite your nearest and dearest, there is no need for great formalities. From the beginning of your ceremony to the end of the night, your get to talk, dance, and share with people you appreciate.

As you can see, an intimate wedding is much more than saving money. It is about making meaningful decisions to have the celebration you want. Sharing one of the most important moments of your life with the people you appreciate has no comparison. We hope you are ready to start planning your intimate wedding and contact us to provide the best entertainment to create unique memories.

intimate weddings

Why intimate weddings are here to stay

Why intimate weddings are here to stay

Small and intimate weddings are a trend that made us rethink the meaning of marriage. And they have so many benefits, from saving money to giving you meaningful moments with your loved ones. If you consider an intimate wedding but are still hesitant, here are some reasons to start planning a small and unique wedding.

What is an intimate wedding?

A small wedding, micro wedding, intimate wedding, what do they all mean? Well, there is no written rule about how small an intimate wedding should be. For some couples, their nuclear family consist of 10 guest totals. Others might have even 30, so what we mean when referring to an intimate wedding is that your guest list has only your closest family and friends, whatever number that is.

Why they became a trend?

It all started due to the pandemic when couples were forced to either postpone or adapt their gatherings to a smaller format. But even after restrictions eased, we have noticed that many are choosing to keep it small. When your guest list gets smaller, you get to take control of each detail you want to.

How can you organize an entertaining intimate wedding?

Intimate weddings should not be confused with boring weddings. They are the ideal opportunity to entertain your guests and give them a touch of your personality. Here are some ideas of what you can incorporate to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Add a photo booth for your guests and you to keep a beautiful and unique memory of your wedding day. Depending on the theme you choose for your wedding, you can hire a classic photo booth for a relaxed wedding. A Magic mirror suits perfectly a luxurious and elegant theme; with a red carpet and rope barriers, your guest will feel like celebrities. For a bohemian or rustic themed wedding, the rustic pod package will blend in like magic.

For the dancing couples and families, consider hiring a DJ. However, many feel like it is too much when you are entertaining small crowds; the reality is that a DJ can have the opportunity to engage with your guests and provide the ideal tunes to keep them dancing the entire night.

And if you want to make it more unique, add a light up dancefloor. With multiple colours and lighting options and sturdy construction, and many different sizes, you will find one that accommodates your needs.

If your small wedding location is a family property or your home, you can consider adding a Mobile bar with staff, license, and plenty of options of personalized cocktails. This option will give you the freedom to enjoy your day taking off your shoulders the responsibility of keeping your guest's drinks full.

And what is a wedding without statement decoration that doubles as an ideal photo spot for your guests? You can set up a floral wall and add a neon sign featuring your favourite phrase. Giant LED light up letters are a focal point for your wedding, and you can place them at the entrance to welcome your attendants.

Another great way to entertain your guests and give your wedding a unique theme is by adding casino tables and a magic show. Can you imagine how much fun your guests will have? Once your ceremony and dinner are over, you can head to the casino tables and have hours of sharing and playing. Not all weddings are about dancing, have it your way.

outdoor wedding

Ideas for your outdoor wedding

Ideas for your outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are an ideal alternative for couples that love nature and open spaces. This type of wedding also provides countless possibilities for table setting and entertainment. If you plan an outdoor wedding and are still looking for inspiration and fresh ideas, please continue reading.

outdoor wedding

Tented wedding

When you organise an outdoor wedding, the weather is a constant worry. The best way you can keep your peace is by having a tent installed rain or shine your wedding carries on without disruption.

While a traditional tent is always useful, you can change the game and give your wedding an extra by choosing a Tipi Tent, and they are spacious and unique. Many configurations are possible to adapt to your needs and your event's size; they can be placed individually or linked together to create a larger space.

Magical lighting

Outdoor weddings required illumination, and you can get creative with it and add character to your big day. For example, festoon lights or fairy lights are ideal if you choose a romantic or bohemian style.

A LED backdrop or LED light up letters are amazing options to give personality to your decoration. Tented outdoor weddings need elements that frame the entrance, and large LED light up letters will do the work. You can have your initials or an MR. & MRS.

Neon signs became popular a couple of years ago, and they continue to give a special touch to every event. Incorporate a catchy or fun phrase into a designated space where your guests can take pictures.

A LED dancefloor attracts all the looks and invites your guest to hit the dancefloor. They come in sturdy materials and a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs. If you plan to incorporate concept lighting into your Essex wedding, consider complementing it with a unique dancefloor.

Upgrade your backyard wedding.

Getting married in the comfort of your backyard or a family property can bring so much warmth to your wedding, but it can also make it feel like a casual family gathering. A couple of decoration details will transform the space and make it look like a real wedding venue.

Start with some draping and illumination, draping can help you conceal the spaces you need to take attention from, and it can also create a sense of a wedding venue. Perimetral illumination and a beautiful floral wall as a backdrop for the honour table can finish the work.

Hire unique entertainment.

When your wedding is surrounded by nature, and you have plenty of space to keep your guests entertained, a DJ is not enough. There are so many creative ways to keep the fun going after saying I do. For example, you can have some jumbo lawn games like Jenga or a croquet set.

Set a mobile bar near the games for cocktail hour. Mobile bars are fully stocked, and they are also customisable. You can name a couple of tailored drinks and treat your guests with top service and quality.

Set a tent with casino tables and let the fun begin. Not every attendant love to dance all night, and to have a couple of alternatives for those who rather drink a cocktail and play some cards is truly thoughtful. Chose from many different authentic casino tables, including roulette blackjack and wheel of fortune.

 Make nature part of your decoration.

Suppose you choose to celebrate your wedding outdoors. In that case, it possibly means that you love nature, and it is perfectly understandable since there is nothing best than saying I do in natural surroundings. If your location offers plenty of vegetation, use it in your favour and make it your backdrop.

For a tented wedding, you can decorate the interior with greenery garlands or hanging installations to create a focal point and bring the eyes up. Using live plants is a big trend too, from large trees in pots to small plants as centrepieces that your guests can take home as a favour.

If the property features an old tree or a natural arch formed by plants, take advantage of those focal points, and celebrate your ceremony right there. A couple of trees embellished with festoon lights can be the ideal setting for your reception.

Outdoor glamour.

For some reason, outdoor weddings tend to be associated with casual etiquette, but you can have an elegant wedding by adding the right decoration elements. For example, a tented wedding with a draped ceiling and sparkling chandeliers will bring a whole new mood.

Incorporate light tones and contrast them with darker colours and metallics. Imagine an ivory tablecloth with dark green velvet chairs and golden rim glassware. Abundant ivory garden roses and lush greenery for your centrepieces, all combined with the perfectly trimmed green lawn.

Create the right menu.

Most outdoor weddings take place during the summer or warmer months. When you attend a wedding on a hot day, all you want is to keep yourself hydrated. You must offer your guests refreshing beverages and food. Think about light and cool menu to go along with cold cocktails. You can add special stations like an ice cream cart or mobile cocktail bar to treat everyone.

Think about everything.

If you are getting married in a season with chilly nights, provide your guests with personalised blankets or hire some heaters to keep them warm. On the other hand, a sunny summer wedding, a parasol, sunglasses, and solar protection will be much appreciated.

Consider the possibility of renting a power source if your wedding location is secluded and has no access to electricity, and your vendors will surely need it. And portable bathrooms might also be necessary for that case.

Outdoor weddings are on-trend, and they have always been special celebrations. Although they imply considering factors like weather and electricity availability or the availability of amenities like bathrooms, the extra work is always worth it.

If you are currently planning an Essex outdoor wedding, do not hesitate and contact us for all your entertainment needs. We are professionals who offer top service in everything we do. We are thrilled to be part of your love story.



Silent Disco

Switch up your party with a silent disco

Switch up your party with a silent disco

Technology has evolved over the last decades, and every day we found new applications to technological devices that had been around for years. A silent disco is a great example. You can organize a party and forget about loud music and angry neighbours.

The benefits of this popular trend are many, from not having to worry about finding a venue with the proper permits for amplified music to hosting a versatile event with multiple music choices. You will soon find out all there is to know about silent parties and how you can organize your own.

What is a silent disco party?

It is a party where music is broadcast and listened thru wireless headphones instead of having a sound system. Each attendant will receive a pair of headphones upon arrival, and the fun part about these parties is that your guests can choose between multiple types of music.

Silent parties began in the 1900s when activists tried to reduce noise pollution by listening to music thru their headphones. Later on, in 1994, the Glastonbury festival transmitted a late-night World Cup game and music videos on a giant screen linking the sound to their on-site radio station. Attendants were able to listen passed the sound curfew with their headphones.

By the 2000s, many events followed the trend and soon, renowned museums and DJs partnered to offer unique experiences. By 2005 the term silent disco appeared and gave a proper name to this new concept. Technology soon allowed to broadcast multiple transmissions simultaneously, and wireless technology upgraded the experience.

Why is it a great idea?

First, it takes many worries off your mind; you can rent any venue or host a party at home without worrying about noise restrictions or curfews. Another great thing about them is that you can have a party that includes guests of different ages and music styles and keep them dancing all night long.

Silent disco makes socializing easier. You do not need to be yelling or act like you understand what the other person says while you listen to loud music. You can take off your headphones and have a calmed conversation while every attendant keeps partying and dancing to their favourite music.

It is a unique option for entertainment, and you switch the music and adjust the volume as you wish. Have you ever been to a party where the music is way too loud you can not even hear your thoughts? Or do you prefer loud music and no small talk? Silent disco is for you.

Silent Disco

What type of events can have a silent disco?

Silent disco is ideal for any event that involves dancing and listening to music. From a large wedding to an intimate teenage birthday party, here are a couple of ideas where silent disco can save the day and make your event memorable.

Any party hosted at home or an apartment is a great opportunity for a silent disco. You will entertain everyone and avoid having the neighbours or the police knocking on your door due to the loud music.

Kids and teenager's birthday parties are also ideal for this type of entertainment. They often feel embarrassed around adults, and they want to have privacy. Silent disco allows them to play their favourite tunes without feeling judged. And they will also impress their friends with a unique way of listening to music.

Weddings can benefit from this technology. Sometimes weddings have to stop due to venue sound restrictions. Imagine having an alternative for those that want to keep celebrating with you on your big day!

Outdoor events of any type are some of the most popular; noise restrictions usually apply to this type of venues. You need to apply for a permit to have amplified music or stop at a certain hour to avoid bothering the neighbours. The fun will have no end with a silent disco hire.

How to organize a silent disco party?

  1. Choose your favourite venue; it can be large or small, depending on the type of event you are planning and the guests' number. Remember that you do not have to worry about the noise limit.
  2. Select the perfect headphones. Prefer those with multichannel options so your attendants can switch between different genres and check the sound quality to provide the best experience to your guests.
  3. Create the right atmosphere with lighting, some screens, and even a photobooth. A party is more than just music, and you must think about every detail to throw a successful celebration.
  4. Decide if you are hiring one or two DJs or if you plan to transmit music thru your device. Having two DJs is highly entertaining because they offer different experiences simultaneously and compete for the crowd attention. And if you are hosting an intimate reunion, you can connect your preferred music device.
  5. Enjoy having a noise-free gathering, have a great and clear conversation with your friends or meet new people, look at the colour of their headphones, and if you share the colour, you can start a conversation with them.

Details to keep in mind.

  • Quality

Always make sure you rent quality equipment with all the necessary features. Ask how many channels they have access to and how long the battery lasts. Renting with the right vendor will ensure hours of fun.

  • Quantity

From a couple of headphones to a couple of hundreds, make sure your vendor has enough devices to cover your entire party.

  • Charging stations

Make sure you set up a couple of charging stations just if anyone needs to charge its device.

  • Crowd control

If you are hosting a large silent disco party, consider having controlled access and exit so that every device returns safely to your hands.

  • Service

Hire a professional that takes care of all the logistics and provides everything you need to set up the headphones.

Now you know, silent disco parties are more than a futuristic concept. They are here and available for your next Essex party or casual gathering. No matter the size of your event, we have you covered with plenty of available devices and top service to provide a great experience to you and your guests. Ideas for your outdoor wedding.





Wedding at Hylands House

Wedding at Hylands House, Essex

Wedding at Hylands House, Essex

Essex is known for its magnificent countryside and multiple historic listed buildings. Hylands House is a Grade II villa built in 1730 located within the 574 acres of Hyland Park. Its neoclassical architecture will bring simplicity and greatness to your wedding.

It has a privileged location, secluded but close to Chelmsford's heart and with many options of transportation from London. The mix of original restored interiors from the Georgian and Victorian eras and a modern Gran Pavilion makes this venue a versatile option for any wedding style.

Now let us get into the specifics of this wonderful and historical property. You can host both intimate and grand celebrations, with rooms that can seat from 80 to 300 guests. Their experienced team of wedding professionals will deliver a top service from day one.

Wedding at Hylands House


  • The Banqueting Room. A 12 x 7 meters room with a capacity of 100 maximum guests for a ceremony or 80 for a seated meal. It features a coffered and hand painted ceiling, French marble fireplace and beautiful views of the parkland and serpentine lake.

It is a fully restored opulent neo-baroque room, with 24-carat gold leaf and scroll decorations, as well as hand-painted wall details that will be the ideal setting for your lavish wedding. The floor to ceiling windows provides a big amount of natural light and astonishing views of the surrounding park.

  • The Drawing Room. Ideal for celebrating your ceremony with up to 80 guests. The 11 x 6.5 meters space also provides unique views of the beautiful landscape. Hand-painted wall motifs embellish the space, ornate and gilded ceiling, a stunning white marble fireplace. You will also have access to the East terrace, a perfect space for your wedding pictures.

This space has a royal aesthetic with ivory walls and golden details, a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room, and velvet drapes.

  • The Grand Pavilion. The largest space of the property with 25 x 18 meters dimensions. It features modern amenities like mood lighting, controlled temperature, bar, kitchen, and toilets. Perfect for a big reception, you can fit up to 300 seated guests.

Elegant sparkling chandeliers hang from the ivory draped ceiling. You will have an open space and a white canvas to design the wedding of your dreams. It is filled with natural light due to the floor to ceiling windows that overlook the parkland.

You can fit everything you want into this open space, from reception tables, bar, DJ booth, photo booth, and a large dancefloor to spend the night dancing with your guests.

In addition to its great spaces for your ceremony and reception, the Hylands House offers many more benefits that we will describe below.

The bridal suite.

A room designed to serve as a place of relaxation and calm. The bridal party will have access to this space full of natural light and astonishing parkland views. It is the ideal space for the bride to get ready. Your make-up artist and wedding photographer will much appreciate the natural light.

You will have access to the suite throughout the day. It can be a place where you relax after the ceremony and before the reception. And if you need a bit of space at any time during the celebration.

The Pleasure Gardens.

The 547-acre surrounding parkland treasures a beautiful ornate Victorian Garden that was originally designed in the early 1900s. The impressing planting scheme displays a small Lilypond, flanked by two oaks and Wisteria. You will also find seasonal flowers all around the space.

It is the preferred space by wedding photographers to take amazing pictures of your big celebration. You will love the surroundings, especially in summer and spring, when many seasonal flowers appear and embellish the gardens.

Dry Hire.

Hylands House operates as an exclusive dry hire venue, which means you will have the flexibility of bringing your vendors, including catering and drinks. The rental includes celebration spaces and furniture.

You are free to hire your vendors, entertainment, lighting, catering, bar, florals, wedding photographer, and all you can imagine. They even have a list of caterers who provide excellent service and are familiar with the venue.

Staff from the Events and Weddings Team.

From the moment you enquire, a member of the events and wedding team will be at your service to clear any doubt you might have. And the day of your wedding, the entire team will help you coordinate your vendors' arrival and ensure your entire day goes by without trouble.

Also, the experienced team of the Hyland House, Essex, will make sure your celebration goes accordingly to your culture and traditions.

The Hyland House is open for any celebration. You can have your civil, religious, or cultural ceremony without worrying about the space. With its impressive, restored rooms and the Grand Pavilion at your disposition, the sky is the limit.


I am certain you will fall in love with this magical venue and the perfect backdrop that provides for a lavish wedding, no matter the size. The beauty of its natural surroundings and picturesque gardens combined with the majestic architecture makes this venue ideal for your wedding.

Their spaces' flexibility is another great characteristic, and their experienced staff that can guide you and recommend local vendors is another big addition to this already dreamy location.



Micro Wedding

What is a micro wedding, and how to plan one?

What is a micro wedding, and how to plan one?

Intimate ceremonies and receptions have become the biggest trend for 2021. This new format of celebration makes wedding planning easier for couples. And it also allows them to purpose their budget into fun experiences.

A micro wedding has everything a traditional wedding would have, just on a smaller scale. A ceremony and reception will take place. The only difference is that your guest list will go down to 50 guests or less.

This option is ideal for those who do not want to wait until a large wedding becomes possible. You can have your closest friends and family, enjoy dinner, and dance the night away.

But how do you start your micro wedding plans? I would say it is pretty much the same process as a traditional wedding. The only difference is that you will have to choose who to invite since there will be a limited number of guests. If you recently got engaged or had to postpone your wedding, we have useful tips for you to host a micro wedding.

Micro Wedding


Every wedding must begin here. I know money talk can be uncomfortable, but you are starting a partnership for life with your couple. You must set a reasonable budget for your big day. If you had a big wedding in mind and now you decide to cut down the size, you can use that money to upgrade the quality of the services you will hire.

Set a style or theme. 

You know your wedding will be intimate, so there is no need to talk about the guest count. You can jump right into the aesthetic you envision. Think about the season when your wedding day will take place. You can gather inspiration from your wedding dress too.

Having a clear vision of your wedding style will help when you start looking for venues and vendors. You should find someone who understands your vision.

Find a venue. 

Hosting an intimate wedding can make this step easier. You can celebrate your micro wedding at a family property. It is ideal for an outdoor ceremony and a reception with a tipi tent and concept lighting.

Essex offers a variety of wedding venues that will accommodate your budget and style. Its proximity to the city makes it ideal for a weekend getaway. You will fall in love with its countryside and coastal landscapes. Its historical and secluded country mansions offer style and privacy for a big day.

Hire your main vendors. 

The good thing about big weddings being postponed is that many vendors are available for smaller events, and they even offer you great deals. Start looking for your wedding photographer, videographer, and caterer. Make a list of the best in town and schedule a meeting. It can be virtual to get to know their packages and concept.

Once you find the right fit, ask about their cancellation and rescheduling policies. Due to the pandemic, it is important that you understand your contracts and fees.

Food and drinks. 

A traditional bar and dinner might not be the best option for a micro wedding. One of the purposes of reducing your guest list is that you guarantee the safety of your event. Think about serving individual plates of appetizers and dinner. For cocktail hour, you can have single-serve cocktails or mini bottles of wine. A waiter can handle them to avoid getting in line and making a crowd around the bar.


The fact that your wedding will be smaller than a traditional one does not mean you should cut back on decoration. Make a statement with a floral hanging installation or floral backdrop.

If you are picturing a classic English wedding, add plenty of florals to the main entrance of your reception and incorporate them into your tables. You can play with heights and have a couple of tables with garlands of greenery and garden roses and other tables with a tall vase and vast florals.

Lighting can also create a theme and the right atmosphere. Imagine your outdoor wedding with a tipi tent and jumbo LED light-up letters with your initials, or the word LOVE, perhaps an MR & MRS. They will make a statement, and if you complement it with a LED backdrop or a light-up dance floor, you will only need a little extra decoration.


What is a wedding without entertainment? Your intimate Essex celebration must be fun, and there are several options to provide the ultimate experience for your guests. Start with the music. An experienced wedding DJ will know exactly what to play to keep your guests dancing all night. And if you are looking for a unique feature, what about a Digital Jukebox for your attendants to play their favourite tunes.

If you prefer live music for dinner, a saxophone player can harmonize during that time. Or he can play during the DJ breaks and even at your ceremony. There are plenty of combinations possible when you hire both DJ and live music.

While planning a traditional wedding, many couples must choose between a wedding photographer and a photo booth. And almost every time they go for the wedding photographer only, leaving out all the fun for the guests. A micro wedding advantage is that you can have them both. Choose from options like a classic photo booth or an interactive Magic Mirror that will keep everyone entertained.

Pamper your guests. 

I believe the main pro of having an intimate wedding is that you get to treat everyone with great experiences. Your budget will not be so tight as if you were planning a traditional wedding.

A chocolate fountain is always appreciated. And a fully licensed Mobile Bar with personalized cocktails will come in handy if you celebrate your wedding at a family property. Another unique experience is setting up a casino table for those who do not have many dance moves.

Planning a micro wedding provides endless possibilities. It is also a safe option to celebrate while maintaining wedding traditions. In these uncertain times, the best choice is to adapt. I hope you have gathered some great ideas and you start planning your dreamed Essex wedding with our help.